I Bet My Hotwife...And Finally Won! - Thomas Roberts - ebook

Kristen and Justine explore their hot new lesbian relationship. Things get out of hand when they attend a Ladies' Only strip club, and Kristen finds herself living out her favorite fantasybeing held captive by a gang of horny black men while she satisfies their every perverse need. Will is aroused beyond belief by the sight! Can he find a way to win her back before it's too late?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~A few days later I received a text from Kristen: Charles agreed to everything. He had a few conditions of his own. Talk later. My heart was in my throat and I was distracted for the remainder of the day. Even after a trip to the men's room to relieve myself, I was still excited.I tried to guess at Charles' conditions, but it was useless, I had no way of knowing what he'd demand, only what Kristen was already willing to give. What if he wanted something Kristen wasn't willing to give, one of the things we'd fantasized about? Of course, once he had my wife naked and surrounded by his gang, he could just take whatever he wanted.I drove myself crazy going around and around in my head, only to become aware of my administrative assistant standing in front of my desk and looking at me funny. "Are you alright?" she asked. "You look like something terrible just happened.""I'm just not feeling well," I said. "Think I'll go home a little early." She looked relieved, and helped me pack a briefcase while I admired her look. Another time maybe.I sent a text to Kristen but she wasn't home when I arrived. I searched for any notes she might have written about her conversation with Charles until I finally gave up and settled down to wait for her. My heart was pounding. I was too excited to sit still and so nervous that I found myself walking through the entire house thinking about my wifesurrounded by black menbegging to be usedwhile all I could do was listen to her sobbing her need. I tortured myself thinking about the possibilities. I couldn't allow it to happen. I had to ask Kristen to stop, but my own need was too much.Kristen came bursting in about an hour later, her arms loaded with packages from an extensive shopping spree. Her face was red and she was out of breath, but obviously happy. "Oh, Will, it's going to be great. Charles has some unique ideas. Wait until you hear!" Then she was off to put her packages away.I followed her into the bedroommy patience wouldn't let me wait any longer. Kristen was wound up, putting clothes away, trying them on for me. It looked like she planned on wearing more than usual for our meeting with Charles. She didn't tell me everything, of course. She might not have known everything but she did know that their clubhouse was an old building somewhere in Oakland.Charles planned on playing a version of strip poker with her and three or four guys, and maybe another woman or two. If I insisted on being there, my job would be to play bartender and waiter, or basically a gopher. A gopher as in, "Go for some beer, Will." No stripping for me. Take it or leave it.They were planning this for Friday night, so I had a couple of days to adjust to the idea. The first part of the adjusting was easy. Before she was even done telling me about her upcoming poker game, my wife was on her knees fumbling with my belt.

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I Bet My Hotwife…And Finally Won!

By Thomas Roberts

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2017 Thomas Roberts - All Rights Reserved

THIS IS AN EROTIC WORK OF FICTION. Any resemblance to persons living or deal is accidental and damned amazing. THIS WORK IS NOT MEANT FOR ANY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18.

The hotwife genre appeals to me. These are the books I like to read and these are the stories I like to tell, so thank you to the people who read my books.

Be warned, there is sex in this book, lots of it. If that offends you, please don’t read any further. But if you are looking for a fun, dirty read. This is it.

** This book was previously titled “I Bet My Wife – The Final Bet” **

Chapter 1

It was almost morning when my cell phone rang. I knew enough to keep it muted until somebody said something to me…but no one did. I heard licking and Kristen moaning very close to the phone. Further away I could hear Nancy telling Jerry how good my wife was at eating pussy. My wife spoke finally, probably so I knew what I was hearing: “I love eating your pussy. When your cum floods my mouth, it’s so good—”

The conversation was cut short when Kristen gave a loud grunt. “Oh, Jerry, ah, you’re stretching my ass! Please go slow…” Kristen was talking to me as much as she was talking to Jerry. I listened for a whole hour as Jerry and Nancy used my wife. It sounded like they were cuddling together when the connection was broken.

I couldn’t sleep after that. I didn’t like Kristen not being with me. I tried to appreciate what was happening from my wife’s perspective: her husband loved her so much that he was not only letting her have this experience but also enjoying it with her. I tried to imagine that I was Kristen eating Nancy’s pussy while Jerry—ugh, it was too fucking much!

I didn’t mind her staying over. She’d set it up for me to hear, which was part of our deal (if I couldn’t watch then at least I could listen to what she was doing), but I still felt an irrational fear that something might happen to her. It was a fear she enjoyed a little too much, a fear that I’d ultimately lose her. It was in those moments that I realized just how much I loved my wife, how perfect she was for me, and how perfect we were together.

I reclined on our bed, remembering how Kristen looked as Jerry took her from behind and Nancy licked her clit. Kristen was so subservient to him. I was jealous she was still there, doing whatever he asked, while I was home alone in our bed. I didn’t know what he had my wife doing at that moment. I could only imagine and feel heartsick and alone…while my cock quivered and leaked precum.

It was the thought of her grin, the smile that would light up her and make everything else disappear, that brought me relief. I groaned as I imagined Kristen smiling at Jerry as he ordered her to spread her legs for him. Waves of loss, hurt, and envy, overcame me. Even though this was something we both wanted, it was all too much. I stroked my erection as I visualized what might be happening. There was also Justine’s message echoing in my mind, what it could mean and what it could lead to. I remembered how Justine had smiled at my wife as she masturbated under the airline blanket. Kristen continued to masturbate as they talked and Justine’s smile grew bigger as she watched…

* * *

The sound of my cell phone buzzing on the night stand suddenly woke me. I must have fallen asleep. By the time I untangled myself from the sheets and grabbed the cell, the call had gone to voicemail.

