Incest Times: Taboo Erotica - Deacon Bock - ebook

Warning: This is a VERY taboo, vintage, hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description.****The taller one was his mother's age, the shorter one his own age. He guessed they were mother and daughter."Come on over to the house and we'll fix you some coffee," the older one said. "I have a loaf of fresh bread and blueberry muffins."The younger one, a pretty girl with freckles and a round face, smiled but was silent.Poke had thought the island people were reclusive, staying away from the summer people. But these two were friendly enough."We don't get too many visitors," the older woman said as she kicked off her boots at the house.The young girl kicked off her boots, too. Then, inside, she took off her jacket. In her blouse and jeans, her solid body was shown off. The older woman was slim and attractive."Here, here, sit down," the older woman said, pulling a chair out from the table. "My name's Sara, and this here is my daughter, Liza."Poke introduced himself, and he sat down at the table.As Sara went to the stove and began making coffee, Liza sat at the table, opposite Poke. She still hadn't said a word or stopped smiling. 

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Incest Times

Deacon Bock

Copyright © 2017

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Every time she bent down, Poke's heart would skip a beat. The chance of seeing one of her tits spill out, and the total effect of this gorgeous creature thrilled the young boy.The girl had long, straight blond hair which swept down as she bent. Her round ass stuck out, showing the crescent moons of her asscheeks below her bikini bottom and the top of her asscrack above it.Her tummy was flat, and her legs were long and slender. Her pretty little feet padded about on the teakwood deck. She was coiling the ropes and hanging them neatly on cleats and winches.Poke knew about boats from the books he'd read. But he'd never been on a boat in his life except for the rowboats in Lake Floyd and the ferryboat ride he took once as a kid. Now that his parents had rented a house in Dappled Harbor, Poke was ready to go sailing... as soon as someone invited him.When the girl had all the ropes coiled and hung up, she stood and grabbed the top of her bikini. Tugging up on it, she gave her body a wiggle, settling her tits deeper into the black bikini.Then she noticed the boy above her. She looked up, her blue eyes flashing as they met Poke's greedy eyes. Poke froze with embarrassment as he looked down at the girls pretty face. Her tanned face broke into a smile. Poke smiled back. Then the girl hopped down into the cockpit of the yacht and began wiping the varnished seats and railing.The few seconds they had looked into each other's eyes left Poke gasping. Now that she had smiled at him, he knew he should say something to her. She was friendly enough, and if he talked to her she might invite him to go sailing. There was going to be a race with these beautiful old boats this afternoon, and she might need another crew member.But Poke was shy. Besides, he had never sailed a boat. Reading a few books had taught him the difference between port and starboard, and between a jib sail and a halyard rope. But it would be obvious right away that he was a lubber. He was willing to admit that he didn't know about sailing, but he was eager to learn. And even if she didn't invite him to crew for her, at least he could ask the girl her name.As Poke agonized with his shyness, he kept watching the gorgeous girl. She was on her hands and knees in the cockpit seat, wiping the brass jib sheet winch. Her big tits, supported by her bikini, shook with heavy motion.Suddenly, the girl let out a little yelp. She waved her hand at her ass as she twisted around. Poke saw a big horsefly hovering near her ass. Those flies could bite, Poke knew. Though not very painful, they were a nasty surprise.As the girl twitched around to chase away the fly, a miracle happened. One of her tits flopped right out of her bikini!Poke found himself staring at a big, beautiful tit. In contrast to the girl's tanned skin, her tit was snowy white. At its blunt tip was a large, pink nipple.The girl jumped to her feet and grabbed her tit with one hand. With the other she pulled at the empty side of her bikini top, and she stuffed her tit back into place. Then she casually began polishing the winch again.Poke was stunned. He was a horny kid, and the sight of a naked tit was enough to unhinge him. His prick had stiffened and he was gasping.Now that the girl had this accident right in front of him, she wasn't going to invite him to go sailing, he figured. Not that she was likely to invite him anyhow. But now there seemed to be no hope at all. There was no point in hanging around any longer, Poke thought. So he ambled away.Poke and his parents had only been in Dappled Harbor for three days. So far, he spent most of his time hanging around the harbor in the afternoons and wandering down the streets at night. All his parents wanted to do was sit in the sun or watch television. They could have stayed in Boston to do that. Then Poke would still have Joyce, his girlfriend, to neck with.Heading home, Poke walked through the parking lot at the public landing. It was getting more crowded every day.Poke felt low. He knew that he was going to jerk off when he got home. But it seemed awfully depressing to travel all the way to Dappled Harbor, where gorgeous girls raced their boats all day and fucked all night, and spend his time jerking off.As Poke squeezed between a van and a tourist bus, he noticed something in the van. It had tinted windows but, with the bright sunlight shining through them, Poke could make out a dim silhouette. It was a woman, and she was naked. Her tits showed clearly. Poke could even make out the dark spots of her nipples. The naked woman was sitting, leaning forward. Her tits hung slightly. Then two hands came into view from below and grabbed her tits.Poke gasped with lust as he watched this strange scene. When the woman began rocking back and forth, Poke thought his heart was going to stop. The chick was getting fucked! She was sitting on a guy, his prick reaching up into her cunt. And this secret ritual was going on less than ten feet away from him.Poke tried to see more. His eyes followed the woman's body down to where her cunt would be, but it remained hidden in darkness. When he looked back up at her tits, he found that the man had let them go and they were swinging with the rhythm of the woman's rocking.Poke was in agony and ecstasy. He desperately longed to have a woman sitting on his own prick, rocking back and forth, and swinging her tits above his chest. But he was thrilled at the sight of a beautiful pair of tits swinging like pendulums while their owner rocked and bounced in quickening rhythm.Hands rose again from beneath the swinging tits, taking them into a tight embrace. This was exciting for Poke to watch, too. He imagined holding a pair of heavy tits in his hands. He remembered the tits he'd held and the sight of the pretty girl on the boat whose tit he had just seen.Poke's prick throbbed as he watched the fucking in the van. The man's hands disappeared again, leaving the woman's tits to swing freely once more. Then faint, high sounds came to Poke's ears."Ohhhhhh!" the woman was crying in passion.As Poke moved his fist back and forth on his twitching cock, the woman he watched began bouncing wildly. The boy was amazed at the energy and speed of her fucking, and he was equally amazed at the way her tits shook."Ohhhhhhh!" she cried, loud enough for Poke to hear the ecstasy in her voice.He pumped his prick with the rhythm of the woman's fucking, trying to imagine that her cunt was sliding on his prick. But it was impossible for him to imagine how her cunt would feel wrapped around his prick, for he had no experience to draw upon. He was a virgin.It didn't take long for Poke to come. He grabbed his handkerchief just in time to catch the flooding stream of jism that spurted from his prick. Though his body was racked with a fit of sexual bliss, his eyes remained on the woman as she kept her tits swinging.As the last drops of Poke's cream oozed from his cock, the woman slowed, then stopped her rocking. She sat up straight, lifting her tits. They were shaped differently now and looked like scoops of ice cream crowned with cherries.Then the woman leaned forward again, lowering herself until she faded into the darkness below the window. So Poke was left with a sticky prick as she imagined how it would feel to have a chick lay her tits on his chest after a good fuck.Poke hurried home. He was lucky no one had seen him jerking off. He was losing his grip, he knew. But what was he supposed to do? After seeing that girl's tit he was out of his mind with lust!


