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DESCRIPTIONAll Daddy’s little girl wanted for Christmas was to lose her virginity. When Daddy makes her naughty taboo wish come true, he unlocks a gift that keeps giving. With their forbidden incestuous sex enticing the whole family, will Daddy’s coed find herself getting more than she bargained for? Unable to say no to Daddy’s every desire, will this barely legal girl find herself used and impregnated?EXCERPTOh my God... Oh my GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! And I do mean fucking. This has been the most fantastic... outrageous... spectacular... awesome Christmas EVER! You wanted to know what I think, and that’s it!My bitch, hypocrite mom got her just deserts. I found out my brother is gay, well actually bi; so is my dad; I got my cherry popped; and I’m probably preggers now—which is way so cool—AND everyone knows that I’m bi and they’re okay with it. I have had so many fucking orgasms in the last couple of days that there’s no way for me to keep count. Daddy has fucked me so many times and pumped so much sperm into my fertile pussy there’s no way I won’t become pregnant this month since I’m not on the pill and he never used a condom. I’ve gotten to watch every single family member fuck their brains out and cum in so many different ways. Best of all, I’ve made them all cum too. So Cool.You want my side of this story, I’ll tell you, but I can sum it up in just one paragraph. Samantha is awesome. Everything she’s done is awesome. She has opened my family’s eyes to so many wonderful things and now we are truly a loving family in every sense of the word. If she weren’t here now we would still be a loving family. If she disappeared, we would look for her until we found her and trust me, we’re a tenacious bunch. So, no one’s been hurt; no one’s pissed off; and we all know that the only way we get to keep doing this is to be super secretive about it. So step down and back the fuck off. Ok, probably not the best way to get this thing going, but you told us to be honest in our feelings so I’m trying.

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Surely Wilder

Daughter’s Side

Published by Lot’s Cave

I Is For Insatiable, © 2015, Surely Wilder

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Moira Nelligar

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Chapter 1 –Initiation

Chapter 2 –Intrigue

Chapter 3 –Instigation

Chapter 4 –Incest

Chapter 5 –Involvement

Chapter 6 –Inspiration

Chapter 7 –Illicit


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1


Oh my God... Oh my GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! And I do mean fucking. This has been the most fantastic... outrageous... spectacular... awesome Christmas EVER! You wanted to know what I think, and that’s it!

My bitch, hypocrite mom got her just deserts. I found out my brother is gay, well actually bi; so is my dad; I got my cherry popped; and I’m probably preggers now—which is way so cool—AND everyone knows that I’m bi and they’re okay with it. I have had so many fucking orgasms in the last couple of days that there’s no way for me to keep count. Daddy has fucked me so many times and pumped so much sperm into my fertile pussy there’s no way I won’t become pregnant this month since I’m not on the pill and he never used a condom. I’ve gotten to watch every single family member fuck their brains out and cum in so many different ways. Best of all, I’ve made them all cum too. So Cool.

You want my side of this story, I’ll tell you, but I can sum it up in just one paragraph. Samantha is awesome. Everything she’s done is awesome. She has opened my family’s eyes to so many wonderful things and now we are truly a loving family in every sense of the word. If she weren’t here now we would still be a loving family. If she disappeared, we would look for her until we found her and trust me, we’re a tenacious bunch. So, no one’s been hurt; no one’s pissed off; and we all know that the only way we get to keep doing this is to be super secretive about it. So step down and back the fuck off. Ok, probably not the best way to get this thing going, but you told us to be honest in our feelings so I’m trying.

Feelings are weird. I mean this whole thing has been a roller coaster of such intense highs and lows. Five days ago I didn’t know that Samantha existed, and today, I can’t really think about living one day without her. Of course, I hated my Mom then, but now? I understand what she was trying to do and I’ve forgiven her completely for all of it. So much has changed. I mean I had fantasized so much about how wonderful sex would be, but I had no idea it would be SSSOOO incredible. I always suspected that I was kind of a nymphomaniac; that part wasn’t surprising, but I had no idea that mom was too or that Daddy was such a sex freak. As for Matt, it has been so cool just to watch and help him come out of his shell. I think he was the one that was hurt most by Mom while we were growing up, but over the past five days, I’ve been able to help him heal the way he helped me when I was growing up. Not that he ever molested me, but me molesting him was part of his healing process. Wait, this is all coming out wrong and confused. Let me just tell you what happened, and you’ll see that it was all perfect and you’ll understand what a wonderful savior Samantha turned out to be.

