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Instant Profits Guide to YouTube Channel Income Success It has been proven that even the most traditional companies can be successful using YouTube for their marketing efforts. A relative shift in mindset, and some research to understand on how Youtube channel works and putting away everything you thought you knew about marketing and relearn and focus in to what YouTube can do for your marketing efforts through a unique approach might just do the trick Some good initiatives that worked in the past were disrupted with newer trending technologies. The reality is that commercials that were once effective have now become noise to the majority of the public . So what‘s a marketing guru to do? How can a company stand out from the crowd and rise above the rest of the noise? These has caused more and more companies to switch a part of their marketing efforts to YouTube . The sky is the limit—and that‘s precisely why marketers need to get a copy of :- Instant Profits Guide to YouTube Channel Income Success Marketers that are progressive enough to move forward with their marketing efforts in a revolutionary new way will be sure capture attention and get to their end results using YouTube. There are a few key points to marketing success on YouTube that are important to:- First and foremost get noticed! You certainly want to incorporate a meaningful message, but be sure that it‘s wrapped inside of a very catchy, humorous, or provocative package. You have to be sure that whatever you post to YouTube will stand out from the crowd and demand attention. Create a message and an advertisement that people are just dying to share. If you put something memorable on YouTube, you will create something that people feel compelled to share with their friends and family. You have then created the first steps of viral marketing as the word is spreading for you. This 140 pages User friendly pictorial supportive guide will teach you How to Crush down on competition with YouTube and access to effective tactics used by YouTubePreneurs  to make millions from YouTube Channel YouTube has around1 Billion unique users who visit every month with almost 100 billion page views. YouTube is growing at a shocking rate and website owners cannot afford to ignore this social media marketing channel any longer if they want to stay on top of the game in Internet marketing.

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Table of Contents

Title Page

Instant Profits Guide to YouTube | Channel Income Success | Disclaimer:

Table of Content


Chapter 1 | YouTube Channel

How YouTube Works?

Using YouTube for Marketing

Video Production

YouTube Analytics

YouTube channels

YouTube Advertising

Why Opt for YouTube for Business?

Chapter 2 | Step by Step Guide to setting up a YouTube Channel | 1.Channel features for YouTube creators

2. Manage your channel with Creator Studio

3. Basics about your channel

4. Turn comments on or off

5. Create or edit channel art

6. Verification badges on channels

Keeping your verification badge

7. Channel icon specs

8. Customize channel layout

9. Organize content with channel sections

10. Create a channel trailer for new viewers

11. Set a channel trailer

Quick tips for creating channel trailers

12.Global Audience :Best practices for localized channels

13. Opt in to channel recommendations

14. Turn your channel recommendation on or off

15. YouTube - How to add weblinks to your channel

17.Connecting a YouTube channel to your social accounts

Chapter 3 | Starting a New and Successful YouTube Channel

Chapter 4 | Monetizing  your YouTube Channel

How to Monetize YouTube Videos With AdSense?

Chapter 5 | Tips to Promote Merchandise on Your YouTube Channel

How Vloggers Can Promote and Sell YouTube Channel | Merchandise?

Chapter 6 | How can Beauty Vloggers grow their YouTube Channel?

Chapter 7 | Tips to create a Gaming Channel on YouTube

Chapter 8 | How to Guest Vlog on YouTube and Get More Channel Views

Growing Your YouTube Channel with Guest Vlogs

How Do You Guest Vlog on YouTube?

Chapter 9 | Advanced Tactics for Promoting Your YouTube Channel and Increasing Subscribers

Chapter 10 | Best Tips on Profitable YouTube Advertising & Promotion

Chapter 11 | How to drive sales using YouTube Cards?

4 Ways to Use YouTube Cards in Your Videos

Chapter 12 | YouTube SEO Tips

Chapter 13 | YouTube Analytics | Measuring the Performance of Your YouTube Campaign: | Google Analytics and Adwords

Chapter 14 | How to make YouTube a part of Successful B2B Marketing Funnel?

Chapter 15 | Tools and Apps to grow your YouTube Channel

Chapter 16 | YouTube Marketing Trends in 2017

Chapter 17 | Case studies


Instant Profits Guide to YouTube

Channel Income Success


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Copyright © 2018  Hillary Scholl

Table of Content


YouTube Channel

Step By Step procedure Guide to setting up  a YouTube Channel  

Starting a New and successful YouTube Channel

Monetizing  your YouTube Channel

Tips to promote Merchandise on Your YouTube Channel

How can Beauty Vloggers grow their YouTube Channel

Tips to create a Gaming Channel on YouTube

How to Guest Vlog on YouTube and Get More Channel Views

Advanced Tactics for Promoting Your YouTube Channel and Increasing


Best Tips on Profitable YouTube Advertising & Promotion

How to drive sales using YouTube Cards?