"How about going fishing tomorrow?" his father asked Poke at dinner."People don't fish around here," Poke said gloomily."What do they do?" his father asked. "They go sailing," Poke said. "Well, I don't know how to sail. But maybe we could rent a rowboat and...""Forget it," Poke said. He could picture his father and him rowing around the harbor, while beautiful sailboats, full of beautiful chicks, glided past. The thought made him shiver.That evening, Poke headed for town. As he hit the main drag, Overlook Street, he saw the girl whose tit had slipped out that afternoon. She was coming toward him. They were going to pass each other in a few seconds! As Poke tried to think of something to say to her, she disappeared into a doorway. When Poke saw it was a bar, his heart sank."I saw you down at the harbor this afternoon, didn't I?""Yeah, I saw you too.""I hope you weren't looking when my tit slipped out of my bathing suit," she said. "That always happens whenever I went around like that in my suit. And those damn flies!"Poke was surprised and excited at the way she mentioned her tit being exposed that afternoon."Hey, Muffy, let's dance," a boy nearby said to Muffy."See you later," she said as she wandered off to dance.Poke went to the bar and got a beer. Then, sipping the beer, he cruised around the place, sizing up the situation.He drained the beer and got another one. Then he headed toward the dance floor to watch Muffy.She was a good dancer, with perfect rhythm. But Poke was mostly interested in the way her tits bounced and her ass shook. His prick inflated at the sight.There were a lot of people dancing, and a lot of the girls were sexy foxes. But Muffy was the best looking and most stacked. In fact, she looked so good Poke almost decided to forget about her. He'd found that the better looking a chick was, the more difficult it was to get anything from her. But the beer gave him courage.Muffy and her partner moved toward the bar. Poke sidled over to them."Is that your boat I saw you on today?" he asked."Yeah," Muffy said. "It belonged to our family for years, but when my father bought a new boat last year he gave me Flame... that's her name."Standing next to the girl, Poke saw that she was even more beautiful than he'd thought. Her tits almost touched his chest, and her nipples seemed to reach for him.They introduced themselves. Muffy said her family came to Dappled Harbor every summer. They had a house on the outer harbor. Poke told her this was his first summer and that he loved sailing but hadn't done any in Dappled Harbor so far."You can race with us tomorrow if you want," Muffy said."Okay," Poke said, trying not to sound too excited. "That sounds like fun."Poke went to get them each another beer. As they sipped them, Poke kept taking sidelong glances at Muffy's tits. The thought of getting somewhere with this girl sent a thrill through him.Then Poke asked Muffy to dance. She accepted. Before beginning Poke drank his beer to the bottom. The stuff was already going to his head but, besides making him dizzy, it gave him the courage he needed to pursue Muffy.As they danced, Poke tried not to stare at Muffy's leaping tits. It was impossible. Her heavy tit globes moved up and down on her chest, and the bumps of her nipples slid around on the front of her jersey.Poke knew it would be better if he didn't appear too horny. If he was cool, his chances would be better.They danced until they were sweaty and breathless."Should I get a few more beers?" Poke asked. Muffy nodded, and Poke went to the bar for more beer."Can you handle a spinnaker?" Muffy asked.Poke knew that a spinnaker was the big, ballooning sail, used to sail downwind, but he had no idea how to use one. What should he say? He didn't want Muffy to change her mind about taking him sailing."Well, we never used a spinnaker much," he said, watching her carefully."I'll do it then," she said. "You take the helm on the downwind leg. Taffy can tend the mainsheet."Poke began to feel that he'd gotten in over his head. But he refused to back out now.They spent the rest of the evening drinking beer and dancing. When they left, Poke was reeling and seeing double. But his drunkenness didn't lessen his lust for Muffy."Let's go over to your boat," Poke said. "I'd like to look it aver.""Okay," Muffy agreed. "It's nice out there at night."They went to the yacht club where Muffy kept her dinghy. She