Incest Party: Taboo Erotica - Kandi Colbert - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length, post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even hive a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.Excerpt: "Yes, you!" Janice snapped, looking back over her shoulder. "You and that girl have always been extremely close. As a child, she'd spend every moment possible at your side with her arms around your waist. Or sitting in your lap, wriggling her little ass, while you read to her."Janice lifted the dryer to her damp hair. "Now, Janice, you know that all of that was perfectly innocent. Hell, she's my daughter.""Your teenaged daughter with the body of a model. So don't encourage her." Janice climbed back into her party dress, a sheer white garment with a high hemline and a shockingly low neckline. She felt very sexy as she reached behind her for the zipper."Oh, don't be ridiculous." Dan sat down on the edge of the bed to tie his shoelaces. "Besides, I'm sure she's much too grown up now to behave like daddy's little girl.""I'm not so sure," Janice said. 

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Incest Party

Kandi Colbert

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents










"Shit on the guests, Dan Wilson. They're the ones who made me so horny. I've never seen such naughty goings-on in my whole life. And I've never been goosed so many times in one evening, either. So listen, my tall dark and handsome husband, either you stick your big prick in my pussy right now, or I'll go back downstairs and find someone who will."

"Okay, okay. But do we have to fuck in the shower?"

"Why in the hell not?"

He didn't have a response for that, so when the water warmed up enough, they stepped into the stall and closed the curtain. Steam rose up all around them, while a steady stream of water sprayed their naked bodies. They embraced immediately, and their lips came together with such passion that Janice began moaning almost at once.

Her tongue explored his, licking and caressing with abandon. Then she reached deeper to taste the root of his tongue. In no time her head was spinning, and her knees were wobbly.

His chest hairs scratched her big tits as she pressed into him. His cock-hairs tickled her thighs. With her desire now at its peak, she sank slowly to her knees and brought her eager tongue all the way down to her husband's stiff cock.

"Oh, yeah," Dan said, wiping sopping-wet strands of yellow hair away from her mouth, "that's what I need. Suck me good, Janice."

With shower water beating against her shoulders and back, the big blonde began flicking her tongue at her husband's cock-head. The swollen bulb was like hard rubber--pulsating hard rubber. Its piss-slit oozed a drop of jizz. Janice snatched up the drop of jizz before the water could wash it away; then she reached for more.

She flicked her tongue again and again, striking Dan's piss-hole with abandon. She found another drop of jizz ... and another ... and still another, gulping each down as soon as she had gathered it. Dan had to hold onto her shoulders to keep himself steady.

"That feels so good," he said, licking his lips.

She tried to push her tongue up into his piss-hole but found the opening too tight. She reamed the narrow slit with her tongue tip and cleaned it of jizz, then turned her attention to the rest of his cock. She worked her tongue up the slippery slope of his bulb and found that the shower water had given it a refreshing taste. She lapped hungrily, made him gasp, and made his whole cock bounce.

She moved her tongue down under and tantalized the many sensitive nerves located there. She heard her husband gasp again ... and again, and then she felt his fingers tighten against her shoulders so he wouldn't fall.

She jolted his nerves repeatedly as she stabbed her tongue tip into the underside of his prick-head. Again and again she knocked his fat cock upwards. But she loved his cock and kept toying with it, using her tongue expertly to give him all the pleasure he could handle.

When she moved her tongue to the cock-head's wide rim, Dan's gasps turned to deep moans, and he really began to teeter. She smiled inwardly and started working her tongue around and around that band of raw nerves. She tortured every nerve there and she knew it. His groans filled her ears. His nails bit into her bare shoulders. She watched his cock swell up even more until it was about as large as she had ever seen it. Then she opened her mouth wide and sucked in the big prick.

Janice, with her cheeks bulging more and more with each second, deep throated her husband's cock. She cradled his balls in her hands as she did so, and warm water cascaded down her fingers and fell onto her tits. She worked her lips all the way down to the root of his cock.

