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From Conception To Profits.Entrepreneurs can get the funds they need to start up their successful Internet business without any money coming out of their own pocket or seeking friends and family for a loan.Startups don't need to stress about their bank account to start up a thriving business online. In fact, you'll be happy to know you can start up your dream business without spending a dime of your own money!What's the Catch ? Entrepreneurs need to understand how to prepare and present their proposals in a manner that venture capitalists, angel investors will be attracted to analyze with specific information that could justify your good ideas and present it to potential investors in order canvas monetary support that will take your ideas from conception to profits.This book reveals how to take the first step to starting your own dream business through the enticement of the investing crowd , be it through venture capitalist or crowdfunding , there are literally thousands of people out there looking for businesses to invest in every day and venture capitalist receive dozens of business plans every day, often in various formats and some are lacking in essential data.Beside Crowdfunding platforms inherently leverage Web and social media technology to categorize multiple aspects of the companies seeking capital and this book will guide startups in a concise effective manner that get them to be quickly reviewed and noticed any potential investor.Learn the secrets to present your ultimate business plan to the VC and also how to entice to your crowdfunding platform in order to give you the best possible chance at meeting or even exceeding your funding goal.Normally under the crowdfunding umbrella , which may managed a lot of investors is logistically very difficult task . The more investors a company has , the more time and effort its senior management must spend communicating with them . With that number of investors, management would find it too difficult to change directions quickly, or to focus on activities other than attending to investors. Find Out How to Stand out among the rest to get the Maximum Support from the InvestorsVCs do more than provide cash. They also provide introductions to potential customers and suppliers, help in hiring senior managers and offer connections to CEOs of potential acquirers and investments who can take the companies public. Of course, not all start-ups need this help. The entrepreneurs who need this type of assistance will likely stick with venture capitalists who can provide it rather than shift to equity crowdfunding platforms that are less likely to be able to supply it. Find Out How This Book can help you Make the Right Decision!

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Table of Contents

Title Page

How To Raise Collaborative Angel CAPITAL For Internet Business Startup

Chapter 1 - Turning Your Business Into an Investment

Chapter 2 – Financing in the Internet Era

Chapter 3 –Risk Factors in Venture Capital Investments

Chapter 4 – Formulating The Business Plan

Chapter 7 – Crowdfunding

Chapter 9 – Due Diligence Process

Chapter 10 – Resources

How  To  Raise Collaborative

Angel CAPITAL  For Internet Business Startup

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1  - Turning Your Business Into an Investment  ...............7

Chapter 2 - Financing in the Internet Era  .....................................11

Chapter 3 – Risk Factors in Venture Capital Investments  ............17

Chapter 4 – Formulating  the Business Plan..................................22

Chapter 5 – Pitch in with Crowdfunding .....................................35

Chapter 6 – Venture Capitalist, Crowdfunder , Angel Investors..........................................................................................44

Chapter 7  - Crowdfunding .............................................................53

Chapter 8-  Steps To Take To Get Started With Crowdfunding.....62

Chapter 9 – Due Diligence Process .............................................. 75

Chapter 10 – Resources ..................................................................83

End ..................................................................................................86


Raising capital for a startup has traditionally been one of the most difficult parts of getting your idea off the ground, but new  innovation  in financing  and technology  platforms have given entrepreneurs a more new innovative  ways to make that happen. Nowadays, there are more options than ever to get a new company funded.

Finding and securing investment money for an Internet business can be tough. Just ask many of the dot-coms out there today. The entire process of building your business plan, coming up with potential investors and sealing the deal can be overwhelming, especially since many Internet businesses these days are one person companies operating out of one’s home. New enterprises were once only setup  by  wealthy proprietors, or successful entrepreneur who could roll capital over from another successful venture

As the venture capital industry began to grow, capital became available to creative entrepreneurs  who wouldn't have had access to it before. Then, as angel investors grew in popularity, new startups  had a new way to get capital at an early stage where some Venture capitalist  would not pursue .

Now, the newer  crowdfunding platforms  has added another layer to the investment equation for entrepreneurs creating an economic balance  for  startups

Many individuals go into business without knowing a thing about how to run one, let alone manage money and finances of such a company. Since you are taking the time to read this e-book, we will assume you have had nominal success in your online business, or are preparing to launch said business. The focus here will be to shine a light on everything financing and how to navigate that not-so clear path to investment funding.

But before we get any further, it may be best to take a step back and take a look at the basics.


Understanding  Financing Needs

According to, financing is “the act or process or an instance of raising or providing funds.” defines it as meaning “providing necessary capital.” Regardless of definition, financing is a necessity for most businesses. The old adage, “it takes money to make money” still rings true, making it quite a necessary to seek out investment money whether from a SBA loan, a venture firm, or other sources.

