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Transgender Erotica: How I Became a Girl and a Cheerleader book 1: changes schools, life and sex to fit in

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Transgender Erotica: How I Became a Girl and a Cheerleader book 2

Riley Long

Copyright © 2018 by Riley All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.


It was very crowded in the shower, what with both of us in there, but that just made it more fun. I soaped him from top to bottom, or at least as high as I could reach, and he did the same for me. His hand stroking my clit while his other hand teased my nipples felt wonderful. I kissed him deeply and found his own hardening organ, despite fucking me a few minutes ago; he was ready to go again. I turned to face the wall and spread my legs. Trent got the hint and slowly slid his throbbing shaft inside my pussy. This time it was slow and gentle. We rocked back and forth in the shower for what felt like an eternity, but it was still over to soon for me. I pushed back against him and his hands came around me to rub my breasts and he remembered that I liked to have my nipples pinched, because his strong fingers closed around them and pulled them out from my body. I hissed in pained delight and his hand dropped down to stroke my clit. I groaned and fucked back against him harder. I needed to cum and to feel him cum with me. He lifted me up, one hand holding my stomach, the other at my breasts, holding me to his chest. I had both hands against the shower wall to keep myself upright. I reached between our legs and grabbed his balls, my nails digging in slightly and he screamed as he shot his load into me. The sensation of his cum pouring into me sent me over the edge again and I howled with delight as I dribbled into his hand. Finally panting with exhaustion, we kissed again and had another shower. Just a cleanup, but this time there was lots of gentle touching and kissing. I got out first and cleaned my pussy out and when Trent got out I jumped back in for a quick rinse. By the time I got out, Trent was in the bedroom dressing. I did my makeup, just a little lipstick, my face already had the glow I liked and I dried my hair and pulled the sides back off my face and held it in place with a spring clip. I came out of the bathroom to see Trent downing a bottle of water and proceeded to dress. I attached my vagina and slipped into my powder blue g-string as Trent looked at me questioningly. "Why are you wearing that thing? You don't need it for me you know." "I know, but it gives me the right shape." I responded, pulling on my short-short jean shorts, pulling them right up into my crotch. "Besides, this way I get a camel-toe that is sure to keep your attention." I showed him the crease in my crotch and walked over to him still topless; I reached up and closed his mouth for him. "Close your mouth darling, flies will take advantage." I could understand why he was shocked. My shorts were barely worthy of the name. I had taken an old pair of jeans, nice and worn, soft and comfy and cut them off. The only problem was that I cut them a little shorter than I thought. I had to hem them to keep them from fraying, and when I did I found that the front pockets were visible and the back pockets were in the way. So a little creative sewing and I was good, I removed the back pockets and folded them until they fit and then sewed them back on, and then did the same with the front pockets. Now I had shorts with back pockets that I could maybe get my fingers in up to the first knuckle and front pockets deep enough for the second knuckle. Basically my belt was almost wider. They were low riders so they sat comfortably on my hips, but I put on a belt anyway. My blue bikini top and a white button shirt, tied just above my belly button, ankle socks and white deck shoes and I was ready to go. Trent was dressed in bright orange jams, sandals and a tank top with a baseball hat, the perfect tourist look. We made it outside our door just in time to see Anna and Adam arguing, they both looked up relieved as our door opened and I stepped out. "Good, you two are okay." Anna said. "We were getting worried if you were going to make it to port." "Yes, and fighting about..." I asked. "About whether or not we were going to bang on your door and see if you were coming with us." Adam replied. "Wouldn't miss it for the world," Trent replied cheerfully. Anna was dressed in a white mini skirt with a matching tank top and flip flops, she grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hall chatting happily the shopping and the sights to see. Adam was in fluorescent green jams, running shoes and a plain white T-shirt, he and Trent followed talking quietly, we got far enough ahead of them for Anna to whisper to me. "You okay?" She asked softly. "Did he do anything?" "Yes, everything I wanted." I replied dreamily. "You slut," Anna gasped. "You didn't let him..." "No, I am still a virgin, but we had a long talk and made up, then made out." "I noticed the do not disturb sign and that the