It all started because Mom was a bitch to one of her Grad Students. I do mean mega bitch. See, Mom and Dad were going to get a divorce and they were going to tell my brother and me the news over Christmas break when they took us to Florida. The trip was just a cover for the bad news. “Hey kids we’re getting a divorce, let’s go jump in the ocean.” You know; that kind of thing. Well instead, the folks are staying together—hooray; and fucking each other again—gross but way cool—because the grad student is this evil genius and she came up with a really fucked up plan that would get even with diabolically deranged mom.

You see, mom stole her thesis idea which was apparently brilliant. Well, Mom published it under her own name and PLAGIARISM; the big P; instant firing; black balled from academia. Dad actually helped her cover it up, which was just too much and Samantha, she’s the grad student, went ballistic, I mean nuclear. She decided to get even. Her revenge was SOOOOO fucking AWESOME!

She was supposed to housesit while we were in Florida. So she came over the night before we were supposed to leave on the trip. She abducted us in this really cool way that didn’t hurt anyone, and then she told us we were going to commit full on family incest without protection all Christmas break long. JEEZE talk about an answer from heaven. It’s like she could read my fucking mind. I was going to lose my cherry to Daddy and he was going to knock me up; and mom couldn’t do anything, but watch. It has been so fucking unbelievably hot.


Hey wait a minute, I thought. I’ve done it. That’s really all I needed to say. I looked at my lap top and then over at Philip. If he wasn’t trying to be so Sergeant Friday on me he’d actually be kind of cute. I mean for an older guy, which I kind of like, he’s really nicely built with red hair and cute dimples. “Ok,” I stated. “I’m done.”

Philip looked at me with a really intense gaze that kind of shot straight through me. Not the good kind of tingles, the bad ones. “You can’t be.”

“I’m a good writer. I’ve said everything I need to say.” I challenged.

“Let me see.” He snarled.

I got up from the desk so he could read. I always hated watching other people read my writing. I mean, the facial expressions always freak me out. He just sat there and read what I wrote; occasionally he’d react with a raised eyebrow, a frown, a slight smile. Crap! I didn’t need to say anymore. Sam had started this whole thing because she wanted revenge, but it all backfired on her in a cool way because, instead of us being grossed out by what she did, we LOVED it. And now, instead of hating her; we love her. So what was the big fucking deal?

“This won’t save her.” Philip stated coldly.

“What?” I gasped. “It’s the whole story in a nutshell.”

“Perhaps so, but a nutshell only gives the surface. If you want to save Samantha you’ll have to reveal the fruit of the matter.”

I glared at him. Shit, last time I was going to use a cliché metaphor around him. If he was going to break down every word I used, I was going to be in BIG trouble. I don’t always think about what I’m saying before it comes out, you know? Ok, well fine. If they wanted the details, I’d give them the details so they would understand just how awesome Sam really was.

“Fine, what will save her?”

“I can’t tell you that; but you’ll need to be honest in this, and explain your feelings about incest and how you felt about being forced to give your maiden head to your father.”

Forced? Nobody forced me to do anything. I mean, yea the bondage thing was kind of cool, but I was the one that asked for that, so it wasn’t force. Nothing near like what he did to Sam. Shit, I wondered if she was ok. “Alright; but this is going to take a while.” I warned.

“I have no place to go.” Philip sneered at me. Why did that kind of turn me on? His green eyes burrowed into mine and it felt like he was actually seeing my soul. Christ! I was cooked. I felt a slight stirring that I definitely was not going to give in to.

“Ok, what do you want me to start with?”

“Begin with your father and what happened. Be honest and thorough. When did you start thinking of him as a lover? How did you feel when it happened? Be specific.”

I motioned for Philip to get out of my chair. I thought about it for a minute and realized that the only way to save Sam was to tell the complete and honest truth. She hadn’t been my tormentor. She had been my savior, now I had to be hers. I sat down and began writing again.


