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DESCRIPTION:What’s a girl to do when she finds out that her fiancé is actually her half-brother; and that he has been trying to impregnate his mother? Sleep with her father of course. Surely Wilder’s latest erotic book completes the family seduction series with true sensual delight. Discover how mother, brother, and sister bring Daddy into the folds.EXCERPT:Cassandra and Paul burst through the door and found Tracey fully naked, with my cock imbedded deep inside of her. Of course, my first instinct was to dislodge myself from the situation, but Tracey managed to lock her feet into the couch cushions and bear down on me with all her might. Her pussy swallowed my penis to the root. I couldn’t move, I could only watch as my children caught us in full flagrante.Panic shot through me as my daughter locked eyes with me. I couldn’t pull away from her gaze as she leered at Tracey and me. It was clear that she liked our naked forms locked together in a carnal act. To be honest, I didn’t want to look away from her; some animalistic impulse took over as I saw the look of desire in my child’s eyes. My daughter looked downward to see my hard penis in its full glory as Tracey leaned forward to show both children our union. “Look at your daughter, Jason. She wants this cock inside of her,” Tracey whispered, and I knew she was right. A look of sheer lust crossed my daughter’s face as she bit her lower lip and stamped her foot. She wasn’t embarrassed at all, my child was excited.Tracey grabbed my hand and brought it to her pussy. “Make me cum.” She demanded.I felt as though I were in a trance as I looked at Cassie, and imagined that she was on my lap as I began rubbing Tracey’s clit. “Don’t cum inside of me Jason . . . Save that joy for your daughter . . .” Tracey panted. I suddenly began doing all of the techniques she had taught me as I fought the orgasm that was beginning to grow. I began taking deep breaths as I simply willed myself to last.I focused on Tracey, her statement inspired me, and I mashed my fingers on her clit, as she began moaning in the first waves of a truly intense orgasm. There was no way that she was going to stop until this orgasm passed. I looked at my daughter while I manipulated Tracey’s pleasure button. My daughter nodded and smiled brightly as she stared at our lewd action. She liked what she saw. Her reaction inspired me.“Were we interrupting, mother?” Paul asked sarcastically.“OH FUCK ME DADDY!!!” Tracey called out in the high pitched voice as she began truly bouncing up and down on my hips.“Mother, are you pretending to be me?” Cassie asked with excitement. I looked up at Cassie. She had a joyous look on her face as Paul stood behind her and began unbuttoning her coat. It was instantly apparent that my daughter was completely nude underneath. I watched with fascination as each button revealed more and more of my daughter’s womanly flesh.“YES...YES...YOUR FATHER WANTS TO FUCK YOU!!!” Tracy panted as she moved upon me. She was sliding fully up on me to show Cassie as much of my cock as possible.“Good because I want to hold your bare penis in my pussy, Daddy.”

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by Surely Wilder

Family Seduction Series

Published by Lot’s Cave

Intentional Incest, © 2017, Surely Wilder

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1

I was stunned. I stood in the basement of my son’s newly acquired curio shop staring at his nearly nude fiancé. She was a beautiful woman who I knew was 18. She had the most alluring long, flowing, blonde hair, a Scandinavian face, and an incredible pear shaped figure. She wasn’t fat, far from it, but she was on the healthy side. The curve of her stomach and hips demonstrated that this was a woman born to produce.

She was bound to a bondage stock with her hands held in suspension above her head by two Velcro straps. She stood spread eagle, tethered to either side of the posts with similar restraints around her ankles. She was clearly enjoying an incredible orgasm as her youthful body shimmered with perspiration and sweat even as her hips gyrated obscenely as she tried to fuck the vacant air. From the sound, it was clear that a vibrator was deeply imbedded deep within her pussy, and held inside of her by her drenched panties which revealed a clear camel toe.

