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Excerpt: Young Debbie Martin glanced impatiently from the TV to the front door. Do I have time? She wondered. Daddy'll be home soon. She visualized her son's handsome, smooth muscled body and found herself growing even hornier.This has got to stop, she told herself, feeling her face burning. She was so hot and nervous that she ran into her bedroom and stripped naked as soon as she neared the bed. She failed to notice that her door was not completely closed.Debbie spread-eagled herself on the bed and shoved two foam pillows under her plush ass. Her bushy blonde cunt faced the door, quivering with lustful excitement. Finger-fucking's so dirty, she thought, but God! How I need it! She reached for her pink pussy. The hot-assed mother felt a bit embarrassed about that part of her body, for it had earned her a nickname she despised: Loose Lips.Years ago, a cruel girl in her gym class had called her that after catching a glimpse of the long, hanging folds projecting four or five inches from Debbie's straw-like cunt tufts. Once, her husband had even managed to twist the loose, pink flesh into a simple knot, humiliating her terribly by making her leave the lips that way while they fucked. 

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Incest Play

Kandi Colbert

Copyright © 2017

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This has got to stop, she told herself, feeling her face burning. She was so hot and nervous that she ran into her bedroom and stripped naked as soon as she neared the bed. She failed to notice that her door was not completely closed.Debbie spread-eagled herself on the bed and shoved two foam pillows under her plush ass. Her bushy blonde cunt faced the door, quivering with lustful excitement. Finger-fucking's so dirty, she thought, but God! How I need it! She reached for her pink pussy. The hot-assed mother felt a bit embarrassed about that part of her body, for it had earned her a nickname she despised: Loose Lips.Years ago, a cruel girl in her gym class had called her that after catching a glimpse of the long, hanging folds projecting four or five inches from Debbie's straw-like cunt tufts. Once, her husband had even managed to twist the loose, pink flesh into a simple knot, humiliating her terribly by making her leave the lips that way while they fucked. Later, he'd untied them and stuffed them up her red, oozing cunt hole, laughing about corking up his cream.Moaning excitedly, she pulled her heels close to her elevated butt and spread her luscious thighs wide apart. Then she peeled her juicy cunt-lips apart, folding them almost flat so that they looked like wrinkled butterfly wings. They were so large that they covered most of her pussyhair. Debbie looked down and saw her clit, upright and throbbing like a beckoning finger, and placed her palm over the hot, juicy flesh of her cunt. She groaned loudly."Uhhhh!" The hot-assed mother stirred her fingers back and forth over her wide-spread, rosyred gash, her lush hips grinding slowly. She was so wildly excited she was unaware of what was happening around her."Huuuu!" she wailed, her ripe body twitching spasmodically, her big tits rolling and wobbling with the violence of her masturbation."Wawwww, ummm..." she sighed. She didn't hear the front door close as Danny stepped into the living room. Nor did she hear the floorboards creak as he walked down the hall towards her room.She sighed loudly, rubbing and moaning while her face twisted in delirious joy, the pillow directly under her trembling ass was so sopping wet that long trails of her cunt honey dripped from it onto the pillow beneath.Hearing strange noises coming from his mother's bedroom, her tender young son hesitantly approached the door. Seeing that it was opened a crack, he couldn't resist peeking inside. He choked back half-formed words, momentarily paralyzed by the obscenely exciting vision that met his eyes. "Mom..." he breathed, suddenly realizing his mother was also a woman. His cock was instantly throbbing and pressing stiffly against his pants.Danny's eyes darted from his mother's finger whipped cunt to her rolling, shaking boobs. Jeez! Her nipples were so large they almost covered the entire tips of her fat tits! And they were a dark brown, except for the red, extended nipples. All wrinkled and bumpy and shiny with her sweat.Debbie was in seventh heaven. She was about to cum, her first in a number of weeks. It wouldn't be the same as from a big, hard cock, but it was going to be good. On the verge of a tremendous orgasm, Danny's mother hooked her fingers into the tiny red hole beneath the puffy, hanging flaps of her pussy and lewdly stretched it as far apart as it would go.Danny choked. The interior of his mother's tight cunt was a bright, watery pink! He was being driven out of his mind by the sight not to mention the sounds of his mother's vigorously working fingers.Wet sloshing and smacking noises