phones were off." She responded. "I was getting worried." "No, we are fine." I assured her. "Neither of us slept at all last night and we only started talking this morning. After that we went to bed to catch up on some sleep." "Okay, if you are sure. Then we can talk about the truly important things like shopping." I laughed and glanced back at Trent. He and Adam seemed fine. We made our way down to the gang way and stood in line to clear customs. Actually that went quickly and we stepped off the ship in time to see the parents waiting for us. "Well, look who finally decided to join the land of the living." Jason said smiling at us. "Yes, you were all decidedly missing this morning." Kevin said. "Anyone care to explain." "We were having an orgy in our room," I said calmly. "Didn't you get your invitation? I was worried when none of you showed up." Everyone stopped dead staring at me. I simply stared back calmly. Finally Trent spoke up. "Janie and I were up most of the night not talking to each other, this morning we worked it out and went back to bed to get some sleep." "Anna and I slept in a little then decided to wander the ship." Adam said softly, looking at the ground. I thought this was curious, but let it go as I smiled sweetly back at the still shocked parents. "Well, we better get going; we have to be back before eleven." Trent said grabbing my hand and leading me off with Anna and Adam almost running after us. "I can't believe you said that." Trent said as soon as we were out of earshot. He tried to look angry, but I could see the smile fighting to break through. "You are such a shit." Anna said giggling. "How could you say that to our parents, or Trent's or your Mom?" "Easy," I replied, and everyone laughed. "They have to learn to let us live our own lives. Think of this as a wakeup call. I bet they are all laughing about it right now. Now let's shop." We headed down the main street, or at least what I thought was the main street. It was awful narrow, but the shops were open and busy. We reviewed our shopping book and hit all the stores with the freebies. I got more loose cheap stones then I would ever need and we saw a lot of jewelry. This port was the jewelry port and I intended to do some serious damage. I had budgeted so much per port, but now I had added to it from my jackpot winnings. We finally found a jeweler that we liked and started to wander thru his shop. I picked out some nice earrings and Anna found a gold bracelet that she liked. Adam was looking at a chain for himself and Trent was working on purchasing a really nice necklace Heather. I came up beside him as he asked the price and when he reached right away for his wallet, I knew that I would have to take over. One of the things our shopping seminar told us was that here in the islands, haggling was a way of life. Only tourists paid full price. We are so used to paying the price shown from shopping at supermarkets and large chain stores that we don't think to barter with shop owners. I grabbed Trent's arm and said loudly enough for Anna to hear, "we can do better down the street honey." That was the code that Anna and I agreed to at the seminar. Hearing me say that, she immediately put the bracelet down and grabbed Adam's hand and said "let's go babe," and she started to walk out. The salesmen that were dealing with us leapt into action. Calling after us, they started the usual lines about the best merchandise, highest quality etc, etc. We paused at the door and turned back, they saw the serious glint in our eyes and the verbal sparring began. By the time we left half an hour later, Trent had gotten his necklace, one inch wide tri-color gold, for about a third of the original price. My earrings were thrown in for free. I thought that we did okay until I talked to Anna, she practically had that guy give her the store for free. Adam smiled when he told us how she cut the prices down to almost nothing and would not give an inch. Obviously she would be doing all the haggling for us for the rest of the trip. The next shop we hit was a retail chain, so haggling was not going to work, but that was okay. The place was called Del Sol, and carried the coolest stuff. Everything changed color in sunlight. Something about the UV rays, you could check out the changes under black light as well. All the shirts were white with black lettering and designs, until you went out into sun light then all the color appeared. They carried nail polish, hair clips, necklaces, rings, and all kinds of knick knacks. I dropped way too much money, but I could not help it. Even the tote bags changed color. My favorite was the nail polish called blind date, clear inside, pink outside. From there we window shopped around the city, never straying very far from the dock. Finally at around seven we stopped at a place called Senor Frog's. It was a college type bar, loud music, cheap drinks and not too bad food. We ate and danced there, just enjoying being with kids our own age. Another cruise ship was in port and the hotels were packed with spring breakers. I really worked