How To Program A Mobile Game - Duong Tran - ebook

A sample game code using Swift programmingA sample game code using CSharp programmingA sample game code using Java programmingA sample game code using HTML5/JavaScript programmingMultiple Online Game Server code

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How To Program A Mobile Game

2nd Edition @2017

Author:  Duong Tran

Cover and Text by Duong Tran

Copyright:  This book is a registered product.  It is intended to be  accurate.  All Products, logos, and brands are trademarks of their respective owners.  Thank you for supporting by purchasing a copy of this book. 

About the Author:  I am also the author of my other books:  Information Technology 2016, Network System Administration 2016, Cloud and Data Center, Information Technology Handbook, Network and System Administration Handbook, and How To Create An App. 

About this book:  As I had promised from my previous book How To Create An App, this edition add-on open source code in Swift, Java, Csharp, JavaScript and HTML.  In just one time view, you will know how to program a mobile game.

Table of Contents

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Development Flow

Mobile App Architecture

iOS Architecture


Android Architecture

Android Studio

Universal Windows Platform

Visual Studio (add-on Xamarin)

Flappy Bird using Swift

Flappy Bird using Java

Flappy Bird using Csharp

Flappy Bird using HTML/JavaScript

Multiplayer Online Game Server

Mobile App Developer

Software developers has an average salary of $68K compared to mobile app $97K in the U.S.A.  It is one of the highest paying job.

Mobile Apple Developer @VisionMobile

There are about 680K mobile developers in North America.  The big three Asia, Europe and North America have the total over two millions (2,200,000) mobile developers.  The industry is hiring a lot of mobile developers world wide.

Mobile App Development flow

To start a mobile app, do some research first.  Next, plans for the time.  How to code?  Which programming language?  How to test using the emulator? Do some testings like user testing.  Publish the app to stores and marketing.

Mobile Architecture

Mobile architecture components are the core libraries, platform API and graphic design.  Apple Xcode is a developer tool to create iPhone app.  It includes the compiler and swift programming language.  The swift programming is based on Objective-C.  iOS application packages are saved in the .ipa.  Android Studio is another developer tool to create mobile app for Android devices with Java and C/C++ programming languages.  Android application packages are saved in the zip file.apk.  Microsoft introduced the Universal Windows Platform for all Windows devices  based on .NET architecture.  Microsoft also invested in Xamarin, a company that created a cross platform for iPhone/Android/Windows. 

Mobile Architecture

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript are web programming languages and code shared that the app is using the web service to connect to app server or game server which allows multi players and messaging.  It is difference than a standard or tradition game that the user downloads to the device and plays alone.

iOS Architecture

Cocoa Touch supports the appearing of the screen like the AirDrop Framework which allows to share photos and documents.  The TexKit Framework supports text control.  UIKit Framework supports the behaviors of the objects.  Address Book UI Framework allows to manage contact information.  EvenKit Frameworks allows to add/edit/view calendar events.  GameKit Framework supports gaming.  iAD Framework allows to add advertise banner to the game.  MapKit Frameworks provides map direction for the app.  Message UI Framework provides messaging.  Notification Framwork provides display information.  PushKit Framework alerts incoming call for the app.

Media provides core graphic, audio, and video frameworks. Core Audio Frameworks are a set of frameworks to manage audio.  Core Graphic Frameworks provide graphic.  Core Image Frameworks provide images  Core Text Frameworks provide text layout.  Core Video Frameworks provide video.  Other media frameworks are Game Controller Frameworks, Image I/O Frameworks, Media Accessibility Framework, Media Player Frameworks, Metal Frameworks, OpenAL Framework, OpenGL ES Framework, Photo Frameworks, Photo UI Framework, Quartz Framework, SceneKit Framework and SpriteKit Framework.

Core Services provide system services like iCloud, social media, and networking from the CloudKit Framework, Social Framework, CFNetwork Framework, Core Data Framework, Account Framework, Address Book Framework, AD Support Framework, Core Location Framework, Core Media Framework, Core Motion Framework, Core Telephony Framewor, EvenKit Framework, HealthKit Framework, HomeKit Frameowrk, JavaScript Core Framework, Mobile Core Service Framework, Multi Peer Connectivity Framework, NewstandKit Framework, PassKit Framework, QuickLook Framework, Safari Service Framework, StoreKit Framework, Core Foundation Framework, System Configuration Framework and WebKit. 

Core OS provides Generic Security Services Framework, External Accessory Framework, Local Authentication Framework, Network Extension Frameworks, Security Framework and System drivers

The iOS Architecture