Incest's Wild Urges: Taboo Erotica - Honey Silverberg - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length, post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even hive a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.Excerpt: Gloria ignored her husband and opened the bedroom door. She didn't intend to get in another argument with Dolph about how she spoiled their son. She pushed the door of Kurt's room open slowly. "Are you still awake, darling?" After a rustling of sheets, her son answered, "Sure, Mom, come on in. "Did you get enough to eat at dinner, honey?" the loving mother said as she sat on the bed next to her son. He had the sheets pulled up past his waist but his chest was bare. "You know I can't ever get enough of your cooking, Mom." The handsome, dark-haired boy smiled at his mother, then stared at the front of her gown, his eyes lingering on the twin bulges of her big jugs. He could clearly make out the dark projections of her nipples.

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Incest's Wild Urges

Honey Silverberg

Copyright © 2017

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Dolph Linden reclined on the bed. He was impatient to fuck his beautiful, red-headed wife. His long cock jutted out between his thighs, hard and ready to stuff Gloria's tight pussy. "He's not a baby, Gloria. The boy's a teenager and he's been through a year of military school. It isn't good to tuck him in every night he's home."

Gloria ignored her husband and opened the bedroom door. She didn't intend to get in another argument with Dolph about how she spoiled their son.

She pushed the door of Kurt's room open slowly. "Are you still awake, darling?"

After a rustling of sheets, her son answered, "Sure, Mom, come on in.

"Did you get enough to eat at dinner, honey?" the loving mother said as she sat on the bed next to her son. He had the sheets pulled up past his waist but his chest was bare.

"You know I can't ever get enough of your cooking, Mom." The handsome, dark-haired boy smiled at his mother, then stared at the front of her gown, his eyes lingering on the twin bulges of her big jugs. He could clearly make out the dark projections of her nipples.

Gloria stroked his chest. "Such muscles, Kurt. That school must put you through a rigorous training program."

"You can say that again, Mom. You'd think we were in the real Army the way the officers make us exercise and run and march. One thing about it, though, when I hit the bed at night I go right to sleep."

Gloria hugged him and kissed him. "Speaking of sleep, I think you had better get some now. It's been a long day for you and I want you up early and fresh for me tomorrow. We only have two days before you have to get back to school."

"But I'll be home for the summer in two weeks," Kurt said, aware of the warmth her tits caused when they were mashed against his bare chest. The thin gown provided almost no obstruction.

"I'm excited about having you home," Gloria said. She hugged her son tighter and kissed him on the lips, causing a warmth to spread through her body. It was different than the warmth she had felt in the past when she held and kissed her son. It went beyond motherly feelings. Her nipples stiffened and there was a definite twitch in her cunt. She was more than a little flustered when she pulled away from Kurt.

"I ... I'll see you in the morning," the trembling mother said when she got off the bed. She saw that his cock was pushing up against the thin sheet. Immediately she suspected he had been jerking off when she knocked on his door.

"Goodnight, Mom," Kurt said lovingly. Gloria thought he smiled a little too sweetly. At times she felt her son was not as innocent as he pretended, and that he tried to butter her up to get his way. He almost always did get his way with her.

Gloria couldn't shake the warm sensation as she went back to her bedroom. It frightened and excited her. There had been a few times before when she had almost felt that way around Kurt, but never as strongly as now. She felt guilty and confused by her emotions, but that same guilt gave her a thrill of forbidden pleasure.

"Tuck the baby in good?" Dolph asked with a sarcastic smirk. He held his big cock in his hand, slowly stroking the bulky shaft.

"Don't be cute!" Gloria said with more anger than she intended. She knew why she responded that way. It was because of the guilt she felt from her thoughts about fucking Kurt. She stared at the big dick in Dolph's hand and felt a greater desire to fuck than she had felt in a long time. She didn't want to admit to herself why she was suddenly so wildly horny.

"All right, let's not fight," Dolph said. He stopped stroking his prick and lay back against the pillows. "I think tonight I'll let you service me, woman. You can start by sucking my cock."

"Smug about it, huh?" Gloria frowned, but she was eager to eat the hard cock. Her gown fell to the floor and she slowly walked to the bed, letting her husband get a good, long look at her fantastic, big-titted body.

Dolph's veiny cock jerked when he saw Gloria's naked body. He swallowed and breathed faster when he stared at her big tits. The pale skin of her body contrasted vividly with the dark nipples that capped her big jugs. The rings that circled her stiff nipples were large and pink.

The horny husband looked lower at his wife's hairy pussy. The thick bush of red hair hid her cunt from view. She was a natural redhead.

"You know, you look pretty good for an old lady of thirty-four," Dolph joked, taking in his wife's long, shapely legs and her lush, swelling hips. Her thighs were perfect, not too thin and not too fat.

