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You Can Drive Brand Awareness, Grow Traffic & Increase Sales with  Video Stories Marketing   Image and video marketing has never been more important. Video marketing is known to increase revenue by 49%. Imagine if you started getting 50% more sales in your business. What would you do with that increase? Would you expand your business even more?   If you think about video marketing and instantly feel overwhelmed, it’s understandable. Videos can be a more complex form of advertising. But the good news is that videos can be created quickly and easily once you know what to do. Developing Your Image and Video Marketing Strategy Focusing on image and video marketing in your business shouldn’t be done lightly. Like all business endeavors, it helps to have a plan.  Follow  new online  trending application you’ll feel more confident and find it easier to create videos. This book  will   offer the  technique and solution to create  your  video , and how to incorporate them  into your strategy Storytelling has always been popular, particularly when it comes to marketing. However, stories have emerged as an amazing strategy to use in conjunction with social media marketing. If you want to attract more business with social media stories, incorporate more visuals, interact with your target market, and meet your business goals you’re about to learn how. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to put in a lot of extra time and effort to achieve your goals. In fact, this is an opportune time to make the needed changes. I say this because now is your chance to implement a very beneficial marketing method, social media stories. These highly visual content forms, appeal to wide range of target markets, from young adults to the over-30 crowd. But, the best part is that with a little planning, social media stories can help you meet goals in every area of your business from website traffic to repeat sales. Social media stories are still new, in the big scheme of things. By adding these very visual stories now, you can still get early-adoption benefits, which include being one of the people in your niche, who is on the ball with the latest marketing methods. If creating visual content makes you want to run for the hills, you're not alone. Producing videos can be scary and creating images may seem out of your league, but they're not! I'll show you how to quickly attract more business with social media stories, incorporate more visuals, interact with your target market, and meet your business goals. It’s a lot easier than you think and I’ll tell you a little secret, I am not particularly creative when it comes to images and videos. I don’t have that natural “vision” that designers have. BUT…I do know my audience and what they want, which is very important to attracting and motivating them. Why audiences love social media stories: Whole stories can be consumed in seconds. Stories with hashtags are easy to find and access. Relevant stories make audiences feel more involved and important. Audiences like seeing the “real” you in “real life” situations.  It’s more personal. Stories address their impulse wants, as well as here-and-now needs. Visual stories excite, intrigue, and empower the viewer with choices. Stories can provide many, highly-visual forms of info within one story.

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Table of Contents

Instant Profits Guide to Video Stories Marketing Success

Chapter 1: | What is Video Marketing and What makes it so effective

Chapter 2 : | Social Media Trending with Stories Video

Chapter 3 : | Effective Video Marketing

Chapter 4 : | Niche Video Marketing

Chapter 5 : | Standing  out against Competitors

Chapter 6: | Creating Highly Effective and Professional Videos on a Budget

Chapter 8: | Types of Marketing Videos

Chapter 9 : | Video Creation Tools

Chapter 10: | Where to Distribute and  Publish Your Videos for Maximum Views

Chapter 11: | A Quick Guide to YouTube Marketing

Chapter 12: | How to Make Sure Your Videos Make Conversions

Chapter 13 : | Manual vs Automated Video Marketing

Instant Profits Guide to Video Stories Marketing Success


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Table of Contents

What is Video Marketing and  What  make its so effective

Social Media Trending with Stories Video

Effective Video Marketing

Niche Video Marketing

Standing  out against Competitors

Creating Highly Effective and Professional Videos on a Budget

Video Marketing Essential

Types of Marketing Videos

Video Creation Tools

Where to Distribute and publish  Your Videos for Maximum Views

A Quick Guide to YouTube Marketing

How to Make Sure Your Videos Make Conversions

Manual vs Automated Video Marketing

Video Affiliate Marketing

Advanced Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media

Paid Facebook Video

Youtube / Google Video

Premium Tools and Services to Consider

Chapter 1:

What is Video Marketing and What makes it so effective 

If your business or blog isn't using video marketing, then you are missing out on one of the most engaging, influential and potentially profitable forms of marketing of them all. Video marketing has the ability to grab attention and to help you establish authority in ways that no other form of marketing can approach; so it's absolutely vital that you start leveraging this type of marketing in your strategy as soon as possible. In fact, video marketing is so powerful that it could very well be all that you need in order to get word out about your business.

If you are already using video marketing though, then just as important is ensuring that you are doing so in the most highly effective way possible. Video marketing when done well is incredibly powerful but if your videos don't have the professional sheen that your viewers expect then they could actually harm your business.

It is thus essential that you are not just incorporating video into your marketing but that you are also doing so in the best way possible. By downloading this e-book, you have taken the first step towards doing just that and throughout the course of the following chapters we will be looking in depth at how to create and share fantastic, high-quality videos that will accelerate sales and catapult your business into the stratosphere.

Video marketing is marketing via the medium of video on the web. In many cases, this means creating videos and uploading them to YouTube, though that is only one option.