Dan placed a hand on the back of her head. "Keep that shit up and in no time you're going to be drinking cum!"

As soon as she felt his cock-head touch the back of her throat, she began pumping his prick with her greedy lips. She sucked long and hard, moving her lips up and down his fat cock-shaft in such a manner that she massaged every bump and every ridge that protruded from the meaty fuck-pole. Not one inch of his cock went unsucked.

"Ungh!" he granted. He placed two hands on the back of her head and then thrust his prick into her. "Here's another inch for you. Suck it well, baby."

Janice bobbed her head back and forth as she gobbled up the fat prick. The swollen bulb repeatedly speared the back of her throat, while the thick cock-shaft glided wetly along her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She gulped down spit, cum, and water in her eagerness to suck her husband's big cock.

While she sucked him off, she played with his nuts. She used her fingers to knead the big balls. She also bounced them around and rattled them like marbles. The nuts stiffened within seconds, and got hot too. But Janice held them tight in her palms and refused to let go.

The big blonde kept sucking. Spitty lips clung tightly to the huge prick as they moved up and down the rigid fuck-pole.

His cock disappeared again and again. Over the sound of rushing water could be heard wet sucking noises and desperate groans. And through the thick rolling steam could be seen Janice's bobbing head and a big cock getting bigger all the time.

"Oh, shit, baby," Dan said in a weak, shaky voice, "if you don't stop, I won't have anything left to fuck you with. Stop now, baby, before it's too late."

Janice had never thought she'd see the day when her husband would ask her to stop sucking his prick. Hell, a good blow-job was one thing he usually couldn't get enough of. But his request didn't worry her. She understood that he simply wanted to spill his jizz deep in her cunt, not her mouth. The idea excited her.

Janice let her husband's big prick slip out of her mouth. The fucker stood at attention, straight and strong and ready for more action. Smiling, she nuzzled the oozing bulb with her nose then stood up and turned her back to her husband. He seized her slim waist and tried to stab her pussy from behind.

"Ooooooh!" she squealed, arching her back instinctively. "You're right on target, lover-boy. Take another shot."

Janice, with shower water pummeling her face and tits, leaned forward and grasped the wall then spread her long legs apart.

Dan tightened his grip on her waist and lunged into her again from behind. His hairy groin slapped her ass and forced apart her ass cheeks, while his cock-head penetrated her fuck-hole and pushed apart her cunt-lips. Janice squealed again then began a long deep groan as her husband's big cock slid deeper and deeper into her cunt.

In no time his prick stuffed her blonde pussy completely. The fit was extremely tight, precisely the way Janice loved it. She loved it so much that she threw back her head, shut her eyes, and let the shower water beat down on her face, abandoning herself to the hot pleasures that had begun in her loins.

"Sweet as pie," Dan said and he kissed her on the neck with enough passion to make her shiver all over.

"Mmmmmm!" Janice moaned, her head still back, her eyes still closed. "Fuck me good and hard. Let me feel your fat cock at work."

Dan slowly worked his tongue up and down the side of her neck, while he stroked her pussy-tube with his prick. His strokes were hard and steady--hard enough to make her gasp aloud, steady enough to rock her whole body back and forth.

Janice bit her lower lip as the heat in her pussy intensified. She grunted, her fingers clutching desperately to the slippery tiles. "What a big cock you have! Oh, have mercy!"

Now tasting her soft shoulder, Dan continued to pump his big cock in and out of her sopping pussy.

His cock-head speared her pussy-walls from every direction possible, stretching them out of shape. His thick cock-shaft stroked her raw nerves and jolted them mercilessly. His hairy root tortured her swollen clit and made her clit throb. And his hard balls slapped noisily against her cunt-lips and the backs of her thighs, thus turning her normally milk-white flesh a rosy pink.

"Your pussy always feels good, Janice, no matter how we fuck."