happed into the little boat, and Poke followed, moving carefully as the dinghy moved about under him."Untie us," Muffy said."Oh yeah!" Poke said as he turned and reached for the line that held the dinghy to the dock.As soon as it was untied, Muffy began to row silently and smoothly toward the boats moored in the moonlight. As she pulled on the oars, her jersey tightened over her tits, showing them off in all their splendor.Muffy kept glancing over her shoulder to see where she was going. When they reached Flame, she pulled on one oar, turning the dinghy and sliding it right up to the side of the yacht."You climb aboard first," Muffy said.He stood up and stepped toward the bigger boat. But the dinghy tilted, spilling Poke toward Flame. He lunged for the lifeline that surrounded Flame's deck, grabbing it for dear life. But his feet were still hooked in the edge of the dinghy and his body was stretched over five feet of water that now separated the two boats."Poke! You're sinking us!" Muffy yelled. Poke tried to drag the dinghy under him again by bending his legs. But that forced the gunwale of the dinghy under the water. Suddenly, Muffy screamed. There was a splash. The dinghy disappeared from beneath Poke's ankles. He hung up to his waist in the cold water, holding onto the lifeline over Flame's deck.Muffy appeared beside him. She put her hands on the deck and hoisted herself aboard. Poke climbed aboard too."What's the matter with you?" Muffy asked. "Haven't you ever been in a boat before? You never step out like that!""Gee, I'm sorry," Poke said as he climbed to his feet, water running out of his pants and shoes."Well, now we're stranded," Muffy said. "I'm not going to swim for the dinghy. Let it fetch up in the cove. We'll get it tomorrow."Poke saw the swamped boat drifting away. He was going to spend the whole night with Muffy!Muffy went down into the cabin, and Poke followed. She lit a kerosene lamp, then she lit a small stove on a shelf."We'd better get out of these wet things before we catch cold," she said as she unfastened her belt. "Well, turn around!"Poke turned his back to the girl, although he had to use all his willpower to keep his gaze from her.The cold water had begun to sober him, and being alone in the tiny cabin with Muffy had finished the job. Now Poke was completely sober and very horny."I don't know how many dry clothes there are aboard," Muffy said. "I'll hang our wet things near the stove. They'll be dry by morning. Take your clothes off."Poke stripped off his wet clothing, dropping them to the cabin floor. Now that he was naked, his back turned to the girl, and his prick hard and throbbing, he wondered what was going to happen next. Anticipation made him shiver excitedly."Here," Muffy said. "Put this around you."Poke turned, swinging his fat cock toward the girl. He saw her wrapped in a blanket and holding another blanket toward him. But then her eyes dropped to the prickmeat sticking out from Poke's crotch."Oh!" she gasped.He took the blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders. Even wrapped in the blanket, however, Poke was a hot sight for, the young girl. His prick held the front of the blanket away from him, pointing like a tent top and twitching steadily.Muffy's eyes remained lowered to the bulge beneath the blanket."Give me your clothes," Muffy said. "I'll hang them up."Poke picked up the soaking pile of clothing and held it out toward the girl. As she lifted her arm to take it, the blanket slipped from her shoulder, exposing the same tit Poke had glimpsed that afternoon."Damn!" Muffy exclaimed as she pulled the blanket over her tit again. "Hang them up yourself."Poke draped his clothing from hooks near the stove. As he did, he let the blanket slip a few times, revealing his hard prick.By the time Poke had his clothing hung up, both kids were panting with lust. Muffy was sitting on a bunk, huddled in her blanket and watching Poke with wide eyes. Her pretty mouth was open slightly, and her tits heaved as she breathed deeply.Poke took a deep breath and went to Muffy, sitting beside her. Her face turned toward his and moved closer. With a pounding heart, Poke kissed Muffy's soft mouth.Immediately, her lips parted. Then her tongue appeared, meeting Poke's tongue.A prisoner in the heavy blanket, Poke struggled to free his arms. Then he pulled at Muffy's blanket until he reached her naked body.