Instructions For Sex: Taboo Erotica - Krissy Lewis - ebook

Teaser:"That means you were eighteen at the time she stopped spanking you, dear. I find it strange that she stopped. Do you mind taking about it with me?""No, I don't really mind, but I'm shy and you can see how I'm blushing, you know.""Yes dear, I understand and I'll try to help. I'm very interested in spanking and so was my husband. We used to spank each other often as a game. It made us both very sexy and led to all sorts of sex things. Did it make you sexy when your mother spanked you, dear?""Yes, that's why she stopped doing it. One day when she was spanking me, I got ... hard, you know. She kept on spanking me and then I ... went off ... all over her lap.""Did she get angry with you, dear?""No, she told me it wasn't my fault and that it was all right. Later, she told me she couldn't spank me anymore, that I was too old for it. I kept after her, then one day she gave me a long lecture on sex and all that. She told me about incest and that it was such a terrible sin that we had to guard against it.""You poor dear, that must have been terrible. Did she never spank you again after that?""No, never. I really wanted it, but she'd never do it. She always said it was too dangerous.""Didn't you ever do anything sexual with her?"

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Instructions For Sex

Krissy Lewis

Copyright © 2017

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As their wedding day approached, their petting grew more and more passionate and they lowered all the bars, all except the ultimate one of sexual intercourse. Until then, Tom had gone along with her limits, the fondling of her thighs stopping at the tops of her nylons, and feeling her breasts and buttocks only through her clothes, but the new rules, in the days before their marriage, allowed his hands to feel all the way up her thighs, to feel nylon where panties snugged in her crotch and to open the top of her dress to see and feel how her breasts filled the cups of her bra.

The evening before the wedding day, they went to the apartment where they would live and, after petting for a while, they agreed to abide by their decision of not having intercourse until they were married, but to go farther than ever before.

Connie trembled with excitement when Tom took her dress off, then his hands were moving over her as they shared more passionate kisses, then he guided her hand to the front of his pants where his penis bulged with exciting strength.

Until then, Connie had seen the penis of a little boy, but never a man's and she sensed that she would before the evening was over. When she squeezed the bulge, he groaned and she told him in a low whisper that she wanted to see it.

Getting off the couch, he smiled down at her as he began undressing. When he pushed his pants down, Connie gave a squeal of delight as she saw his hard penis trying to burst through his tight briefs. In just seconds, she thought, she was going to see her first erect penis and her breath caught in her throat as Tom caught the waistband of his last garment.

The briefs went down, his penis leaped out and Connie gasped.

"It's so big, darling," she told him, panting. "It's so big and strong and beautiful. Bring it to me and let me feel it. Let me feel that beautiful big thing that's going to stretch my little pussy when you stick it in me tomorrow night."

"Yes dear," he replied, smiling, "I'll give it to you to play with tonight, then tomorrow night I'm going to stick my hard prick in your tender, virginal little cunt and fuck you."

"Oh Tom, we've never said the words before. It's so exciting. Bring me that great big prick now so I can feel it in my hand and think about feeling it in my hot little cunt. Ooh, the words are so exciting, darling," she said, then he got back onto the couch.

A gentle hand closed around the big head of his organ and she told him it felt like velvet, then she wrapped her other hand around the shaft and thrilled to the hardness and strength of the big penis and he shared her thrill.

"This is where the cream comes out when you let it shoot?" she asked and touched it gently with the tip of a finger.

"That's right, Darling and if you keep holding my cock like that, you'll soon see it shooting," he told her and grinned.

"Oh Tom, I'd love to see you shooting your cream. I won't be able to see it when you're shooting itin my pussy, will I?"

"No dear. When that happens, my cock will be buried in your cunt, right to the hilt. Tell you what, later, after we've played for a long time, I'll have to fire my load or my balls will blow up. I'll pull myself and let you watch, or better yet, I'll show you how to pull me off. That should be a real treat. I've never had anyone jack me off."

