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Social Media is fantastic to reach large audiences but the competition is high.  You need to find ways to get noticed, build your online brand, attract customers, and increase your sales. With the use of social media, you will have that much-needed leverage to stay in the game and flourish in the online world.  Google introduces more service offerings, they are compelling people who want to sign up to get Google+ accounts if they do not already have them. As Google is boosting the  role of Google+ and it progressively enhances it services  with  Google My Business .  What at first appeared to be just another add-on service from Google   is now shaping up to be the center of the Google universe. You can manage many Google services right from within Google+ and there will be more to come. Eventually, we expect that all of Google’s service offerings will be available within Google+.    While this is not an ebook about Google+ itself, it is beneficial to understand the benefits afforded to businesses. Google+ is decidedly not just another social network. It is much more than that. In fact, Google is aiming straight at the lucrative business and mobile segments by intertwining a whole plethora of their service offerings: Things like instant messaging, video chats,  image uploading and editing, video, document storage, as well as business listings , all wrapped in a social media fabric that keeps everything and everybody all nice and tidy. This ebook will  provide  an -easy-to-follow steps are more than enough to get you where you really want to be using the incredibly social power of Google Plus.   Our latest creation will give you exactly what you need in order to reach all of your online business expectations of success. Yes, now you will have the power to strongly and safely position your business on Google Plus by applying the latest and most effective techniques. This extraordinary Google+ training system will reveal  easy  steps that you really need to care about the most in order to strongly and safely position your business on Google Plus in the shortest time possible. Here you see some of the tips that you will discover   * What is the new online home Google has prepared for your business? * How to avoid getting lost when creating a Google+ Page for your business * Some tips on how to create a highly effective cover and profile images * Meet the greatest marketing weapons Google+ has prepared for your business. * Highly-effective techniques that will make your posting activities a lot more productive. * The quickest and safest way to get as many followers as you want to your brand-new Google+ page. And much more…

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Table of Contents

Disclaimer: | Instant Profits Guide to Google  Plus Success

Table of Contents

Hangout On Air is automatically saved to your YouTube account. ✓Once your Hangout On Air is over, it’s easy to keep the conversation


Instant Profits Guide to Google  Plus Success

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Table of Contents

Instant  Profits Guide to  Google Plus Success

Chapter 1: Navigating the Google Empire ?

Chapter 2: What is GOOGLE+?

Chapter 3: Customizing Your Google+ Account For Maximum Exposure  

Chapter 4: What exactly is a Google+ Page?    

Chapter 5: The Easy  Steps to GOOGLE+ Marketing Success 

Chapter 6: Google Plus Marketing Tips   

Chapter 7: Google My Business

Chapter 1:

Navigating the Google Empire ?

As stated before, Google+ is an amazing social layer that can significantly increase traffic, attract highly relevant customers and several ambient to communicate all at the same time. Let me show you some crazy Eye Opening Facts about GOOGLE+ that will help you to understand why this amazing social platform is something that can add unlimited value to your business online

Google is the ultimate over-achiever, striving to be everything to everybody. Most of the time, they do a good job. The Google line of products aren’t all equally spectacular, but even the so-so offerings have the benefit of being tied in to the Google empire.

Let’s start with Google, the search engine. Yes, there’s Bing and Yahoo, but Google is the 800-pound gorilla of online search. Sure, specialized programs like BuzzSumo or Boardreader search certain parts of the Web very well, but Google serves up a wealth of accurate results quickly.

The downside, of course, is that your searches are being tracked and data mined, which is how eerily accurate customized ads magically appear at the top of your page and in the right-hand bar. You can delete your browsing history, but that just affects your screen, not what Google knows about you. If you can live with that, Google is a mighty fine tool.

Many in the technology arena simply thought of Google+ as a competitor to Facebook. As Google reached 10 million users in early  days, the perception that Google was making a Facebook clone changed. Now that Google has surpassed 350 million users, it is clear that they will catch Facebook fairly soon.

How has Google done this? There is a large base of Gmail users. Every day, Google has the opportunity to present to its Gmail users all of its other offerings. In fact, when you sign into your Gmail account, you are presented right away to distinctive links to Google+, YouTube, and Google Drive, among other .

Google is boosting the  role of Google+ and it progressively enhances it services  with  Google My Business .  What at first appeared to be just another add-on service from Google   is now shaping up to be the center of the Google universe. You can manage many Google services right from within Google+ and there will be more to come. Eventually, we expect that all of Google’s service offerings will be available within Google+.

Google Hangouts, the online way to record video via Google, is in a state of transition as I’m writing this. Hangouts On Air, which enabled live video broadcasts, has been shut down. That eliminates some great features that the remaining Hangouts do not offer. Google Hangouts still makes it possible to do a video chat with up to nine users, but the automatic recording and broadcast features died with Hangouts On Air.

Google is in the process of creating app-based products, so it will be interesting to see whether Hangouts gets a business makeover and eventually becomes a subscription app.

Google Drive is a winner. It’s a cloud storage and sharing program that makes it very easy for you to store all kinds of digital materials on a virtual “drive.” I would never recommend storing confidential or sensitive materials on Google Drive for security reasons, but for sharing documents, slide presentations, and files it works very well and being part of the Google product suite, it’s ubiquitous. You control the sharing options and whether or not other people can edit or view. Google Drive is great for storing materials where they are easily accessible for work groups or teams.

Likewise, Google Docs works great for basic document sharing and limited content management, especially if your document is too large to e-mail as an attachment. It’s a robust document creation program that is free and available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Wisely, Google made Google Docs compatible with Microsoft Word. Google Docs have the advantage of being available in the cloud, so if you travel, you have access to your documents from wherever you are, even if you don’t have your laptop with you. Templates and styling tools make it easy to put together nice-looking pages.

Although Google Docs is free, the more business-focused G Suite of products requires a monthly fee for an integrated set of useful applications. Google Sheets provides similar functionality for spreadsheets, whereas Google Forms takes care of surveys and Google Slides creates digital presentations.

Google Sites makes it easy to create quick-and-easy intranet-style team sites to enable sharing and collaboration.

Google Translate is great for a casual translation of a phrase, but as many language students have discovered to their discomfort, it is no substitute for a good dictionary or a native speaker.

Nuance, connotation, and idiom are often lost in translation, making for stories that are humorous unless they happen to you. You’ve been warned.