Cash Flow  and  Proper Finance management is Vital

You may get away with starting your business without investment money. You may fly by on a shoestring budget and stay in the black. But what about if you want to expand your business, serve more customers and offer more products? In order to grow you will need capital and the best way of obtaining said capital is by means of investment and loan money.

Regular brick and mortar businesses face these same sorts of challenges when looking to expand, but Internet businesses must be even more careful. Before reading on and going down the business expansion road, ask yourself the following questions:

Just because your business is online does not mean it is any easier to run or you can take special shortcuts. In fact, obtaining capital for your online business can be more difficult at times. Be sure that that you truly want to expand your business and have a plan before beginning a search for investors.

Business Strategy

Many people jump into the world of starting an online business without thinking it through.

Where will your office be?

Will you work from home?

How much will it cost to start your business?

Who is your target consumer?

Or, if you’ve already started your business and merely wish to expand, why do you want to expand?

Will it truly be beneficial to your business?

Have you studied the marketplace?

It may sound like a lot to consider, but you’ll be thankful that you did. There’s nothing worse than starting a business and then realizing there’s no way it can be profitable—after you’ve thrown your savings into the business capital.


Are you aware of the options ?

Raising capital for a startup has traditionally been one of the most difficult parts of getting your idea off the ground.

There are also companies designed and set up for the purpose of sourcing for and investing in startup businesses and already small successful businesses that may be looking to expand their operation, but lack the financial backing needed.

The venture capitalist play a very important role in extending such financial help to those looking for financial backing but don’t have the proper credential to approach establishments such as banks, government loan institutions or finance houses.

Besides being noted for their financial capabilities, the venture capitalists can also provide other skills such as managerial and technical expertise. These too may provide invaluable assistance to those lacking in this area but still possess a winning formula  to realize your dream

With social  media taking  the  internet by storm in  recent  years , Crowdfunding platforms are also getting  popular , these platforms  invariably take a percentage of whatever funds your campaign raises and is dependent  very much more  on product  and service  offered by the new startups. 

Crowdfunding campaigns are more internet  oriented  and  even go so far as to provide advertisement of the  new venture . This happens from social media status updates, to newsletter marketing, and even paid display on ad networks. 

Every startup is going to have its own unique requirement , and some of those will be better suited for crowdfunding, while  others  will be better suited for venture capitalist  or the  angels."

Whatever type of funding you pursue, make sure you have a plan for the money so that you can target the right investment for your company.


Starting or growing a business is a risk. It requires money to start and flourish—most of which will likely come out of your pocket or go on your credit record. While owning your own business can be exciting and extremely fulfilling, be sure to understand much of your business success will directly affect your personal success. If you have a family to support and your business fails, what will you do? Always be conscious of the worst that could happen so you can be prepared and avoid such unfortunate roadblocks as much as possible.

Still with us? Good. Now you can venture into the world of gaining capital for your Internet business. Learn how to write an effective business plan, where to look for investors and what to look for in investors. Plus, we’ve compiled some useful resources for getting started.

Chapter 1 - Turning Your Business Into an Investment 

First impressions are everything. When applying for a job, you specifically tailor your resume for the position, wear you neatest attire to the interview and maintain professional decorum at all times. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to appear devoid of any personality, but it does show that you’re serious about the potential position and would be an attribute to the hiring company.

The same goes for preparing your business for the eyes of potential investors. Except, rather than dusting off your best business suit from the closet, you’ll need to prepare a detailed business plan that covers the unique needs and risks associated with online businesses. You will need to be knowledgeable about your competitors and on top of the constant changes that occur within the online community.

Sure, it sounds tough, and in all honesty, it can be quite difficult. But don’t let that discourage you. Think of it as a challenge. After preparing your business for its presentation to the public, you should feel confident in your abilities as a business owner and have a whole slew of investment knowledge on hand.

But before you start writing a business plan and searching for investors, make sure you do the following to ensure maximum results come financing time.

Keep Up to What’s trending

It may seem like an obvious attribute, but having a clear understanding of current technological trends and how they can or will affect your business is crucial. Is there a new shopping cart program on the market that would make your online store more customer-friendly? What about inventory trackers? Is your current system error-free and current? You may wish to consider subscribing to a business or technology magazine to keep abreast of trends. That way, you can update your business plan accordingly as the tech tides change and you’ll stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Market Research

Market research is a standard task when it comes to developing a business plan with the intent of attracting investors. But in the Internet marketplace, your job can be a bit more difficult. Granted, the task of searching for companies that cover your company’s market and demographic is much easier online, but it is also much easier for people to start businesses out of the blue. Domain name pricing is consistently on the decline and the latest software makes setting up a store website relatively easy.

