Insatiable Babysitter, Insatiable Neighbors: Taboo Incest Erotica - Amanda Faulk - ebook

Excerpt:She was sitting rather carelessly in a chair, and with her cute young legs slightly spread beneath her short skirt, the youngster's brief white panties were very much exposed to her father. Burk had never had any sexual thoughts about his daughter, but tonight her bare thighs and panties strangely disturbed him. Staring at the youngster, he was suddenly aware of her cute young tits thrusting out in front of her. Betty wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were very visible against the front of her blouse.Burk knew he shoudln't be lusting over his own little daughter, but he soon had a horrendous hard-on.

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Insatiable Babysitter, Insatiable Neighbors

Amanda Faulk

Copyright © 2016

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 1

Neither of them seemed to object to each other's extramarital fucking and they even occasionally swapped mates with some of their swinging friends. Burk had been fucking his young secretary for the past year and now, with her gone on vacation, he was in an exceptionally horny mood.

While Burk was watching television with his family one evening, his attention unconsciously drifted to his young daughter.

She was sitting rather carelessly in a chair, and with her cute young legs slightly spread beneath her short skirt, the youngster's brief white panties were very much exposed to her father. Burk had never had any sexual thoughts about his daughter, but tonight her bare thighs and panties strangely disturbed him. Staring at the youngster, he was suddenly aware of her cute young tits thrusting out in front of her. Betty wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were very visible against the front of her blouse.

Burk knew he shoudln't be lusting over his own little daughter, but he soon had a horrendous hard-on.

Later that night when the family was getting ready for bed, Burk could hardly wait to empty his hot cum-load into his wife's cunt. Watching his cute little daughter tonight had made him hornier than he had ever been in his life.

Burk's wife, Andrea, couldn't get her mind off the fantastic fucking she had enjoyed that afternoon. Completely exhausted from four hours of fucking, she kept thinking about the heavenly way that man had licked her cunt between fucks. She had always thought her husband was a good cunt-lapper, but her lover this afternoon had almost blown her mind with his talented tongue.

They'd met shortly before noon in the vegetable department in a supermarket. Casually discussing the ripeness of some tomatoes, they both immediately felt the chemistry between them, and twenty minutes later they were fucking together at a motel.

Wearily getting into bed with her husband that night, Andrea kept thinking about her handsome lover of the afternoon. She had been married to Burk for eighteen years and she'd never experienced multiple orgasms like she'd had with that man today.

After the lights had been turned out, Burk couldn't seem to think about anything except fucking. His cock was throbbing violently as he thought about fucking his prick deep into his beautiful wife's cunt. Unable to control his lust any longer, he drew Andrea into his arms and slipped his hand up under her nightie.

The sexually exhausted woman stiffened when he began caressing the soft skin of her inner thighs.

"Burk," she whispered as one of his fingers brushed across her silky pussy hair. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Feeling up my sweet wife," was his answer as he excitedly groped for her unresponsive cunt.

"Please don't," she sighed. "It's late and I'm awfully tired."

"You mean I shouldn't get hot pants for you just because it's late?" he asked.

"Please, honey," she whispered, in no mood for fucking after her fantastic affair this afternoon. "Just be a good boy and go to sleep."

"Please, sweetheart," he persisted, rising up on an elbow and cupping one of her luscious big tits through the thin material of her nightie.

"Burk," she gently urged him, "please let me get some sleep."

Without answering, he reached under the covers and took her hand, guiding it toward his lust-swollen prick. She let out a weak little gasp when his big rubbery cockhead pressed hot and wet against her palm. Wrapping her soft fingers around his thick cockshaft with one hand, he continued caressing her big resilient tits with the other. In spite of her disinterest in fucking with him, the sensitive flesh of her nipples soon hardened and stood out stiffly erect under his gentle caresses.

"Oh, Burk," whispered the horny woman, all resistance quickly fading as a moist warmth began flowing through her aroused body. She let out another whimper of passion when his finger found the slippery hot opening of her juicy cunt slit.