Trent into a lather with my grinding him and finally at around ten thirty he said that we had to get back to the ship. We made it back aboard with fifteen minutes to spare and dropped our stuff in our cabins and changed into heels before heading down to the nightclub. We hit the club, Quasar, and danced and shimmied till they kicked us out at two. I wanted Trent to be so hot and bothered that he would almost rape me when we got into our room. I don't know what Anna was thinking, but it must have been along the same lines, because she was just as aggressive with Adam as I was with Trent. We stopped the show when we came together in the middle of the dance floor and started dancing with each other. She towered over me and wrapped her arms around me as I ground my ass into her crotch. Her hands slid down my arms and then down my body. My shiver was not just for show, she really got me hot. Her left hand came across my stomach and her right went back up and over my shoulder. I brought my arms in and ran my hands up her thighs, catching the hem of her skirt on my watch, pulling it up to her hip before it worked loose. She spun me in her arms and slid her leg between mine and started to grind me with her thigh, I did the same for her. We rocked and ground against each other for most of the song, getting closer and closer all the time. With our hands on each other's asses, we moved closer with each movement, our lips almost touching each time, our mouths open, our faces flushed with desire, but never quite making contact. I don't know how long we kept this up, but the crowd just kept getting louder and louder before Adam and Trent grabbed us and spun us back into our partner's arms to keep dancing.  After they closed the club Trent and Adam practically dragged us back to our cabins and pushed us inside. Trent shut the door, slammed the lock and turned to face me. "Do you have any idea how hot you looked dancing out there?" "No," I responded innocently. "You and Anna just about caused a riot in Frog's and then you come back here and do the same." "We were just trying to have fun." "Well, you damn near put on a sex show, and I think that if you want sex that badly, I am just going to give it to you." "Oh sir, I am a good girl, I would never do that." I said meekly. "Well, you started this, and now you are going to get what you deserve." Trent said advancing on me, undoing his pants. "EEK." I screamed and ran into the bedroom giggling. "Come back here you hussy." Trent said, trying to be stern, but smiling none the less. He found me in the bedroom, sitting on the bed. He kicked off his shorts and stepped up before me. I grasped his manhood and licked him from balls to tip. He shivered and put his hands on top of my head. I held the base of his shaft and continued to lick and nip at him gently. He rubbed his penis up and down my face, making me look sluttier still as my own saliva now coated my face, but I still kept him wet. I opened my shirt and undid the straps of my bikini and lowered his pulsing member between my tits. Pushing them together, I started to rub him up and down, still drooling on him to keep him lubed. Trent groaned at the feel of my breasts around him and held onto my head to steady himself. Every time the head appeared, I licked it or kissed it and he shuddered. The feeling of his dick gliding between my breasts was a new experience to me. I was able to please him and tease my own nipples at the same time. I knew that would be enough to get me off. Trent started to move faster and I could feel him harden still further as he was getting close. He tried to pull away from me, but I held him tight between my breasts and sucked on the head of his dick. "Janie, I'm gonna cum." He panted. "Cum for me baby," I crooned at him. "No," he struggled to get the word out and to get away from me. "I want to fuck you." "No baby," I whispered, licking the head again. "I need you to cum now." I sucked the head in again, wrapped my tongue around the crown then stuck my pointed tongue into his piss slit. That was all it took. Trent shouted in delight and started shooting his load into my mouth and down my throat. I sucked harder and pinched my own nipples. The feeling of him gifting me with his hot load and the pain in my nipples pushed me over the edge and I came with a small squirt. I sucked until he pushed me away from his over sensitive shaft and I wiped the small amount of cum that had leaked down my chin. Trent stepped back and twisted to fall onto the bed. I leaned over him and kissed him with cum stained lips, he licked his own spend from my face with delight. "That was fantastic." He panted. "But why didn't you want to fuck?" "I need to clean myself out before we do that." I responded. "Plus, this is more intimate don't you think?" "Yes," he said after a moment's consideration. "Besides, I don't want to you to fuck me; I want us to make love." "I see." "But that doesn't mean that I don't love a good fuck every now and then." I said teasingly. "Now go to bed. I will be in right after I clean up." I made my way into