Incest Turn On's: Taboo Erotica - Deacon Bock - ebook

Warning: This is a VERY taboo, vintage, hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description.****Ted Edwards crept closer to his unsuspecting daughter, his pants tight as a drum, stretched by a throbbing hard-on that threatened to burst his trousers wide open. His wide, lust-glazed eyes were fixed on Dina's ass as she bent to pick berries. Her jeans were tight over the rounded globes of her tempting ass, and her father licked his lips in anticipation of what was about to happen.

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Incest Turn On's

Deacon Bock

Copyright © 2017

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His wide, lust-glazed eyes were fixed on Dina's ass as she bent to pick berries. Her jeans were tight over the rounded globes of her tempting ass, and her father licked his lips in anticipation of what was about to happen.He had wanted to bust Dina's cherry for a long time now. He figured that, as a teenager, she was old enough to fuck. But, more than her age, it was the way she had been acting that had her father convinced that she was ready for his cock.For a long time now, she had been flaunting her big tits and tight little ass around everyone, especially her father. It seemed, to Ted that his little girl had just been begging him to take her up on her offer and ram his big, hard prick right up her little cherry cunt.And that was just what Ted had in mind. He had had more than one hard-on because of her, because of the way she "accidentally" brushed against him, her tits grazing his arm, or her hand "mistakenly" brushing against his crotch as she walked by. It was time that she did something about his hard-ons. After all, he reasoned, she is the one gave them to him!And Ted figured that his would be the ideal time to fuck his daughter, for the family was spending its summer vacation on Ted's brother's farm. It was miles away from everything, and Dina had a way of wandering off by herself. She had done that every day since they had first arrived almost a week ago. Ted had been watching her, and it seemed to him that she might be wandering far away from the farmhouse on purpose so that he might follow her.There was another reason why Ted wanted to hurry up and fuck Dina. For he could see that his brother, Dina's uncle, was really hot for his little niece, and he worried that if he didn't hurry, his brother might get to pop her cherry first. And there was no way that he was ready to give up that privilege.No, Dina was his daughter. His sexy, ripe little daughter. And it was his right to pop her cherry. He saw it almost as a responsibility. To show the young girl just how good fucking could be. Then he wouldn't care if his brother fucked her or not. In fact, it might be kind of fun to break her in for her uncle. Maybe he could even watch his brother while he fucked Dina.That thought making him all the hotter, Ted moved closer to his the girl. He couldn't wait to run his large, rough hands over her luscious tits, to put his hungry mouth on her big nipples and suck until the stood up hard and stiff.Watching his daughter's sexy movements, Ted realized that any man would be hot for her. She was such a sexy, beautiful girl. He would have wanted to fuck her no matter who she was. But he also knew that there was something especially exciting about the idea of fucking his very own little girl.Ted crept closer to Dina. His cock pushed against his fly, a pulsating mass of eager flesh. They were far away from the house, so he didn't have to worry about anyone seeing them. As Dina bent way down low to get at some berries, he made his move. He raced up to the young girl from behind and threw his arms around her.Dina screamed in shock and fear. "Help! Help! Let me go!"Then, twisting her head around, she saw that it was her father who held her, and her eyes widened with excitement and terror."Daddy! It's you! What do you want? What are you doing?""Yeah, it's me, sweetie. Just relax now," he muttered."But what do you want? Why did you grab me like that? Why won't you let me go?" the young girl yelled hysterically.He laughed. "Baby, I can't let you go until I fuck you!""What?" she cried in disbelief."That's right, honey. You've just been asking for it. And I'm here to do what you know both of us want. I'm gonna take your sweet little cherry!"He twisted his daughter around in his arms, and she gazed up at him with wide-eyed terror.With one hand, he grabbed her long, silky, blonde hair, while his other hand pulled at her waist, yanking her closer to him.She moaned in fear and a strange kind of excitement as she felt herself rudely pressed up against the tall, muscular body of her handsome, virile father. His dark eyes burned into hers, and she tried to look away, but she felt almost hypnotized by his steady gaze.She felt his hard cock pressing against her pussy, and she struggled even harder to free herself. She didn't understand it, but she was feeling a hot, pounding excitement along with the fear that swept through her trembling body.She had never before consciously thought about fucking her own father. But she remembered now that many times lately, sexy, forbidden dreams had come to her in the middle of the night -- dreams in which her father did exactly what he was now threatening to do in