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How to Play Chess for Beginners – for Kids of All Ages!When you read How to Play Chess for Children, you’ll discover a wonderful world of challenge and adventure! This easy-to-follow guide provides a complete overview of the game of chess. It’s a perfect introduction to the game.Kids can enjoy every step of learning chess:Discovering the timeless 8x8 chessboardLearning the unique movements of the individual chess piecesMastering the art and timing of the popular “castling” moveUnderstanding the ins and outs of pawn moves, attacks, and advancementand so much more!With How to Play Chess for Children, little ones can easily develop their long-term thinking skills. They’ll learn how to start out smart and strong by learning the best chess openings. Then, they’ll adopt savvy and flexible strategies for the chess midgame. Kids can finish strong by mastering the endgame, in which weak pieces can become very strong, and complete their game with decisive checkmates!This book even describes techniques for avoiding a draw (tie) game when kids are winning a game – and trying for a draw when their opponent has the upper hand. This practical strategy teaches maturity, adaptation, and smart success for children of all ages!Don’t miss this opportunity to get kids involved in this classic and inspiring game.

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A Beginner’s Guide for Kids To Learn the Chess Pieces, Board, Rules, & Strategy

Tim Ander


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Game Overview and Introduction to the Game

The Chess Board and Pieces

Learning to Castle and Pawn Moves

Don’t you feel like you got a lot for one move?!

How to begin the game of Chess

Mid-Game Strategies




How to Checkmate

Checkmate with a Queen

Checkmate with a Queen and Rook or Two Rooks

Back Row Mate

The Smothered Mate

How Chess Games are Drawn


How to Play Chess for Children:

A Beginner’s Guide for Kids To Learn the Chess Pieces, Board, Rules, & Strategy

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Game Overview and Introduction to the Game

Chapter 2: The Chess Board and Pieces

Chapter 3: Learning to Castle and Pawn Moves

Chapter 4: How to begin the game of Chess

Chapter 5: Mid-Game Strategies

Chapter 6: How to Checkmate

Chapter 7: How Chess Games are Drawn


Chapter 1


SO, YOU WANT TO LEARN how to play chess? Good for you! Chess is a fun and interesting game that you can enjoy for your whole life. Chess is also a very old game that people have played all over the world for almost 2,000 years!

To use this guide, it would help to have a chessboard in front of you. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should have all of the pieces, which we’ll talk about later. It can either be a physical board or on the computer, but it will be easiest for you to understand the directions if you can follow along on your own. There are pictures to help you, but some of the movements will make more sense if you get to do them yourself. It will help you learn if you can play with a friend or against a computer to practice all of the different moves and strategies. It’s okay to just learn some of the steps and then practice those for a while until you are comfortable with them. Then, once you’re ready to move on, you can try the next section!

To begin, you need two people and a chessboard. The two people play against each other. The goal of the game is to capture the ‘King’ piece of your opponent, the person you’re playing against. To capture the king, you have to attack him with other pieces. An attack on the king is called ‘check.’ If you attack the king in such a way that he has no way to get out of it or avoid it, it is called ‘checkmate, ‘ and the game is over. The king that is checkmated has lost.

Inordertotryandcheckmatetheking,youtaketurnsmoving yourpiecesoneatatime.Whileyoumove,youcancaptureother, less important pieces, by landing on the same square as them and removing them from the board. The first thing you need to know in order to play is what the board looks like and how the pieces move.

Chapter 2