Connie was eager to do it then and there, but he explained that it would spoil his fun and that they should play first, then he was unhooking her bra and she was squirming and panting.

"Oh Tom, you're going to be the first man who ever looked at my titties," she told him, then he slipped the last hook and pulled the garment off.

"Oh Connie," he gasped, "what a beautiful set of tits. What yummy big beauts," he went on as he fondled them while her bottom squirmed on the wide couch and she felt like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Trembling fingers elongated pink nipples, then he surprised her by taking a breast in his mouth to suck it as she groaned weakly and pressed against him, urging him on.

"Oh darling, I love the way you suck my tit. Do it some more. Oh darling, it feels so good. It makes me so horny I can't stand it."

But Connie stood it very well as he sucked all he could get into his mouth, then partially released the breast so that he sucked only the nipple. He worked on both breasts for a long time with his hands as well as his mouth, and when he finished, they saw her elongated nipples shining wetly as their love and their lust soared.

Tom shifted his attention to her panties and the surrounding skinscape and Connie loved that as well.

"Lie face down, dear," he told her. "Every time I ever saw you in tight pants I wanted to peel them off and get my hands on your ass. Oh Jesus, what a beauty it is," he panted as his hands rubbed nylon and silken skin, delighting in the firmness of her nicely rounded buttocks.

After he had been playing for a long time, Tom's hands caught the top of the white nylon panties, then he pulled them down with delightful slowness, panting loudly as he bared her perfectly formed bottom, then his hands went back to the flawless cheeks and savored warm, silken skin. She wriggled when his fingers probed the deep valley between and she let out a little gasp when she felt the tip of a finger probing her anus as he told her that it was a beautiful one, his favorite shade of pink.

"I'll bet you have something else that's pink and beautiful between your legs," he told her as he pulled the panties all the way down and took them off.

"I'm not sure, dear," she replied. "I think I left it home on my dresser. I didn't think I'd use it tonight."

"Maybe you won't use it for fucking," he said, "but I'm sure going to see it and feel it. Roll over and open your legs, darling. Show me your beautiful cunt. Show me the cunt I'm going to fuck tomorrow."

Sighing excitedly, Connie turned over, lay on her back with her thighs pressed tightly together and Tom stared at the bushy triangle at the junction of tummy and thighs, then he was her legs opening and her knees bending up to display her most secret region to him.

"Oh darling," Tom gasped. "I can see your cunt. It's so beautiful. I've got to touch it, feel it."

His hand went into her crotch and Connie sighed as it moved gently over her vulva, then there was a finger pushing between the lips, invading her in the way a big penis would be invading her in less than twenty-four hours, she thought, as it moved slowly in and out.

"Is this the way you finger yourself when you're feeling horny?" Tom asked.

"Sort of. How did you know I ever did that?"

"Everybody does. It's a perfectly natural thing to do. Wait a minute, I've got an idea. Look, you want to see me pulling myself and shooting, so I'll do it, but first, you finger your pussy and let me watch you having a come."

"Oh-Tom, I'm not sure I could do it. I never let anyone see me doing it."

"Neither did I, Connie, but I'm going to do it for you. Please, close your eyes, pretend you're all alone and diddle yourself while I watch you. After you have a come, I'll jerk myself off and show you how my cream shoots."

"All right, darling, but I'm going to be nervous about it, at first anyway. Maybe once I get started it will be easier. When I get horny in bed, I usually start playing with my boobs first, like this. I make my nipples get hard and sensitive, like this, and pretty soon my behind is squirming on the sheet."

"God, this is exciting to watch, Connie. Keep your eyes closed and pretend I'm not here," Tom urged.

"I think of you and of how we necked," she went on, her eyes closed, passion beginning to show in her tone, "and I pretend you're still with me, right in my bed. My nightie is pulled up under my chin or it's right off, then I keep one hand on a tit and let the other one rub slowly down my belly.

