Impregnated By The Pharaoh Bundle: Ancient Egyptian Historical Adult Collection - Daniella Fetish - ebook

Included in this bundle are the following ADULT stories:Broken In Public By The PharaohIn ancient Egypt, one man rules with total power. The tall, muscular Pharaoh Nisroch.Every year a woman must be choosen to be taken in public, at the festival of the Nile. Anna is chosen, and although she's untouched, that won't stop the enormous Pharaoh from taking her roughly in public no matter how much it hurts.It's considered an honor among Egyptians, and Anna is as excited as she is scared.However in front of the massive crowd, she wonders if she can even go through with it. It's far too late to change her mind however - Pharaoh Nisroch wants her pregnant, and he's not going to stop until she's filled up with as much seed as he can give her.The Pharaoh's PlaythingLao wakes up to panic, chaos and destruction in the streets as her once quiet village is shook up by a public stabbing. In the chaos a man takes advantage of the distraction, rushing in and dragging her off. Just when all hope seems lost, a single arrow pierces him in the chest as the Pharaoh's men arrive to settle the dispute... and complete a seperate mission.Lao is taken, confused, to the all powerful Pharaoh who uses his incredibly charisma to convince her to do things good girls don't normally do - including being used like a whore and inseminated! She will have to struggle between her morals and the Pharaoh's power as she is caught between her old life and the new. Impregnated By The PharaohFor Delilah, every day working to help build the pyramids seems to bleed into the next with no hope in sight. All that changes one day when the Pharaoh himself comes down with a burning desire...With his wife unable to conceive, he must choose a woman to bear his children in secret. When he picks Delilah, she has to learn to give in to her own desires as the Pharaoh dominates her emotionally and sexually. 

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Impregnated By The Pharaoh Bundle

Elle London

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Broken In Public By The Pharaoh | Elle London

The Pharaoh’s Plaything | Elle London

Impregnated By The Pharaoh | Elle London

Broken In Public By The Pharaoh

Elle London

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There was fear too as the thick head of Pharaoh Nisroch’s erection rubbed on her inner thigh. She closed her eyes as she waited for him to take his prize and impregnate her, but when he raised his head from the passionate kiss he worked his lips down to her neck and lower.

Anna’s back slowly arched up as the delight of the touches pressing on her naked skin rippled through her slender frame. She groaned when Pharaoh Nisroch’s mouth reached her breasts and began to ravage her nipples. Animal instincts took control of his mind as he moved his head from side to side to take his fill of virgin flesh. It wasn’t just breasts and nipples he craved and he quickly worked kisses lower.

Anna shuddered as her legs were spread wider. She gasped as hot kisses pressed on her shaved skin and her head rocked back as eager licks rasped along her slick pussy lips. The taste was obviously to the pharaoh’s liking as he worked his head forward to slide his tongue in virgin pussy. It lashed around on her slick inner skin and she started to writhe uncontrollably as the pure bliss of the penetration took hold in her body. Pharaoh Nisroch buried his head between her thighs as he lashed his tongue around and tried to fuck it deeper.

His breath rasped out when he moved back and when he looked up at Anna, she could see her wetness glistening on his lips. Her muscles fluttered to make her shiver as kisses slid back up her body until she was pinned down to the mat by the heavy weight of her first lover. She tasted herself on his mouth when he kissed her and was all too aware of the slick head of his cock rubbing on her pussy lips.

Full Story:

The luxurious appearance of the surroundings was apparent to Anna the second she stepped inside the huge tent. She looked around with wide open eyes at the gleaming hardwood furniture, golden statues and mountains of food laid out on tables. It was something out of the ordinary and a million miles away from the existence she was used to..., but she didn’t want to be there. She looked at the other pretty young girls around her and could see they were wearing the same expression of amazement and trepidation.