Keeping track of the new businesses in your market helps you keep your business plan up-to-date and ahead of the competitors. Just because the virtual competition is growing, doesn’t mean you have to fall behind.

Distinguish Between Others

The competition between businesses sharing a similar market can be brutal. That’s why you need to distinguish your online business from the rest.

What makes your business special?

Do you offer customer service that goes above and beyond your competitors’?

Is your company legitimately concerned with helping the general populace? Do you offer the services to prove it?

Apart from distinguishing your business from competitors, you must also advertise, advertise, advertise! It should go without saying, but your business will have little to no appeal to investors without an advertising strategy that works. A functional advertising system demonstrates that your business has the capacity to grow and to find new customers.

Before even considering “going public” and seeking additional capital, check to see if your marketing and advertising plan is effective:

Improve your  ranking  on  internet

Your company should be listed with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and others. Some great ways to boost your search engine rankings is to provide a link exchange program. Create a page on your company website that links to other sites that provide information similar to yours—but not competing companies, of course. For instance, if your company sells maternity clothing, link to sites that provide information on pregnancy, motherhood and fashion.

Do a little marketing campaign of your own and request that these sites link back to your company, considering you have linked to them. The more “back links”—or links from websites that direct to your website—you have, the higher your search engine ranking will be. And the best part about it? It’s free!

Reaching  Out

A great way to promote your online business is through free newsletters and articles. By distributing this free content, you get the word out about your business and provide some topical information. Keeping with the maternity clothing company mentioned previously, you could create a newsletter that offers an article or two on the latest pregnancy fashions, perhaps a health-related piece and links to your latest products. If you have a sale going on, mention it. You may even wish to offer coupons for newsletter subscribers.

Are you friendly with the press?

The press and general media can be your friend. Big changes in the company, brand new products and even seasonal spins on the basics your company provides make for great topics of press releases. Whether you hire a professional press release writer or create the document yourself, you can then distribute the piece through PR news distributors such as WORDLNOW , Prnewswire , PRWEB  or CNN  and  many more .

Cover all your sectors

Investors like to see companies that are aware of the risks in online business. Having high expectations and an optimistic attitude is certainly admirable, but too much enthusiasm can come across as naiveté. Do you have the latest virus protection software installed on your company server?

What about appropriate firewalls and encryption software to ensure your customers can purchase from you while feeling safe? Are you complying with your local laws on business registration and siting? While legislation is quite slow to catch up with technology, it is slowly making progress. Make sure you’re abreast of the latest in technological law for your company’s wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of your customers.


Maintaining  a Good track record

While many people think about and prepare a business plan before actually starting their business, many people jump into building a company and then develop a plan when they wish to seek out investors.

If your Internet business has been in existence for some time, a track record of successful transactions and satisfied customers is a must. While potential investors may not be interested in seeing customer testimonials, they’ll certainly appreciate a company that can bring in repeat customers, again and again.

Be prepared

Knowing the financial projections of your competitors is great, but you should also have clear and accurate records of how you came about these numbers. There’s nothing worse than putting in the all of the work of writing a business plan, searching for investors and actually drawing investor interest, and then standing there dumbfounded as they request documents you don’t have on hand. Keep all of your research and data in an easy to find place. Your market analysis and competition analysis is a very important aspect of securing funds for your business. Think of it this way—the more you put into this process of organizing your files, preparing your business and going through the actual investment search, the more likely it is you will actually secure investment money.


Attempting to grow your business takes time. Don’t expect overnight results. The more time you put into the process the more you get out of it.

Got all of that? Good. Now it’s time to learn the difference between the unique needs of an online business and a brick and mortar business and how these needs affect your approach to financing.

Chapter 2 – Financing in the Internet Era

Just because your business is confined to the virtual world does not mean it is any less of a business. Internet companies are taking the marketplace by storm. Just look at, and other cyber sensations. They may not have an actual "brick and mortar" residence, but they are multi-million dollar companies that huge percentages of the populace frequent each day.

Financing for an online business can seem a bit unorthodox—how much could it possibly cost to run one? But that's where many people go wrong. In fact, many online businesses fail within their first year due to inadequate funding. Even though Internet businesses are looked upon much more favorably these days as real businesses, they still undergo some unique trials due to their virtual nature.

But to brighten your enthusiastic, entrepreneurial mind, let's start with the unique benefits of starting or expanding an Internet business, and the effects those benefits have on financing.

Online Business Benefits

Internet businesses lend themselves to several benefits unique to their online nature. These include:

Cost effectiveness