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Santos Chester


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Learn to train your brain with "The International Man of Memory" Instant Memory Training For Success provides real, practical brain training that works. Fed up of forgetting everything from where you put your keys to an important meeting at work? Chester Santos is here to help by walking you through the five techniques that can help you start improving your memory today. Instead of getting bogged down in theory or chasing fads that don't work, this book focuses on real-world scenarios where better memory makes a big difference. Chester has spent a lifetime researching memory improvement, analysing every technique and practice in the field. He's found that only a handful of techniques really provide the results people are after when they want to improve their memory, and this book lays them out in a clear and accessible way. Learn how to: Remember names, faces and phone numbersInternalise to-do lists, grocery lists, due dates and moreRecall conversations, movies, books and directionsBecome the go-to resource in your personal and professional life Never again get stuck with a word "on the tip of your tongue," and leave the sticky notes behind. Exercising your brain leads to life-long mental fitness and Chester Santos is your world-class coach.

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