the bathroom and cleaned Trent off my face, brushed my teeth and stripped off my clothes. I came back into the bedroom and found him already asleep. I slipped into bed beside him and cuddled on his chest thinking, 'Men, all they want to do after sex is pass out.' I giggled at my own silliness, and drifted off to sleep content to be where I was. Dawn came far too early for my tastes, we had left the curtains open and the bright clear sunlight blasted into our room hit me right in the face like a hammer. There is nothing worse than having a perfectly nice dream shattered by sunlight. Blinking in the bright light I saw that the sun was just coming up, the clock read six thirty and I groaned. This was day four and we would dock in an hour and a half. We had planned an excursion for this port and I was not going to allow us to be late. I slipped out of bed and did my morning routine, dressed in my work out clothes and then climbed back on the bed to wake Trent. He was flat on his back; he got the small shadow of the curtains and was still blissfully asleep. I shook him several times, but he only grunted and refused to wake up, so I decided that it was time for something more drastic. I pulled the covers back and saw that he had his usual morning wood. I grasped it gently and licked the head, Trent groaned softly and then I took him into my mouth. He groaned a little louder as I took him deep into my throat, then I brought my teeth into play. I dragged my teeth gently up the shaft as I pulled him out of my mouth; he hissed but still did not wake so I bit him. Trent shouted and sat up in shock. I looked at him innocently. "That hurt." He shouted. "Yes, but it worked, you are up." I said indifferently. "Now get dressed, we need to have our workouts before breakfast and we dock in less than two hours." "I can't believe you bit me." He said still surprised. "Yes, but I didn't hurt you, or even break the skin." I smiled impishly at him. "Do you really think I would damage my favorite toy?" I leapt off the bed as he threw a pillow at me. Ten minutes later we joined Anna and Adam in the gym and had our work out. We finished in an hour and headed for breakfast. Another light breakfast and a quick shower and change and we were only fifteen minutes late for getting off the ship. I wore my biking shorts and a tank top over my bikini, my hair was pulled back in a tight braid to keep it out of the way and my flip flops completed my ensemble. Trent wore bright blue jams that day over his Speedo and a T-shirt with sandals. We joined the line to exit the ship with Anna and Adam and the parents. Anna wore a small tight bikini, another mini skirt, this time pale blue, no top other than her bikini and her deck shoes. Adam wore running shorts, a T shirt and flip flops as well. Our parents started asking us about our day at the last port and we told them about the shopping and dinner at Frog's. We asked about their day and they had just shopped and wandered the town. They had passed Frog's but it had been too loud for them so the had a late dinner on board. The conversation was pleasant and polite until Jason asked about our return to the ship. "I have heard this terrible rumor about two girls in one of the night clubs on board getting really dirty with their dancing late last night. Do you know anything about it?" "Yes," Kevin said, "I heard the same thing. These two young things just tearing up the dance floor then proceed to almost start making out with each other right in the middle of a dance." The silence was thunderous, but before I could say anything Anna jumped in. "Yes, I heard about that, just scandalous what kids today get up to, don't you think Janie?" "Absolutely appalling," I agreed straight faced. "Their parents should be ashamed with themselves for not teaching the girls better manners." Mom snorted and Heather started to laugh out loud as we turned the conversation around on them yet again. "We'll see you later. We have our scooter excursion this morning." The line moved forward and we separated from the still glowering parents. "Well done." Trent said to both of us. "Yes, very well played, but you know they are going to be all over us later." "We can worry about that then. Now let's get moving I don't want to miss this." Before we left home, I had booked two excursions through the travel agent. When I told Adam about it the first night out, he went and booked the same trips for him and Anna. This one was the first. We were taken out on a dive boat and toured the coastline. My camera was working overtime on that trip. Anna and I were on the front deck, with most of the other women tanning and snapping pictures. After about half an hour we arrived at the dive site and the fun really began. On this excursion we were given underwater scooters and allowed to drive around underwater like we would on a scooter on a street. There was no dive equipment needed, you were completely immersed in water, but your head was in a clear bubble so that you could breath, you didn't need a mask and could wear your glasses or what have you.