He began pumping her harder now, and Janice cried out in response. She found herself rocking back and forth uncontrollably, as if she were hooked up to a runaway machine at an erotic amusement park.

Her breathing became ragged, desperate, as if her very breath were being knocked out of her by the hard-driving prick. Her tits heaved wildly as her body convulsed again and again. The big tits bounced up and down, rolled from side to side, and jutted forward every now and then to smack against the wall tiles. Janice flinched and groaned as both her tits and her cunt-lips swelled up and blushed pink.

"I'm going to come!" she cried out. "I'm going to come!"

Shower water flowed down her body, hugging every curve as it ran its course. Her body became radiant. She felt radiant.

"Oh, yeeessss, Yeeessss! I'm coming!" She pushed her pussy back into her husband's cock and strained every muscle in her body in an effort to keep her pussy-lips sealed tight against his nuts. In this plugged up condition Janice surrendered herself to orgasmic spasms that had her struggling to remain standing. After what seemed like hours, she muttered, "Never ... felt ... better."

"You will, baby. You're going to feel a lot better. Hell, I'm just getting warmed up."

Janice blushed when she heard her husband's words. He had always been a real stud, and she knew that he wouldn't let her down now. He would keep fucking her until she finally had enough.

The big guy pulled his still-hard prick out of her sopping pussy and pushed it into her ass-crack, where he held it while he rubbed her ass cheeks with both hands. Janice gasped and shivered, then braced herself for a wonderful ass-fucking.

The shower water was hot, and so was her husband's cock. She could feel the rigid fuck-pole throbbing against her ass-cheeks and her tender asshole. The heat seeped up her shit-tube and warmed her guts, and another shiver raced up her spine.

"You've got such a wonderful ass," he told her. "I can't wait to fuck it."

"Please do," she said in a shaky voice. "Hurry."

But he was in no hurry. While his cock-head pulsated at her back door, he used both hands to massage her plump ass-cheeks. He pinched the round mounds of flesh wickedly, so that she squealed like a mouse in a trap. He kneaded her ass-cheeks as if they were huge doughballs ready for the oven. He made her ass jiggle and shake, and turn a lovely shade of pink. And all the while, Janice kept her legs spread wide and her hands up against the wall.

Just when she thought he would never stick his cock up her ass, that he would simply go on playing with her ass-cheeks forever, Dan seized her hips in both hands and thrust his cock forward. His mighty cock-shaft parted her ass-cheeks and made her ass-crack widen, while his rubbery bulb penetrated her shit-bung and slipped up into her asshole. She stiffened at once.

Dan grunted. Then he shivered, and the resulting vibrations reached right up into her asshole.

Janice licked her lips and pushed her ass back into her husband's cock. She wanted more of his fuck-pole. She wanted that fucker deep, deep enough to burn her buttery guts. To be ass-fucked any other way, she felt, would be a waste of time.

Dan understood what his wife wanted, and he couldn't wait to give it to her. He thrust his prick into her ass again from behind, and this time more than half of his twelve inches slipped up into her shitter. She cried out, trembled, then looked back over her shoulder and asked for still more.

"You really are horny tonight, aren't you, baby?"

"I told you that I was."

"Well, you came to the right man. Hold on."

Janice did just that, her fingers spread on the slippery tiles, her toes the same on the shower mat. Then her husband bucked again. She imagined his narrow ass tightening and convulsing, felt his fat cock push deeper into her asshole, and heard her trapped shit-juices popping all around his prick. She sighed happily--and sighed again when his balls came to rest against her ass-cheeks.

"Damn, that's tight!" he said, his voice shaky. "But never mind, I know how to loosen it up."

Janice knew that he did. She clamped her eyes shut and gritted her teeth as he began to work his big prick up and down her shit-tube. The friction was out of this world. His rough cock-shaft jolted her tender ass-meat and quickly made the flesh swell up and begin to throb. Lightning bolts rocked her guts and flashed up into her brain.