My son and I had spoken for about ten minutes upstairs, how many orgasms she could have had in that time was unknowable, but the effect of this treatment was clearly apparent. Cassie’s pert, softball sized breasts heaved under the torment of her pleasure. I was instantly drawn to the sight of her puffy, pink areolas which stood out a full quarter of an inch as delectable saucers of temptation above her youthful, tight breasts. Her eyes were closed in the glow of orgasm and I watched her body undulate, tensing and relaxing in an erotic dance of pleasure, as wave after wave of glorious delight coursed through her body. Her moans vacillated between inarticulate cries of sexual torment and specific phrases that were muffled by a ball gag, “UCK EEE...OH OD; UCK EEEEE!!!” I knew exactly how she felt. My son had tormented me in similar ways several times, but never to this extent. I felt jealous.

Life is a tangled puzzle of interconnecting pieces that lead one back and forth through a maze of interconnected passages. That is what seemed to have happened to me. My life, which began most unremarkably, turned into something extraordinary defined by the kind of sexual fulfillment, love, and openness I never knew existed. To achieve this level of wonder, all I had to do was to give into my sexual desires and embrace a level of deviance that most of society would reject. This is what my son taught me when I took him as my lover. It seemed that now, he was teaching the same lessons to his long lost sister.

In the beginning, I was a normal young house wife, living a common existence in a small town in rural Nebraska. It was during the Vietnam War and my husband was a soldier. He was deployed, and engaged in battle within the first week of his service where he died. When I received the news, I was devastated. Of course I did the stupid traditional thing and began drinking that night, and as I went out on the back porch, a neighborhood boy who had been helping me heard my cries. He came to console me. His simple effort of holding me turned into so much more. In a few short moments the hold turned to kisses, the kisses to groping, and before I knew what was happening I had pulled him into my home, taken him into my bed, and stolen his virginity. Yes, I was the aggressor, but I needed to experience a life affirming act that confirmed my place in the universe. When he asked where he should cum, I didn’t hesitate in my response. I had just finished my menstruation and was on the fertile side of my cycle. I told him to cum inside of me and he did.

I carried on a torrid affair with the young man for a month as I considered my place in the world, and realized I needed to return home. It was especially important that I return home because I knew that I was pregnant. The child I carried was the neighborhood boy’s. I had started my period the day after my husband had been deployed. It was a heavy menstruation, so I knew that I was not pregnant when Jim left. After a month with the young man, the signs were clear. I had no regrets. He had saved me from suicide, and the child I carried gave me the reason I needed to live. In so many ways, our encounter had been healing for both of us, but I wasn’t about to complicate his life or trap him into a relationship that he was not ready to handle.

Jason, the young man I used in this episode never realized that we conceived a child together. My husband had died so early that it was simple for me to establish that my son was my husband’s and no one was ever the wiser. Time moved on and I married an older man who kept me as a trophy wife. I didn’t mind. I felt empty inside and the things that he could provide, the charity events, and the prestige I received made me feel useful, if not fulfilled. Unfortunately, Darrin was diagnosed with cancer and I dedicated my life to giving him comfort and pleasure in his final days. What many people may not realize is that sex can be a most reassuring thing for people as they face their final mortality, and so yes, I did all that I could to pleasure him even though it was less than fulfilling for me.

One night, Darrin gave me permission to seek pleasure of my own even as he was still alive. The thought of looking outside my marriage had never occurred to me and the sudden realization that I would soon be alone, older, and less attractive to the company I wanted, filled me with a deep despair. The realization that I was going to lose my husband, a good man whom I deeply loved on a spiritual level if not physical was simply too much.

History has a way of repeating itself, and though I didn’t do it often, I went into the living room where I tried to fill the emptiness I felt with alcohol. I was simply overwhelmed with my husband’s declaration. He had surrendered to the illness and by giving me complete permission to find comfort with other men, he was forcing me to confront the situation as well. I had spent most of our evenings reading pornographic, incest literature to him because it was one thing that still aroused him. I suppose the depth of my despair along with the stories I read combined to an inevitable result.

