Incest 8-Pack Vol 1 - Krissy Cox - ebook

8 ultra-hardcore sex stories about sexy women who like to keep it in the family. Get the full set at a discount.Stories Included:Daddy Juice - Tiffany’s been a naughty girl! Just eighteen, she’s been getting urges to start having sex. And when she’s around her daddy the desire is magnified. On an impulse, she sneaks into his room, while he’s sleeping, to get a taste of his Daddy Juice. When he wakes up to see his daughter’s bare pussy staring him in the face, he does what any good father would do…Daddy's Seed #1 - Sarah’s going nowhere in life. After dropping out of college she moved back in with her parents. Frustrated, Sarah's dad is taking matters into his own hands with a new drug that was developed at the lab where he works. The drug is called Mind Control. And that’s exactly what he’s going to do — take back control.Making a Baby with Daddy - Jasmine Taylor’s mom can’t have any more babies. Saddened by her mom’s infertility, she agrees to carry her mom's baby at the suggestion of her dad. But when the sexy teenager realizes her dad intends to conceive the baby with her the old fashion way, Jasmine must put her objections aside to help her mom and make a baby with daddy!I Caught Daddy Sniffing My Panties - When Rachel Taylor’s dirty thongs start to go missing she sets up a sting operation to catch the panty thief red handed. What she didn’t expect to find was her dad sniffing her dirty panties while he's jerking off! Find out what happens when Rachel confronts her daddy and threatens to tell mom!Cum Slut for My Preacher Daddy #2 - Doug Wilson can’t stand his nagging wife, Jean. He wishes he could leave her, but can’t because of his family’s business — Ray of Light Christian Church. Recently, he’s been coping with his misery by jerking off to his hot daughter. Doug knows it’s wrong to lust after his baby girl, but convinces himself no-one will ever know. That was until an unholy force takes control of Doug and makes him act out all his twisted fantasies on his daughter, while his wife is forced to watch.Grandpa's Juicy Cock - Ever since I walked in on grandpa jerking off, I can’t get his monster cock out of my mind. And after I give him my young, virgin pussy, Grandpa won’t be able to get me out of his mind either.What's fair is fair.Drilling My Daughter's Butt! - My daughter's been passing it out all over town and bringing shame to our family name. Too embarrassed to show my face again in our small community, tonight I’m going to teach my daughter a lesson in the only virgin hole she has left.My Doctor, My Uncle - Jenny is 18, a virgin and about to get her first female check-up from the best gynecologist in town--her uncle.

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8-Pack Vol 1

Krissy Cox


Daddy Juice

Daddy’s Seed #1

Making a Baby with Daddy

I Caught Daddy Sniffing My Panties

Cum Slut for My Preacher Daddy #2

Grandpa's Juicy Cock

Drilling My Daughter’s Butt!

My Uncle, My Doctor


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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About the Author



This work of fiction contains adult sexual content, which may offend some audiences. This book is intended for mature adult (18+) audiences only. All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. 

First edition. 2017 Copyright © 2017 Krissy Cox


Daddy Juice

I love my daddy so much! He's my best friend. He's teaching me how to swim in the mornings before school and on the weekends, he makes me chocolate chip pancakes. He takes really good care of me. He's the best daddy in the whole wide world. And he's all mine. But now that I'm eighteen, I'm starting to have different types of feelings for my daddy. The kinds of feelings that make me tingle in between my legs every time I'm around him.

All of my friends are having sex and they tell me all about it. How guys love when your pussy gets really wet and how good it feels when you cum. And I want to start fucking too, but I only want my daddy inside me. He's so hot for a dad, and just being near him makes my pussy get all juiced up. Most nights, I have to excuse myself from the dinner table to go to my room and make myself cum. I just can't handle much longer.

