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“Sometimes people just won’t notice what’s right in front of their face, you know?”For years Allison had nursed a secret infatuation for Lucas and hoped that eventually he’d find what he was looking for in her—even if it was totally taboo. Seeing the way that other women hung all over him hurt, but as long as she got to spend time with him she was willing to live with it. Eventually she would work up the nerve to make some kind of move on him.That’s what she told herself, anyway, right up until the moment Claudia swooped in and snatched him up. Lucas fell head over heels for the blond beauty, although Allison could see that Claudia didn’t really love him at all.Then after a nasty breakup Lucas moves home. Allison finally has her chance to make her move. But can she convince Lucas that forbidden fruit really is the sweetest?

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In His Dreams



Kelli Wolfe



Copyright © 2014 Kelli Wolfe

Published by Pink Parts Press



All rights reserved. No part of this eBook may be reproduced in any form or by any means, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review, without permission in writing from the publisher.


All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.



“Sometimes people just won’t notice what’s right in front of their face, you know?”

For years Allison had nursed a secret infatuation for Lucas and hoped that eventually he’d find what he was looking for in her—even if it was totally taboo. Seeing the way that other women hung all over him hurt, but as long as she got to spend time with him she was willing to live with it. Eventually she would work up the nerve to make some kind of move on him.

That’s what she told herself, anyway, right up until the moment Claudia swooped in and snatched him up. Lucas fell head over heels for the blond beauty, although Allison could see that Claudia didn’t really love him at all.

Then after a nasty breakup Lucas moves home. Allison finally has her chance to make her move. But can she convince Lucas that forbidden fruit really is the sweetest?

* * *

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In His Dreams


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In His Dreams


As Allison’s fingers touched the cool doorknob her heart hammered wildly from mingled fear and excitement. One little turn and she would be inside Lucas’s room. One little turn that would change everything between them forever. For the hundredth time in her life she stood in that dim hallway with her hand on his doorknob, assailed by doubt, terrified of what might happen if she went inside. But this time the fear didn’t win. Grasping firmly onto her determination to go through with it this time, she slowly turned the knob and slipped inside then silently shut the door behind her.

It was even darker inside so she stood still, hardly daring to breathe for the minute or so it took for her eyes to adjust. Lucas lay face up in a loose sprawl across the bed, his naked body half-covered by his sheet. Gentle snores rose from the head of the bed, and based on the way he was staggering when he came in Allison knew he was going to be too groggy when he woke up to put up much of a fight. She skinned out of her panties and t-shirt and slipped into bed beside him to snuggle into the generous heat of his body.

She laid her hand on his chest, felt his heart thudding against her palm. Her fingers snaked through the hair on his chest and felt their way down his stomach, across the hard, rippled muscles of his abs. She paused there for a moment to listen, but Lucas’s slow, deep breathing hadn’t changed—he was still out cold. Allison took a deep breath of her own and reached lower, guided by the narrow band of hair which led down his abdomen. As her fingertips brushed the satiny skin of his cock a sizzling tingle shot straight through her pussy. Oh, god.

Her heart jarred then pounded even harder. For years she had imagined this moment almost every day, and now it was finally upon her and she was so nervous she could hardly think straight. Carefully she grasped his warm flesh with her hand and kneaded him gently with her fingers. In his sleep he was soft, flaccid—but she was definitely going to change that. Not wanting to disturb him yet she eased slowly beneath the sheet and slid down to where his prick waited for her. She lifted him up with one hand while her eager tongue flicked across his head, and then she took him into her mouth. Ever so softly she began to suck on him, tonguing his shaft until he was dripping with her saliva. After only a few seconds she felt him stir and twitch, and gradually he began to stiffen.

* * *

The week Allison turned eighteen she had gone out and bought a vibrator. It was big, blue, waterproof, had adjustable speeds, but best of all it was shaped just like her stepbrother Lucas’s cock.

After her mom married his dad when Allison was twelve Lucas had always treated her just like a little sister, so she mostly thought of him as her brother. At least she had up until the time she realized that her big brother was the sexiest, most drop-dead gorgeous guy in school. Lucas ran track and was on the swim team; he was all lean, tanned muscles and tousled blond hair and laughing brown eyes that made her insides melt like butter whenever he looked at her. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life and she went to every game and match he played in to watch him, captivated by the masculine perfection of his youthful body.