I thought I was alone in the house and began trying to pleasure myself, but it was fully inept. It had been years since I had felt the driving passion of a healthy man trying to fulfill his need in me and I wanted that so desperately. The only man that had ever been truly powerful in our lovemaking was my first husband. His passions and perversions were so intense that he would take me to indescribable pleasure as he drilled into my mouth, pussy, and even my ass. He was a magnificent lover. Jason, Paul’s father had genuine potential, but he was a virgin when I took him and I had to take the lead to show him what I wanted. As for Darrin, he was of the old school. He loved me spiritually and because I looked elegant with a swan neck like Audrey Hepburn, he treated me that way even when he took me to bed. It was nice, but not what I wanted or needed. As I began thinking of the three men I had taken as lovers I began to truly explore my sex, hoping for an astounding orgasm. I was wearing a nightgown that was little more than a silken slip. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my son was spying on me and he could see me toying with my pussy in my inebriated state.

Paul made a noise which alerted me to the idea that he was coming into the room and I quickly covered up to look presentable again, but I couldn’t stop crying. Paul came into the room and began trying to comfort me just as his real father Jason had done so many years ago. The protective feeling of his arms around me, the smell of his cologne, and his masculinity overwhelmed me. Suddenly, I flashed back to that fateful evening in the backyard, and without even realizing what I was doing, I began moving upon my son. I was consumed by an irresistible heat and the stories I had read to my husband had completely broken my resistance to the idea of incest. My son was a beautiful young man and looked very much like his true father. I began kissing my son and pressing my nearly naked body upon him. I knew that he could feel my large, free breasts underneath the silken top I wore as I smashed my torso to his. He resisted me in the beginning, but not because he was adverse to the idea of taking me to his bed, he resisted me because he had an incredibly aggressive sexual appetite that I didn’t know about. He was afraid of showing me the monster he could be; yet what he couldn’t understand was that was exactly what I wanted.

All my life I had been treated as a china doll. Lovemaking had always been just that; gentle, soft, and tender with the exception of my first husband. But my son’s initial sexual partners had dealt with the darker side of sex including bondage, and domination games. The more my son resisted my advances, the more I worked to seduce him. I pulled off the spaghetti straps of my nightgown and sat topless before my son. I thrilled to see the desire in his eyes as he beheld the breasts that nourished him as a child. I pawed at him until my hand fell on his fully hard staff that was straining against his flannel pajama bottoms. I massaged his hard penis as I kissed him and begged him to make love to me. I could tell that Paul was weakening and in a moment of frantic movement, I stripped his bottoms away. He stood before me and presented his fully excited, completely shaven cock. My god, he was big and had certainly taken after his father. Suddenly he began rubbing his prick upon my face and I thrilled with the exquisite wickedness of his action. The smell of his arousal, the strength of his erection, the thickness of his cock all combined to inspire my desire. Without a moment’s notice, he forced his penis into my mouth and jammed it to the back of my throat. The taste of my son’s carnal flesh upon my tongue multiplied my desire instantly. I began playing with my pussy as he forced me to deep throat his incredible weapon while he called me a cocksucker and slut. He was trying to show me what I was in for. He pulled out of my mouth. His appendage glistened with my spittle as a gush of my own saliva dribbled down my chin.

“Do you see, Mother? Do you really want more?” His voice was soft, almost apologetic as I sat there panting with sexual heat. I didn’t answer my son vocally; I just launched forward and took his amazing cock back into my mouth, deep throating him of my own volition and showing my son what an incredibly good cocksucker I was. My efforts were rewarded in full and soon I heard my son gasping with delight as I locked my lips around his incredible bone. A few moments longer and I felt him tense. His hot cock swelled in my mouth and I was rewarded with the rich nectar of my work. My son had cum in my mouth and the moment I tasted his savory semen, I knew that I was addicted.

I continued working on him as I extracted all of his scalding sap. Paul was being gentle with me as well and then he withdrew panting with delight and relief. As soon as he recovered my son apologized for his aggressive act while promising never to do it again. He was being tender and caring as he knelt between my spread legs and held me gently while I panted.

I understood instantly that my son had to have permission to ravage me the way we both wanted. I took a few moments to gather my thoughts and then launched a counter attack. If he enjoyed role playing, I would show him a true actress. I pulled back and spread my legs wide for him so that he could see my glistening pussy, then bellowed. ““You fucking bastard.” His eyes shot up when I hissed that at him. “You made me pleasure your cock and you think you can walk away without making me cum.”