reality pop her cherry. And the young girl always loved it.Dina remembered, too, how she always woke up the same way from those hot dreams wet and climaxing. She had to admit to herself that as much as the idea scared her, her father was probably right. She had probably been wanting him to fuck her for a long time."Let me go, Daddy! Let me go!" the young blonde screamed, convinced that she should try her best to prevent this obscene act, no matter how much she might secretly want it to happen."Frisky little bitch, aren't you?" Ted panted, feeling even more excited as his daughter struggled in his powerful arms. "I told you, Dina! I won't let you go 'til I've fucked you. You've given me the biggest hardon I ever had, little girl, and you're gonna do something about it!"Dina's legs flew out from under her as her father threw her roughly to the ground. He kicked the pail of berries away and began pulling at her blouse, trying to get at her big tits. She squirmed and writhed, trying to escape from his grasp, but it was no use. Her father was just too strong for her.His hot breath felt as though it were burning her face. She felt his rough hand thrust inside her blouse and grab one of her big tits. She never wore a bra except when she absolutely had to, so there was no protection at all against his groping hand."Ohhh, baby," he panted hard. "You've got such huge tits, so big, so ripe, I love them. They're great for squeezing. How are they for sucking, honey?""Oh God, Daddy, I don't know! I've never let anyone do that!" she cried, feeling tingles of pleasure from the touch of her father's hand on her tit."Good. Then I'll be the first one. That's the way it should be. Your daddy, who loves you the most, will be the first to suck your tits and pop your little cherry!""No, Daddy, it's wrong! Oh God, no!" she cried, feeling that mixture of fear and excitement again."Look, baby," he murmured, trying to calm his voice, which was shaking with anticipation. "I love you. You're my very own little girl, and I care what happens to you. I don't want some young stud fucking you, some creep who only cares about getting into your pants. What could be more beautiful than your own, loving father showing you how wonderful fucking can be? I want to make you happy, honey. Please let me. I don't want to have to force you, but I will, if necessary.""Oh God, Daddy..." she moaned, twisting in his arms. What he said made sense to the young girl, and she knew she wanted to fuck him badly, but still.The young virgin trembled as her father's hand continued to roam over her tits, moving from one large tit-mound to the other. She couldn't keep herself from moaning with pleasure, even as she continued to struggle against her father's hard, strong body which was pressing her down against the ground.Ted couldn't control his lust for his little daughter. He ripped her blouse open, baring her big tits. He saw that her large, reddish nipples were standing up stiffly now, and he groaned with excitement, realizing that they looked exactly as they had in all of his wet dreams.He quickly unbuttoned the fly of her jeans and tugged the tight pants down her long, slender legs. She tried to squirm away, but he held her down with no chance of escape."Daddy... Daddy..." she whimpered helplessly, no longer sure whether she was moaning because she wanted to get away or because it felt so good.Tears stung Dina's eyes, and her belly quivered as her father's strong hands pulled the jeans free from her legs. She was barefoot, so only her bikini-style panties remained, their thin material barely concealing her cuntal mound, the moist pussy-slit peeking from under a sparse covering of blonde cunt fur."What a beautiful little pussy, honey," Ted murmured as he drew his own pants off.He wasn't wearing any shorts, and Dina gasped in shock sad excitement as she saw her father's huge, hard cock jutting upward out of a jungle of dark prick hairs. His prick was enormous -- long and thick -- much too big for her little virgin pussy hole."Daddy, don't, please!" she begged. "I don't want you to hurt me!""Ah, baby, don't be afraid of your father. My cock will probably hurt you a little at first, but then you'll love it, honey, I promise," he murmured soothingly, gripping his prick and aiming it at her.The young girl seemed to be hypnotized by his cock as he poked it at her. She drew back, and he laughed softly. She could feel a couple of berries under her, being crushed by her ass, their juice staining her soft, silky flesh.Ted pinned her to the ground and fell on top of her, his mouth working feverishly at her tits. She felt his hot, hard tongue gliding over her hard, pulsing nipples, his tongue-tip gouging hard at them.Tingles of electricity shot through her nipples as he tongue-stroked them hungrily. She could feel them hardening even more as he sucked them upward, making them stand up higher and more stiffly.Dina was thrilled. As she had told her father, no one had ever sucked her tits before, and she was already half out of her mind with excitement and desire. She had no idea it could feel so terrific.Hot, pleasurable jolts raced through her body in spite of her doubts about letting her father fuck her."Stop... stop, Daddy... we can't," she moaned feebly.Ted ignored her pleas. There was no way he could have talked right then. His lust for