How to become a Masseur for Women Only (Chronicles of Erotic Massages) - Alessandro Anelli - ebook

The reading of this manual is intended exclusively for mature adults, as are shown chronicles of some importance openly erotic massages intended only for an adult audience!In this short guide the author tells you his five-year experience as a massage therapist, how was born his passion for massages and how he decided to only contact a female audience!He will tell you the chronicles of some of his massages, the feelings of the women he massaged and why not, as some of them are finished "beyond" the simple massage.He will show you in a simple and comprehensive the way forward to become a massage therapist for women only! 

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Alessandro Anelli

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Copyright 2012 Alexander A.

Lifelace Editions

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Chapter 2 : Become a massager for women only

Chapter 3: Chronicle of a massage

Chapter 4: Chronicle of a massage

Chapter 5: Chronicle of a massage

Chapter 6: Chronicle of a massage

Chapter 7: Chronicle of a massage

Chapter 8: Conclusion



Copyright 2012 Alexander A.

Alessandro Anelli

Lifelace Editions

Translated by Antonio Ferrandini

WARNING: This manual is intended exclusively for an adult audience, as are shown chronicles of some importance openly erotic massage.

Chapter 1 : Introduction

No! I'm not suggesting you to become a gigolo, book titles sometimes can be misleading. In this short guide I want to tel youl my experience as a massage therapist, as born my passion for massage and how I decided to go exclusively to a female audience. I want to tell you the chronicles of some of my massage, the feelings the women that I massaged and why not, as some of these have gone "beyond" the simple massage.

Imagine a pleasant woman in her forties lying in front of you on a table massages. Its velvety body has only two towels to cover their nakedness. That female body leaves gently massaging by your hands and you feel her inhibitions slowly subside and she gives herself completely to your languid movements. This could be the forbidden dream of many men, it was also my dream and I have realized!

But beware not to confuse sex with massage, are two completely different things. Squalid and silly people who use massages just to get to have sex are individuals who have a short life in the world of massages. You should know that word of mouth is the most influential and powerful advertising medium. Try it with a client and you will be excluded from around forever. REMEMBER! Sometimes just one adverse publicity! Don't forget that internet offers the possibility to spread fast and at thousand people their opinions!

Yes! You can get to have sex with your client and will be fantastic, it happened to me sometimes, but will she have to take the initiative, don't stretch your hands more than it need. You should also check your impulses! You'll have to taste the unification with the soul of the woman who will receive your massage, you will have to make her experience intense feelings of escape and relaxation. Only thus she will be fully satisfied and trust me, you too!

I will tell you in detail how they are performed massage sessions with some of my clients. Only thus I can give you an idea of how to play a professional antistress massage.

I will not enumerate the kinds of massages and how to learn to do it, but I'll give you just some brief indications to let you know how to become a successful massage therapist for women only.

The task of this guide is to let you know how the women who received my massage, have enjoyed of wonderful sensations.

Everything began five years ago. My masseur pseudonym was Alex. Many massage therapists are presented under pseudonyms, for fear of privacy violation and a bit to hide behind a fictitious name. When you get close to something unknown, growing fear, a sense of unease and inadequacy.

Will I be able? What happens when I find myself in front of a naked woman? Will I be able to massage her without jump on her? It can decouple nudity and from sex from a massage? These were the questions that I had and that I could not give an answer.

I admit it! At the beginning I wanted to become a massage therapist because I was excited by the idea of massaging a woman, but then during and after the course that I attended, I realized that the sensations that you receive during the massage are very gratifying and go beyond the physical level.

My career in the world of massages has been completed last year. I have undertaken a long term relationship with a girl and I didn't want to continue this activity, much less for ethical correctness, she would allow me.

I've always had another job in the telecommunications industry, I never wanted to do of massage my first job. First, because initially I did not considered it a serious activity and second, because I never wanted to change my tax profile (we'll talk about later).

WARNING: The author has a training and has had vast experience in the field of massage and a constant and precise commitment in terms of personal growth. Disclaims any liability for the failure to achieve the same objectives and for any behavior and its consequences adoperate by the users of this manual.

P.S: For women who should be recognized in the chronicles of my massage, there aren't data that could in any way injure their privacy and that any disclosure, in this guide, is made for a purely didactic.

Chapter 2 : Become a massager for women only

The first thing you need to do to become a massage therapist is simply: learn to practice massage! I'll explain in a very fast and simple, what you need to do to become an expert masseur.

The massage can have the following effects:




We will see this type of massage.

Those working as massage therapists in spas include: massotherapists, massage therapists, beauty, sports massage or health spa. To work as a massage therapist must necessarily attend a course recognized by the regions or the provinces, which after exceeding an examination, will issue a qualification to exercise. The cost of the course is around 1500 euro and have a duration that can go from 600 to 900 hours. Forget improvised courses, in addition to not teach you in a professional way the noble art of massage, they will not let you to have a valid certificate to practice. Once you have obtained a certificate from one of these authorized entities, you can specialize in different massage techniques with other courses.

The professional courses usually have a duration of one year and require such qualification, at least lower secondary school certificate