mingled with her mindless groans as her body began twisting, making her huge, fleshy tits flop about like a couple of white balloons in a tornado.Danny whipped out his stiff prick and began beating it like mad. His fist jerked over the length of his fat, red-capped cock as he stared at the finger-filled cunt hole between his mother's fleshy thighs. An excruciating ache grew in his balls, and he cupped his free hand over the spongy head of his prick.Clear pre-cum was oozing in a steady stream from the gaping slit, running beneath his fist and lubricating his fist-fucking. He saw his mother's hips bounce strongly a few times, and heard her wailing and crying. He thought he heard his name mentioned along with some unintelligible words, but couldn't be sure.And then he joined her in orgasm. He held his breath so she wouldn't hear his grunts as he spurted cum into his cupping hands. One sticky white glob after another hotly struck his hand, quickly filling it, but he was walking toward the bathroom as he came, and the overflow dripped into the toilet.He was washing his hands when he heard the bed creak. He guessed his mother was getting dressed. Then he heard another sound, something like a small door closing, and recognized the noise as the lid of the hamper. She's hiding the pillow! He thought, and made up his mind to sneak into her room as soon as possible to smell -- and maybe even taste the pillow's wet coating while it was still fresh. Wow! Wait till he told Tommy about this!Sweet, innocent young Martha Martin was almost asleep when she felt her cousin ease away from her cuddly little body. Opening one eye, she saw Joan tip-toeing in her bare feet out the door. There was something furtive in the way she moved, and Martha, curious, followed. She saw loan open her father's bedroom door."Daddy?" Joan whispered softly. He was sound asleep. Her little body trembled under the thin nighty, and she was nearly sick with fear and excitement. If he woke, he'd be terribly angry. He might even send her away, like he'd done to her mother. Joan couldn't stand that. She loved him too much.The precocious youngster had confided her problem to another girl, who had told her how she'd jerked her brother off without even waking him Joan knew her father had worked hard all day, and he'd had a few drinks before going to bed. She nervously licked her dry lips and knelt at the side of his bed.Her red-haired cousin watched in horror from the shadows in the open doorway as Joan pulled the covers from Uncle Walt's feet and folded them at his waist. She stared and swallowed, her thin body shivering at the sight. She closed her eyes and opened them again. It was still there, curled up like a sleeping snake. Although Martha had never seen a cock before, she knew her uncle's was a huge one.Joan too was entranced by her father's cock. It was awesomely long and thick, and the apple-sized head bulged ominously from its covering foreskin. The slit was wide and dark and damp-looking.Joan knew from other girls what to do to get a cock hard, but she was terrified that her father would catch her. Gently, she ran a small finger along the entire length of his meaty dong, thrilling at his hot softness. The strong scent rising from her father's balls filled her nostril's, and she wet her lips again. She'd heard that kissing and licking would make a cock grow hard faster than anything else, and she was determined to try.Martha stopped breathing when she saw her cousin inch her tongue out, lowering her head until it touched the slit surrounded by loose skin. The taste was different, exciting, and Joan's tongue curled under the foreskin like a wide spoon.Walt's cockhead flushed a darker pink in the moonlight and slowly expanded. Martha slumped weakly against the doorjamb and cupped her itchy, nearly hairless twat through her pajamas. Even the soft tips of her budding titties were burning.She watched Joan hold her head still and open her mouth wide as the foreskin peeled back from the expanding prick. The bulbous knob slid past her cousin's sharp little teeth and rested on her hot, tingling tongue. Joan gulped, swallowing continuously as her father's cock lengthened and hardened until her cheeks bulged out grotesquely. It was all the horny young girl could do to keep from gagging and biting him.When his prick continued to lengthen, she backed up before the huge cockhead could lodge in her throat and choke her. His veiny shaft was glistening with a coating of her warm saliva. Joan couldn't pull free without scraping him with her teeth, and that, she knew, would wake him. She'd have to make him cum before freeing herself.Because of his great size, kneeling on the floor was impassible. Joan was bent over her father's hairy groin like some perverted vampire in a kinky porno fuck, and her small body trembled from the strain of the awkward position. Slowly, carefully, she climbed onto the bed and between her father's parted legs without biting