I never thought about doing it with Daddy until recently, my eighteenth birthday. That’s when my best friend in the whole fucking world introduced me to the idea of family love. See Sophia is a year older than me. She got held back like in the first or second grade, but she’s really smart and cool. Anyway, she and her brother Jimmy are in the same class as me. Sophia and I have been best friends since third grade. I always thought her brother Jimmy was a bit of a toad, but I tolerated him ’cause I liked her. Of course that all changed a while back and now I really do like him; a lot. He’s got a great cock, especially for anal sex and he eats a lot of pineapple so his cum is delicious.

Anyway, I’m letting the story get ahead of myself, so I guess I’d better back the fuck up and start at the beginning. Mom was a bitch. I’m not trying to be tacky, there’s really no other way of saying it. I mean, I loved her and all, because she’s Mom, but she had some pretty warped ideas about how the world worked. I never really understood. See, she’s a college professor and she has all these degrees in Mathematics. You’d think that would make someone open their minds, but HELLO, not mom. She learned that God created the world in seven days and that’s the way it was. I mean it. If it’s in the bible it’s real; you can question everything else, but not if it’s in the bible.

Thankfully Dad was always a lot more open minded. His field was philosophy. He just liked deep thinking and conversation. BORING! He pretty much let mom have her way with things, especially us kids. Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night; we’d always be at church sitting pretty and putting on the best show for God that we could. I have to admit, the brainwashing worked on me until I was about ten. That’s the time Sophia and I started hanging out.

Mom thought it was cool because Sophia’s Dad was a businessman downtown so he had to keep up good appearances. He did, but what mom didn’t know is that Mr. Richards, Sophia’s Dad was also involved with some cool shady things. I mean, he had some strip clubs and porno shops in town. If she knew that, she would have never let me hang around Sophia, so I never told her.

Anyway, Sophia and I were tight. We kept each other’s secrets the way best friends should. As we were growing up we’d do the stupid stuff that girls do, play dress up, listen to boy bands, and fantasize about the perfect boyfriend. It was all cool until we got to junior high. That’s when things started to change, big time. Of course most of the girls had already changed, but I was a late bloomer as my Mom always said. I couldn’t understand it, Mom had these huge giant tits and all I seemed to have were these itty bitty mosquito bumps. I was really self-conscious about it and wore padded bras because I didn’t want anyone to notice. Sophia was cool about it. She kept telling me that I’d grow into them and to relax. Easy to say when you’re fifteen years old and already a C-cup like her.

Anyway, by the time I was fifteen, they did start coming in even though I was only an A-cup, I was relieved that at least I had something. The advantage and disadvantage is that boys didn’t bother me much. They were after girls like Sophia, because she had big tits. Even though the boys bugged her a lot for dates and shit, her dad didn’t let her do much. Because of what he did for a living, he knew what boys were like and he had a hidden agenda that even Sophia didn’t know about.

Basically, Sophia and I were left on our own. I couldn’t date because of Mom’s ultra-evil ideas of sex, and about me. I guess she figured that if I got into a car with a boy I’d be spreading my legs the moment we were out of sight. Fuck, I’d make him buy me dinner first, duh. Sophia couldn’t do anything because of her Dad’s paranoia. Now you take two teenage girls; crazy weird hormones; temptations readily available on the internet; and no chance to date; what do you get? Two would be, hesitant lesbians, but not really. We did the kind of experimenting that teenage girls do. Oh don’t get me wrong, we never did anything really sexual—that’s why we were just kind of lesbians—but we did compare ourselves to each other and she convinced me it was better to shave my kitty than keep it hairy. My first kiss on the lips was with Sophia, and that was kind of special, but I wanted to really try with a guy; especially one that could shave. I don’t think anything we did was really bad, but in hind sight it wasn’t fully hetero.

When we’d do sleep overs, we’d stay up all night and just have fun. She was the sister I never had and it felt way cool to have someone this close to me. We’d rub each other’s backs and stuff, and it’s kind of weird, Sophia taught me to use my finger tips and do it really light. The first time she did it to me I just shuddered all over. God, she was fantastic at it. I could make her groan too, and I liked doing it, but we always stopped short of doing anything really sexual.

