Indie Author Essentials  (your guide to going wide) : Sell D2C – get over 90% royalties! Get started D2C the easy way with  Shopify and Etsy! - Mark Williams - darmowy ebook

• Etsy – how savvy indie authors can reach new readers and bring in new revenue streams by selling our work in this exciting global marketplace.• Shopify – no, nothing to do with Spotify, the music subscription service. Shopify is a great way to sell our books and other products direct to consumers, from our websites and blogs, from a specially created store, or even direct with buy buttons on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

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Indie Author Essentials

your guide to going wide

Sell D2C – get over 90% royalties!

Get started D2C the easy way with

Shopify and Etsy!

Mark Williams

The International Indie Author

The International Indie Author Facebook Group

(c) Mark Williams 2016


The International Indie Author is a Facebook-focussed discussion and news group for indie authors looking to go wide and go global with their writing careers.

Important as Amazon unquestionably is to our career trajectories, there are many ways to compliment our Amazon sales with other revenue streams.

Over in the International Indie Author Facebook Group discussion ranges from Amazon and the other mainstream ebook stores to all manner of other ways in which we authors can build and safeguard our writing careers by reaching new readers.

Going wide and going global is not just about getting our ebooks into as many ebook stores as are practical, important though that is.

Going wide is also about being available in as many formats as practical, and in as many variant options as are practical.

Note the wordpractical, notpossible. Each author needs to tailor their career-building to their needs and circumstances, and not all options discussed in theEssential Indie Authorseries will be relevant to every author.

It may well be that putting all our titles into Amazon’s KDP Select is the best option for some of us. It’s certainly the easiest, and at any given time there are always many authors singing its praises.

But equally there are many authors singing the praises of using Selectas a toolwith a few titles and going wide with the rest.

While still other authors will be showing us their sales figures and saying that going as wide as possible is the best route.

There are no right and wrong answers. What works well for one might not work so well for another. But only by being able to make informed decisions based on considering as many options as possible (and practical), can we get the best out of our writing careers.

The International Indie Author Facebook Group (LINK