Once you have created a great quality video for your marketing campaign that helps to promote your message and sell your product or service, the next step is to make sure it is seen by as many people as possible. Uploading to YouTube is one way to do this and YouTube has many advantages for marketers that make it a great asset. At the same time though, you might also want to use other platforms such as Vine and Vimeo and you might want to consider embedding your video on your own site.


Advantages of Video Marketing

There are several things that make video marketing particularly effective and more so than many other alternate options.

The most obvious advantage of video marketing is that it's so highly engaging. The human brain has evolved in order to pay attention to moving images and sounds and this is why we are naturally inclined to stop and watch the television when it's on in the background. Have you ever been talking to someone when there's a television in the room only to notice that they're actually looking straight past you and at the screen? The sound could be off and it could even be playing adverts but still some people will be almost unable to turn away. This isn't anything personal (usually), it's just a perfect example of how moving images hold our attention.

Another great example is a classroom. Do you remember when the teacher would say they were going to put on a video for a particular lesson? Even the noisiest of classes would fall silent and become very well behaved at this point – even when the topic of the video wasn't anything particularly interesting. Video has an almost hypnotic quality and this is an excellent trait for any internet marketer.

Another advantage of video is that it's passive. What this means is that your visitors don't need to 'actively' read anything or really put any effort in at all. As soon as someone lands on your page/finds the video on YouTube, it will start playing right away and they'll start absorbing that information. As we've already established, video is very hard to look away from so once you've caught their attention, chances are they'll watch to the end of the video.

In fact, because video is multi-sensory, your visitors don't even need to be looking at the page in order for it to be effective.

But more importantly: video is a fantastic opportunity for you to establish authority and create a relationship.

The key thing to realize about videos is that not every business or blogger has them and that means they can be used to set you apart from the crowd. Compared with written content or banner ads, creating videos requires a much bigger investment in time, a larger budget and more skill. All this means that simply having a video on your website will make your business look considerably more professional.

Video marketing is not actually new. Regardless of what you’ve heard and regardless of how much hype there is in video SEO, video conversions, or video sales pages, video marketing as a whole is not exactly a new phenomenon.

Video has always been around. In fact, its marketing potential has always been apparent to a lot of online marketing professionals. You only need to go back to the days of RealPlayer to understand the hype surrounding video marketing even back then. 

The truth is video marketing’s promise has always been well known, but what makes today so different is the fact that we now have the technology to deliver on these promises. People have always been talking about how awesome video marketing could be, but it was all just theory. It was all just speculation, opinion, and the facts were not there. The technology was just simply lacking. 

Thanks to four major changes, video marketing has become the killer app. It’s always been the once and future king of marketing, but now it is probably wearing its crown thanks to the rise of high-speed yet cheap wireless data transmission. You can actually watch videos on your mobile phone without having to spend an eternity waiting for the video to download completely. 

We also have high quality decoding and coding technology that is standardized. In other words, regardless of what device you are watching a video on and regardless of which website you’re viewing, the images will be crisp and the sounds will be crystal clear. 

Another technological breakthrough that we have now, involves the price of storage. You have to understand that the video that you’re watching has to be stored somewhere. It has to reside on a series of hard drives. That’s not free. Thanks to modern technology, storage prices have really crashed through the floor. On top of that, the service that people offer to host websites has become cheaper and cheaper. 

Given this combination, video marketing has come to its home. It has finally arrived, but here’s the problem. It is quite ironic. The challenge to video marketers nowadays is that video may have been the victim of its own success. The problem now is that there’s so much video out there that most of them simply don’t have an impact. They don’t get people to convert to buyers. 

Modern video marketing involves three new technologies that has really turbocharged its effectiveness. First of all, you can use software to create video. You no longer have to patch together or shoot video content by hand. There is all sorts of software that can help you edit, enhance and even automate the creation of video content. 

Also, video marketing content is increasingly plugged into a larger marketing infrastructure. These are the blogs, social media platforms, so on and so forth.

Finally, there are tools out there that would enable you to upload the video that you created without you manually going through all sorts of upload steps. With a few mouse clicks and a few key strokes, you can massively distribute your video. 

Sounds awesome right? Well, don’t get ahead of yourself. A lot of marketers think that it’s all about technology and that as long as they have the right tools, video marketing will pretty much take care of itself. Absolutely wrong. How come?

You have to pay attention to the old elements that sill remain alive in video marketing. Lose sight of these and you're going to fail. These factors remain. You have to build a brand. You have to create a human connection with your prospects. Most importantly, you still have to walk people through the KLT (know-like-trust) buying process. 

Without these old elements, all of your videos, as awesome as they may seem on the surface, simply won’t be able to do the job. Sure, you may get sales every once in a while, but that’s not the kind of income you’re looking for. You want videos that close the deal on a consistent basis, but that’s just not going to happen if you disregard the old rules of salesmanship.