Unfortunately every other girl in school felt the same way, and during his last two years of high school Lucas fucked his way through most of the cheerleading squad, the drill team, the band, the softball team, and for all Allison knew the math and science club girls as well just because he could. He never dated anyone for long and he was always gentle about breaking things off; he confided in her once that he just never found a girl who really did it for him. On the weekends she’d stay up until he came home reeking of sex and perfume, then she’d disappear to her room and play with herself again and again while imaging that it was her Lucas had fucked in the back seat of his old Mustang convertible. And she’d imagine that whatever it was that he was looking for in all those other girls, he would finally find in her.

In college he turned to baseball, and she tagged along to every game as though she was the world’s biggest fangirl. Seeing the way that other girls hung all over him afterwards hurt, but as long as she got to see him she was willing to live with it. At least until she could work herself up to making some kind of move on him herself. That’s what she told herself in bed at night, anyway.

Over the years she had found plenty of opportunities to walk in on Lucas while he was getting out of the shower or dressing and get herself an eyeful of his hard body and his long, thick cock. She wanted it so badly. She wanted to play with it, wanted to lick and suck every inch of it it, wanted to rub it all over her skin, and she wanted Lucas to stick it inside every hole that she had. At night Allison would stare at the ceiling for hours, sleepless from her never-ending ache to be stuffed with it.

On a few of those nights when Lucas came home stumbling drunk from an after-game party she was tempted to sneak into his bed naked just to see what would happen, but she always chickened out just about the time she started to open his door. She would stand there in the hallway with her hand on the doorknob and think about having to face him the next morning if she went through with it and he rejected her, and then she would tiptoe back to bed where she’d toss and turn half the night and scream at herself for being such a coward.

Not long after Allison’s eighteenth birthday, only weeks after she started college herself, Lucas snuck some tall, willowy blonde into his room. Allison heard the giggling and poked her head into the hall just in time to see them disappear into his room. Burning ice puddled in her stomach, and her heart thudded with jealous despair. Why couldn’t she make him want her?

Unable to help herself she closed her door and crept quietly back onto her bed with her head close by the wall they shared. As she lay there listening to the creaking bed and moans her own body came to life with a buzzing excitement that surprised her with its intensity. Biting her lip Allison jammed her hand into her panties, desperate fingers working against her swollen, aching clit. She listened, strained to hear every single moan, and let her imagination run wild.

What it was that he was doing to her right then, and what was it that made her moan like that? How would it feel to have those hard, strong hands claiming her body, his full lips demanding and rough on her own? Eventually, when soft cries announced yet another conquest for Lucas, Allison exploded as well and came until her juices dripped down onto her sheets while she dreamed that it was Lucas’s smooth hardness filling her instead of just her fingers.

Halfway through the year Lucas ran into Claudia—ran into her like a brick wall, really, because she seemed to be the one girl in school who was totally oblivious to his charm and good looks. So naturally he dropped everyone else and pursued her relentlessly. For two months he chased her, and in the end got a double date and a peck on the cheek for his trouble. When she didn’t seem interested in seeing him again after that Lucas was at a total loss. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. Now this girl had ladies’ man Lucas so strung out that he wouldn’t even look at another woman. It was true, too. No matter how hard they tried, no matter what they did, Lucas just wasn’t interested—and some of his baseball groupies got pretty brazen with the things they tried, too. But none of it worked. He was oblivious to everyone except Claudia. Finally, after weeks of single-minded pursuit Claudia relented and they started dating. Lucas’s once legendary sex life came to a screeching halt. There were just quiet, apparently completely chaste dates often spent with other couples. And Allison’s big brother swore he was in love.

Allison had hated Claudia from the first moment she saw her. It wasn’t just the little crinkle of disdain around her eyes when Lucas introduced them—you’re certainly no threat, she seemed to say. It wasn’t that she was so damned gorgeous, even though she totally was, all tanned and petite with pale golden curls, an hourglass figure, and a little upturned nose that was just too fucking cute for words. It wasn’t even the way that she draped herself so possessively over the big brother Allison wanted to possess so badly herself. She could have lived with all of that if Claudia had made Lucas happy.

