Humiliating Cheating Cuckhold - Pam Paulson - ebook

Because he forgave her over and over again, she was able to get away with more and more...Just how far will he let her go with another man?Tags: Cheating wife, cuckold, slut, humiliation, femdom, bdsm, urban

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Table of contents

Humiliating Cheating Cuckhold

By: Pam Paulson

I love my wife. I loved her more than anything. I still love her. However, things have gotten weird. Not to quite explain this but my wife Sylvia has just made a proposition to me that I really don't know how to understand or how to express. She wants me to allow her to sleep with another man. Let me explain why can't this way and why this man was in her bedroom ready to pound my wife.

It all started about five years ago only got together. We get together right after college and we hadn't been with anyone else in our lives so we were fairly sexually inexperienced compared to most people. And this probably cost a lot of curiosity and cost her to have an affair with someone else two years ago. After the affair things between her and I have just not in the same. I agreed to take her back if she promised not to do that ever again but then she did it again six months later. She said that it was because I didn't please her sexually, and that I was too small for. She said that I didn't fill her up inside. She said that she still loved me but I need to show her that I was a real man and not like what I have been doing before.