These old rules worked in the past, they’re working now, and they’ll continue to work long into the future. This training steps you through the mystery of modern video marketing so you can set it up to maximize your ROI. This training is based solidly on the interweaving of the new and old factors that make up modern video marketing. 

The bottom line actually hasn’t changed all that much. Just like with any other type of marketing, return on investment is crucial. This training has a slight twist however. I’m also going to dwell on, to some extent, the concept of return on effort. Your job is to spend as little time doing something while getting as many dollars out of that activity as possible.

This is also why it's so incredibly important that you maintain high production values in your video marketing though. If your video consists of you sitting in your living room, stuttering and coughing while delivering your message, then you will turn people away from doing business with you. On the other hand though, if you have a video that has crisp HD imagery, amazing editing and professional narration then this will communicate to the viewer that your business is professional and worth taking seriously. Don't worry – this e-book will teach you how to create these types of video even without spending a fortune or spending years to become a professional video editor.

Finally, video lets you put your message across in a highly persuasive and engaging manner.

Once you have caught the attention of your viewers and dazzled them with your incredibly professional production values, you will then have the chance to put your message across in a vastly more persuasive manner than is possible through any other medium. This is because it will let you speak directly to your audience and to demonstrate them your passion for the products or services you provide. With the right video you can lend personality to your organization and build up a relationship of trust and authority. Music can help you to sell emotional points (great for putting across that value proposition) while the chance to actually speak and gesticulate on what it is you do will lend much more power to everything you say.

Video Marketing Statistics

The world of online marketing is a world full of opportunities for those eager enough to try, and you can thank this far reaching potential to the way it has been designed to allow you to use the internet to take your business to wherever you please.

And there is no better way to illustrate this wonderful approach at marketing than video marketing itself, which allows you to use video content as a way to deliver your marketing message across while creating a positive impact on the people that see it on any given channel.

So in this video we are going to introduce you to some amazing facts about video marketing, stuff that you might not know and that will open your eyes to how powerful it really is as far as online marketing goes. 

✓ The vast majority of online traffic is driven to video content as recently as of this year, giving video marketing content 74% more chances to be discovered than any other type of marketing content.

✓ YouTube, by far the largest video sharing platform to date, has over one billion users, which accounts for almost a third of the overall segment of the population using the internet.

✓ Video marketing has steadily and rapidly become the norm when it comes to creating awesome online marketing content, with over 87% of online marketers implementing video marketing in all their campaigns.

✓ Video is a format so prevalent on the internet that one third of the time spent by any given user online is spent watching video content, which is just good news for any video marketer out there.

✓ The average age of the people to this date that watch the most video content online is in the 25 to 34 age bracket. This is incidentally the average age of people that also spend the most in online purchases!

✓ Making your marketing videos mobile friendly is essential because 92% of people that watch video content on mobile devices share that content with their friends.

✓ Video marketing is big business for mobile social media users. 45% of Facebook users watch an hour of video per week on average, 90% of videos on Twitter are watched from mobile devices and over 10 billion videos are watched  on Snapchat on a daily basis. Wow!

✓ Looking to make the most out of your marketing budget? Well, you are very likely to hit that sweet spot once you start incorporating video into your online marketing efforts, as 51% of marketing professionals worldwide consider video marketing as the video marketing format with the highest return on investment, or ROI for short.

✓ Take this as hint: online marketers start seeing a whopping 49% increase in revenue right after incorporating video into their marketing efforts!

✓ Now, if you are pursuing a more business-to-business route, consider the fact that 86% of business-oriented video views happen on desktop devices and only 14% on mobile devices, as opposed to consumer-oriented marketing content, which is pretty big with mobile users.

✓ Remember what we said about search engine optimization on marketing videos in the previous video? Well, it so happens that video content drives an amazing 157% increase in organic traffic through search engine results pages, which you can recognize as the holy grail of SEO based online marketing!

✓ Most businesses get so amazed at the positive results of using video marketing that a surprising 85% of them end up dedicating lots of resources and assembling a team for the sole purpose of creating video marketing content in house.

✓ The four most common types of videos are also consistent with the type of video marketing content that most businesses would need to produce in order to showcase their products or services: explainer videos, product demonstrations or reviews, tutorial videos, and testimonials

Chapter 2 :

Social Media Trending with Stories Video

Periscope, Facebook and Instagram  are the  few  leading  social media trend  platform  which  allows  users  to engage with your friends and followers   by sharing stories. People are hardwired to listen to stories.  

What are your stories? They are an essential part of differentiating yourself from competitors because they define you and they shape your unique approach to the services and expertise you provide.

One concern I hear from a lot of clients is the fear that they don’t have any exciting stories to tell. When I drill down, I’ve never found this to be the case. It’s much more common to discover that clients are so used to the amazing results they get with their clients that they dismiss the significance of the outcomes or take the successes in stride as if achieving them was no big deal.