"That's kind of you," Gloria frowned. She made a complete turn to give Dolph a view of her ass.

Her firm, rounded ass was Dolph's favorite part of her body. He liked her big tits enough, but something about her gorgeous ass drove him wild. "Come here, baby," he said, his voice rapidly growing hoarse.

When Gloria touched the bed her husband roughly pulled her down on top of him. He was not at all as gentle as he usually was. Gloria loved it. "Oh, yesss! Be rough with me tonight, darling," she responded when he crushed her body against his and bit her nipples.

One of her biggest complaints about Dolph's fucking was that he was always too gentle with her. At times she liked slow, gentle fucking and sucking. But more often she wanted to be taken by her man. She wanted to be fucked hard. She had recognized this years before and admitted to herself that a streak of masochism ran through her.

"Do that harder," she groaned when Dolph grabbed her ass cheeks firmly. "Suck my tits harder, darling!"

She was going wild with pleasure when suddenly her husband stopped treating her roughly and gently urged her head down to his cock. "Eat me, baby," he whispered.

"No, not yet, Dolph," Gloria said, upset that his mood had changed. "Suck my tits some more, darling. Bite them. You were making me feel so good when you pulled on my ass and sucked my tits hard."

"I can't wait, honey. I'm too horny for that. Eat my cock, please," Dolph whispered, interested for the moment only in his own pleasure.

"No!" Gloria rebelled. "We always do what you want to do. You're very inconsiderate about what turns me on and you know it. Whatever makes you happy you expect me to do to you, but I have to beg and plead to get what I want from you."

"Look, honey, we've been over this before. I don't get turned on being rough to you. Sometimes, like tonight, I get real excited and I just grab you, but I don't like doing it for a long time. Now will you stop acting like a child and go ahead and suck my cock?"

Gloria was angry. She turned away from her husband and sat on the edge of the bed. "No, I'm not going to do it. I'm not in the mood."

Dolph laughed and pulled her back down. "Who are you kidding, honey? You're always in the mood to fuck, and you know it."

"You're impossible," Gloria groaned, struggling to free herself from her husband's strong arms.

Dolph forced her down on his cock. He didn't realize it, but by forcing her he was turning her on. "Eat me and stop the bullshit, woman!" he growled, pressing her pretty face against his ugly, purple headed cock.

"Ohhh," Gloria moaned as a surge of heat hit her wet cunt. She still refused to eat the hard cock. She wanted her husband to have to use more force.

"Damn it, woman! I said eat it!" Dolph said. He held her head with one hand and tried to shove the head of his prick between her lips by using his other hand.

Gloria had an idea. She knew this was a moment her husband was desperate. She wanted to extract a promise from him before she agreed to eat his dick.

"I'll suck it," she said when she twisted her head to the side a little, "if you agree to let Kurt go to school at home next year."

"What?" Dolph said, releasing her head. "What a time to bring that up!"

"Maybe you'll listen to me this time, Dolph. I don't like that military school for Kurt. He needs to be home with us during the year."

"We've been through this before, Gloria," Dolph growled, with a combination of anger at his wife and frustration caused by the ache in his dick. "The military school will make a man out of the boy. I don't want him going to some public school where all he'll learn how to do is smoke dope."

Gloria tried to settle for something less than she had hoped for from her stubborn husband. "At least promise me you'll talk more with me about it before school starts after the summer, Dolph," she said. She gave his cock a flick with her tongue after she spoke.

"Unh, okay, I'll talk about it, but that doesn't mean you're going to persuade me to give in. I don't care if you try all summer I'm... God, woman!" He stopped his lecture and groaned when Gloria suddenly engulfed the swollen head of his prick with her hot mouth.

With arguments out of the way, Gloria got to enjoying her sucking. She loved the hard feel of Dolph's cock in her mouth. She liked to clamp her lips around his prick, just below the smooth head, and suck hard, feeling the pulsating throb of the blood in the big shaft.

"Use that tongue, baby," Dolph whispered when his wife flicked her tongue against his cockhead.

"Fuck me in my mouth, Dolph," Gloria groaned, holding her head still and her lips tight around his dick. She thrilled to the in-and- out motion of her husband's thick cock when he pumped into her face. One of her favorite ways to suck was to let her husband screw her mouth while she knelt before him.

"Hot little cocksucker!" Dolph moaned as he fucked up at her pretty mouth. The sight of his fat cock stuffing her delicate mouth was a sight sure to make him come in a hurry. He wanted to keep fucking her face that way until he emptied his load into her throat. "Eat me, baby! You're going to get it soon."

Gloria pulled away from his thrusting dick. Dolph's gleaming shaft stabbed the air, searching again for her sweet mouth. "Why did you do that?" His voice was almost a whine as he spoke. The frustration made him want to grab his teasing wife an d make her take the cock back into her mouth.

