How To Boost Your Memory Power - Mhar De Jesus - ebook

How To Boost Your Memory Power ebook

Mhar De Jesus



This book deals in details techniques for improving memory power.Several brain and memory-boosting advanced techniques discussed in details. Body-mind synchronization techniques explained in detail.

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Mhar De Jesus

How To Boost Your Memory Power

Your brain should be helping you succeed. But is it? Is your inability to learn better, smarter, and faster impeding your progress in school or at work? Is a lack of concentration keeping you from achieving your goals? Do you often find yourself surrounded by problems you can’t seem to solve? Does your poor memory present challenges for you both personally and professionally? All the above tendencies are symptoms of inadequate mental functioning. And they trouble the best of us. Our minds are our primary tools for negotiating the pressures, challenges and distractions presented by this action-packed world. But all too often, they end up slowing us down and keeping us from realizing our potential. What keeps your mind from functioning at full capacity? More often than not, the culprit is a misplaced understanding of the mind itself. In your quest for a happier brain, it is important to get the facts straight. BUY NOW to take the first step! BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Memory And Your Health

Want an enviable memory? Start leading a healthy life fused with exercises that boosts bloodcirculation to that area of brain that is responsible for memory. A sedentary lifestyle causes notonly a lethargic body but also a diminishing static brain. While you take a jog make sure thatthat the exercise regimen also includes cardio vascular exercises. A lapse is memory can oftenbean indication of start of Alzheimer disease especially in elderlies.


With growing awareness of the disease it is more probable that people suspect disease themoment they identify a small gap in memory. It mostly occurs at the age of 50 or more withageing and diminishing nutrition. A lot also depend on the stress level for memory to deterioratebefore time. However, it is perfectly normal to forget a thing or two at later stage in life. Besidesstress, people deprived of sleep specially those working oddhours are prone to memory loss.Only a well-rested body and brain can perform well.


There are many over the counter drugs apart from herbal medication to boost memory. Fewpeople believe that taking Gingko Biloba helps in restoring memory others rely onmemoryformula enriched with vitamin and minerals. These herbs and medication expand blood vessels,fight free radicals, boost immune system and decreases the level of depression and stress.


Other naturally occurring substance that helps in ensuring proper blood circulation to brain arerosemary, ginseng and green tea. Green tea contains plethora of benefits that surpasses anyher from improving blood circulation to weight maintenance. Their antioxidant helps fight cancerand promotes healing. It is usedacross skin preparations as it acts as soother and healer. It isalso known for its anti-aging benefits. Other medication promises to increase the concentrationlevel and boost brainpower by improving oxygen flow to the brain.


While aging people might want to indulge in the above-mentioned supplements and medicationthe younger lot can always look for memory building games online or otherwise. There arememory plans on internet such as, Brain age, Big brain academy that promisesto build a phenomenal memory. But the first and foremost step toward acquiring a great memoryis to squash the laziness syndrome and start feeling active. But surf to these online memoryshacks are certainly not as good as visiting your local farmer market and grabbing abroccoliinstead. These powerful veggies are sure to get the cognitive clock ticking. According to latest research studies broccoli, cauliflowers and other Cruciferous vegetables improves the memoryand reverse the aging process by nothing less than one and half year. Spinach that is high onfolate is proved to reduce the risk of Alzheimer by breaking the homocysteine, an amino acidthat is toxic to the nerve cell. Usage of unsaturated or hydrogenated fats have also proved toreduce the risk of Alzheimer and memory loss.


However there are other reasons that can be attributed to memory loss called Amnesia its is asymptom that causes complete memory blackout generally caused by head injury, drug toxicity,stroke, paralysis attack, emotional shock, and infection. These memories can be recoveredthrough psychotherapy but it few cases it is observed that the condition prevails for lifetimeresulting in subject to live a completely new life.

Boost Your Memory By Playing Bridge

 Things have changed so much in our world that a simple game of cards is becoming a thing ofthe past. With the introduction of hand-held video games and computer software, picking up adeck of cards and sitting a table is quickly becoming a lost art.