Last year, Sophia turned eighteen, and a little after her birthday, she confessed to me that she did it. She let a guy pop her cherry. God, I was so jealous. Mom had become pregnant with my brother when she was seventeen, so I knew that she would kill me, and I do mean kill, if I came home that way. She didn’t want to have any kind of scandal and Matt and I were the signs of the Christian home she encouraged. Shit, talk about pressure.

I was dying of curiosity to know who Sophia was sleeping with, but she was always evasive. Then one night when she was sleeping over at my house, she let me know she had been doing it with a lot of guys and some of them were older. She told me what it was like to suck a cock until it creamed in her mouth; how it felt to be fucked, and then she told me how nasty it was to be butt fucked. Everything she said just turned me on more and more. But no, I was the good little virgin. Well, Thanksgiving would be coming up and that was my birthday. I’d be eighteen and I could damn well fuck anyone that I wanted and Mom couldn’t say a damn word. I knew that if I did anything before then and she found out, she’d have the boy arrested for statutory rape. My small tits and her threats kept any boy out there from experiencing the tortures of jail as a sex offender.

Sophia and I did start playing around a little bit more after that. She told me that she liked girls too and that she especially liked me. That was way cool because I really liked her too and despite what my mother said, I thought lesbianism was fine. I knew that I’d like it if I found the right person and Sophia was it. We did start fooling around one night, just kissing and stuff, but I stopped her when she wanted to go further. I told her I was going to wait until I was eighteen so that I’d be safe. Sophia was cool with that and she made a promise to take my lesbian cherry on my birthday. I kissed her when she said that and instantly agreed.

God, I was so hot and horny before my birthday. All I wanted to do was get over to Sophia’s house and feel her face between my thighs and her tongue licking my bald gash. I knew all about the stuff. Come on, the internet? I just wanted to know what it was like for another person to take me to orgasm. I mean yea, I had masturbated and shit, but it wasn’t like I really knew. Sophia would get me so hot sometimes when we were kissing that I’d almost let it happen. But then I’d back off for whatever reason. You know what? Sophia never teased me. She never made me feel bad about it. She was cool.

I was all set for my first sexual experience when Mom announced her fucked up birthday plans. We were going to church then home for a Thanksgiving meal, then afternoon visiting family, and then evening service. UUUHHHH! I just wanted a life. You know you turn eighteen and it’s like you’re an adult and stuff, but your parents never let you feel like an adult, at least my mom didn’t. I called Sophia and told her we’d have to postpone to Friday. She was so cool with it and told me I’d be her breakfast tart. I hadn’t even thought of that. We didn’t need to wait for night time.

My birthday finally arrived, and I was the good girl I was supposed to be. I got some nice stuff, but the only thing I wanted was Sophia’s face between my eighteen year old thighs and I have to admit that I really didn’t enjoy the day all that much. The next day, I got up super early. I made sure to run a razor around my legs and kitty to make sure I was extra smooth for Sophia’s tongue. Mom was surprised when I came downstairs so early. I guess it was like 7:00 or something like that. I told her I was spending the night with Sophia and that she might want me to stay on Saturday night too.

“That’s ok, but I want you home early enough to go to Church on Sunday, young lady.”

“I will.” I promised knowing that I’d finally have something to ask to be forgiven for. I was planning to do a lot of sinning over the next 48 hours.

I had a small bag with me that only had personal stuff, a nighty; yea, I wasn’t thinking, and a couple of changes of clothes. I had chosen my outfit especially for Sophia. I knew she was going to take it off of me, and I wanted her to have fun. I had on a short skirt, with leggings and a thong underneath, a tiny bra, button down shirt, and a sweater. I went to the closet and put on a hoody and a good top coat as it was only ten degrees outside. I put on my winter hat and gloves and went back to Mom. It was weird, I was looking at her with the eyes of an innocent girl, and I would come back to her as a harlot lesbian, her greatest fear. I wondered if I’d look different. I wondered if she’d notice. Na, you can’t really tell if somebody’s doin’ it just by looking at them. Anyway, I knew for certain Mom wouldn’t approve of anything I was about to do if she knew about it. But, HELLO, eighteen; it was my fucking choice and I wasn’t breaking the law. Mom looked at me.


“I’m ready to go.” I stated.

“Have fun.”

