?? How to achieve your dream even if it seems almost impossible - Hegazy Saeid - ebook

Your dream can be achieved and realizing it is not impossible or even difficult you are the one howConsider realizing your dream as difficult or impossibleAnd you alone who can achieve yor dream in this shortBook you will learn and know that achievingdreame mey be to easy even those that you see unattainable HoweverYou forgot that you are ahuman with enormous capabilities capabilities found in every human being on erthtranslated by ampitiousprof / khamsat website

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Table of Contents

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most gracious


The first ever dream has already come true!

All human beings have a goal...

Handling the Mind

Idea insertion into the subconscious mind

Imagination and its role in achieving the dream

Place handling

Handling the time

The ultimate goal

The first exercise

Another Exercise to solve crises,

Recourse to almighty God (Allah)

In the name of Allah, themost merciful, the mostgracious


Your dream can be achieved, and realizing it is not impossible or even difficult. You are the one, who consider realizing your dream as difficult or impossible, and you alone, who can achieve your dreams. In this short book, you will learn and know that achieving dreams may be too easy even those dreams that you see unattainable. However, you forgot that you are a human with enormous capabilities that were given to you by Allah, so be sure that you will achieve your dreams, only if you are able to exploit your own capabilities found in every human being on earth.(The Author).

Chapter One

The first ever dream hasalready come true!

Perhaps during flow of those words, you may find guidance and encouragement that you can achieve your dream, haven't you achieved the first dream already? Sure, since you were in the world of the unknown, in your mother's uterus, during one night on a bed of love and harmony, together the parents met, exchanging words of kindness and exchanging kisses following kisses, they did natural lives together, and finally your father ejaculated his semen inside your mother, this semen containing nearly twenty million sperms, all of them know their way, surely, a long way to reach the ovum with strenuous effort, which is considered a very hard race, about which we should not forget that the sperm enriched with enough food where the liquid components of semen are found, just we say Glory to Allah. Do all the sperms reach the mother's uterus and the ovum, of course not, but very few counts of sperms, where only one sperm can penetrate the ovum and fertilize it, and never by more than one sperm, once one sperm achieved fertilization, instantly within eye blink a thick membrane around the ovum is formed to prevent the entry of another sperm head.

Moreover, the sperm, who could win to penetrate and fertilize the ovum, and closed the door behind it to achieve and confirm its victory in the hard race, is you, you who won the first race, carrying genes, physical characteristics and others from your parents and grandparents.