My son was stunned as I grabbed his head and pulled it to my pussy. I made it very clear that I wanted raunchy, wild sex as I rubbed his face upon my gash. Thankfully he understood and he began eating me as I told him I understood we would be committing incest. I described how much it turned me on to know I would be holding my son’s cock inside of me. “Let’s see how long you can last inside of a real woman.” I challenged.

My son always liked a challenge. Suddenly, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into his bedroom where he threw me on his bed. In a moment he grabbed a hair tie that surrounded a large coke bottle and wrapped his cock and balls in a figure 8. He told me it was a cockring and that it would keep him from coming for a very long time. “Prove it.” I demanded as I stripped off the slip and then spread my legs to offer my son my unrestricted body.

My wonderful son did more than just prove it. He gave me exactly what I craved. He ravaged me with such wild and vulgar sex that I did not have to look outside the home for a new lover; I had made him 18 years ago. For over an hour my son ate my pussy, fucked me in as many outrageous positions as he could think of, and made me cum over and over with a joy I needed. He teased me about my unkempt pussy hair and told me that if I wanted our activities to continue I would have to shave my pubes. Finally, after a marathon sex session that left me breathless, he took off the cock ring and proceeded to fuck me with his bare cock until he exploded inside of my underutilized vessel. It was perfectly safe for him to do so as I was past ovulation, but still the idea that my son’s seed now populated my maternal womb drove me to new heights of depravity.

The sex had been simply breathtaking and I loved every moment of it. I had kept up with my son stroke for stroke. I proved to him that I wasn’t a delicate flower during sex, but rather an active partner in lust. I met his vulgarity with my own. It was thrilling, but I was still concerned. What he had shown me that night were the skills of a potential rapist, not a controlled lover. I knew he needed additional training if he was going to be safe in an unpredictable world, and I considered this as I stood in my bathroom after the encounter and ejected his thick cum into my hand. My son had to learn the softer side of sex and use that along with his more aggressive skills to become a truly magnificent lover. If I could get him to sense a woman’s needs and passions; if he could learn the arts of seduction, teasing, love making, fucking, and understand how each of them were different flavors of a scrumptious buffet; I could turn my son into an epic lover. This would be a challenge beyond all others. I made my decision and accepted the challenge, as I spread his thick, luxurious cream on my pubic region and shaved away all of the hair from my pussy. My son would become my lover and I would become his teacher in the erotic arts. We would have strict rules in place, and I would have to be his dom if this was going to work.

The next day, I waited for my son to return from school so that I could lay out the new regimen for him. I was wearing a micro-mini skirt without panties, and asked that my son join me in the living room as soon as he entered the house. I was sitting in a wing back chair and as my son walked into the room, I spread my thighs to show him my fully shaven surprise. Paul smiled brightly and began to approach me while calling me his slut. That was the cue I was looking for and I quickly closed my thighs and told him to sit down. My command startled him, but Paul complied instantly as he tried to apologize for his behavior.

I was glad I had the opportunity to control the situation and I began a conversation with him so I could determine how he had learned the skills he had used on me. Paul admitted that most of his training had come from pornographic magazines and tapes. That explained much, but then he explained how his first lover had enjoyed rough, often violent sexual encounters. That explained even more. After all, most people are imprinted by their first sexual partners, and my son had been exposed to darker forms of sex to begin with. It was up to me to show him the softer side of sex.

I explained to him that I would allow the situation to continue under a few conditions. First, there would be no babies. I would only take him in my pussy after I ovulated each month, and never before. Second, he had to be willing to learn the sensual side of sex that I would teach him. We would alternate nights of control. On his nights, I would be his willing slut and do everything in my power to satiate his sexual deviance, but on my nights, he was to learn the art of seduction and he was to learn how to build a woman’s desire. I warned him that on my nights, I would only take him to bed if he could get me wet before I was naked.