I smiled, “I will, Mama.” And I kissed her cheek with my innocent lips. The next time I kissed her she’d have twat smacking lips pressed upon her. I giggled a little as I stood there thinking about it and it made my pussy cream up a bit.

Mama smiled at me and I turned to go outside. God, it was so flippin’ cold outside and a gray sky. Shit, who would have ever thought Minnesota was a good place to settle? The chill was mainly on my face, but I could feel it cutting all the way through me as I made it to Sophia’s house. I walked fast to keep my body temperature high but was pissed that I didn’t get a longer coat. It didn’t happen often, but I got this ice updraft on my kitty every once and a while that was taking the fun out of everything.

I got to Sophia’s house and rang the bell. God, it took forever and it felt like the wind just wanted to ice me down as I stood on the porch. One updraft after another after another fluttered up my skirt. I rang the bell again and started bouncing up and down. Finally, the door opened. It was Sophia and she was in her night gown. Well of course; she was asleep; it was a vacation day. DUHH!

“What the fuck?” She asked as I lunged through the door and hugged her tight. Sophia closed the door and when it slammed, I just couldn’t control myself as I pulled away and kissed her really deep. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth as I pulled off my gloves and let my hands fall to her free tits. They were loose underneath her nightgown and they felt so warm and wonderful as I kneaded them for the first time. I mean, yeah, I had touched her before, but not like this. I was pinching her nipples the way I liked mine to bed done and Sophia started moaning. Crap, I loved turning her on like this and now I was determined to make her cum. I felt really nervous about what I was doing, but still, I pulled up the hem of her gown and mashed my hand onto her pelvis. Shit, she wasn’t wearing panties and my hand kind of just slid down, and onto her pussy. It was so cool. She didn’t have a hymen, so I didn’t worry about it as I felt her pleasure mound for the first time. It was the first time I had ever felt her like that and she was already wet. I mean flowing. It was so cool to feel her clit and hear her moan into my mouth as I sexed her up.

She pulled away and looked at me. “Fuck someone’s horny.” She panted.

“Feels like you are too.” I smiled and kissed her again and then I did it; I pushed my finger inside of her slick, tight tunnel. Sophia started bouncing up and down and moaning hard in my mouth and I realized I was doing it for her. She was my best friend in the whole fucking world, and I was making her cum. I pulled away and looked at her and was amazed with how beautiful she looked as she came. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she closed her eyes as she began gasping really hard. This was magic. I wanted to look like that.

“Fuck... I should have made you finger me a long time ago.”

“You have no idea.” I smiled. “Let’s go to your bedroom and get naked. I’m ready for my birthday kiss.”

We passed Mr. Michael’s bedroom on the way. His door was open and he called out, “Who was that Sophia?” I looked inside. Oh my God. He was sleeping in the nude on top of the bed and he had an honest to god hard-on! His was the first hard cock I had ever seen live and in person, and it was gorgeous. It stood up all proud and hard and he was completely shaved so I could see just how big his scrotum was. God, he had to have a lot of cum. I smiled as I stared at it, but Michael didn’t notice as his eyes were closed.

“It’s just Cindy, Pops.”

“Oh,” he groaned. “I want you to finish what you started.” He called back.

“I will, Daddy?”


“In a little bit, Dad, you get some rest.”

Sophia grabbed my arm and guided me down the hall way. Just seeing a hard dick got me wet. To think, that’s what would push inside of a woman? Wow, that was a little much. Sophia pulled me into her room and sat me on the bed.

“Why are you here so early?” she asked.

“I was excited and I couldn’t wait anymore.” I answered honestly. “I’m sorry if I screwed something up.”

“No, I was just helping Pops with a problem. He got in late last night from one of the clubs, but we have this morning ritual, you know?”

“One of the strip clubs?!” I asked as I started taking off the coat and hoody.

“Yea, they’re coming up on an audit and he’s really stressed.”

“I get it.” I said.

“Not really, but you might;” she smiled at me.

“Well your morning tart has arrived, are you hungry?”

“Starving,” she smiled.

“Good,” I replied and my voice trembled.

“Wait a minute, are you sure about this?”

“I was at the front door, but now, I mean, we’re really going to do this. You’re going to eat my pussy and I’m going to eat yours?”

“Unless you chicken out.”