How To Boost Your Memory Power© Wings Of SuccessPage9of9Boost Your Memory By Playing BridgeThings have changed so much in our world that a simple game of cards is becoming a thing ofthe past. With the introduction of hand-held video games and computer software, picking up adeck of cards and sitting a table is quickly becoming a lost art.


Playing cards is a fun and easy way to socialize. It also can be competitive and it has anotherbenefit that one might not notice at first glance. Playing cards are a wonderful way to exerciseyour mind and to boost your memory.


There are so many card games that are fun and easy. A few examples are:


PokeRummyGo FishBridgeHearts


Each is a bit different and many involve using your memory to get ahead in the game. Somegames involve watching the cards closely and recognizing which cards have already been dealtand played. With a strong memory to work with you can almost guarantee that you'll have anadvantage over the players whose memory isn't at the same top notch level that yours is. Thiscantranslate into a more challenging and rewarding game.


If you find yourself with a deck of cards and no opponents, a game of solitaire can offer thesame memory boosting advantages as a rousing game of poker. Many games of solitaireinvolve close concentration and using your memory. Practice is said to make perfect and withsolitaire that's very true. By developing concentration and memory skills you can beat the cardsmore than they beat you.


If you feel your memory slipping, picking up a deck of cards and dealing them out can help shiftthat memory back to where it needs to be. It's also a great way to strength concentration skills.

Learn A New Language And Boost Your Memory

 When we are young most of us learn one language that we use for the remainder ofour lives.Normally as we enter middle and high school we are required to take on another language. Formany children they can pick up the basics of the new language fairly easily.


One of the fundamentals steps in learning a new language is committing the basic words tomemory. Most of us know how to say hello and goodbye in French and perhaps even inSpanish. It's not because we learned how to read those words, but instead we heard them andcommitted them to memory. Remembering them when the time is appropriate we are able todraw them up from memory and pronounce them effortlessly.


Using this same technique to learn more words is not only a good way to further yourvocabulary in that particular language but also to exercise your memory. This can be doneatany age and the benefits to memory are just as important regardless of how old you are.


When you are in school, you take a class to learn a new language. In some cases this involvesthe use of diagrams and textbooks. You memorize the phonetic sounds andlearn how toarticulate the words properly. If you are older and looking to learn a new language you can dothe same, attend a class or you can purchase a set of tapes that you listen to and mimic.


In the latter case, memory plays a significant role in learning the language because you arerequired to memorize the words and then recite them. While you learn each new word you arealso committing it to memory. It's simply a great way to not only learn something new andinteresting but it gives you a chance to boost your memory as well.


Music Can Boost Your Memory

 Hasn't almost everyone at some point longed to be in a rock band? Or wished they were on theradio singing a country song while they strummed a guitar? Playing the trumpet or pounding outa beat on the drums. Having the ability to play a musical instrument whether it's the guitar, thedrums or the piano is a great talent and beyond that a wonderful way to work on developing astrong memory.


One of the first steps to playing almost any musical instrument is to learn how to read music.For many people this seems like a daunting task. However it really just involves some basicunderstanding and the ability to commit that information to memory. Being able to read music isoften equated to being able toride a bicycle. Once you have the tools required to do it, you willalways have the ability to do it. For reading music one of those tools is memory.


Once you grasp the notes you will then recall them from memory while you are learning to playa certain type of instrument. Many people once learning the basic notes can hear a song on theradio and play it without the written music in front of them. They are simply recalling thesequence of notes that has been embedded in their memory and using that to soundit out untilit seems perfect.


The same principle lies behind our ability to sing along to a song we hear on the radio. Both themelody and the lyrics are within our memory and we call that up without thinking as we sing.Each time we do that we are exercising our brains and boosting our memories. This not onlyhelps in the musical department but in other areas of our lives as well.

Cooking As A Cure To Memory Loss

 Forgetting small things is common for most of us. Little things slip our minds and we becomefrustrated with our forgetfulness in the moment and then often even that feeling slips away.