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Mr. Bennett had high hopes for his son, but after Alex disclosed that he was gay, he was disowned by his father. His mother and sister stood by his side with emotional support, and their love for him went beyond just being a son and sibling. Alex was determined to succeed in life and win back his father's approval.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~“Say, Dad, you told me some interesting stories earlier today, but I'm wondering if you have anything spicy to tell me.”“I think I know what you mean, but keep in mind that I was a married man with a family while I was in the Marine Corps,” he responded.“Yeah, of course I know you had a wife and family, but even married men do things. C'mon, Dad, tell me something juicy,” she demanded in a cheerful tone.“Okay, but this is just between the two of us,” he said. “After we left the Philippines, we were stationed in Korea for a while. There was this young lieutenant who I guess you could say was 'sucking up' to me because I was the one to write his performance report. He had this Korean girl that he needed help with. He said that she was young and cute and wanted to have two American men at once. 'Sir, please help me out,' he said. Well, this was a girl in poverty who was hoping to land and American officer. I guess she figured if she didn't get one, she would get the other. It appeared that the lieutenant just wanted to use the situation for me to get some action. His assessment of her appearance was accurate. She had a cute innocent face and a very nice pair of legs. She took us to a place a short distance outside and away from her family's hut where she had a blanket and pillows all set. I lay down on my back and she went prone to give me head while the lieutenant did her from behind. Now, that was it, my one and only hot story.”"Dad, I've heard that Korean girls have the best legs in the world and you seemed to like hers. I could not help but notice that mine have caught your eye. How do mine compare with that Korean girl's legs?”She kicked off her high heels, put her right foot on the love seat close to his thigh, unsnapped the straps of her garter belt and slowly removed her black nylon. After putting her right foot back on the floor, she put her left foot on the sofa to slowly remove her other black nylon from her left leg. With a sexy smile, she watched his eyed as they were focused on her movements. “So what do ya think, Mr. Legman?” she asked.“They are beautiful!” he exclaimed.April was pleased with the compliment even though he did not make a direct comparison with the Korean girl. She knew that he had suggested moving on and that she was prepared to do. She put her left foot back on the floor, and while standing directly in front of her father, April made eye contact while still smiling and lifted her mini-skirt. Mr. Bennett was speechless to see his daughter lifting her skirt in front of him to show that she was wearing no panties.“See, Dad, all evening you were out with your daughter and she was not wearing panties. When we were dancing and you dipped me, I raised my leg as high as I could and I suppose that someone could see up my skirt. But ya know, Dad, you're gonna get more than just a look.”April unzipped her mini-skirt, stepped out of it and moved closer to her father to put her hand behind the back of his head.

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Incest is Best

By Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2017 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

The following story is entirely of the author's imagination. All events and characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual events or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

Chapter 1: Introducing the Bennett Family

In many ways Alex Bennett was the best image of a son that any mother and father could ever hope for: he was handsome with a well-proportioned physique, had a a pleasant personality and was studious. In his senior year of high school many of the faculty members were expecting him to be the valedictorian at the graduation ceremony. To his friends and relatives Alex seemed destined to a bright future in whatever path he chose.

With plans for higher education, Alex had the confidence, ability and parental support to succeed but there was an emotional stumbling block in his road. Alex was gay. One might think that in these liberal times without the so-called closet where homosexuals felt the need to hide in years past, there should be no obstruction in his quest for success and happiness.

Alex had a conflict and it was a major one. His father was a retired Marine Corps office and as his son was growing up, Mr. Bennett was molding Alex to follow in his own footsteps and Alex did not resist his father's prompts. By the time he was in middle-school, Alex knew how to properly stand at attention and parade rest and could march like a true soldier as his father counted cadence. He could salute in that snappy, picturesque Marine Corps style, and he also knew many of other the moves a recruit would have to learn in basic training. Mr. Bennett insisted on vigorous exercises at home in addition to the calisthenics already required in high school P.E. Since his son was academically competent and responded well to training and discipline, Mr. Bennett was proud of Alex and could already imagine his son as a fine Marine Corps officer.