"Don't come yet, Dolph. You're famous for squirting your load and then leaving me without a hard dick to fuck. This time you're not coming until I come," Gloria said as she moved around so that her mouth was above his cock, and her drooling snatch was above his face. "Eat my pussy and I'll suck you off, lover," she whispered, letting her hot breath blow across his jerking prick.

Dolph wasn't gentle in his eating. He grabbed her hot ass and pulled downward. Her hairy, juicy cunt was mashed against his mouth. His teeth nibbled on her cunt lips, making her squeal with delight.

"Why don't you do that all the time when you eat me, Dolph! It feels so wonderful when you use your teeth. Eat me like that!" she said, her cunt pushing down for more of his mouth.

"Suck me and I'll do what you want," Dolph mumbled into her gushing pussy. His face was smeared with hot juices from her cunt. The juice ran down his chin and his neck. He was forced to swallow some when it drained into his mouth, but he didn't care. He liked to taste the sweetness of her pussy juices.

"Yesss, darling! Let's eat all night!" the happy wife moaned. She licked her husband's big, hairy balls, letting her tongue coat the hot nuts with her saliva. She only teased his balls and cock, not quite taking him into her mouth. She was determined to make him eat her until she came. Then she would let him fuck her until they came together.

"Eat me!" Dolph said when Gloria still didn't take his cock into her mouth. He jerked and writhed when her smooth lips kissed his cockhead. When she slowly licked down his cock and then back up again, he thought he would come without her sucking him. "Either you eat me or I'm going to shoot my stuff in your face, Gloria."

The big-titted wife still refused to suck her husband's cock. She was wondering what Kurt's cock looked like. "Ummmm," she moaned as she wondered if her son's prick was as big as his father's. Dolph's cock was nine inches long and very thick. She stared at his dick and found herself wishing that it was Kurt's cock instead.

When Dolph started sucking hard on her clit she had to explode. The wild thoughts of her son's cock insured that she would blast long and intensely. "Ohhhhh, God, I'm coming, Dolph! Baby! We've got to fuck more! I need it so much, Dolph! I need your mouth and your cock so much more than you give it to me."

Dolph knew that she wasn't going to suck him until he took care of her. He sucked hard on her clit, rubbing his chin against her cunt lips. The bristles of hair on his chin scratched and stimulated her tender cunt. His fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart. The fingers came close to touching her sensitive asshole.

"Make me come again!" Gloria pleaded. She held his cock in her hand and squeezed so hard he cried out with pain. She fought against the urge to devour his dick while she came, but she knew that he would come for sure if she sucked his cock in. Even while she came so fiercely, she was thinking about getting his big cock in her cunt before she let him shoot his load.

"Now you're going to really get it for making me wait," Dolph said when she had calmed down. He pushed her off him and grabbed her hips. With ease he lifted her up so that she was on her hands and knees. His big cock slammed deep into her hot, tight pussy.

"Errrumphhh!" the stuffed wife groaned when her husband knocked her forward with his brutal thrust into her hungry snatch.

"Christ, are you hot!" Dolph gasped, the wet tight cunt squeezing his dick like a steel vise. "Take my cock and see how it feels, teasing little bitch!"

"I want it all!" Gloria answered. If her husband thought he could win he was wrong. She could take anything he could give out. The harder his thrusts, the more she loved it. The worse he talked to her, the more she was turned on. She clamped her greedy cunt around his driving prick and hoped that he would always screw her this same rough way.

Dolph was enjoying dominating his pretty wife so much he held back his cum. He looked down at her sweaty back and watched her body squirm and wriggle as she fucked back on his cock. His hands gripped her hot ass as he rammed her cunt.

When Kurt entered her mind Gloria tried to think of something else. She tried, but she didn't manage to keep her son out of her mind completely. Visions of Kurt's naked body flashed through her thoughts. Though she hadn't seen his cock in years, she saw it now the way she wanted it to be.

"Yesssss, deeper!" she gasped and realized she was not talking to Dolph. She was talking to Kurt. She had imagined that his big dick was the dick that pounded her cunt. In her fantasy, Kurt's cock was about ten inches long and even thicker than his father's.

Dolph's pride had been hurt by some of the things Gloria had said earlier. "So you think I always come too soon and leave you hanging, woman?" he growled and reached under her body to pull on her hanging jugs. "To show you how wrong you are I'm going to make you come more than once before I come."

"Yes!" Gloria hissed. "Your hands are so rough on my tits, Dolph! Fuck me harder! Drive it hard into my pussy and make me come again."

The fucking husband leaned back so that he could watch his thick cock slam into his wife's wet cunt. He watched the pink lips of her pussy stretch back each time he pulled almost all the way out. Then he watched her cunt lips fold in when he rammed her again. The tangy smell from her snatch hit his nostrils. The strong scent excited him and made his cock threaten to blast. He barely held off.