The other night I snuck into daddy's bedroom when he was sleeping. When I lifted the sheets off him, daddy was completely naked. His cock was hard and huge. He must have been having a dirty dream -- I hope it was about me. Anyways, when I looked a little closer, I noticed I dollop of thick liquid at the tip of daddy's cock. I couldn't help myself, I had to taste it. I knew I had to be gentle when I put my hand around daddy's cock. It was warm and my hand barely wrapped around the base! I lifted it up and moved my head in closer. I stuck my tongue out and gave daddy's cock one wet swipe. My tongue picked up his gooey goodness and a flood of salt and sour filled my mouth. My nipples hardened and my pussy gushed. I knew daddy might wake up, so put his cock back down, slowly, and went back to my room.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about daddy's big cock. It's always on my mind. I picture the tip spreading my fat lips open and then slowly working its way into my virgin pussy. And I think about what it would feel like to have daddy's load fill my fertile pussy. Mmm, making a baby with my daddy would be the ultimate! And because I can't get daddy out of my mind, I'm going back to his room to get another peek and hopefully, another taste.

After I was certain he'd be asleep, I crept into his room. The lights were off and it was pitched black walking up to daddy's bed. When I made it to his side, I could tell he was in a deep sleep. Tonight, I wanted to play with my pussy while I touched daddy's cock, so I took all my clothes off. I got on my knees and pulled up the white sheet. There it was, flopped over on daddy's thigh. It wasn't hard like last time, but it was still a decent size. I licked my lips as I reached between daddy's thighs, his dick was soft but still warm. My mouth watered when I traced the ridge with my fingers. And without thinking twice, I put my mouth on daddy's cock. It was still sleeping when my lips reached the bottom, but when my tongue danced around the shaft, daddy's cock came to life.

It quadrupled in size and soon I was choking when the tip reached deep into my throat. My first reaction was to pull it out of my mouth, but I'm no quitter. I kept licking and sucking daddy's amazing cock. Thinking about daddy's juice flooding my mouth like a tasty treat, kept me focused. I was deep in concentration, trying to coax daddy's gooey goodness out of him, that I hadn't realized I'd climbed on top of him. So, when I felt daddy's tongue on my pussy lips, I almost jumped off him. I wasn't sure if he knew it was me, or if he was even fully awake. All I did know was my daddy knew how to eat pussy!

Daddy's tongue parted my lips and licked my teenage folds -- up and down. And when his tongue got to my special button, he made sure to pay it extra attention. I wanted daddy to feel as good as I was, so flicked my tongue wildly on his head. It didn't take long for daddy's dick to erupt. Daddy juice flooded my mouth and I tried to swallow every last drop, but it was so much spunk that a heaping amount cascaded down my chin like a waterfall.

Daddy groaned as he continued to cum in my mouth and soon my body shook with its own wave of sexual euphoria. Daddy and I cumming together made me feel closer to him than ever before.

As I came back down to earth, daddy threw me off of him and onto the bed. He stood to the side of the bed, his dick still hard and dripping with cum.

"You've been a bad girl, Tiffany," Daddy stared down at me with an intense gaze.

Daddy's gaze was all encompassing. It was as if, I had awakened a feral, uncontrollable beast and for a moment, I thought about running away from him. But instead, I met daddy's stare and I ran my finger up and down my sopping wet pussy. After scooping up my sex, I brought my ambrosia up to my daddy's nose. He sniffed my fingers like a wild dog, pushed me back on the bed and pulled me to him by my thighs.

His cock was raging again when he pointed the head at my entrance. And when he ran the tip up and down my inner labia I thought I was going to faint, it felt so good.

"Daddy, put it inside me, please. Fuck your baby girl's pussy. Please daddy...please."

He laughed, like a man experienced in driving women wild. And with a devilish grin still on his face, daddy pushed his big cock deep inside me.

I let out a gasp when I felt his cock pierce through my virgin wall, but that didn't deter my daddy one bit. He worked my pussy over good -- his balls spanking my ass with his every thrust.

"You like daddy's cock inside you?" He groaned.

"Yes! Put your baby inside me, daddy!"

"Mmm, what will people say, when they find out daddy and daughter made a baby together?" Daddy panted.

My mind and body were in a frenzied state, and thinking about people knowing about daddy putting his juice inside me, catapulted me into another wave of bliss.

My body rocked and my pussy spasmed as I yelled, "I want everyone to know about our daddy daughter sex! Let's rub their faces in it!"

And with that, daddy grunted like an animal and released his potent daddy seed into my ovulating womb. Load after hot load of daddy's juice filled me up. And when he finally pulled out of me, our sex juice leaked out of my hole and down my thighs.

After that night, I moved into daddy's room and took him into all my holes every night.

Daddy’s Seed #1

Sarah was