YouTube Channel SEO Tips

YouTube Channel Analytics

How to make YouTube a part of Successful B2B Marketing Funnel?

Tools and Apps to grow your YouTube Channel

YouTube Marketing Trends

Case studies



Did you know that people watch 5 billion videos on YouTube every day? In

fact,  more than 400 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute, up from 300 hours

per minute in November 2014


This might not even surprise you, as YouTube is the leading service that made it possible

to easily put videos online in 2005. Flash forward to 2018 and if your marketing strategy

does not have a video component tied to it, your visibility and business growth potential

will suffer. Video should become a critical piece of the marketing puzzle because of how

much video content your audience is consuming.


But, with many other companies knowing this, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand

out amongst your competition. This is why advertising spend does need to be allocated

to services like YouTube in order to gain visibility from your target audience.


Although similar to paid search spend, the world of YouTube advertising can seem a bit

overwhelming and complicated to navigate at first.

Hence, this guide will walk you through the several aspects of running a successful

YouTube channel and make a killing using these tips.

Chapter 1

YouTube Channel


YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch, share, and

promote original videos online. YouTube is fully integrated with Google Ad Words for

video, leveling the playing field for businesses that want to reach new customers with

online video.

YouTube is a video Social Networking site and the 2nd most popular search site on the Internet after Google, who owns YouTube. YouTube video watching is a significant activity on the Internet, with over 1 billion visits to YouTube daily and over 100 million videos watched daily. And it's easy for anyone who sees your video to rate it and share it with his Social Network.

How YouTube Works?

YouTube's theme is “Broadcast Yourself,” and as such encourages everyone to make and broadcast videos on everything imaginable. YouTube is owned and operated by Google, and leverages the search power of Google.

All YouTube videos are indexed by Google's search and will appear in Google's search

results when you select Video in the search options on Google. Using YouTube is a great

way to get listed in Google's search results since Google gives YouTube videos priority in their search results.

YouTube videos can be viewed by anyone with access to the Web site. No user account or

log-in is needed to search for or watch videos. Setting up a user account, on the other hand,

allows you to upload videos, and also lets you customize your viewing with YouTube by

subscribing to “channels” and giving feedback ratings on videos.


When you set up your own YouTube user account, many of the familiar functions of Social

Networking are offered as options, such as sending a YouTube video link to a friend or

contact, commenting on a video, and rating a video. You can also link to a YouTube video

from your blog and include it in a post.

Using YouTube for Marketing

Videos on YouTube can be short and simple. For your marketing, decide on a goal for your YouTube activity. Some common themes include customer support, educational, product instructions, customer interviews, employee interviews, event videos, and professional produced videos.

Your YouTube videos need to have tags and descriptions associated with them for search in

YouTube, so use your keywords and be sure to include them when you upload your video.

Google's search bots cannot index the media, only the text associated with the media, so

adding tags is critical to your video being indexed.


Just like any Social Media, creating an account and only posting once (one Video) won't

have a great impact. Creating a series of videos, however, will result in increased search

optimization and followers of your YouTube channel. Find a way to implement regular

video production into your marketing effort to build an audience on YouTube and increase

your ranking.

Video Production

For production, you can use a hand-held video camera. Any major brand that has a

microphone input will produce good video. Good sound quality is important for video

production and making your YouTube video easy to understand. If you have a story to tell, make some notes and rehearse those several times to make it sound more natural when you are reading from them.

If you find you're better at ad-hoc video, keep a video camera with you for part to capture

some of your daily activities. If you have a Smartphone, use the built-in video camera to

capture some short videos. Simple YouTube uploading from a YouTube app is usually a feature included with most smart phones.

Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker and the Apple iMovie applications allow basic video

editing and are a good place to start for editing your own video productions. Consider

getting a professional video made if you decide to expand your marketing and want more

complex stories told in your videos. The production quality on YouTube is improving and a

good video production can be created for $1,000-$4,000 as a starting point. The higher the

budget, the more you'll get in scripting, production preparation, and concept development

by a professional. But don't let that stop you from doing something on your own, good audio quality and a steady camera can result in an excellent video.

