Incestuous Seduction: Taboo Erotica - Kandi Colbert - ebook

Warning: This is a VERY taboo, vintage, hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description.Kim Baker was a lovely teenaged girl with an exceptionally trim figure and long blonde hair that cascaded down over her shoulders. Because her mother was leaving tomorrow to spend a few weeks with a cousin in California, Kim had invited her friend, Angela Weaver, to come over and stay at her house.Angela was a cute hot-assed redhead who'd lost her cherry to her stepfather three years ago, and the horny girl had been fucking like a mink ever since. Though Kim wasn't a prude, the cute girl had never been laid, but she got a kick out of the way Angela always vividly described her many sexual encounters.Because Kim's eighteen-year-old brother, Don, had been away at school, this was the first time Angela had ever met him, and she really flipped over the big handsome teen. That night at dinner, Angela couldn't keep her eyes off the young man. The sight of him made her sizzling cunt ooze with uncontrollable desires.That night, when the family retired, the horny redhead could hardly wait to be alone in the guest room where she could masturbate to her heart's content. 

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Incestuous Seduction

Kandi Colbert

Copyright © 2017

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Angela was a cute hot-assed redhead who'd lost her cherry to her stepfather three years ago, and the horny girl had been fucking like a mink ever since. Though Kim wasn't a prude, the cute girl had never been laid, but she got a kick out of the way Angela always vividly described her many sexual encounters.Because Kim's eighteen-year-old brother, Don, had been away at school, this was the first time Angela had ever met him, and she really flipped over the big handsome teen. That night at dinner, Angela couldn't keep her eyes off the young man. The sight of him made her sizzling cunt ooze with uncontrollable desires.That night, when the family retired, the horny redhead could hardly wait to be alone in the guest room where she could masturbate to her heart's content. The moment she was by herself, she quickly removed every stitch of clothes and excitedly spread herself out in a chair in front of a mirror, where she could enjoy looking at the reflection of her slippery little cunt while she fingered it.As she slumped back with her thighs spread and a leg over each arm of the chair, her cunt was blatantly exposed. Looking into the mirror, she could see the pink folds of her hot pussylips gleaming through the soft triangle of red curls around her horny cunt.Lowering her hand, she began lightly running her fingers through the feathery-soft fuzz of her pussy. Shivering as the light contact with her pubic hair sent wild thrills racing through her body, the highly aroused girl tenderly brushed her fingertip along the edge of her moist hot cunt.Trembling with anticipation, the first touch of her fingers against the flesh of her hotly drooling cunt sent a warm glow from between her legs to every part of her body. Watching herself in the mirror, Angela lovingly worked the tip of her finger into the soft open lips of her steaming pussy. Moving her finger very slowly, she wormed it between the hot folds of her pussylips, moving it up closer to the quivering shaft of her hard clitoris. The girl could feel her heart pounding in her breast as her finger moved nearer and nearer to her hard nub of super-sensitivity."Mmmmmmm!" she moaned with pleasure, shaking uncontrollably as the first delicious contact sent electric-like shocks streaking through every part of her flesh. "Oooooh... so good... mmmmm... so fuckin' good!"Wanting to intensify the pleasure she was feeling, Angela began rubbing her clit more urgently. Not wanting to bring herself off too soon, she caressed her tingling clit for only a few seconds, stroking it softly and slowly before moving her finger down to her juicy cunt once again. Her widely spread legs stiffened with excitement when she slipped her fingertip into the tight juicy opening of her dripping cunt.She was so enthralled by the rapture of the heavenly finger-fuck she was giving herself that the girl didn't, see Kim's father peering through the crack of the partially open door. The man had just been returning from the bathroom when he glanced in and saw the obscene sight of the sweet teenager masturbating in front of the mirror.Hal Baker almost shot off in his pants when he first saw the juicy pink lips of her cunt nestled between the soft red curls that glistened like molten copper under the bedside lamp. Seeing the slippery moisture oozing out from between the lips of her steamy slit, he decided this was the cutest fucking pussy he'd ever seen in his life.The man could hardly believe his eyes as he watched the lovely redheaded girl squirming around on the chair, sensuously caressing and fingering her naked cunt. His cock was throbbing in his pajamas as he watched her, the erotic scene was driving him wild.Unaware that Kim's father was watching her shameless behavior, Angela began twisting the full length of her finger around deeply in her pussy. She was writhing excitedly all over the chair as she continued teasing the tingling flesh of her sensuous fuckhole with her finger.Lurching and twisting around wildly, Angela was sobbing and moaning with lust as she plunged her finger in and out of her hotly sucking pussy, becoming further excited with every passing moment. Thrashing insanely on the chair as she rapidly finger-fucked herself closer and closer to a climax, the girl was almost out of her mind with ecstasy.Whipping his hard cock out through the opening of his pajamas, Hal