My son agreed and we began a thrilling five month long love affair that was both soft and sensual yet vulgar and vigorous. I have to admit that I enjoyed both treatments. My son shocked me some times, but I learned that if I gave into his sexual dominance, I would be the recipient of unspeakable pleasure. No man had ever taken me during menstruation, yet my son showed me how erotic and intense that experience could be. It was also the safest time for us to engage in vaginal sex as my red flow signaled our success in not conceiving. My son learned the benefit of patience and flirtation. He was incredibly charming and there was never a night I turned him away as he always made me ravenously wet before he began stripping me. I was turning my son into an incredible lover who would be able to seduce any woman he desired.

I gave him tricks to use to gain a woman’s interest. I explained the necessity of communication and truly listening to what his partner said, not just hearing. I gave him signs to look for and how to act upon them. Often, I cautioned him that he needed to find a virgin or a very inexperienced girl to train to his desires. Paul seemed shocked by that suggestion, but I explained that a virgin would not know what to expect, so as he built her confidence and skills in the arts of sex, he would be opening her to his level of depravity. To be certain, my son was fully depraved and I loved him all the more for it.

Still, a woman knows when a man is falling in love with her. I didn’t have to fall in love with my son, I was already there, but I didn’t want him to be tethered to me. He needed to go out into the world and discover the tremendous potential of his life. More than that, I didn’t want him to be in the house when Darrin died. That was one trauma I could spare him. As my son neared high school graduation, I considered the one option that I had never acted upon. I contacted Jason, Paul’s biological father, and explained that we had conceived a child together. I told him that he had an adult son. I asked if he’d like to meet the young man with no obligations. The only condition was that he was to never tell my son of his true parentage.

I was ecstatic when I received a positive response to my letter. Jason was overwhelmed with the idea and soon we arranged a dinner where he could meet Paul. Jason was an entrepreneur in Lincoln and he offered to help set my son up in business if that was something that interested him. It did, and soon we were making arrangements for Paul to move. He was resistant at first as he didn’t want to leave me. He offered to give me a baby, something I truly longed for, but would not do as long as my husband lived. Then Paul began to play upon my fantasies as he offered the opportunity for us to engage with other couples. I had always wanted to try swinging and the idea of an orgy was truly astounding to me, but there was no way for us to do that. We looked too much alike and our secret would be known in a moment. No, the only way for him to fully develop was to leave and begin a new life elsewhere. I had given him all the skills he needed to be successful in romance; he needed to begin applying the lessons.

I promised my son that as he ventured into the world that I would always be his willing lover whenever he came home. In the beginning, he came home often and each time we would engage in the most thrilling forms of sexual fulfillment. He was beginning to breakdown my reservations of having a child with him as he tried to time his visits when I would be ovulating. He knew that I would be desperate to take him into my pussy during those times, but I always resisted and offered him the comfort of my luxurious mouth or tight ass instead.

In time, his visits became fewer and more spread out. Even better for me was the fact that he seemed to be less calculating in his visits and more often than not we would engage in vaginal play. I fed his fantasies though by telling him I was close to ovulating, and that always inspired his efforts to impregnate me. At the same time he was telling me about a young woman he was courting, a young girl by the name of Sandy. I was a bit jealous to begin with, but more delighted as my son described how he was using patience and attention to gain her confidence. Finally, he would have someone his own age, and my lessons would be put to very good use.

Darrin died 8 months after Paul left and that reality hit me hard. I wasn’t waiting to find another husband as it seemed I just wasn’t any good at it. My first husband had died as a war hero and my second husband had died from cancer. Being made a widow once is devastating, having it happen twice was too much. I wasn’t willing to place myself in that situation again, so I busied myself with the expected social obligations of a well-to-do widow in her latter 30’s. I enjoyed the infrequent visits I received from my son, but that was all. Life had returned to a somewhat normal circumstance until I got the call from Jason.

The call was short. All he said was that the kids were engaged to be married and that his daughter was pregnant. I was dumbfounded. Jason always called his daughter Cassie and Paul said that he was in love with a girl called Sandy.

“Tracey, my daughter’s name is Cassandra.”

“I’ll be there in four hours.”

