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                                            How to Handle Her Attitude Have you ever met a girl, a lady or a woman whose behavior you didn't like? Have you ever wondered why she was behaving the way she did? ... You were experiencing her attitude. How would you like to avoid such adverse female behavior for good? How would you like her attitude changed to a nice, friendly or productive disposition toward you? ... That is what this book is about. In How to Handle Her Attitude you will learn about things that underlie adverse female behavior and how to avoid them so you can have a peaceful, happy or productive relationship with the girls, ladies, and women in your life.

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Managing Adverse Dispositions



The content of this book, its cover page and description is written and presented to the best of the author’s knowledge and or personal convictions. Obtaining results will depend on individual prowess, personal ability to carry out instructions and peculiar scenarios. The author and publisher disclaim all liabilities and decline all guarantees, express or implied. The author reserves the right to modify the aforementioned content as requisite. The book is to be used properly as a guide. The words “woman”; “women”; “lady”; “girl”; “she”; “her” and “they” as used throughout the book, its cover and description, doesn’t refer to anything nonhuman; dead; abnormal or incapacitated. The use of the word “any” in the book’s description and elsewhere in the book is in context referring to normal everyday human females only; nothing else.

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Chapter One

A Girlfriend

What to Do

Chapter Two

A Staff

What to Do

Chapter Three

A Boss, Teacher or Supervisor

What to Do

Chapter Four

A Peer, Member of Your Group or Fellowship

What to Do

Chapter Five

A Sister




Class Factor

What to Do

Chapter Six

A Daughter

What to Do

Chapter Seven

A Relative

Group One: Younger Than or Dependent on You

Group Two: Peers with You

Group Three: Your Senior or Guardian

What to Do

Group One: Younger Than or Dependent on You

Group Two: Peers with You

Group Three: Your Senior or Guardian

Chapter Eight

A Neighbour or Unknown Person

What to Do

Chapter Nine

A Mother

What to Do

Chapter Ten

A Wife

What to Do

An Unruly Wife



About The Author


“The worst thing in life is not death, but the relationships that die amongst us while we still live” — Akon


ow many sad stories to tell, needless tears, heartaches, broken marriages, ruined businesses and lives because people neither understand nor indeed have tamed the beast in relationships—Attitude.

Attitude is both conduct and disposition, whether in speech or silence, action or inaction. On the one end it can come as timidity; cowardice; ineptitude; shabbiness; laziness and so on. On another end it can come as pride; arrogance; unruly speech; commandeering disposition; contempt for authority; bigotry and so many other aspects of demeanour.

If your relationship with a female is going to last for more than a passing encounter, you can expect to experience or observe her attitude, whether such attitude lasts a few seconds, hours or days; one way or another you might get a glimpse of it.

The failure to recognize and handle a female’s attitude intelligently with an appropriate mien or equanimity is the silent culprit behind many troubled relationships between people that would have otherwise been fruitful. It is important to realize that during sessions of brandishing or exhibiting a foul attitude, folks may be oblivious of their disposition and may not think ill of their conduct. Only after the “damage” is done do they come to a sober realization of what had transpired. Dear reader, many of today’s females and a foul attitude go hand in hand; master it.

Chapter One

A Girlfriend


here are many possible causes to the attitude a girlfriend might give you, however, two are prominent, the first is one in which you are personally responsible and the second is one in which another person or situation is responsible. Attitude induced by another person or situation might present itself accompanied with a dampened mood which is short lived and may last anywhere from a few minutes to a day or two depending on her personality and or the depth of hurt or offence that was incurred. Should you ask her, she is likely to let you know that you are not responsible or she only needs time to clear her mind and so on. If she hasn’t disclosed the cause or is unwilling to talk about it, and you are sure it’s nothing to do with you—private family matter and so on; depending on the scenario and her personality she might respond positively to gentle words of comfort, an invitation to an activity of interest to her or some tangible gift, these can help ameliorate her mood. If you are unsure what to do, let her be and don’t bother her, give her space and get back when her mood has improved.

For the first cause of attitude in girlfriends—where you are personally responsible, it is important to first pin down the root cause—what was it you did that set her off-the-edge in the first place? You might need to ask her this, if she tells you the reason, carefully work out how to avoid a re-occurrence, to make amends or to salvage what is left of the relationship as the case may be.

If she doesn’t tell you the reason for her disposition and you reasonably suspect that you are responsible; first note when it started; did the attitude start way into the relationship or did you notice it at the early stages of the relationship—typically within the first few weeks of meeting her. If it started quite early, she either doesn’t see a future for both of you and wants to be free of you or she wants you to earn her friendship. If it started way into the relationship—like many months down the line or depending on the frequency of your seeing each other, then she needs, wants or expects something of you and any of these or more could be responsible for that attitude:

1) Your dressing, outfit or appearance disgusts her.

2) Your conduct or speech around her family or friends offends her.

3) You did something quite recently that annoyed her—either you didn’t call, visit for a while or she suspects you are seeing another female (if you are a guy).

4) You made a promise—no matter how trivial or casual, which you didn’t fulfil or she gave you something in trust which you didn’t keep or lost.

5) She just discovered something about you which she didn’t realize was there before, for example, drinking or smoking which she may not like at all.

6) She had a poor upbringing and had been a spoilt child

7) You have not been forthcoming financially, sexually, socially, spiritually, benevolently and so on.

Many a lady wants to “shine” when she is seen together with you; she would appreciate it when people complement her about the person she is with or people giving her the impression that she is classy, lucky or privileged. She wants to enjoy being with you. If you are her fiancé, many a lady would want to see and have you as a caring “daddy”, a brother, a lover, some special body guard of sorts and Santa Claus all in one!

What to Do