Wydawca: anna ruggieri Kategoria: Obyczajowe i romanse Język: angielski Rok wydania: 2018

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Opis ebooka Household Gods - Aleister Crowley

This is an odd one. A very short play about a man and his servant girl, who is of course more than she appears.It opens on an altar, where he is bemoaning his situation... his wife has run off into the woods to be with who-knows-who...Ye Household Gods!By these male tears I swearThat ye shall grant this prayer.All things at oddsShall be put straight--Harmonized, reconciledBy some appointed childOf some far Fate!Which makes me wonder if Nick Cave was invoking this story in the song Do You Love Me?.... "She was given to me to put things right..."The servant girl appears, and maybe you can guess where it goes from there.

Opinie o ebooku Household Gods - Aleister Crowley

Fragment ebooka Household Gods - Aleister Crowley


Aleister Crowley

First digital edition 2018 by Anna Ruggieri




CRASSUS, a barbarian from Britain. ADELA, his wife, a noble Roman lady. ALICIA, a servant in the house. A STATUE OF PAN. A FAUN.


THE SCENE is at the hearth of CRASSUS, where is a little bronze altar dedicated to the Lares and Penates. A pale flame rises from the burning sandal-wood, on which CRASSUS throws benzoin and musk. He is standing in deep dejection.

CRASSUS. Smoke without fire!   No thrill of tongues licks up   The offerings in the cup. Dead falls desire.

Black smoke thou art,   O altar-flame, that dost dismember,   Devour the hearth, to leave no ember To warm this heart.

I see her still -   Adela dancing here   Till dim gods did appear To work our will.

The delicate girl!   Diaphanous gossamer   Subtly revealing her Brave breast of pearl!

Now - she's withdrawn   At dusk to the wild woods,   Mystic beatitudes That dure till dawn.

Let life exclaim   Against these things of spirit,   Mankind that disinherit Of love's pure flame! [He bends before the altar and begins to weep.]

Ye household gods!   By these male tears I swear   That ye shall grant this prayer. All things at odds

Shall be put straight -   Harmonized, reconciled   By some appointed child Of some far Fate! [A curtain has been drawn aside during this invocation, and ALICIA advances. She smiles subtly upon him; and, giving a strange gesture, makes one or two noiseless steps of dancing.]

ALICIA. Master still sad?

CRASSUS. These faint and fearful shores   Of time are beaten by the surge of sense,   Love worn away - by love? - to indifference. Who knows what god - or demon - she adores?   Or in what wood she shelters, or what grove   Sees her profane our sacrament of love?

ALICIA. I saw her follow The stream in the hollow Where never Apollo   Abides. So thick are the trees That never the breeze Stirs them, or sees   What satyr inhabits the glen, what nymph in the     pools of it hides.

Lighter of foot   Than a sylph or a fairy,   Sinuous, wary,   I passed from the airy Lawns, where the flute   Of the winds made tremulous music for man.

I followed the ripple   Of the stream; I crept   Where the waters wept -     The floss in the foss