"I can feel your hand rubbing my belly, darling," she said in a husky whisper. "Your other hand is fondling my boob and you're working your way down to my pussy. Oh, I can feel it rubbing over my pussy bush and squeezing it. It feels so good, I'm getting sexy. I'm opening my legs for you now. Ooh, your hand is so close to my cunt, Tom. Oh ... oh, it's touching my pussy, it's rubbing ... I'm so hot, darling ... so horny ... Ooohhh, it's lovely the way you rub my pussy.

"Oh Tom darling," she panted as she lived the strong fantasy, "your finger ... I can feel it between the lips of my pussy ... it's going in ... it's in my cunt now," she went on, her body writhing in passion, her back arched as she pushed the finger into her organ.

"Oh Tom, darling, it isn't your finger now, it's your big prick. You've got your prick in my cunt and you're fucking me. Yes lover ... darling ... yes ... fuck me in the cunt with your strong cock ... It's working in and out of my slit ... it's fucking me ... It feels so good, darling. Oh Tom, it's fucking up higher now," she panted. "I can feel it rubbing right on my clit ... I'm so horny ... my clit is so sensitive now ... it's going to make me have a come. ... Just a little more, darling ... fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me ... I'm coming, darling, I'm coming ... I can feel it ... here it ... uh..."

And then her words broke and became cries of lust as orgasm swept over her and she squirmed and writhed madly on the couch, Tom's aroused penis throbbing and twitching as he feasted his eyes on the naked body of the squirming, climaxing beauty.

"Christ darling," he told her when her eyes were able to open after the spasms passed, "that had to be the most exciting thing ever. I'll never forget that as long as I live. I'll want you to do it for me again, often maybe."

"I'll do anything you want, darling," Connie said, sighing. "Will you pull yourself now so I can see your cream shooting?"

"Sure. I'm really ready to blast off. Hey, wait a minute. Where am I going to shoot it? We don't want to get the couch all sticky. I know what would work and be real exciting too. Let me shoot in your panties."

"Sure, if you want to. Does that make it more fun?"

"Yeah. It does for me anyway. Once, when I was a kid, I stole a pair of panties off a clothesline. They felt so silky when I wrapped them around my prick, then I thought about a woman wearing them while I jerked off. It was really something. I've liked panties ever since."

"Well, from now on, you can play with mine anytime you like," Connie said with a smile. "With me in them, then you take them off for me."

"Yeah, I've been thinking a lot about that, dear," he said as he picked up the panties he had dropped when he took them off her, and she saw his body tremble as he wrapped the nylon around his stiff penis.

"You won't hide your cock in my panties when you shoot, will you?" Connie asked, concerned as he went on playing with himself. "I want to see how your cream shoots."

"You'll see it all right," he assured her. "The way I feel right now, I think I'm going to shoot lots of it, then my prick will get small and soft."

"Will it take you long to have your come?"

"Hell no. It's going to happen too fast, once I start pulling myself. I think I'll do it now. The roots of my cock are starting to get sore from being hard too long."

Standing by the couch, Connie close beside him, he folded the panties into a pad which he held in his left hand, then he began masturbating slowly with his right.

"Oh Tom, let me do it for you," Connie said with excitement. "I want to take your big cock in my hand and make it shoot."

Delighted with her suggestion, Tom took his hand off his penis and she replaced it with hers, masturbating very slowly as she had seen him doing, thrilling to the feel of the big, hard organ as it slid back and forth.

"This is great, Connie," he told her. "Your hand is so soft and gentle. Pulling myself was never as thrilling as this. Oh damn it, I'm going to come so fast," he groaned, then Connie was squealing with glee as she heard him grunting and panting as his semen shot into the panties in his hand.

"There's so much of it, darling," she said as spurt after spurt of semen shot strongly into the balled nylon and then it stopped and she saw a final pearl of the fluid and watched as he squeezed the softening organ and wiped the head with her panties before putting them down.

