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Master Cribbage and Impress Your Friends!Inside How to Play Cribbage, you’ll discover everything you need to know to have fun with this fascinating game:Basic beginner strategies for quick success and more winsTactics for making smart choices on the discardHow to take the lead – and reply to your opponent’s leadTips for playing cribbage with 3 to 6 playersOriginally invented in the 1600s, cribbage became very popular with sailors (especially in the mid-1900s). During World War II, American submarine crews on long voyages became avid cribbage players. Admiral Richard O’Kane was once dealt a perfect hand in a cribbage game – and his lucky cribbage board has been passed down by generations of submarine captains.You can embrace the modern tradition of cribbage by learning the simple and compelling rules of the game. All you need to play is a friend (or a group of friends), a deck of cards, and a cribbage board (a board with 121 holes and pegs for each player).With this easy-to-understand guidebook, you can quickly pick up the basics of the game, including pegging, counting, and “quick counting.” You’ll learn about the “perfect 29,” how to win with 121 points, and how to “skunk” your opponents. You’ll find out how to use the “crib” (the namesake of the game) to your advantage – both as the dealer and a non-dealer. This book even offers sneaky tactics for experienced players, such as using “muggins” to keep your opponents honest and earn more points!When you read How to Play Cribbage, you’ll discover a special bonus chapter which describes Captain's Cribbage, a variant of 3-person cribbage. In three successive rounds, players take turns teaming up together and acting alone as the “captain.” This blend of teamwork and competition creates a fun and challenging twist on this classic game!Don’t wait another minute to start learning this exciting and social game – get your copy of How to Play Cribbage right away!

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Chad Bomberger


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Introduction: What is cribbage?


How To Play: The basics

The start



Quick counting

Perfect 29

How to win

Basic Strategies: The crib

Pegging or The Play


Beginner Strategies: Baiting

Playing your 5s

The Trap

Dump the ace?


The Jack

Play the opponent

The Discard

Leading And Replying To The Lead

Cribbage With 3 Or More Players

Bonus: Captain’s Cribbage

The Conclusion

How to Play Cribbage:

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning the Cribbage Game, Rules, Board, & Strategies to Win at Playing Cribbage

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Table of Contents


How To Play

Basic Strategies

Beginner Strategies

The Discard

Leading And Replying To The Lead

Cribbage With 3 Or More Players

Bonus: Captain’s Cribbage

The Conclusion



CRIBBAGE, OR CRIB AS IT is sometimes known as, is a card game, traditionally for two players, but can also be played by three, four or more. It involves playing and grouping cards in combinations which will score points. It uses a distinct board to keep track of the score, has two scoring phases and a unique scoring system, which gives points for cards which total fifteen, for pairs, triples, runs and flushes.


I will not love one minute more, I swear!

No, not a minute! Not a sigh or tear

Thou gett’st from me, or one kind look again,

Though thou shouldst court me to’t, and wouldst begin.

I will not think of thee but as men do

Of debts and sins; and then I’ll curse thee too.

For thy sake woman shall be now to me

Less welcome than at midnight ghosts shall be.

I’ll hate so perfectly that it shall be

Treason to love that man that loves a she.

Nay, I will hate the very good, I swear,

That’s in thy sex, because it doth lie there, -

Their very virtue, grace, discourse, and wit,

And all for thee! What, wilt thou love me yet?

Love turned to hatred, by John Suckling

Cribbage was invented in the 1630s by Sir John Suckling, a poet. He was also a famous courtier and gambler. His invention was an alteration of an earlier game, named noddy. The main alteration was the invention of the crib. Cribbage became popular with sailors and was a popular pastime in the navy during the second world war. It became especially popular among American submarines patrolling for Japanese ships.