No, she hated Claudia because of what she didn’t see in the other girl’s eyes when she looked at Lucas. Allison never caught a glimpse of love or even affection, just that possessiveness. She looked more like some old Scrooge fondling a pile of gold coins than a young woman in love with her boyfriend. It gave Allison a cold, sick feeling down in the pit of her stomach. She thought her mom and stepdad caught it, too, because while they were pleasant enough to Claudia neither of them treated her with the warmth they usually displayed towards the girls Lucas brought home whom they approved of. Something about her radiated pure poison—to everyone but Allison’s clueless big brother, anyway.

In June he announced that he was moving out and they were getting a place together. Allison cried her eyes out for a week when he left. Other than occasional visits on the weekends Lucas pretty much vanished from their lives, but she didn’t forget him. She saw traces of him in every guy she dated, and when she finally started fucking guys her senior year, in her head it was always Lucas touching her, filling her. It was the only way she could come. If she didn’t think of him she couldn’t finish, no matter how good the guy was or what he did to her. By the time her nineteenth birthday rolled around she had pretty much given up on dating and sex. There just wasn’t anything in it for her. It was down to just her and her blue vibrator that reminded her of Lucas.

Months went by where she hardly saw Lucas at all. Spring break was coming up, and her mom my stepdad were going on vacation to New England for ten days. The last thing in the world she wanted to do was tag along with them, and she had been fighting bitterly to convince them to let her stay behind. They just weren’t thrilled with the idea of leaving their teenage daughter at home alone while they were out of the state. Allison couldn’t blame them, really. Then Lucas came home.

He knocked on the door Saturday afternoon two weeks before spring break while their parents were out shopping and dropped a suitcase on the floor in the living room when Allison let him in. It didn’t take a psychic to know that things were very bad. She steered him into the kitchen and poured him a glass of iced tea.

“You want to tell me about it?”

“Claudia and I are done. I need a place to stay for a little while until I can line up another apartment.”

She felt bad for him, his pain so raw that even though she loathed Claudia a sharp twinge of guilt struck her for all the times she had wished they’d break up. At the same time her pulse was racing and excitement bubbled in her veins. This might be her chance.

“What happened?”

“I found out she’s been fucking some engineering major when she said she was in class. She says she’s in love, and the whole thing with me was a mistake.”

“Oh, shit.”

“Yeah. I don’t know what to do, Allison. I just don’t know what to do.”

Lucas moved back into his old room and it felt really good having him home again, even if it was just temporary. During the day he went to classes at college, and in the evenings Allison made sure he spent most of his time with her. It wasn’t difficult; he was lonely, and they fell easily back into the closeness that had been between them before he met Claudia. For her, it was pure heaven. But Lucas didn’t know that.

Friday night while they sat in the living room watching some old movie he liked, he muted the sound and shot her a guilty look.

“Allie, I’m OK. You don’t have to stick around here and keep me company. It’s sweet of you and I appreciate it, but it’s Friday night, and I’m sure you’d rather be out with your friends or your boyfriend.”

She gave him a lopsided smile. “Not really. I’m right where I want to be.”

“Are you guys fighting or something?”


“Then why…”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

That piqued his curiosity and he sat up straight on the couch. “Seriously? Why not?”

“There’s not anybody that I’m interested in.”

“Nobody at all?”

“Well, not that I can get,” she admitted warily.

Lucas looked her up and down. “Allison,” he said, “you were the prettiest girl in your class, and from the looks of you now I seriously doubt that has changed. I can’t imagine you having any trouble getting any guy you want. Is he gay or something?”

She giggled. “No. Just oblivious.”

“To you? Hell, he must be blind.”

“Sometimes people just won’t notice what’s right in front of their face, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

He withdrew into himself after that, and she didn’t get a whole lot more out of him that night. It killed her to see him hurting that way, and she ached to go and put her arms around him, to comfort him and do her best to make him forget there had ever been a Claudia. She was just too scared of what would happen if she made that first move and he pushed her away. Could their relationship ever recover from that?