began frantically stroking it as he watched the writhing girl's naughty finger zipping in and out of her cute pussy. He was aware that Angela was his daughter's friend who was turning him on, but he'd never been so thoroughly aroused in his life.Unable to control himself any longer, he hurried back to his room, where he whipped off his pajamas and crawled into bed with his wife Joan. Within a matter of seconds he stripped her of her nightie and hungrily drew her naked body into his arms.Joan had never seen her husband in such an excited state, and she was finding his sudden dominance quite thrilling.Grasping the soft flesh of her firm tits, Hal could feel his wife's stiffly erect nipples burning against his palms. He grasped her wrist and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock. The man could, feel his blood-bloated cock-knob nosing wetly against her palm as she lovingly squeezed his hard prick."Oh, honey," she crooned, rubbing the head of his hot prick against her bare tummy.Hal continued fondling her tit with one hand as he worked the other one up between her naked inner thighs."Oh, God, honey," she moaned, feeling the tip of his probing finger touching the juicy opening of her hot pussy. She arched her hips up when his finger slipped into her juicy fuckhole.With his eyes closed, Hal suddenly visualized his finger screwing into the luscious red fringed pussy of that cute teenager. He could vividly envision Angela's slippery cuntlips sucking and grasping on his deeply embedded finger."Oh, baby, that feels so good," Joan whispered, sliding his foreskin up and down over his thick hard boner. "Your cock has never felt so big and hard."Excitedly stroking and squeezing his unbelievably swollen prick, he could feel the seminal fluids oozing out from the end of his big bloated cockhead. She began spreading his oily pre-cum up and down the throbbing length of his thick shaft until his cock was glistening with the slippery fluid.Panting like an animal in heat, the helplessly aroused man pressed his open lips to hers, swirling his tongue around in the velvety warmth of her moist mouth. Rolling Joan onto her back, he crawled between her legs, pressing his hard body against her soft flesh.When Joan felt his boner pressing and burning against her inner thighs, she eagerly spread her shapely legs to receive him. Feeling his big bloated cock throbbing against her naked flesh, she let out a soft low moan of lust. Frantically clutching his hard wet prick, she excitedly guided it toward her hotly oozing pussy, violently trembling with anticipation as the bloated head of his cock moved closer and closer to her aroused cuff mouth.Spread out over his wife with his eyes closed, Hal could vividly see the redheaded girl writhing beneath his body. In his mind, be could feel Angela's soft fingers guiding his throbbing boner toward her open cunthole.Reaching down and cupping his wife's soft asscheeks in his hands, Hal lifted her slippery cunt up toward his slowly advancing prick. A violent shudder racked his body when his big sensitive cock-knob nudged between the open lips of her juicy pussy.Whimpering excitedly beneath him, Joan opened her luscious thighs even wider. Arching her hips up, she closed her soft naked legs around his waist, offering the full length of her hot slippery cunthole for his enjoyment."Now!" she gasped, screwing her cunt up around the head of his cock. "Fuck it to me, baby! Fuck it to me!"Frantically clutching at his ass, she drew him into her, feeling his thick prick sinking deeply into her writhing belly.As his throbbing cockshaft slithered up through the hot juiciness of his wife's sucking pussy, Hal wondered how tight Angela's pussy would feel. When his massive prick was halfway buried in Joan's squeezing cunt slit, he gave a mighty thrust and drove it the rest of the way in with one long plunge."Eeeeekkkkk!" she squealed with delight as his boner drilled up through her squeezing cuntflesh.Grasping his asscheeks even tighter, the wildly aroused woman arched her hips and pulled even more of his prick into her slippery fuckhole. She let out a soft sigh of contentment when she felt his bloated cock-knob pressing against the very end, of her cunt, knowing she had finally been completely skewered by his wonderful cock.Lying perfectly still over his wife, Hal could feel his hard meat luxuriating in the sucking hotness of her grasping inner cuntflesh. Still fantasizing, he could feel his cock buried deep in the red-fringed pussy of the horny teenager's. With his eyes closed, it was easy to picture her flaming red hair spread out over the pillow and her sweet, softly parted lips smiling up at him, her big eyes filled with adoration."Oh, God, honey," Joan whispered, bringing him back to reality as her slippery cunt squeezed and milked on the length of his deeply embedded hard-on. "Your cock has never felt this big and hard."Wildly turned on by his thoughts of the redhead, Hal began pumping his prick in and out of his wife's juicy cunt slit, her fleshy cunt walls rubbing against his slithering prick. Driving his cock in and out with a steady rhythm, he was rapidly building the intense pleasure in their loins.Staring up at him with glazed eyes, mouth gaping open and her long hair flailing wildly around her lust-crazed face, Joan was violently slamming her cunt up to meet every downward stroke of his plunging cockshaft."Oh, fuck, I love you!" she whimpered, covering his mouth with her moist open lips.Feeling his wife writhing frantically beneath him as she approached her climax, Hal suddenly wondered how wild the teenaged redhead would be when she came. The thought of Angela's pussy climaxing around his hotly squirting prick seemed to arouse him to