"Ooooooooh, Burk!" she whimpered with delight as his lewd middle finger moved teasingly up along the hot wet flesh of her cuntlips until it made contact with her quivering clit. The erect button of sensitive flesh was already alive and slippery from the unbidden lust that was suddenly boiling through her trembling body. Slipping one hand inside the low neckline of her nightie, the fingers of his other hand caressed the slippery warm flesh of her open cuntlips.

"Oh, my God," she sobbed as he teased the hot squishy lips of her pussy while his finger circled and toyed around the desire-swollen head of her tingling clit. Writhing in ecstasy, Andrea unconsciously wrapped her fingers more tightly around his stiff bloated prick, skimming his foreskin up and down over his shiny hard cockhead.

Throwing back the covers, he rolled on top of his beautiful wife, pressing his cock up between her smooth thighs while her fingers still clung to his throbbing cockshaft. His big hard prick had never felt so enormous to Andrea as it did now with the bulbous head of his cock oozing its slippery pre-cum between her fingers and against her moist clenched palm. Crazed with wild excitement, she began spreading the pre-cum all over his lust-swollen cockhead, and up and down the entire length of his hard, sinewy prickshaft.

Sobbing excitedly above her, Burk lowered his mouth down over her soft open lips, eagerly accepting her sweet tongue. Reaching down beneath her, he cupped his wife's soft asscheeks in his palm and pulled her hot writhing cunt up tighter against his burning loins.

In the dim light, Andrea could visualize the other man's body spread out over hers. As her husband began moving up and down, she pretended it was the other man's prick sliding wetly between her clutching fingers. Her thoughts on her illicit lover, Andrea was writhing with an animal lust that she'd never felt before in her life. Her entire body was burning with an urgency she couldn't explain as she once more covered his lips with her hot open mouth. Andrea had never needed a big hard cock as much as she did at this very moment.

"Oooooh, God, darling," she panted, opening her thighs as wide as possible and clutching at his sinewy ass with her fingers. "Do it to me now, darling. Put your cock in my cunt, honey. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

When he didn't immediately penetrate her juicy hot pussy, she removed her hands from his ass and frantically grasped at his hard slippery prick. Both of their bodies were shivering with erotic excitement as she guided his throbbing cockhead between the hair-lined lips of her lust-slickened cunt. Burk thought his cock would burst as it seemed to be swelling even bigger from the hot blood that was pulsing wildly through the distended veins just beneath the tightly stretched skin of his rigid cockshaft.

Unable to hold back another second, he w eased his hips forward, feeling his hard cockmeat slip into the scalding hotness of his wife's tight little cunt-mouth. He couldn't remember her pussy ever feeling so hot and juicy as it did tonight.

"Mmmmmm," she mewled beneath him as she felt the unusual bigness of his prick slithering up into her hungry pussy slit. Every bump, sinew and vein of his stiff fuck-rod was rubbing erotically against the tingling walls of her widely stretched pussy.

Holding himself up with his hands, he fucked his cock deeper and deeper into the writhing woman's hot cunt.

"Oh, God, darling," she sobbed, feeling stiff prick burying itself into her pussy. Her entire body was burning with ecstasy as his big swollen cockhead reached the very bottom of her hot sucking fuck-hole. She thrilled at the feel of his big cum-bloated balls nestled into the soft crack between the smooth cheeks of her ass.

Andrea sighed with contentment as she lay perfectly still, relishing the feel of her husband's super-hard cockshaft buried to the balls in her deliriously stretched pussy. Languishing in ecstasy, she was eagerly anticipating the joy that would fill her trembling body when he began fucking his boner in and out of her clasping pussy.

Locking her legs behind his knees, Andrea ground her slippery cunt up around the base of his prickshaft when she felt him start a slow revolving motion of his pelvis that ground his big bloated cockhead around in the very depths of her juicy fuck-hole.