They were there as part of the annual Egyptian festival to celebrate a successful year of crop growing and also to honor the river gods and ask that they provide help in guaranteeing another prosperous year ahead. It was a great honor for a young girl to take part and it brought prestige and riches to their families. Anna knew what it could mean though. She’d been a spectator at the event every year and as she grew into a teenager became ever more aware of the fertility ceremony. Now that she was eighteen there was a chance she would be doing more than watching it. She might be taking part with the man they were about to meet.

Pharaoh Nisroch had ruled over the lands where she lived since she was a young girl and he was now in his mid forties. He was considered to be a wise and powerful leader and did his utmost to ensure that he and his people enjoyed a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle. In the early years of his rule he instigated the fertility ceremony as a way of paying homage to the River Nile and seeking to ensure that it kept his lands lush and bountiful.

There were only two things required of the girl that took part. She first needed to be pretty and second needed to be a virgin. The ceremony was a public event that all were welcome to watch and Pharaoh Nisroch took the duty of impregnating a local female seriously. The choice of girls was first left to his most trusted advisors and they took their pick of the prettiest virgins from villages and towns in his lands. The final choice of who would actually take part in the ceremony was down to the pharaoh himself and that was why Anna and the other girls found themselves being led inside the tent.

“Sit and eat,” they were told.

Anna dropped to the floor next to a table with the five other girls that were part of the group. She just stared at the food laid out in front of her at first. Her parents had given her a comfortable upbringing although they were by no means wealthy. She’d never seen so much food set out in one place though and it was only when she became aware of the other girls helping themselves that she reached out and took some fruit. She glanced at them as she ate. They were definitely prettier then her, or at least that’s what she thought. She hoped one of them would catch the pharaoh’s eye and spare her the ignominy of being deflowered in such a public way.

Not that the thought of it didn’t bring out a certain lurid desire in her. She would never admit as much to anyone and thought it was weird that the idea of losing her virginity in front of a large crowd should turn her on, but there was no getting away from it. Fantasy was one thing though. The reality of the situation brought out a fear and she prayed that one of the other girls would be chosen.

“Stand up,” the loud command came.

Anna dropped the fruit in her hand back on the table and scrambled to her feet. She was led with the other girls to the back of the tent and they were made to line up. They stood nervously as they waited to see what happened and bowed their heads when Pharaoh Nisroch made his entrance. Most of the others in the tent bowed their heads also to show respect for their leader. He looked around as he walked up to the line up of girls presented for his inspection and moved slowly along them.

The cane in his hand was placed under each girl’s chin to make her look up at him and when it was Anna’s turn she was all too aware of his deep brown eyes boring into her own. She knew she couldn’t look away and saw something in the intense gaze that convinced her she was going to be picked. Her legs trembled and she only bowed her head again when the cane moved from under her chin.

“Bring this one through,” Pharaoh Nisroch said and Anna glanced up to see the cane pointing in her direction.

Her nerves erupted and the crazy notion of running came in her head. It was a passing thought that she quickly shrugged aside. She knew there was no escaping her fate as fingers wrapped around her upper arm to lead her to an opening through to a private area of the tent. The two pretty women lounging on a bed looked at her as she was brought before them. Her breath came out in heavy gasps as she watched Pharaoh Nisroch move across to lie on the bed beside them. Everyone else left and she stood nervously as eyes roamed over her body.

“Tell me child,” the pharaoh commanded in a loud voice. “Are you still innocent?”

“I..., I don’t understand,” Anna replied and blushed red as the giggles of the two women erupted.

“I mean have you been touched by a man intimately?” he went on.

“No,” she answered quietly.

“So you are a pure virgin,” Pharaoh Nisroch enquired.

“Yes,” Anna told him.

“Make her show her body,” one of the women said.

Anna tensed, but when she looked at the pharaoh he nodded his head to show that she should do it. Her hands trembled as she worked the robe up her body and pulled it over her head. She was wearing nothing below and it exposed her pert breasts and bare buttocks.

“She is pretty,” the other woman on the bed commented.

“Yes,” Pharaoh Nisroch agreed.