This was a catastrophe. I knew instantly that my devilish son had orchestrated this whole debacle. He must have somehow guessed that Jason was his true father and that Cassandra was his half-sister. When they met he must have used the tools of seduction I taught him to train the young woman to his perverted desires. The lucky girl was now experiencing all of the depraved things he did with me.

I thought of this as I drove into Lincoln. Normally it would have taken close to 3 ½ hours to make the trek, but I was determined. I drove like a woman possessed. I hadn’t packed a thing, I just got in my car and drove and in less than two hours I was standing in front of my son’s new business that Jason, his father, had helped him secure. I was outraged and intrigued at the same time.

I opened the door and a bell alerted my entrance. It was odd, the place was deserted without a single customer or employee; yet, it looked like something my son would put together. It was exquisite with fine crystal, pottery, collectible figurines, and art work that was of extremely good taste. I was amazed as I surveyed all the beautiful things in the shop. It took a few moments, but Paul emerged from the back room. He must have been moving around inventory as he was tucking his shirt into his sweatpants.

“Mom...” He exclaimed, when he saw me, but he kept his distance. I could tell, he knew.

The moment I saw him I was overcome with a genuine sense of desire. But, I needed to fight the sensation even as I felt my vagina lubricate for my child. “Son, I need to explain...” I began.

“No, Mom, I know everything. Cassandra came over. She’s actually in the backroom and she told me everything.”

“She’s back there?” I asked. This was bewildering, and to make matters more intense Paul seemed to be joyous with my timing.

“Yes.” He confirmed as he bridged the distance between us. Again, I was overcome with a sexual charge that I could do nothing about. The smell of my son’s cologne had an intoxicating almost Pavlovian effect on me. I had to stay in control.

“Good, I want to talk with both of you.” I stated in as neutral a voice as possible. I did not want my son to think that I was turned on.

“Actually, I’d like that,” Paul smiled, but there was something in his look that should have prepared me. “Let me just close up shop first.” Paul raced past me and turned the open sign to closed and locked the front door. As he returned to me, there was an animalistic look in his eye. It was a look I knew well, because he always looked like this on nights he was in control. I reacted instinctually and felt an immediate sense of arousal as he came to me and crushed my body to his. I could tell that my son was already aroused as I felt his penis blossom in his sweat pants as he pressed it boldly against my abdomen. I tried to fight the temptation even as my son began kissing me passionately, but in truth, I loved it and felt a flush of sexual heat as his tongue ravaged my mouth. His hand moved to my breast and he began pawing me. I couldn’t believe the ferocity of his hunger nor could I reconcile my response. The smell of his cologne, the feel of his body, the passion of his kiss combined all at once as I instantly ignited with desire and my body prepared for intercourse. My son pressed me against the counter and hiked up my skirt. I offered no resistance as I felt the fabric rise above my hips. Before I could object, Paul pushed my thighs apart and stepped between my spread legs and began dry humping me. The feel of my son’s hard cock, which was loose under his pants, on my panty covered pussy drove me to instant surrender. I didn’t want him on me, I wanted him inside.

With complete confidence, my son moved his hand to the back of my dress and found the tab of my zipper. I knew in that instant he intended to fuck me even as his fiancée waited for us. I felt paralyzed by passion as I felt the zipper being drawn down and the cool air of the store waft enticingly over my back. For the first time in our relationship, I struggled slightly as I felt the fabric give way. I wanted to give myself to him, but could I do this with his intended in the next room? My son’s actions overcame my objections as he pulled the fabric from my shoulders and I felt the dress fall to the floor around me. My son was so insistent, and his driving passion awakened the feelings I tried to deny.

We had just been together for a week of incredible sex. When Paul came home, I was just starting my period, and for the first time, I broke the rules of our agreement. That agreement had insured that I would not become pregnant. I always counted the days of my cycle. If the number was between five and fifteen, he would cum in my mouth or ass. If it was 16-5 he would finish in my very willing pussy. During our week together, I had taken his potent sperm into my pussy only. It was dangerous and thrilling as we talked about the baby we would conceive, but I knew it wouldn’t happen even though I wanted it. I had allowed him to cum inside of me up to day 7, the day he left, but I was certain that the earliest I would ovulate would be day 12 and my son’s sperm would be mostly dead by that time.