Remember, it's the message and content that's important to viewers.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is a self-service analytics and reporting tool. It provides data about each

video you upload, so you can easily track how many views it gets, where people are coming

from to find it and what type of people are watching it.

YouTube Analytics can give you information about:


-the 'firsts' for the video, including the first referral from a related video, first referral from a YouTube search (including the search terms used), first time the video is embedded in another website

-how many views came from each referral source

-which gender and age groups the video is most popular with

-which countries the video is most popular in

how many comments and ratings it has received.

YouTube channels

You can set up a YouTube channel for your business, bringing all your videos together. This allows you to customize your channel with images representing your firm. Your channel

includes an 'About' section where you can provide a short description of your business and

a link to your website or contact details . Your channel is where you group the videos you make and upload, the videos you watch and like, and the playlists of videos you create.


Your channel will have a web address (URL) that you can promote on your website or

marketing material. People can subscribe to your channel. This means when they log in to

YouTube your videos will be listed on their YouTube homepage.


You can also create 'playlists' within your YouTube channel to organize your videos by

subject or type. For example, you could have a playlist featuring videos about each of your

product categories, or you might have a playlist for videos contributed by your customers

for a video competition you run.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube incorporates features that let businesses promote their videos to people who might be interested in them, targeting customers by demographics, topics or interests.

Advertisers pay each time someone views their video. You can choose which locations your

ad will appear in, what format it will be, and even how much you are prepared to pay per view (if you want to boost the prominence of your ad over your competitors). YouTube'sadvertising guide explains how it works.

Why Opt for YouTube for Business?

Starting a business and making sure that it prospers into something profitable – these are two completely different tasks. You need to put in a lot of effort to make sure that people see your product or brand. YouTube is one of the best possible tools for this job. Here are some of the important benefits that your business will get by building a strong presence on YouTube.

-Popularize your product: If your business is trying to get into a new market with a particular product, you can simply make a video of the product working and show the benefits that the product has. If done in a creative manner, you will soon find that there will be many people liking your video and going for your product.


-Get feedback: You can use YouTube even if you are not completely ready with your

product. It can be a great tool to figure out the response that the product might get

You simply have to put up the video of your prototype.


-Sharing made easy: As a young business setup, you may have people located at

remote locations. It might not be possible for you to share all the material with

them. YouTube can be a great way to share presentations or something similar with

these remote employees.


-Simplify tasks: For businesses that often get client calls regarding problems with the

product, YouTube can be a lifesaver. You might not have a work force to cater to all

these problems. In that case, you can simply make a video with systematic details and

share it on YouTube so the users can access it.


-Increase your brand visibility: If you are unable to make a video regarding your

business due to time constraints or lack of good content, then there are other

methods. You can simply go, rate and comment on relevant videos. You can also

share some good videos on your channel. Simply by doing this, you are making your

brand more visible and communicating with other users.


-YouTube Insight: Once you have your video on YouTube, comments are not the only

way to analyze them. In addition to comments and ratings, there is an Insight feature

also available on YouTube. This is a reporting function, which provides you with

statistical data regarding the people visiting your video. This is helpful as you can figure

out whether your campaign is actually working or not and make changes accordingly.

-Increase your site’s traffic: YouTube also allows you to insert links into your

videos. By doing this you can channel traffic from your YouTube video to your own site.

Search engines also index these videos, and video results are comparatively lesser

than text results. This increases the chances of a person finding your business video

through a search.

-Save Money: One of the most important factors in any marketing campaign is

money. Conventional methods like advertising on television or newspaper require a lot

of money, but YouTube allows you to upload your videos completely free. From setting

up your channel to analyzing the traffic on your video, it costs you nothing.


-YouTube Ads: With such a huge number of views everyday YouTube is one site

where you would definitely want to run an ad campaign. You have multiple options

available when it comes to the kind of advertising campaign you want to run. You can

use one of the several marketing programs or you can use the video target tool to

place your ads.


Get the Maximum Out of YouTube

You can build your company’s presence on YouTube, but the job is only half done. To make

sure that your campaign succeeds, you have to put in a lot of effort. The most important

thing would be make proper use of your channel. YouTube gives you the option of customizing how your channel looks. You should take full advantage of this as it allows you to stand out amongst other regular channels, and makes a positive impact on the viewer.


Many companies simply ignore their channel. After the initial bursts of enthusiasm, you

may find that there is nothing happening in the channel and this may discourage you. Even

if you have nothing new to post, make sure that you keep up to date with the comments.


You should also make sure that you keep your content organized. You have the option of