a feverish pitch.With their naked bodies pounding madly together, he could feel his wife's hot hard nipples burning against his chest. Hal's big juice slickened cock was slamming crazily into her sucking cunt as they pounded wildly toward their orgasms."Fuck, baby, fuck!" shrieked Joan as the intense ecstasy mounted in her writhing loins.From the way she was desperately grasping him in her arms, gripping him with her squeezing thighs, Hal knew his wife was ready to come."Oh, shit, honey!" she squealed as Hal fucked deeper and harder into her churning cunt. "Fuck it to me, baby! Fuck me harder! Faster!"As his throbbing cockshaft slammed in and out of her writhing pussy, Hal heard his big balls slap noisily against the soft cheeks of her ass. Never in their years of marriage had he fucked her like this. With every mighty thrust, he was carrying her to a higher plane of ecstasy.She no longer had any thoughts of anything else except this beautiful big cock that was plunging in and out of her cunt."Jesus Christ, honey!" she gasped, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. "You've never fucked me like this in your life!"With his mind still on the cute redhead's sweet pussy, he fucked deeper and harder into his beautiful wife's writhing cunt.The ecstasy was almost more than Joan could stand as she rushed closer to her climax. Never had his prick felt so good. The bigness of his cock completely filled her cunt, pressing out against her widely stretched cuntal walls. The massive column of hard cockflesh was stimulating every excited nerve in her grasping, squeezing fuckhole. The intense pleasure produced by his big plunging boner was almost more than the hysterically writhing woman could stand."That's it, honey!" she screamed, thrusting her pussy up to receive every vicious plunge. "That's it, baby! Fuck me good! Fuck me good!"The room was tilled with the lewd slurping sounds of his big juice-slickened cock slamming into her slippery hot cunt."Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she shrieked in cadence with his thrusting prick.Her arms around his shoulders, her legs scissored over his waist, Joan was fucking his throbbing boner to the very apex of ecstasy. The exquisitely intense pleasure was beyond her wildest dreams. She was aware of nothing in the world except that prick that was fucking into her lust-racked flesh."That's the way, darling!" she sobbed, sinking her teeth into his shoulder. "That's the way to fuck a cunt!"Every thrust of his big plunging cock was lifting her sweet ass several inches off the bed.The beautiful woman had never taken such a delicious fucking in her life. Thinking about the teen-aged nymphet, Hal rhythmically fucked into her as she flung her hips up to meet every thrust of his plunging prick.Never had the woman fucked with such total abandon. For the past few years she had held back, not wanting to be disappointed by her husband's usually premature ejaculations. She had been left hanging so many times by his quick climaxes that she rarely let herself go. But tonight was different. She could tell from his sure, strong thrusts that he was going to carry her over the threshold to a fantastic orgasm, the one she'd always dreamed about."Oh, God, I love you," she whispered, covering his lips with her wet open mouth.Hal could feel her lurching frantically beneath him. Realizing his wife was rapidly approaching her climax, he hoped he could hold back until she'd reached it. He'd shot his load prematurely so many times, and he didn't want to disappoint her again. Knowing that if he didn't bring her off soon, it would be too late, he began fucking into her with faster, harder strokes, hoping to hasten her orgasm.He suddenly wondered how it would feel to be pounding his throbbing cock into the redhead's slippery pink cunt. The thought of the naughty girl's soft naked thighs wrapped around his waist only added to the fire in his burning loins.Their bodies pounded recklessly against each other, her lovely big tits rubbing against his chest. The feverishly roused couple was racing toward their inevitable climax as his juice-slickened prick fucked violently in and out of her hotly squeezing cum."Oh, God, honey!" she squealed as he drove harder and deeper into her aroused body. "Fuck it to me, darling! Fuck my hot cunt!"Recalling the passion that was on Angela's pretty face as she finger-fucked herself, Hal suddenly wondered how the girl would sound when she was starting to come.Joan was tensing for the traumatic orgasm that was building up in her loins. It was only seconds away, and this time, she knew she would reach it. A delicious sensation began flooding throughout her heated body. Her cock-hungry cunt seemed to grasp at the thick meatiness of his plunging prick as her shuddering orgasm started to engulf her. Joan's convulsing pussy muscles rippled up and down over her husband's deeply fucking boner as it suddenly exploded a torrent of jizz into her climaxing cunt."Yes! Yes!" she shrieked. "Keep squirtin'! I'm coming... coming! Oh, sweet humpin' Jesus, how I'm commmmiiiinnnggg!"Collapsing back on the bed while her husband's spurting cock continued tilling her pussy with cum, Joan realized how much she would miss her husband for the next few weeks.


The following day when Hal drove Joan to the airport, Kim and her brother decided to take Angela out to the pool for a swim. Walking beside Don as they followed Kim across the lawn, Angela felt a delightful tingle in her body as she looked into the boy's deep gray eyes, suddenly feeling as if she'd known him all of her life."I have to go to my music lesson in a little while," Kim smiled back over her shoulder."But I'm sure you guys can keep each other company while I'm gone."