him.Gently, she gripped the wrist-thick girth of his cockshaft and began jerking it with both hands. Her tongue moved around in the little space available, probing at his oozing piss-slit and tickling the ridge of his bulb. "Omphh..." Walt groaned in his sleep, his hands fluttering aimlessly. His hips hunched slightly.Joan's little fingers jerked faster on the slippery-wet, loose skin of his meaty dong, coaxing him toward the climax he needed and she wanted.The precocious youngster felt her father's thighs trembling. His breathing quickened. She knew he would cum soon, and she was, anticipating his climax with some doubt and fear. She'd heard that a man's spunk was sort of like the thin white paste the school supplied, only more watery and a little salty.Martha was rubbing one finger along the tight slit of her cunny, pressing her pajamas between the pouting lips. She was hot and wet there, making the motion of her finger against the material very easy. She continued to watch, open-mouthed, unable to tear her eyes away from the jutting cock spearing upward between her cousin's puffy lips.Suddenly, Walt's hips shot up and his cock expanded under his daughter's fingers, and the bulbous head swelled in her mouth. Before Joan knew what was happening, her father's long, fat prick was squirting thick wads of hot, frothy jism onto the back of her throat and the roof of her mouth."Umph! Umph!" She choked and gagged, trying to keep the noise at a minimum. White, liquidy cream oozed from her stretched lips and coated her father's shaft. Joan gulped and swallowed the load she'd been holding and slowly allowed her father's slack cock to slide from her mouth."Oooo, Jeez." She breathed dreamily, licking her lips and savoring the taste of her father's slippery jism. She wiped his prick with her fingers, scooping up the cum that had escaped her mouth. Then she bent and lapped his limp meat like a kitten would a bowl of cream, cleaning him of every last drop.Martha saw a gelatinous pearl of cum ooze and run from her uncle's slightly open pisshole, and licked her lips as Joan slurped it up and sucked lightly on the tip for more. Walt shifted in his sleep and murmured, then snored loudly. Joan lovingly kissed her father's prick goodbye, pulled the sheet over his legs, and headed for the door.Martha was already halfway to Joan's bed, her face red and her little cunt aching for something more than her finger. She wondered if she could bring herself to do what Joan had done without being sick -- but who would she do it to? The only men she'd ever have a chance at would be her brother and her Uncle Walt. And he didn't want Joan to catch her, like she'd caught her cousin.Wow! Joan thought, climbing into bed next to her cousin, is Daddy's cum ever tasty! She thought about other cocks, about being surrounded by cocks, and each one tasting different.The next day Martha returned home, her mind still in a turmoil over the disgustingly obscene act she'd witnessed. But if it was so dirty, why was she still excited by it? Why was her cunt all wet and hot? Maybe she shouldn't sleep over at Joan's any more!She spent the day helping her mother clean the basement, occasionally taking time out by watching a soap opera. But most of the time her thoughts were on her uncle's fat cock, and how Joan had looked with her cheeks bulging with her father's cum. When it was nearly time for Danny to come home, Debbie sent her to the kitchen to start supper.When Debbie heard her son's steps on the porch, she jumped up. "Danny!" she said."Hi, Mom," Danny said, giving her a wet kiss on the cheek, keenly aware of the heated softness of her heavy jugs against his chest. A mental image of the big boobs rolling nakedly across her chest yesterday flitted through his mind."Where's Martha? You two got supper ready?" He fired the questions to mask his excitement. His mother had always been affectionate, but since he'd seen her fingering her juicy, hot pussy, he couldn't look at her without his cock getting hard."Your sister's got it on the stove," Debbie answered. Was that Danny's cock she'd briefly felt pressed against her hip?"Good," Danny smiled. "Let's eat. I'm starved."He brushed against her and she felt her face grow warm. This is ridiculous, she thought. He's my son. But every time he held her or kissed her, Debbie's cunt dripped. She was so ashamed by her body's betrayal that she could hardly think straight. It never failed. Let Danny's strong, muscular body touch her and she'd get all hot and itchy, from her slightly sagging breasts to her bushy, blonde twat.She felt filthy and perverted, allowing her own son to arouse her, but there was nothing she could do about it. It's an animal reaction, she told herself. I'm just hot for any man it's been so long...Debbie's husband had run off with some nightclub dancer years ago, leaving his two children, barely out of diapers, in his wife's care. She had no idea where he was, or even if he was still