his daughter was consuming him, making, him speechless for the moment. His tongue lashed at her nipples relentlessly. He took one of her huge tits in his mouth and sucked on it greedily, while the girl thrashed beneath him.It felt to Dina as though there were a fire in her loins, and her fuck juices were flowing hotly now, completely filling her pussy. She thrilled to the feel of her father's hot mouth licking and sucking on her gigantic, firm tits. She could feel his cock flailing against her legs, several drops of pre-cum seeping onto her flesh.Ted moved one hand down and shoved it between Dina's thighs, cupping her pussy through her transparent panties so hard that she groaned with pain and pleasure.She reacted violently to the unexpected feel of her father's hand on her cunt. She bucked and wriggled as he extended his middle finger and rubbed her pussy gash while searching for the tiny, forbidden fuck hole."Damn you, Daddy! Don't touch me there! Leave my pussy alone!" she yelled, only half believing her own words.But her father paid no attention. He was too far-gone to hear much of anything except the excited pounding of blood in his eyes and the small voice in his brain, telling him to hurry up and fuck her.His finger pried her pussy lips apart inside her thin panties. He felt her body leap against him. He ripped at her panties, then, and tore them roughly from her body. His hand groped for her juicy cunt, rubbing over her soft cunt hairs, and her pouting swelling pussy lips.His finger probed for her fuck hole, found it, then shot inside before she could protest any further. He impaled the young girl's cunt on his finger and reamed her tender cunt-flesh within as her juices soaked his finger."Oh God, Daddy!" she exclaimed. "Don't do this to me! Please! I can't stand it!" But her body betrayed her as she instinctively bucked upward, trying to skewer even more of her cunt around his finger."Noooooo, nooo, Daddy," she whimpered. But she knew that her words were useless. And she also knew that she didn't want her father to stop. No one had ever touched her pussy before. No one had ever thrust a finger inside and stirred up her fuck juices.The young girl could hear her heart pounding wildly, driving the blood down into her pussy, which was on fire now. Her loins ached for relief. She hated herself for feeling this way, but she couldn't help herself. She felt as though a sudden storm had burst within her, releasing the passion for her father that she had probably always felt but had been afraid to admit."Ohhhhh, baby," Ted moaned hotly. He had never tasted tits or nipples like his daughter's. They were so sweet and hot; he felt he couldn't get enough of them.He continued to lick and suck on her large, throbbing mounds of tit-flesh, his tongue curling over the flared nipples. While he worked his mouth on her tits, he continued to finger fuck her, making her moan with sweet ecstasy.Her large, firm tits disappeared into the cavern of his mouth, her nipples hard as rocks as they swelled and flared into a deep rust color. Her chest, neck, face and ears were reddened with the flush of passion, and her ears rang as though a tiny bell had been set off inside her head.Dina's mind swirled with confusion. Never in her life had she felt such excitement. Even the earth beneath her felt sensuous, giving her a strange thrill as she felt her body being ground down into the soil among the berry bushes.Her father's finger was exciting her beyond imagination. Her small clit had swelled and hardened like a miniature cock, sending jolting spasms through her every time his finger brushed against the sensitive tip. Pleasure mingled with fear and shame.But her body continued to betray her weakening protests with orgasmic convulsions, and she lost all sense of time and place, right or wrong. She had finger fucked herself a lot of times in the past, but the sensations she had felt were nothing compared to those that her father's finger gave her.She could feel his hard, twitching prick pressing into her thighs, bruising her soft, sensitive flesh. She could feel how huge his cock was, and she dreaded the moment when it would plunge into her cherry cunt. Yet she knew that it was going to happen. And she knew that she wanted it to happen, despite the pain she would fed.


Ted removed his finger from his daughter's dripping cunt. He rose above her, grinning down at her. With his knees, he spread her quivering legs apart.Dina looked down over her flat belly and saw his purple-headed prick as it rose up, hovering above her flaming pussy. Her father's eyes were vacant, glassy. His breath came in short, hard pants. His nostrils were flared. She saw his cock arc downward and felt it ram into her cunt mound, slipping into her pursed pussy-slit."Noooooo!" she gasped as her father's cock slid its enormous crown dawn her pussy slit and into the puckered mouth of her fuck hole.Dina could practically feel her hair curling as her daddy's gigantic cock slid into her cunt. Her toes bent almost double, and she felt as though she were being turned inside out.Ted's huge, burning cock steamed into her hot, juicy, cherry cunt. Her breath was taken away, and an exploding orgasm shocked her body into spastic convulsions."Aieeeeeeeeeeee! Ohhhhhh, God!" Dina screamed. Her mouth popped open, and her eyes filmed over as she came.