"Oh, Jesus!" she sobbed as he began thrusting his lusty fuck-tool in and out of her slippery fuck-hole. "That feels fantastic."

No longer pretending that her husband was the other man, she began thrusting her lips up to meet every fuck-plunge of his deeply spearing cock. His glorious prick had never felt so big and hard as it did tonight. Andrea couldn't believe this was happening to her. She was experiencing a wild ecstasy that blotted out the entire world while every nerve in her body was screaming with unbelievable joy.


She was practically delirious with the feel of his big hard cockknob pounding against the very bottom of her cunt as the top ridge of his steel-hard prick rubbed against her tingling clit. This was a joy beyond her wildest imagination.

"Fuck, honey, fuck!" the beautiful woman whimpered, scissoring her smooth legs around the small of his back.

Wrapping her arms around his muscular shoulders, Andrea's grasping cunt muscles began sucking urgently around the meaty hardness of his throbbing cock. She could feel the nipples of her squashed tits burning into the bare flesh of his heaving chest, sending wild tingles throughout her body.


Clawing and writhing under her wildly fucking husband, Andrea was crazily rolling her head from side to side, her pretty face contorted with passion. She had never been so beautifully fucked in her life. Her nostrils were widely flared and her softly parted lips kept up a constant chatter of incoherent obscenities.

"Oh, yes!" she sobbed, scissoring shapely legs more tightly around his waist as she clawed frantically at his shoulders. "Fuck me, baby! Oh, shit, your cock feels so fuckin' good! So good!"

Reaching his hands down under the soft cheeks of her squirming ass, he pulled her eager loins up tighter around his plunging prick. Thrusting his hard cockmeat deeper into the hot wetness of her pussy, he was fucking with a renewed fury as he felt the slick warm flesh of her tight cunt slit sucking and squeezing against the entire surface of his big, throbbing fuck-rod.

"Oh, sweet fucker!" she squealed with rapture as he increased the tempo and power of his glorious fuck-thrusts. "Oh, shit, baby, can you fuck!"

Fucking his juice-slickened boner harder and deeper into the hot slippery depths of his beautiful wife's frothy pussy, Burk was bringing wild sobs of pleasure from deep in her throat.

"Oh, you sweet fuckin' shit!" she gasped, sliding her hands down over his sinewy ass, trying to pull even more of his bloated prick into her writhing pussy. "Give me more cock, baby! Fuck me deeper! Fuck me harder!"

Frantically fucking his cock in and out of her hot cunt, Burk's fingers were sunk deep into the crevice between her asscheeks, clawing and kneading at the sweet soft ass-flesh. His big muscular chest was dripping sweat onto her as he lunged and panted over her wildly squirming body.

With thoughts of his little daughter's naked thighs burning in his mind, the man had never been so hotly aroused in his life.

Andrea was like a wild woman, screaming, writhing and lurching under his lusty fucking. She was so totally consumed by their wild fucking that her mind was devoid of everything except the ecstasy that raged through her body like a forest fire.

"Harder, honey!" she gasped, covering his lips with her hot wet mouth. "Harder, it feels so fucking good!"

Her lust-filled body was slippery with sweat as she writhed her pussy up against him. Frantically churning her hips around, she obscenely spread her thighs wider apart, offering even more of her wet swollen cunt slit to his battering assault.

"Oh, Jesus! Oh, sweet Jesus!" she sobbed as her clasping sucking pussy fucked wetly up and down his meaty cock, riding his cock closer and closer to a wild orgasm. "FUCK, BABY, FUCK! HARDER! HARDER!"

Burk had reached a level of fuck-frenzy as wild as hers, and he was no longer aware of anything except the intense pleasure. He wanted to keep this ecstasy going forever, but he knew he'd soon have to shoot his cum-load or he would lose his mind. As much as he wanted to keep fucking, he vaguely realized that he couldn't hold back his ejaculation much longer.

