Inadvertent - Knausgaard Karl Ove - książka

Inadvertent książka papierowa

Knausgaard Karl Ove


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"Why I Write" may prove to be the most difficult question Karl Ove Knausgaard has struggled to answer yet it is central to the project of one of the most influential writers working today. To write, for the Norwegian artist, is to resist easy thinking and preconceived notions that inhibit awareness of our lives. Knausgaard writes to "erode [his] own notions about the world... It is one thing to know something, another to write about it". The key to enhanced living is the ability to hit upon something inadvertently, to regard it from a position of defenselessness and unknowing. A deeply personal meditation, "Inadvertent" is a cogent and accessible guide to the creative process of one of our most prolific and ingenious artists.

Liczba stron: 104

Format (wymiary): 12.0x18.0cm

ISBN: 9780300248517