Gloria came. "Big fucker! Screw my pussy!" she shouted, aware that if Kurt was awake he would be able to hear. That only made her hotter. The spasms in her cunt became more intense. "More cock!" she groaned. Her tits felt like they were on fire in Dolph's hands. His thick cock felt like it would rip the walls of her pussy. "I'm coming again! Give me that big cock, baby!"

It was all Dolph could do to keep from coming. He amazed himself with his endurance. Gloria's incredibly tight twat burned and squeezed his cock, but he refused to shoot his cum out of his aching balls.

"Now!" the tense husband hissed when his wife was finished coming. He hated to pull out of her wet, boiling cunt, but he wanted to come another way. He wanted to see her face when he came, and even better, he wanted to shoot his cum into her face.

"Fuck me on top," Gloria moaned when her husband flipped her over on her back. Although she had just come she knew that it would take only a few deep strokes of Dolph's cock to make her come again.

Dolph moved forward until he squatted over her stomach. "I'm not going to stick it in you, Gloria. This time I'm going to jerk off in your face." He stroked his cock fast, building up to a blast that would send torrents of cum into his wife's face.

"No, Dolph," Gloria pleaded. "Don't do that. Fuck me again." She didn't think it fair that he was going to come without letting her come with him.

"Play with your pussy if you want to come," Dolph said and then ignored her as he moved closer and closer to shooting his load.

Although her cunt ached to be filled with cock again, Gloria made the best of it. "Oooo," she moaned as her fingers worked in her hot cunt.

"Ahhhhh! Bitch, here it is!" Dolph gasped and shot hot cream into her face.

Gloria saw it coming. She felt the hot jizz splat against her forehead; The second shot hit her nose. Some of the cum dribbled down to her mouth. She licked and tasted the pungent cream. "More cum," she moaned, getting into the idea now. There was something deliciously degrading about getting creamed in the face.

Some more cum splattered onto her hot tits. She used one hand to rub the white jism all over her jugs. Her other hand rubbed her clit. A powerful eruption was about to happen.

"Come! Cover me with your cum! Come in my face! On my tits! I'm coming, Dolph! Empty your balls on my body, baby. I want your cum on me!"

What cum she could get with her tongue she put into her mouth. What she couldn't reach with her tongue she wiped off her face and then licked her fingers clean.

Dolph finished squirting and stared down at his wild wife. She was still coming. Her face and tits were smeared with a gleaming layer of his jizz. Her mouth twisted into a grimace as she enjoyed the convulsions of her pussy.

Gloria could have remained where she was for hours. She loved the heavy, sweaty weight of her husband's body on hers. She moaned and rubbed her hand over her tits, enjoying the sticky feeling of drying cum on the big jugs. Her thighs squeezed together, wringing out the remnants of her juices.

"Don't you want to get up and shower to clean that stuff off, honey," Dolph said when he moved off her.

"No, just pull the covers over me and leave me like this. I'm too tired to move." Gloria actually wanted to stay the way she was with the cum drying on her body because she liked the feeling. She had just taken a cum bath and she wanted to en joy it completely without running to the shower to wash away the precious jism.

She looked down at her gleaming tits and wondered how she would feel if the cum belonged to Kurt.


"I'm not sure it's such a good idea, honey. It makes me nervous to think of your driving back alone," Dolph said as he packed his bag.

Gloria handed him some shirts. "I'm a big girl now, Dolph. If you can go flying all over the country on business then I can drive two hundred miles to take Kurt back to school."

"I wish I hadn't answered the phone this morning and then we wouldn't have this problem," Dolph said. "Old Man Jennings has a lot of nerve calling me on Sunday and telling me I have to rush to Chicago. I can't believe the old bastard wouldn't let me get out of it after I explained about driving Kurt back to school."

"I wish you wouldn't worry, Dolph. I'll have Kurt with me during the drive there and I'll drive straight back without stopping. I promise not to talk to strangers or take any candy from them," Gloria said.

"Cute," Dolph smirked. He closed his suitcase and picked up his brief case. "Maybe I should take Kurt to the airport with me and put him a flight to Pittsburgh. He could take a bus from Pittsburgh to the school."

"Don't be silly, darling," Gloria smiled. "Not only is that expensive, it's inconvenient for Kurt. It'll be easier for everybody if I just drive him back to school like we always do."

"Maybe you should spend the night somewhere after you drop Kurt off, honey," Dolph said as he checked to be sure he hadn't forgotten anything. "There's that nice motel about two miles from the school. It'll be dark by the time you reach the school and I'd feel a lot better if you'd wait until the morning and drive back when it's light."