How To Create An App - Duong Tran - ebook

Mobile App Developer, Mobile App Development Flow, Mobile App Architecture, iOS Architecture, xCode 8, Android Architecture, Android Studio 2.2, Universal Windows Platform, Visual Studio (Xamarin)

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How To Create An App

Author:  Duong Tran

Cover and Text by Duong Tran

Copyright:  This book is a registered product.  It is intended to be  accurate.  All Products, logos, and brands are trademarks of their respective owners.  Thank you for supporting by purchasing a copy of this book. 

About the Author:  I am also the author of my other books:  Information Technology 2016, Network System Administration 2016, Cloud and Data Center, Information Technology Handbook, and Network and System Administration Handbook.  In 2016, I made some money about $500 for selling IT Books.  That was enough to buy diapers last year.  Thank you for supporting my IT books as well. 

Introduction:  My philosophy is that if a person can play a mobile game, the person can create a game.  It is fun to start to create an app first.  Later, the person can create a game.   Mobile app developer salary is one of the highest paying jobs too.  This book is fast and easy to learn.  Let start how to create a mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

List of Contents

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Development Flow

Mobile App Architecture

iOS Architecture


Android Architecture

Android Studio

Universal Windows Platform

Visual Studio (add-on Xamarin)

Mobile App Developer

Software developers has an average salary of $68K compared to mobile app $97K in the U.S.A.  It is one of the highest paying job.

Mobile Apple Developer @VisionMobile

There are about 680K mobile developers in North America.  The big three Asia, Europe and North America have the total over two millions (2,200,000) mobile developers.  The industry is hiring a lot of mobile developers world wide.