His cock reached deep to spear first one side of her shit-tube and then the other. She gasped and groaned as tiny explosions went off inside her asshole. She was really being stretched!

His cock disappeared inside her asshole again and again. More shit juices popped, and the dirty sounds filled her ears and made her smile approvingly.

She had even more to smile about when Dan's big balls began to hammer her ass-cheeks. The flesh-on-flesh contact sent waves of blissful pleasure soaring through her ass and into every nerve of her body. She shivered and smiled a broad smile.

"Oh! Oh!" she groaned, shaking her head. "What a hot, hot cock! Oh, sweet mother-fucker, what a cock!"

"It's not my big cock!" Dan said, reaching up to grab hold of her tits, "it's your tight asshole that's killing us both. I don't know if I can loosen it up."

"Keep trying!" Janice said. "Fuck me good!"

Dan squeezed her tits in both hands until her soft tit-meat began to ooze between his fingertips.

He pulled at the huge mounds of flesh, stretching them out of shape. The tits blushed pink. The nipples swelled before Janice's eyes. She moaned and groaned ecstatically, then gasped suddenly when he yanked her closer to him and flattened her tits like pancakes.

His chest hairs now scratched her bare back. His cock-hairs scratched her ass-cheeks. His balls throbbed hotly against those sweet ass cheeks. When she realized how tightly plugged she was, she let out a long sigh and began to writhe sensuously, enjoying the big hunk of cock that was wedged inside her shit-hole.

"Fuck me, my man, fuck me! Let me feel your hot cock!"

"Will do, you big bitch. You're going to feel all of it!"

Keeping all twelve inches of his prick deeply imbedded in his wife's tight shitter, Dan began to move his hips in circles. He worked his cock around and around her shit-tube, stretching her buttery shitter walls every which way. He made her nerves stand on end, and he made more of her shit-juices pop. Janice leaned all of her weight into him and surrendered herself to one wide, mind-blowing sensation after another.

The big blonde could feel her asshole stretching but could do nothing about it--nor did she want to. She was enjoying the crazy heat and shocking pleasures that were spreading through her guts. Her husband's cock was now like a corkscrew, and, boy, she was getting screwed!

But she could also sense something building, and that something was her husband's orgasm. His cock started throbbing more wildly than ever. Even his nuts seemed alive as they rolled around and around her ass cheeks, threatening to expel their load of cum. And Dan's rhythmic movements were becoming more and more erratic as he banged his prick around and around her asshole.

"Yes!" he cried, throwing back his head and tightening his grip on her tits. "I'm done, baby, I'm done! I can't hold back any longer."

"Don't hold back, Dan! Don't hold back one more second! Shoot that creamy shit into my asshole right now!"

"Damn right, I will! Oh, fuck! I'm coming!" His whole body tensed as he blew his load deep inside her shitty ass. "Ahhh! I'm coming, you bitch!"

"Eeeeee!" Janice squealed when she felt the first hot wad of jizz spray against her shit-hole walls.

Her husband shot wad after wad of jizz into her shitter, soaking her down. She continued to squeal and buck as the steamy cum burned her tender guts. She had to pump her asshole muscles in an effort to deal with the liquid fire, but this only served to milk out even more of the burning jizz. In her passion she soon milked her husband's prick completely dry.

"Wow!" he said as he pushed her off his cock. "That wasn't half bad."

"What do you mean, not half bad? Hell, I turned a foot-long cock into a wet noodle that's not big enough now to fuck a fly."

"That you did, baby. I apologize." He gave her a playful kiss, which she eagerly returned. Then they both dried themselves off before stepping into the adjoining bedroom to dress.

A round waterbed occupied the center of their bedroom. Janice stood in front of the mirror, adjusting the straps of the black bra she had just put on. Dan was across the room, pulling up his pants.