"Ooh, that was so good," he told her. "My knees feel weak and rubbery. I'm going to let you pull me off a lot from now on."

It seemed an innocent enough remark at the time and Connie couldn't have known that later she would have good reason to recall the statement and the circumstances very often in the future.

The next day was hectic and both were properly nervous through the wedding ceremony and the festivities which followed it. As he looked at his beautiful bride in her white gown and veil, Tom tried to look through it to see her as he had the previous evening, in lingerie and in beautiful nudity.

His thoughts caused his penis to stiffen and give him some nervous moments as he wondered whether the bulge could be seen by others. Eventually the ceremony was over and then the rest of the events were too and the bride and groom were at the lake resort where they were to spend a week before returning to their new apartment.

As they undressed in their room, the big moment at hand, Connie was still eager for her first sample of sexual intercourse. She was prepared for the pain of it, but the thought didn't detract from her eagerness.

When she removed her bra, Connie would have taken her panties off as well, but he told her to leave them on and assured her he would take them off for her when the time came. He had her leave her black garter belt and nylons as well, then he finished undressing as she stared excitedly at his rampant organ, hungering to feel it in her vagina, stretching and filling her.

Getting onto the bed, they began playing with each other, talking excitedly of how they were going to make love and how wonderful it was going to be. Tom played with her breasts for just a little while, then he sent his hands farther down her body until they found black nylon panties which caressed her body tightly.

After much fondling of the crotch and seat of her panties, Tom had her lie on her tummy, then he knelt astride her thighs and she felt him rubbing his hard penis on the nylon which sheathed a portion of her beautiful bottom.

"Don't rub it too much, dear," she said, giggling, "or you may have an accident."

"Don't worry, I won't," he assured her as he went on rubbing, "but it sure would be a beautiful place to have an accident though."

Connie thought he was kidding and went on thinking so as his penis rubbed over the seat of her panties and down toward her crotch, then the sound of his breathing changed, as did the urgency of his rubbing and she knew instinctively that he was going to ejaculate on her and that it wouldn't be an accident.

"Oh Tom, take my panties off and stick your lovely prick in my pussy. Fuck me, darling. Give me my fuck."

"I can't," he said with a groan as his knees moved so that he held her thighs tightly in their grip. "I'm going to go off ... I can't hold back. ... It's too late now."

Seconds later, his words were confirmed as he shot a spurt of semen onto her panties where they curved into her crotch, then he was aiming the semen all over her panties as he panted and gasped as though unable to breathe. When he finished spurting, he squeezed his penis, produced a few more drops of the fluid, then he rubbed them on her panties.

"Oh Connie baby," he panted, "your little panties are all full of cream. It looks so beautiful, so exciting. I'll rub it around for you."

As he smeared the sticky fluid over her panties with both hands, Connie was glad he had enjoyed the act, but terribly disappointed that she hadn't taken his semen in her vagina as she had so wanted.

Later, when Connie told him her panties felt sticky and made her uncomfortable, he took them off and went to the bathroom with them where he spent a long time washing them, obviously relishing the chore and telling her that he would like to wash all her panties for her.

Later, they went to the dining room, ate, drank and danced, then returned to their room when he told her his penis was erect again. When he began playing with her panties again, she pleaded with him to take them off so that they could make love before he had another accident.

Almost grudgingly, he took the panties off, then he was mouthing her without any preparation. Connie wanted him to play with her some more, to lubricate her vagina, but decided not to mention it for fear of sounding like a nag. She knew she could be more highly aroused and that it would make the act more enjoyable, but she said nothing and then his penis was hurting her as it pushed into her unprepared vagina.

A few little cries escaped her, but her husband didn't seem to hear them as he stuffed his big organ into her, then she cried out loudly when he broke her hymen.

"Hold on, Connie, it'll soon be over," he panted as he rode her, his penis pistoning hard where fires were burning inside her, then his body was jerking strongly on her and he was firing his charge into her warm depths and it was all over as he lay heavily atop her, their sweat mingling.