That’s really all she had to say, there’s no way I’d back down now. I smiled and lunged for her on the bed and we started necking like never before. God her lips felt fantastic and she was rubbing my breasts through the sweater, but I made no protest at all. Sophia had always stopped when I asked her to respect my boundaries; this time I had no boundaries. I began pulling it off and we stopped just for a second so I could get rid of it. God, her hands felt so much better without the woolen barrier. I wished I didn’t have to break up the action.

As soon as it was off, Sophia smiled at me and promised, “I’m going to have you naked in five minutes.”

The next thing I knew, she was all over me. She was kissing me and unbuttoning my shirt with rapid speed. She stripped it off of me and went for the bra. I was panting ferociously as she took it off, and looked at my breasts. “God you have gorgeous tits,” she complimented as she began sucking my nipples. Holy fuck, who knew? I mean, I had played with them before, but her tongue on my nipples and the way she sucked me made everything feel exquisite. My pussy was creaming with joy as this really intense and wonderful ache registered in my ovaries. God, this was fantastic.

She reached behind me and unzipped my skirt. Once it was loose, she pulled it, the leggings, and my panties down together. I was butt naked and she was devouring me with supersonic speed. Suddenly her tongue was on my virgin cunt and she started licking me. “OHHHHHH” I moaned loudly. This was so much better than the fingertip game. I couldn’t believe how wonderful her slick mouth felt on my equally slick gash. Her tongue moved down to my clit and I really started making a true ruckus. I was moaning really loud and pulsing my hips up to her as I felt my first orgasm. God it was incredible and I was shaking on the bed in ecstasy when all of a sudden, Sophia’s door opened and her Dad was standing there watching her devour my pussy with his hard cock standing up proud. It was so weird and intense at the same time. Michael’s Italian, so his whole body was covered from head to toe in this dark mass of hair except for his pubic region. That was shaved perfectly and it made his prick look all that more intimidating.

My heart was racing a million miles a second and it felt like everything was in slow motion. I actually froze to the bed and couldn’t say anything as he knelt down on the ground behind his daughter and pulled her nightgown up. It happened so fast that Sophia didn’t even know he was there until he pulled her hips up and pushed inside of her obviously wet pussy.

“Oh FUCK, Daddy.” She moaned as she lunged forward onto my pelvis. Her eyes rolled back with the sudden fullness of her Dad’s prick. She looked amazing as I held on to her and realized how incredible this moment was. I was watching her father fuck her.

“You fuck your Dad?” I asked with disbelief and Sophia smiled wickedly and nodded her head up and down as Mr. Richards started pounding into her from behind with a ferocious intensity.

“I told you to finish what you were doing.”

“I know Daddy, I ‘m sorry I left you that way... Oh fuck... MEE!”

“It’s okay since you brought over new talent.”


Michael looked at me and snarled. “You’re a virgin?”

“Yes.” I confirmed.

“Are you on the pill?”


“Fix those two problems and I’ll give you some of this too.” He promised as he continued thrusting into Sophia. I was amazed how hard he was going into her and that Sophia seemed to like it so much. She had actually cum twice already and it looked like she was going for another one as she reached her hand out to me and tightened and began moaning really loud. Yep, from the death grip she gave my hand, it was clear that she was riding a wave of joy through the universe. It was so hot to watch. All of a sudden, the door opened again and Jimmy, her brother burst in.

“Hey Cindy, I always wondered what your tits were like” he said as he reached out and grabbed me. At first I was shocked but then he just started kneading my left globe and I was so worked up that I just let him do it. God, it felt so nasty and really good.

“She’s a virgin, asshole.” Sophia cautioned.

“She can still give a blowjob, can’t she?”

With that, he pulled down his sweat pants and bared his cock. Holy shit, I had come over for sex, but nothing could have prepared me for this. My first sexual experience was turning into an orgy fast. I looked at him and was really excited. He was about six inches long and thick, but not too bad. His penis was shaved like his dad’s and circumcised. God, it looked wonderful.

I suddenly realized I really wanted to do it. “What do I do?” I panted.

“Ah, fuck, a real virgin. Put it in your mouth, doll.” Jimmy said. He always called me Doll, so I really didn’t care.