Alex was adored by his mother and sister April who was one year his senior and in her Freshman year at the community college. He was ready to confide in both of them about his sexual orientation but was terrified of facing his father. With only three months before high school graduation, Alex had also concluded that he did not want a military career. There were two bombshells ready to explode in the face of his father, one right after the other. It was relatively easy for Alex to make the unveiling to his mother and sister. Mrs. Bennett shed some tears for her son primarily because she knew the hardest part was ahead of him. They were well-aware of Mr. Bennett's aspirations for his son but in reality they knew that they were not destined to be fulfilled.

April smiled and kissed her brother on the cheek and said, “Dear brother, I kinda knew you were gay. I was never certain but it just seemed to be there in your demeanor and conversation. Don't be ashamed. This is not a 'bad' thing. It is what it is and we will stand by you when you're ready to tell our father.”

One particular day at dinner-time, the man of the house seemed to be in an exceptionally jovial mood. Mother and son made eye contact and their countenances seemed to say that the present time was as good as any. In an effort to not sound too formal, Mr. Bennett called for a family gathering in the living room after dinner. He wanted to talk about the upcoming graduation and his son's choice of curriculum for college in preparation for officer candidate training. Alex, his mother and his sister all knew that he could not simply say that he would not join the Marine Corps and let it go at that; somehow it just seemed that his sexual orientation was an inseparable part of the issue.

The happy expression on Mr. Bennett's face vanished quickly once his son made the dramatic unveiling. His countenance turned to one of near disbelief during a period of silence. Once the reality of his son's sexual orientation had set in, Mr. Bennett went into a fit of rage. He stood up, slapped Alex in the face, grabbed him by the shirt to shake him fiercely and shouted obscenities.

After letting loose of Alex's shirt, his father shoved him aside him and demanded that he get out of the house immediately. Mrs. Bennett and April stood between the father and son and were prepared to defend Alex physically and verbally. The fury of the woman of the house and her daughter was equal to that of the man.

“Our son does not have to leave this house!” Mrs. Bennett exclaimed. Don't you dare ever lay a hand on him again!”

“That's right, Dad,” April added. “My brother is as welcome here as I am, and I'm not going anywhere. You owe him an apology.”

Although Mr. Bennett felt guilty about slapping and shaking his son, he was too proud to apologize. He also felt intimidated by his wife and daughter and concluded that it would be best for him to back off for the present time. As he left the room without saying another word, Mrs. Bennett said, “He may come around in time, but even if he can't accept it in his heart, he's going to have to make an adjustment.”

Mr. Bennett exchanged very few words with Alex the days after the disclosure of his son's homosexuality, but both Mrs. Bennett and April were determine to not let their family become dysfunctional. “Well, it looks like your father may never apologize to Alex, but at least they are speaking just a little,” Mrs. Bennett said to her daughter. April and her brother had always felt close but since the confrontation with their father, she stood by his side as if she were his guardian angel. Alex had discussed with her that he would cancel his plans for college to enter the work force so that he could afford to leave home.

April did not like the idea of her brother's not going to college and leaving home, but she did not want to discourage him and offered emotional support. She and Alex had a discussion in her bedroom, “Ya know, dear brother, I'm gonna miss having you around when you finally move out,” she said during one of their private conversations. “Don't be in any hurry to leave!”

“I never want to be a stranger to you. I'll be around for a while longer until I get some money saved,” he assured her.

April looked her brother in the eyes for a moment, smiled and then boldly said, “Alex, I have a burning question.”

“I'm listening,” he responded.

“Do you have a steady boyfriend?” she asked.

“April!” he exclaimed as he was momentarily stunned by the question.

With a friendly smile, she said, “Please don't be embarrassed. I'm not only your sister, I'm your friend and we can share anything, even secrets. I know you've gone out on dates with girls, but when did you first realize that you were gay?”

“Okay, since you asked,” Alex said. “I don't know exactly when I first accepted it, but I remember getting excited when showering after gym class. Just seeing all those naked guy was such a turn on that I could hardly wait to go some where to masturbate.”

“Yeah, I guess seeing all those dicks swinging around could be a turn-on,” April said and then asked, “how many boys have you been intimate with?”