“Hey, sleepyhead,” Nancy purred. “Come pick up your wife, we’re just about done with her. For now.” She was laughing as she hung up. I listened to the message several times, certain that I could hear Kristen squealing in the background.

After a quick shower, I drove to Jerry and Nancy’s home and, unsurprisingly, a naked Nancy opened the door to invite me in. As I stood in the entryway, Nancy rubbed her body against my arm and hand, smiling as she rubbed. My hand, hanging near her bare pussy, was quickly wet. “There’s still time,” she said. “I haven’t been fucked yet tonight. Your wife, on the other hand…well, wow. She might not have much left.”

I could hear music coming from the bedroom, mixed with the sounds of sex. My wife’s groans rose over the noise of the sound system. It was more pain added to my already painful erection. The sounds of her groans were so intensely sexual that I briefly reconsidered Nancy’s offer. Her hand rubbing my hard-on through my jeans made it even more difficult to decline but, in the end (and with sincere regret), I had to.

Nancy just laughed and took me by the hand. She led me to the master bedroom, where the sight that greeted me was almost too much for my poor over-stimulated cock to endure. The room was a mess: books had been knocked to the floor and a flower vase lay on the carpet. Silk flowers were spread in a giant crest around it. Half the drawers in the oversized dresser were open, the other half scattered about the room and with their contents still neatly folded inside. I could not come up with a scenario that explained the devastation. My wife was lying in the middle on the bed, on her back, her knees tied to her wrists. Another rope was used to keep her legs spread wide apart.

Kristen’s pussy and asshole stared me in the face, watery white goop running from both holes. The strain of the ropes caused her voids to gape open, or maybe that was from Jerry. My wife’s eyes were covered with a black sleeping mask, depriving her of sight. Her thighs were stretched apart as far as possible. Her muscles trembled from the strain but that didn’t keep her from moving her hips. She presented herself to whomever was in the room, while also being finger fucked by Jerry and moaning.

As I admired the sight of my wife laid out so exposed and helpless in front of me, Jerry came over to whisper directly in my ear. He spoke so softly that Kristen couldn’t hear him—especially not over the volume of her protests to being left alone. “Do you want to fuck your wife, Will?” he asked.

Nothing was more important to me at that moment. I wanted to reclaim my wife while she was tied to Jerry’s bed. My cock was so hard it sprang straight out as I stripped off my clothing. Kristen could hear something, the sound of somebody taking off their clothes and getting ready to fuck her. She started to beg. “Oh, please. Just once more. Jerry, is that you? Please use me. Please.”

I crawled onto the bed, careful not to shake the mattress more than I needed to. When I was between her legs, Kristen could tell it wasn’t Jerry—maybe by the smell, maybe because he’s bigger than I am, maybe it was just a sixth sense. “Whoever you are. Please,” she said. There was an edge of panic in her voice. Her need was obvious but she didn’t know what was happening or who was inches from her bare, exposed cunt. I ran my cock up and down Kristen’s buttery slit to get it wet. Her clit was a hard nub that I rubbed against the tender nerves on the underside of my erection. I enjoyed her little jerks with each contact. When I was wet, I slipped inside her pussy to finish the job of making her mine again.

Kristen could immediately tell it wasn’t Jerry inside her. Her moaning became even more intense knowing that some strange man was fucking her and there was nothing she could do about it. She growled like an animal and pushed herself at me, trying to get me further inside. I rested when I was buried all the way in, then began to saw back and forth, enjoying her smooth, wet caress. I loved the way she was trying to move against me. She didn’t feel the same—not only wetter but not nearly as tight.

“Jerry, Nancy. What are you doing? Oh, Oh, Oh. Letting some guy fuck me? Oh, God…” I nodded for Nancy to pull off the sleeping mask. Kristen blinked into the suddenly bright light before she saw my face. Recognition dawned and her lips spread into that wonderful smile that I loved so much. “Oh, honey… I should have known… We’ve had…so much fun, honey. Please fuck me now…make me yours again.” The entire time we stared into each other’s eyes, grinning like idiots.

At the end, I fucked her as hard as I could. The pleasure was intense, spreading from my cock throughout my body. Kristen was trying to move, to make my thrusts even harder, but she was tied too tightly. Nancy slid her hand between our bodies to caressing my wife’s hard clit. That was all the extra stimulation that Kristen needed.

I knew when she started to cum. I could tell by the sounds she made and the look on her face. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth hung open in a loud scream, and I came with her, adding to the flood in her pussy. Kristen tried to go rigid and bend at the waist, the way she does when her orgasm is deep and overwhelming, but the ties held her firm. That drove her climax even further inside of her. “Oh, honey,” she moaned, and repeated, as her release built, until she screamed. It ended with her eyes wide open and her mouth in a stretched “O” shape.

Nancy smiled with her fingers in her ears. I think she was envious of us but happy for Kristen. She was sitting on her heels and I couldn’t help but admire the spread of her pussy, even as my wife came beneath me. Nancy moved her right hand from her ear and began stroking her clit. She rubbed fast, pushing her visible clit from side to side, dipping into her pussy to keep her fingers wet. Her eyes were glued—wide with envy—to my cock as it slammed into my wife. I could faintly hear Nancy finish at the same time I collapsed on my wife’s body. Unfortunately, there was no enjoying the afterglow; the position was just too uncomfortable.

Nancy untied my wife as I rolled away from her. I watched as Kristen slowly straightened her legs and arms, followed by a full body stretch. There was a happy smile on her face as she pointed her toes and reached for the headboard.

Chapter 2

When we left, Nancy and Jerry gave Kristen a hug goodbye. I couldn’t avoid Nancy’s too-long embrace, but I could get by just shaking Jerry’s hand. Both were standing in the doorway, naked, as we got in the car and headed home.