We toured the underwater reefs and coral shelf near the boat and I got some fabulous pictures. It was really too bad that I had already submitted my portfolio to UCLA; these would really have put it over the top. As I thought of that I nearly crashed my scooter. I remembered what I had submitted to UCLA for my portfolio, all dark and dismal pictures. I tried to put the thought out of my mind, but it still haunted me the rest of the day. When we returned to the dive boat, they took us down the coast a little farther and we went snorkeling. I tried, but was not very good at it, but still got some good pictures. After that we went back aboard the dive boat for lunch and the trip back to port. Trent noted that something was wrong, but I wouldn't tell him what. I didn't want to ruin the day. I would talk to Mom about it; she had already shown that she could fix almost anything. The balance of the day was for shopping. I got a new lens for my camera, a wonderful wide angle seventeen to fifty five millimeter, really cheap. Trent got some new binoculars, Adam a new fountain pen that was really expensive, and Anna bought a new digital camera rig, complete. She saw how much fun I was having and decided to try her own hand at it. Then we hit the jewelry shops. More free stones and knick knacks for our bags and we each got new watches. All of them were solar powered and waterproof. I even bought an extra one for diving. I found that I loved being under water as much as swimming. I was looking forward to our next port and going diving. We also hit Del Sol again; the merchandise was slightly different than the last port, different logos and designs. We made it back to the ship half an hour before departure again, I didn't want to be late and get left behind. We dropped our stuff and headed to café to get a snack. We would make dinner aboard this time and I wanted to eat early. After a quick pizza we went down one deck and hit the pool. Drinks and a hot tub are not a good combination. Trent had to get me out of there about an hour before dinner and try to sober me up. I only had one white wine, but the heat and my small size worked against me.  He ordered some bread and hors d'oeuvres and left me to lie in the sun on our balcony. Between that and the water he made me drink I got straight fairly quickly, or at least sober enough to survive dinner. I only had the lobster bisque; I was not very hungry and wanted to get some sleep. Anna however wanted to dance again and she dragged us to the dance club, but this time the parents followed us, with them watching us we were not able to get as out of hand as the night before, but they sure did. At one point I thought that Heather and Jason were going to start having sex right on the dance floor. And the way Kevin and Jennifer were sucking face I thought that they were permanently attached at the lips. Boy were we going to have a talk with them the next morning. Mom and Susan were not far behind either; it was obvious that they had watched enough music videos in their time. Finally just around midnight, I nudged Trent and nodded to the door. He got the hint and we made our excuses and headed for our room. On the way I reminded him that we had not broken in the hot tub on the balcony yet.


Trent and I went back to our room, and as he went to fill up the hot tub on the balcony, I stopped him I could tell that he was just too tired to try anything, and so was I. Ten minutes later, we were in each other's arms and relaxing in bed. I felt him stiffen between my cheeks and I wiggled around him and laid back.  "This is so nice." I told him.  "MMMMhhhhhhhmmmm." Was all I got in response. I could feel his breathing settle and deepen; I knew that he was asleep. I wiggled in a little deeper into his embrace and closed my eyes. I decided that I should get some sleep myself; the next day was our last port call. Morning came and we were once again up early and in the gym. I could tell that I would need a vacation to recover from my vacation. A hard work out and a big breakfast and we were showering and getting ready for the day. I was starting to get excited about the excursion that we had planned for this port. For a change, I wore a one piece bathing suit under my shorts and a white button down shirt, undone and tied at the waist. The suit was black, speedo and very form fitting. It almost completely backless and very high cut on the hips. My hair was up in another pony tail and my cork high heel sandals completed my outfit. Anna and Adam were waiting, with a very unusual glow about them, standing very close together and holding hands. I looked at them suspiciously and they separated looking guilty, something I needed to ask Anna about. We cleared customs and headed off the ship without seeing our parents and headed directly for our trip. We booked morning trips everywhere so that we had time to shop and then get back to the ship before sailing time. At this port you could try something called snuba, it was like scuba diving and snorkeling mixed. The tank is on the surface and you have a thirty foot hose to dive with. You didn't have to have be a licensed scuba diver to do it and you get to see all the fish and coral around the island. I had even bought a couple of disposable water proof cameras to take pictures under water. We met our guide and the rest of the party doing the snuba and headed out to the boat. A twenty minute ride later we were at the first dive site and the first group hit the water. We were in the second group and got to snorkel around this bay. The colors were spectacular, the fish were beautiful and the water as clear as glass. Our guide showed us all the marine life he could, sea turtles, exotic fish, coral and sponges. I took about half the roll of film, but saved the rest for the diving part of our trip. An hour after hitting the water we were on our way to the second dive site.