I leaned forward and did what he said. I was amazed at how hard his dick felt between my lips. I mean, it was harder than a finger and didn’t have a bone inside of it. God, how did that happen? The taste was incredible too. My whole body erupted with desire when I felt his meaty stick resting on top of my tongue. This was the one thing my mom told me to never, ever do. Now I knew why. Holding Jimmy in my mouth made my body erupt with desire. I was fascinated with the different textures his cock had. I just stayed there and started sucking him like he said as Sophia’s hand came up to my slit and she began rubbing my clit.

“Make your lips tight and suck it hard like a vacuum.” I did what he instructed. “Oh yea, shit, just like that. Now start moving your head up and down on me.” I did that too. God this was wicked strange. I felt the flesh of his dick move with my lips as I moved my head forward and back. Then I soften up a little bit and began sliding my lips on him. That felt so raunchy as his hard shaft rubbed on my lips. Suddenly, I tasted this really sweet and salty flavor and for a second I thought he might have cum, but then I remembered about pre-cum and all. God, he tasted so good, I had to have more.

Sophia was moaning now and I pushed my pelvis up. She got the idea and started eating me again. Her father was slamming into her and making her cum while I was working really hard to make Jimmy cum, we kept going for a while when all of a sudden, Mr. Michael’s screamed and I felt the bed still underneath us. Then Jimmy started panting really loud and I felt his penis jerk in my mouth. His hot cream landed on my tongue and I started really sucking it out of him. I was shocked because he was so creamy and the flavor was both sweet and salty. I pulled off of Sophia with her brother’s cum in my mouth not knowing what to do, and she smiled at me as she said, “A good slut always swallows.”

I smiled at her as I gulped down my first load of semen ever and felt it warming my throat, “I’m an excellent slut.” We both giggled and lunged for each other as we kissed wickedly. The guys stroked our backs as we all stayed there naked.

“Thanks for the blow job, doll.” Jimmy said.

I looked up at him and it was kind of weird because before then, I had always thought he was kind of a jerk. That might have been the first nice thing he ever said to me. I smiled and kissed his dick. “I enjoyed it too.”

“You feeling better, Pops?” Sophia asked.

Mr. Richards stood up and I was amazed to see that his penis was shiny from Sophia’s pussy. He slapped her ass, not hard, but enough to make a wicked sound. “Much better. I’m going to get some sleep.”

“Ok, Pop, but I’m going to stay with Cindy for now.”

“Nice body, kid. Get your cherry popped and on the pill and you can have what my daughter had anytime.”

“Pig.” Sophia spat back at him, but in a teasing way. She wasn’t pissed.


“You made me that way,” Sophia laughed as she turned and kissed her Dad. God, that was hot to see them tongue wrestle that way.

“Shit, let me recover, will you?” Michael teased as he pulled away. Then he looked at Jimmy, “Her cunts off limits till she gives it up to the person she wants to.”

“I know.” Jimmy whined, but then complimented. “She’s got a great mouth.”

“Better than mine?” Sophia asked.

“Well, I’d need another round to make sure.” He laughed and offered his dick to her.

“God, your both real pigs.” Sophia laughed.

“Oink... Oink.” Jimmy teased.

“C’mon, let them have some alone time.” Michael stated and looked at Jimmy.

The guys kind of disappeared after that. I was dying with curiosity. “You actually fuck your father and your brother?”

“Daddy was the one that took my cherry on my birthday.”

“Really, but that’s incest.” I hinted.

“Yea, but at least with Daddy I had someone that would be good to me, you know. And he was. He made it good. I came the first time, and not a lot of girls can say that.”

I had heard a lot of my friends talk about their first time, most of them weren’t good stories to hear. Some of them were actually raped. Can you imagine the guilt trip I would have had? I was supposed to save it for some nonexistent Mr. Right and then some creep comes along and takes it. My mother would have thought I was asking for it.

“What about pregnancy?”

“I was on the pill.” Sophia explained casually. “Pops put me on it two months before we did anything. He knew he was going to do it cause it’s like a family tradition, you know?”

“No, I don’t know.”

“Well, I didn’t know anything till a couple nights before. He told me that the whole family was involved with incest and that I could do that too if I wanted.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, when they get together for family reunions, it’s like this incredible orgy and everyone fools around with everyone else. I didn’t know until then that some of the girls that work at the clubs were extended family and Daddy fucked them regularly.”