living, and she didn't care.Supper was a relaxed, pleasant affair for the mother and her two children. Afterwards, there was a family conference. Debbie always included her kids in financial planning, believing that the responsibility would prepare them for the future. With that out of the way, Martha asked for and received permission to sleep over at Joan's house again.Debbie felt sorry for her brother. Walt was a widower, and she knew he was very lonely, working hard and drinking to help him sleep. She wished, she could find him some nice girl who wouldn't mind raising someone else's kid.With some extra time on her hands, she decided to do some cleaning. When Danny walked into the living room, his jaw dropped open. His mother was wearing one of his T-shirts, and it was obvious that she was braless. The young kid gulped as he watched his mom's huge, hanging tits shaking like crazy beneath the thin cotton, her large, swollen nipples clearly visible. Worse, under her short skirt she was wearing bikini panties!Danny struggled valiantly to suppress his animal instincts and desires, but it wasn't easy. Every day was a constant battle for him against horniness, and since yesterday the battle was tougher. And his mother's careless attitude about clothing didn't help. When he was younger, he'd caught brief glimpses of her bare, bouncy butt as she ran from the bedroom to the bathroom. And just as often, at the breakfast table over the past few months, he'd seen her large, wobbling jugs right through her thin nighty. He couldn't help noticing the peaks made by her enormous nipples, and was guiltily conscious of his hard prick under the table.He switched off the vacuum to make himself heard. "Mom! You're not gonna work dressed like that, are you?"Before Danny's wide-eyed protest, Debbie hadn't realized at least not consciously how much of her body was available to his open stare. But she couldn't let her own son think that his hot gaze bothered her!"It's awfully warm, Danny," she replied, "and I'm comfortable working in these clothes. I wear less than this on the beach, you know. Besides, there's nobody here but you."Yeah, as if I don't count! Danny thought sullenly. And I can't tell my own mother that just looking at her makes my balls ache. But he didn't leave the room. Instead, he sat in the easy chair and watched his sexy mom move around with the cleaner.Now Debbie was extremely self-conscious, seeing her young son slouch in the chair and fix his eyes on her tits. Oh my God! She thought, he's looking at me as a woman, not as his mother! And she was aware of how her big breasts hung and swung as she bent to vacuum under the couch.Danny's hard cock slid down his pant leg and made a visible bulge as he watched his mother bend over. Nearly half of her plump, snowy-white asscheeks barely covered by her tiny black undies peeked beneath the raised hem of her skirt as she slouched low. Jeez! Danny thought, his hard-on pounding. I wish she wasn't my mother! I wish I could fuck her!Debbie couldn't take another minute of her son's hot-eyed staring. She pretended to finish and turned to him, almost recoiling as she recognized, for the very first time, the hungry, speculative look in Danny's eyes. The pit of her stomach churned."I'm gonna lay down," she said, pretending to yawn and stretching her arms over her head, then blushing and dropping them quickly when she saw that she'd only drawn attention to her big, stiff nippled tits. She nearly ran from the room, her hips swinging and her short skirt flapping, exposing her winking, shuddering ass.Danny slowly followed.Debbie soon spread out naked on the bed again, preparing to finger her wet cunt when the door came open. "Oh, Jeez, Mom!" she heard her son cry. "I can't help myself!" He ran over, almost stumbling in his eagerness, and knelt at the side of the bed."Danny!" Debbie shrieked, desperately trying to cover her pussy with her hands. But this only squeezed her big tits up between her arms. Desperately, she rolled onto her stomach to hide her nakedness. Her fat, white asscheeks trembled temptingly only inches from Danny's eyes.She heard her son's harsh breathing, and then felt the bed sag as he climbed up beside her. She turned her head, blushing furiously, her heart pounding with fear as she felt her son's hands on her bare ass."Danny!" she screamed. "What are you doing! Get out of here!""Oh, Mom!" He groaned. "I've got to do something. It hurts so much!" And then she felt his hands gripping her, pulling at her, forcing her to roll over."Danny! No!" she cried, blushing a fiery red as her handsome teenaged son stared openly at her exposed, shaking boobs and her overheated, glistening cunt. He bent over her blonde bush, his hungry eyes devouring the livid pinkness of her jutting lips."It's so pretty," she heard him breathe, "and it smells so nice, Mom!" And Debbie suddenly realized that the wet, steamy odor of her yearning snatch was rising like a mist above her.