The thought of filling his wife's hot cunt with his jizz further excited the half-crazed man. He wanted to explode his cock deep in her writhing fuck-hole, shooting a flood of cum against her slippery inner cunt walls, but he wanted to hold back until the passionate woman could reach her own climax. Burk could feel his prick growing bigger and bigger until he thought it would burst from the exquisite pleasure mounting in his lust-swollen balls as they slapped wetly against the cheeks of his wife's smooth ass.

"Oh, shit, honey," he heard Andrea sobbing. "You've never fucked me this good in your life. Oh, Christ, it's so good ... so fuckin' good!"

Thrusting his cock into her cunt with quick hard fuck-strokes, he was desperately trying to excite his lurching wife to completion. Their bodies were slippery with sweat as they ground frenziedly into each other. Burk could feel her full ripe tits sliding lasciviously against his heaving chest.

"OH, FUCK, HONEY, FUCK!" she squealed, gripping him tightly with her thighs, knees and ankles as his juice-slickened prick fucked in and out of her hot slippery pussy.

From the way her entire body was convulsing beneath him, Burk could tell she was rapidly approaching an orgasm, probably the wildest she'd ever had. He knew it wouldn't be long now, and he began fucking his hard cock into her fuck-hole with more vigor.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Do me, darling! Fuck me good! Do me good!" she chanted, her entire body consumed by a fuck-lust she'd never dreamed possible.

Andrew drew her knees back to her shoulders, offering up the entire length of her hot juicy cunt slit to his glorious assault. Lifting her legs over his shoulders, she locked her ankles behind his neck and fucked her hot sucking pussy up the full length of his hard plunging prick.

"Harder, honey!" she squealed, frantically thrusting her hips up to receive the deep penetration from his pounding fuck-rod. "Faster, baby! Oh, shit, I'm gonna explode ... gonna explode!"

The exquisite pleasure was almost more than Andrea could endure. She was being lifted higher and higher on a wave of unbelievable ecstasy that was about to burst into a traumatic climax.

Spurred on by his wife's wild erotic cries, the lust-crazed man began fucking his cock in and out with all his power while Andrea was screaming for more cock.


The room was filled with the sound of his body slapping against hers as his fucking prick slurped noisily in and out of her hot fuck-hole. Andrea could feel his cock growing bigger and n bigger with every violent fuck-thrust. The wildly aroused man was fucking his cockshaft into her pussy with all his strength, and the squealing woman was wildly enjoying every cunt-filled moment of the fucking. Grasping his face in her hands, Andrea pulled his drooling mouth down against her own moistly parted lips as she fucked her pussy up tighter around the base of his plunging fuck-rod.

"That's it, darling," she sobbed. "Just fuck the shit out of me!"

The sensation of her husband's thick hot cum suddenly gushing into her cunt triggered Andrea's wild orgasm.

"Oh, darling!" she squealed, wrapping her arms and legs around her husband's naked body as his throbbing cock fired a hot stream of jizz into her pussy. "I'm coming, honey! I'm COMING ... COMING!"

They desperately clung to each other until her climax had passed and the last drop of cum had oozed from his rapidly shrinking prick.

Chapter 2

The adults of the neighborhood all regarded Burk's little teenaged daughter Betty as merely a sweet young girl that most of them hired as their babysitter from time to time. But the young boys all knew her as a horny youngster who was always ready to jack them off. Although the pretty little blonde was technically a virgin, there was nothing she enjoyed more than playing with cocks. She had thought jacking the boys off was the most fantastic thing in the world-until young Don Webster had recently introduced her to the joys of cocksucking.

One evening as little Betty and Don sat on a lounge on the patio, they were both so sexually aroused that neither of them noticed her father watching them through the back door. Burk's wife was spending a couple of hours in a motel with a new lover, and he was about to step out onto the patio for a breath of fresh air when he noticed the young couple in each other's arms.