“Yea, I’ve been to two family reunions so far and they were fuck fests out of this world. There was so much cock that I literally got fucked out both times. All the guys wanted to be with me because I was new.” She smiled.

“So how did it start with your Dad?”

“He took me out for a really special dinner on my birthday and let me know that whatever happened at the end of the night was my decision.”

“What do you mean?”

“The family tradition, kid. See the way it works is that fathers wait until their daughters turn eighteen and then they break them in so to speak. That’s the real reason he wouldn’t let me date. He wanted me to be a virgin when he took me. That’s why he also liked you hanging around so much. He knew that you were a virgin too and since your mom is so hung up on virtue, he figured that you’d keep me on the straight and narrow.”

“God, was he right about that.” We laughed.

“Pops put me on the pill two months before so he couldn’t knock me up. Get it?”

“Yea, so what happened that night?”

“We had a really nice meal in one of the restaurants he owns. He made it a date and it was all romantic with candlelight and stuff. He dressed up in this really nice tuxedo and had bought me this gorgeous dress, the kind that movie stars wear on the red carpet. Anyway, I had my first taste of champagne and got a little tipsy while he put all the moves on me.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, looking into my eyes. Whispering in my ear how beautiful I was. Telling me that he couldn’t wait to unzip my dress; that kind of thing. By the time we finished dinner I was ready for desert.”

We both laughed, and she continued, “Then he took me home and he kissed me all tender and loving. Shit, it felt really good, especially because I knew he wanted to take me to bed. When he started feeling me up, I just let him. He knew I was getting into it and the more things he did to me the more I liked. So, I just let him unzip the dress, undress me, eat my pussy, and then pop me. I’m so glad I did. He was right.”

“About what?”

“About making me cum. I mean, he was so gentle and caring. It hurt like hell when he first pushed inside, but he didn’t try to ravish me like a boy our age would. He appreciated the fact that it was my first time, and was slow and gentle until it felt really good, then he started really fucking me. It was perfect.”

“Did you cum?”

“Yep. Lots of times. I came when he ate my pussy, twice when he fucked me, and then later in the night, when he had a chance to recover, we did it again.”

“And Jimmy?”

“He caught us one night in Dad’s room and Pops told him it was okay to join in. Before I knew it both of them were doubling me.”

“Doubling you?”

“Yea, you know, one in my pussy, the other in my ass or mouth.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“And how was I supposed to do that when you were so uptight about me touching your breasts, huh? Hey Cindy, I’m fuckin my Father and brother; want to join?” She laughed.

I laughed too. “Yea, I guess I would have pretty much run away.”

“I’m glad you didn’t. I like you.”

“I’m glad, I really like you.”

“But just so you know now; we’re usually nudists around the house. Whenever Dad or Jimmy pop a hard on, I take care of them and likewise. I don’t think any of us have masturbated since I turned eighteen.”

“You mean they just come over and stick it in when they get hard?”

“Gross, no. They sex me up first or I’ll get them going when I want it. When one starts the other joins like now.”

“And you like it?”

“Are you kidding, I love it. Easiest way in the world for me to pay rent.”


“Hello, I’m over eighteen, Cindy. Daddy doesn’t do anything for free. Of course Jimmy’s going to have a hell of a time when he graduates cause he’s going to owe rent, and I don’t give it away for free either.” She smiled.

“So how much is rent?”

“One fuck a week. The others are going for my graduation car. Daddy calls me his little whore and he’s training me right. I’ll go to work for him in one of his strip clubs after we graduate. You can too if you get your cherry popped, have you asked your Dad to do it?”

“Hell no. I don’t want to give him a heart attack.”

“Trust me, best thing a girl can do is give it to their father. They’ll be so fucking grateful for the rest of their lives. How’d you like the taste of cum?”

“I liked it,” I confessed.

“You want some more?”

“You know some more boys?”

“Yea, I know some more boys, and you can clean my pussy now. Daddy came a lot,” She smiled. Sophia lay back on her bed and spread her legs. I looked down at her full pussy. It was the first time for me to eat another woman and sample a creampie. The moment I did it though I was hooked. This was fantastic. I needed to get my cherry popped.