Alex was feeling comfortable speaking to his sister about sex and then said, “the reality is that although the urges are there, I don't have much sexual experience. It seems like I want it all the time but I'm just too nervous to make a pass at a guy.”

“Do you jack-off a lot?” she asked.

“Yeah, too damn much, but I don't know what else to do,” he answered.

“Okay, I understand that you want very much to make love to another guy, but you're afraid to be forward. I guess that answers my question about a steady boyfriend. You don't have one,” she said. “I know there's a lot of liberal-minded people but the stigma of male homosexuality is still out there. It's so unfair. If a girl wants to be with another girl, she's called a Lesbian, and that sounds pretty good, but when males are together, they're called queers and faggots, and that sounds insulting.”'

“I think it'll be better once school is over. Then, I won't have to worry so much about gossip.” Alex explained.

“I think you're right,” she said, “but like I was saying, girls don't have as big of a problem when it comes to homosexuality. I've done it a few times and most of my friends are okay with it.”

Alex was surprised with his sister's comment and asked, “You mean that you've actually had sex with another girl?”

“Yes, dear brother,” April answered. “I enjoy licking a pussy once in a while. You should try it sometime.”

“I don't think so,” he responded.

April flashed her brother a bright smile with a wink and said, “Yeah, I know, you would much rather such a cock and I'm okay with that, but maybe somewhere down the road you'll try a little pussy.” She could sense that her brother was getting even more comfortable talking about sex in her company and she felt inclined to say, “You said something about not having much experience but there must be at least one time that was special you'd like to tell me about.”

“Okay, but only because you asked,” Alex responded with a smile. “It was at a party where this one guy and I were the only ones stag. He had just broken up with his girl and was depressed and the party didn't seem to help. While everyone else was dancing, we talked a lot, and he said something about a guy being better off without a girl. He slapped me lightly on the thigh, gave it a little squeeze and said, 'Let's ditch this party and go for a ride.' I don't know why but I just felt like going along with him. When we got into his car, we didn't really go anywhere. Its was a nice warm night with the moon out and we were apparently both horny. When I could see that he was not going to start the car, I knew what he had on his mind. He looked me in the face and said something like, 'you look like someone who wants to give head.' I guess it was like something you said a a few days ago about my demeanor and conversation; he just sensed that I was gay.

“Well, dear sister, I had been fantasizing about sucking a cock for some time and here was my chance to try the real thing. He invited me to the back seat where he pulled his pants down and then I went down on him. I sucked like a hungry animal and the feel of his cock in my mouth was the most pleasant feeling I had ever experienced. It was so good I went down on the whole thing to the point I could feel his pubic hairs on m lips. Yeah, I was enjoying myself but he was also laughing and having a good time getting his cock sucked. He had his hands on my head and even that felt good because I knew I was giving him pleasure. When he asked if he could come in my mouth, I nodded yes, and I don't know how I did it but I swallowed it all. I knew he was satisfied but I wanted to keep his prick in my mouth as long as possible. Finally, he said, 'That's good.'”

“That's a sweet story,” April said sincerely. “Did you ever see him again?”

“No, I always wanted to but our paths never crossed. He probably went back to his girl or found another,” he answered.

“I want you to have a good time, but please be more careful. Don't just pick up anybody,” she said.

“You're right April, but I feel much better about everything now that I've shared that beautiful experience with you. I'm now inspired to be more forward and meet someone,” he said enthusiastically.

“That's wonderful!” April exclaimed. “I'll help you in any way I can. I would love for you to meet a nice boy. You have a sparkling personality and now you're not worried anymore about that silly stigma. I love you, Alex and I'm even glad you're gay. Are you horny after telling your story?”

“Yes,” he responded rather sheepishly.

“Well, since we don't have another guy here, go ahead and masturbate with a little fantasy,” April suggested.

“You mean, right in front of you?” Alex asked.

“Yes!” she exclaimed decisively, and then after a short pause, she said, “Wait a minute! I'll jack you off.”

“What?” he asked as he was startled at April's suggestion. “We can't do that. You're my sister.”