Inspiring Journeys of living Real Heros of life..... - seshu cheera - ebook

Inspiring Journeys of living Real Heros of life..... ebook

seshu cheera



The most amazing features we have is thinking nd the bility to change. Once you are tuned to the frequency,This book shares life journeys of great people of tody, who crossed all the hurdles and made their mark in society.

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seshu cheera

Failures or success, Where are you?

Real life experiences are discussed

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I begin with special thanks to my parents who made me possible and who always supported me by showing right path.

My sincere thanks to my virtual guru “Akella Raghavendra rao”   sir .Today whatever I am today it is because of your talks and programs –face the book. I learned reading books only after listening to your explanation of concepts from books.

Thank you very much sir.

I would like to thank to my sources of information Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc.

 My sincere thanks to certain programs in you tube which motivated me always. They are Voice of Telugu-by naren, Telugu geeks; Suman TV .I learned many new points or ideas from your programs.

I would also like to thank my trainer’s who trained me through their talks and seminars.

I would like to mention special thanks to All my Students since 2nd June 2008 from the day, I started teaching. They are my true inspiration.

Today I am in a position to understand many key issues of life.

They helped me to make “extraordinary version of me”, so I owe my gratitude to them for the rest of my life.

Last but not least, I thank Almighty God and Mother Mary for their shower of blessings on me and my family abundantly.

This book contains only living examples of great people discussed at various instances. All the sources are shared immediately after the character discussed. It would help the reader to refer and know more about the living legendary personalities.



This book deals with the concept of “life is amazing”. As we all aware that humans are the only species capable of learning new skills, learn and unlearn important aspects, alter their behaviour and nature when compared to any other species on the planet.

This unique quality of humans makes them the most intelligent entity in existence. Most of us are not able to understand that they can live a wonderful life. Somewhere they are struck with small, minor or major issues in their life.

This book is not for successful people. It is for people who are aspiring to be successful in their life journey.

My intention is transform every low performer into a remarkable victory-achiever in life.







Appeal to all readers

This book tells about the few basic points of life in every chapter which in turn will help you to become a better, strong and focused individual.

After attending many sessions of trainings and reading many books of self help, I was able to understand many important aspects of life in an Interesting way.

Every individual no matter you are educated or not, have good educational background or not, but have great opportunity to make your life an amazing journey.

We are most of the times struck with our own opinion conflicts created by self or close relatives.

One simple formula for life to be on track is, It my life. I should take charge of it. No matter any disturbance comes, difficulties and hindrances may appear. But you can cross all the problems in a simple and clear way of path which you yourself will make after completing this book.

A quick questionnaire at the end of book will help you to overcome all our concerns and make you an energetic, modified and charged version of you.

All the best!

Note: If you don’t intend to change. I think this book will be a tough exercise to do.

Chapter 1

Let’s begin the journey.

I have a small question before we get into the core of my ideas about life.

What do you know about yourself?

Imagine that whatever you wanted in our life was given to you.

You meet people with similar ideas only and whomever you see, meet or come in touch all have same ideas, same body language and same goals.

Now you can see a mirror image of you in all others you meet.

“It is one person seen in many mirrors”

Life is not that, life is what you make by your way of understanding it, taking charge and redesigning according to your dreams.

I believe everyone has right to live life in n amazing way.

Do you agree?


According to me life is the most amazing thing that can happen to you.

You as a baby to this stage, are we the same in physical and mental levels?

Answer is definitely no.

Day by day you are growing till certain age,

Did you observe the changes from childhood to puberty?

 Yes we all have gone through this stage of teenager experiencing the appearance of secondary features in our body.

Now we are adults completing teen age and graduates, job holders, business people etc.

How can anyone achieve success?

Everyone is unique and everyone has their own flavour of life.

Being a teacher from more than a decade, observing thousands of students and their families, one point is clear. In a family all the members (brothers or sisters) are not having common tastes, goals, aspirations or anything. For that matter even twins have few differences.

Agreed....we all are unique and special.

We have many myths.

I feel that, I know everything about me/myself.

I mean you know your name and family details, qualifications, aspirations etc. We know all such data.

 We actually don’t know many important facts about our own body mechanism and how it can make us feel happy, healthy and wealthy person.

Are you aware that your thoughts can make you a happy person no matter what is the situation?

Here is an example for you to make aware that you are the master of your emotions and feelings.

A wealthy Merchant in a village always speaks to everyone in a rude manner and disrespectful way to people.

  One day Buddha and his disciple’s after completing his preaching for the day they began to wander in streets, asking for food.

Buddha came in front of the merchant’s house and requested for food.

The merchant came out angrily and shouted on them saying “why can’t you people do some work and earn instead of begging”?

Who is Buddha?

 First we should scold him for making you people useless like this.

One of disciple replied” you are actually taking to Lord Buddha himself”,

After everything is done from merchant side,

 Buddha politely told “Sir you spoke very well”,

 I have a small doubt?

Can I ask you?

“Ask” said the merchant rudely.

Buddha: if you give a gift to someone, and if it is not taken by them. To whom will the present belong to?

“Definitely to me” replied the merchant?

Now Buddha smiled and said “I am not accepting your present, sir, so now everything is yours”.

 Buddhism is not a forced by anyone;

Everyone by their own choice should follow it. He replied and moved head.

This made the merchant, realize how he was insulting people through his words?

He felt bad and realised his mistakes. He from then stopped insulting people.

Source of the story:

We also should make a point that we need not react to everyone’s comments and replies made to us.

It is what they feel?