To her dismay, Connie found that the act had been totally without pleasure for her. Instead of the pain and pleasure she had expected, there had been only pain and she hoped it would be better the next time they tried the act.

Her discomfort continued for a couple of days, but Tom proved to be most considerate, telling her they would postpone intercourse until her vagina felt better. In the meantime though, he had plenty of the kind of sex he liked, kneeling astride her thighs and masturbating by rubbing his penis on her panties, sometimes varying the act by lying atop her while she wore panties, and rubbing himself off on her nylon sheathed behind.

After each such performance, he would smear the semen all over her panties, then take them off and go wash them. Connie felt he was too enthusiastic about masturbating and suspected he was relieved that he didn't have to waste his semen in intercourse. She could only hope that it was just a temporary thing and that once the novelty wore off, Tom would want to give up the game and enjoy sex in a more conventional style.

That was still Connie's hope when their honeymoon ended with the score; sexual intercourse 3--masturbation on panties 10. What made the score even worse to Connie was the fact that when he did grant her intercourse, Tom hurried the act, giving her a minimum of foreplay so the act provided almost no pleasure at all for her and since her organ was not lubricated, there was some discomfort.

When they returned to their apartment, Connie tried to discuss their sex life with her husband, tried to let him know that she wasn't satisfied with the style he had chosen for them.

"Sex isn't just fucking," he told her. "It's things of all kids, whatever you enjoy."

"But what about the other person, dear? Sure I can see that you like to jerk off on my panties and I don't mind since it pleases you. But sometimes I'd like you to love me all over, make my pussy hot and slippery, then slip your big cock into me and give me a nice fuck. Surely I'm not being unreasonable, darling."

Tom had to admit that she wasn't and he told her he would try to be a better lover, but things didn't change that much. They had intercourse a little more often, but it was always with a minimum of foreplay so that her dry membranes felt pain when he inserted his penis into her.

They had been married for months before the light dawned and Connie realized what her husband was doing. He was deliberately making intercourse unpleasant for her so that she would want to give it up and have him masturbate on her panties as their only form of sex.

With that realization came anger and, though Tom denied the charge, angrily, Connie knew her guess had been correct. What she didn't know was what she was going to do about it. The thought of living through years of such a marriage was frightening, but so too were the alternatives.

In the office where she worked, there was a man who obviously had the hots for her and had been making it obvious for a long time. He was divorced, early forties and good looking, with a good sense of humor. One afternoon, when he smiled at her after she caught him admiring her thighs, Connie wondered what kind of a lover he'd be.

She told herself it was a dangerous thought, yet she found it difficult to turn off. Connie was still wondering about Dane that evening when she lay face down on the bed wearing only panties while her husband panted as he masturbated. Dane wouldn't do that, she told herself, then went on to try to imagine just how he would make love to her. Inexperienced as she was, that was difficult but her mind made a valiant effort to provide her with images in which she writhed naked with the man in erotic fore-play, both highly aroused.

In her fantasy, intercourse with the man was all she thought it should be, so great that she achieved a beautiful orgasm while his organ was pistoning in her vagina.

The fantasy refused to go away and then Tom did, on a business trip which would keep him out of town a few days. She hoped she sounded properly subtle when she mentioned that fact to Dane, then they were playing word games which ended with her agreeing to have dinner with him that evening.

When Dane called for her, Connie was dressed in her best, including her sexiest lingerie, her body carefully bathed. It was early for dinner, they agreed, so they decided on a drink first and Dane poured two.

She sat opposite him as they sipped their drinks, his eyes flicking quickly over her crossed legs and exposed portions of thighs at first, then lingering there, much more boldly. Despite her nervousness, she was able to chat easily with him, then, as though she had ordered it and fate delivered right on time, they saw heavy rain beating against the apartment window.

"I guess the hostess will have to prepare dinner," she told him. "We'd drown if we tried to go out in this rain."