Paul pulled away and looked at me as I stood before him only in my underwear. “I see you’ve gone back to wearing panties, Mother. Is it your time of the month?” He sneered.

He knew it wasn’t. “No son, without you being there, I just started wearing them again.” I panted as Paul walked around me surveying my body like a hungry animal. I knew not to move and not to try to cover anything up. This was one of his games. If I moved even slightly he would take me over his knee and spank my ass to a crimson hue. Not that I minded the humiliation. It felt so hot for him to do this, but I didn’t want that in the moment. I just wanted him.

“I see, so what day are you on?” I thought nothing of his question as he always asked; it was part of the game.

“I’m on day 10.” I stated as Paul came to a stop in front of me.

“You wouldn’t be lying to me, mother. I have a feeling you’ve done that before.” Paul stated as he peered deep into my eyes.

“No, I’m absolutely certain, and so are you. Remember that I started my period the day you arrived. Do you remember how you fucked me to oblivion in the shower with my red flow on your cock, son?”

“You were so fucking horny.”

“You always make me that way. I’m ending the tenth day and begin the 11th day this evening.” I stated as I stared directly into his eyes. I know he was looking for deception, and he found none.

“So, you are fertile.”

“Very, I’ll ovulate in less than 48 hours.” I stated, but I did this so he would understand that it was imperative for him not to cum in my pussy.

“I’ve missed you, Mother.” Paul stated as he stepped back into my arms and began kissing me. In a move of deft dexterity, he snapped my bra in the back and I felt the material instantly sag as my heavy breasts descended free from restraint. My son pulled the material away from me so that I was now completely topless and he began mauling my naked breasts with stunning delight. His fingers pinched my nipples with exquisite perfection. It was almost painful, then turned to complete delight as my ovaries began to ache with desire.

I was confused. My son clearly wanted to fuck me, but we couldn’t do that because of the timing. Even more bewildering was the situation. “Son, Cassandra is back there?” I panted as I pulled away from him.

“Yes, slut. Are you ready to play with our new fuck toy?” He asked as he began pulling off his clothes. Paul was fully aroused and my desire shot through the roof as I saw his large, beautiful penis already encased in a cockring. The head of his penis was beat red and glistened with dew. His perfectly shaven scrotum was held securely in the metal band that surrounded it. Paul turned to me and pointed his instrument of pleasure to me with great pride. I smiled wickedly at him as I appreciated his sexual organ as no mother should, I had made this for him; he had shared it with me often, and I understood the pleasure he had given to his sister with it. Now, I understood, he hadn’t been moving things around when I came in; I had interrupted him with his sister. They knew they were brother and sister and had been fucking anyway. His dick glistened with the girl’s juice and my pussy melted as I stared at my son’s massive ecstasy tool.

“Paul we can’t; I told you we have to be discreet.”

“We are, Mother, we’re keeping it in the family. Now let me introduce you to your daughter in law and your new lover.” He hissed as he pushed his hand inside of my panties and began fingering my pussy.

“Paul, she’s your sister.” I protested weakly, but thrilled to feel my son’s familiar hands again on my wet loins.

“I’m glad to see that you’ve kept your pussy bald for me, mother. Or have you been sharing it with anyone else, slut?” He hissed as he began feeling my cleft. His fingers pressed hard onto my clitoral hood and slowly he began to snake his fingers towards my tunnel.

“No son, there’s been no one else inside of me, though I’ve wanted many. I’ve kept my pussy hole just for you. Feel mommy’s cunt, son.” I panted as I spread my legs for him and allowed him access to my vagina.

“Oh...This is a delight, mother. I’m also very glad to see that you are so excited for me.” He hissed as his fingers slid through my lubrication. He was teasing me now and watching my reaction. His fingers would come so very close to entering me, but then he’d pull away.

“Yes, Son. You make Mommy so wet.”

“Did I make you wet before your clothes came off?” He teased.