How Does Your Wife Look Now? - Laura Lovecraft - ebook

Brenda is concerned about her marriage. After fifteen years her husband Greg has no interest in her. For months they have barely had sex and when they have it seems as if he isn't even interested. One of her friends suggests Greg may be having an affair, but Brenda knows he would never hurt her that way. Brenda keeps trying, but after their last attempt ends in Greg totally humiliating her she wonders what she's done that he is now so cold to her.In the meantime Brenda has been satisfying herself by indulging in fantasies about Chad, their young hot landscaper. Things get worse when one morning while talking with Chad Greg accuses her of being a whore and cheating on him.Chad becomes irate and the next time Brenda sees him, he has something for her. Chad saw Greg come home with a young woman and taped them having sex in their very bed! During the video Greg is mocking Brenda, looking at their picture and asking how he looks while having sex with his girlfriend.Enraged and humiliated Brenda decides to use Chad's lust for her to her advantage. After going to pick up some special toys at a fetish store Brenda arranges for Chad to come over the next morning where in front of her gagged and bound husband, Brenda is about to put on one hell of a show.

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How Does Your Wife Look Now?


Laura Lovecraft

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L.L. Craft Publications

How Do I Look Now, Baby?

Copyright © 2013 by L.L. Craft

Chapter One

I jerked awake and looked at the clock to see that it was eleven thirty. I sighed disgustedly, here we go again. Greg had told me he would be in by ten thirty and I’d fallen asleep waiting for him. I don’t know why I thought tonight would be different.

Maybe because when I’d walked into his office and opening my robe, playfully flashed him the hot little black and red bra and panties I’d just bought, he’d smiled and told me I looked hot. Then again I should have known better. As soon as I’d told him he should show me how hot he thought I was, he’d made a show of holding up some folders and saying he had to finish some work.

I resisted the urge to ask him when he thought he might find time to work on me, but held back. That would lead to another argument and guarantee there would be no chance at sex. Instead I briefly considered dropping to my knees, sucking on his cock, then hopping on. No matter how engrossed in his work he was, Greg never seemed to turn down my mouth. I quickly shook off that thought and with a forced smile and a “Don’t be long baby,” I walked out of the room.

Maybe a few weeks ago I’d have used my mouth to entice him, but why the hell should I? Would it kill him to come onto me for once? I wondered if he were still working or just trying to outlast me. That was the pattern over the last few months; I’d go to bed hopeful and eventually get tired of waiting and fall asleep. I would wake up when he slid into bed and either be too tired to go after him, or he would claim he was exhausted.

The last few months; as it had countless times lately the thought of what had changed during that time entered my mind. Up until this point Greg and I had a pretty good sex life. Maybe not as hot as I would have liked it, but I had come to terms that I was higher drive than he was and didn’t mind killing some batteries here and there when he wasn’t in the mood. Then Greg changed jobs. The money was better, but the work more difficult, the hours longer and since then our bedroom activities had all but ceased.

In fact the once a week I could get out of him was so formulaic and unsatisfying, I didn’t know why I kept looking for it. Some nights it was as if Greg were forcing himself to fuck me. A quick suck on my nipples, sliding his fingers up and down my clit as if her petting a dog and then either rolling over on me, or rolling me over and fucking me for what if I were lucky these days was a couple of minutes. During the fifteen years we’d been married, Greg had always been pretty affectionate, now I was lucky to get a kiss goodbye, hello and goodnight.

Disinterested was the word I would use. However, when I’d spoken to my best friend Holly about it, she used another word; Affair. According to her all the signs were there; a new job meant meeting new people. Greg was leaving earlier, working later and was now taking clients to dinner and had Saturday meetings. Holly had point blank told me her thought was it was the same client and a female one.