Saturday night he went out and got drunk. He came in around two in the morning, stumbling and trying to be quiet. He didn’t notice Allison sitting in the living room. She had been terrified that he had gone to try to patch things up with Claudia, so while she hated to see him in that state it was still something of a relief. She waited until she heard his door close then went to her own room. When she heard his bed creak that old, familiar sound set her off. Her body remembered, like one of Pavlov’s dogs responding to a bell, and a prickling warmth ignited in the depths of her pussy. At that moment she realized that this was it; this was her chance, and the opportunity might never come again.

She took a deep breath, slipped into the hall, and stepped in front of Lucas’ door.

* * *

He was rock-hard in her mouth, now, his head pressing against the back of her throat. She continued to gently suck him, not yet ready for him to wake up, wanting him closer to the edge first. Her fingers stroked his balls as she steadily worked her mouth up and down his shaft. Lucas’ snore turned to a moan and he shifted his weight on the bed, thrusting his hips upwards a little. Allison’s lips curved in a smile around him; with any luck he was having the best erotic dream of his life. The salty taste of sex drifted over her tongue as his juices began to ooze, and a fresh wave of tingles broke inside of her. Already she was wet, her walls trembling in excitement and need. Desire flared, mounted in her core, spurred to new heights by the forbidden act of sucking on her big brother’s thick cock.

The skin of Lucas’ sack tightened around his balls, and she couldn’t believe he was still asleep. He had stopped snoring and was breathing deeply now, but still showed no signs of waking up. The knotted clit at her root begged for attention, while the flutter in Allison’s loins was an insatiable hunger driving her onwards. She had tasted him, sucked him, and now she had to have him inside of her.

She slid Lucas’ shaft out of her mouth then worked her way around until she was facing him again. She eased one long leg over his body, careful to avoid bumping into his erect, straining rod. Once she was steady she shifted her weight so she straddled her brother’s hips, with his hard manhood nestled against the crack of her ass. The touch of that soft, hot skin against hers made her shiver with wanting. He was so close now, so very close, mere inches away from the throbbing wetness between her legs.

Lifting herself up, Allison swung back a little and rotated her hips until Lucas’s stiff shaft was aimed straight at her quivering hole. She held herself steady with one hand and gripped his cock with the other, guiding his head until it disappeared into the slick entrance to her cunt. She rubbed him in her juices to get him as slippery as possible, and then with agonizing slowness she lowered herself onto him. He pressed into the tight muscles of her pussy, sinking into her throbbing hole a fraction of an inch at a time, until she was completely filled with his hot, stiff meat. When she felt herself sitting on his hips, his cock buried to the hilt in the depths of her belly, she shuddered in ecstasy. Just the thought of what she was doing had her ready to burst all over him. Relishing the deliciously stuffed feeling in her tunnel, she squeezed her muscles around him to make the fit even tighter.

Lucas moaned again, louder this time, and she heard his breathing quicken. Allison leaned forward until her clit squeezed against his pubic bone and rotated her hips, stirring him inside of her just enough to generate some friction while keeping him lodged deep inside her pussy. Electric tingles shot out from her clit and speared down through her center, and she grew wetter with every single movement.

“Mmm. Feels so good,” Lucas murmured.

Allison leaned in closer, filling her nostrils with the scent of cologne and his sharp, male muskiness. Strands of her long, blonde hair trailed down on his chest to tickle along his bare skin. She bent and brushed her lips softly against his chin, kissing the prickly stubble along the edge of his jaw, darted her tongue against the soft rise of his lips. He was breathing harder now, and she could feel his chest rising and falling deeply under her. Hard, strong hands found her legs and slid up the silky skin of her taut thighs to grip her waist.


“Shhhhhh,” she whispered, closing his mouth with her own.

Their tongues slid together and she tasted the whiskey he had been drinking, smoky and dark. His cock throbbed in her grip, and it felt as if he had grown another inch to thrust even more deeply into her. Allison whimpered against him, her muscles locking while her nerves drew taut and burned in almost unbearable tension that seemed to suck all the air out of her lungs. An eternal heartbeat later her orgasm blasted through her and she pressed herself down onto Lucas, grinding her body as tightly against his as she could, squeezing his rigid shaft with her ravenous cunt. She fought not to scream, muffling her cries against Lucas’ neck while her back arched and her slender frame shuddered with the forces which battered at her senses.