Hotwife Lexi Takes The BBC Challenge - Thomas Roberts - ebook

The Dare Bucket Challenge continues!  Willie, Lexi's gorgeous BBC lover, takes her bareback in a crowded bar, and shares her with another man. Then she discovers an antique trunk filled with old bondage gear, and the Challenges veers into new directions. Can she survive being gangbanged by Willie and his big black--and very horny--friends?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~We met Willie at the same bar he and I had been in the last time. We didn't go in, just met in front. Lexi greeted Willie with her arms around his neck and a warm, lingering kiss. I was ignored by both."I'll be riding with Willie, honey. You can follow us," Lexi said, barely looking at me.I had a terrible time even finding their car. I pulled in behind them just in time to see Lexi's head disappear in the direction of Willie's lap. When we pulled up in front of a rundown house in a marginal part of town, my emotions were ranging from remorse to elation. I was having a hard time catching my breath, and my skin felt like it was burning. At the same time, I was sporting a hard tube running down the inside of my left thigh.Willie got out of his car and went around to open Lexi's door. At first, I thought he was a gentleman until Lexi bolted from the car and ran to the front door without clothing, holding herself, so she wouldn't bounce. Willie let her stand by the front door until I joined them, carrying all my gear. Only then did he open the door for us.The inside was just as bad as the outsideworn out furniture surrounded by empty beer cans and liquor bottles. Sitting on the furniture were five black men. Some were wearing jeans and wife-beater t-shirts, a few wore only their boxers.I had the camera running, holding it in my hand as they all turned to look at us. Lexi tried to cover herself with an arm and a hand. Her face and chest were bright red as Willie pulled her into him from the side."This is our entertainment, Lexi," he said as my wife rubbed against him. "She's ready for us, aren't you?" Lexi could only blush a deeper red as she was pushed into the center of the room.She tried to cover up again, but Willie pulled her arms back, restraining her so she was exposed, helpless to the room. As he pushed my wife forward, he introduced everybody."This is Randy, James, LeRoy, DeMarcus, and Russell." They each stepped forward and circled my wife. "You be careful of Russell, we call him the horse.'"My wife was led into the bedroom and laid out on the bed and I followed with the video camera. Lexi didn't seem uncomfortable as Randy spread her legs to expose her to the men.As he started licking her, my wife was distracted by the men stripping and surrounding her. The only man to keep his boxers on was Russell, but it was obvious that he was massive. His underwear couldn't contain him. Each of the men were above-average in size, but Russell made me afraid for my wife.I watched as she took turns kissing each of them as Randy continued to work on her. I was having second and maybe even third thoughts about my wife being the center of a black gang. Randy was the first with my wife, spreading her open as Lexi groaned around the man in her mouth and moving her hips to take more of him. Using his hands to pin her to the bed, Randy set a slow pace as he used her. Each time he pulled back he shown with my wife's juices.He didn't have time to finish as he was quickly pushed aside. Willie was in the same slow pace mood as he thrust himself inside without giving my wife a chance to prepare herself for him. She sucked in her breath before whimpering at the sudden intrusion.

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Book 2 of “Hotwife Lexi Dares to Cheat”

Hotwife Lexi Takes the BBC Challenge

By Thomas Roberts

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright Thomas Roberts 2017

This book is intented for ADULTS ONLY and all characters at over 18 years of age.

This is an erotic work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is accidental and damned amazing.

There is sex, lots of it. There is wife cheating and all kinds of goings-on. If that offends you, please don’t read this book. But if you’re looking for a fun, dirty read, this is it.

If you haven’t read the first Hotwife Lexi book, “Hotwife Lexi Takes the Challenge,” there’s still time!


Lexi and I had been married for seven years when I came up with the idea of the ‘Dare Bucket’, a purely defensive idea on my part. Our lives had become boring—that seemed the best word to describe the malaise we were in. I was married to the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, and all we did was work, eat, sleep, and watch TV. We made love once a week for about half an hour, otherwise, we sat in front of the television, dressed in old sweat clothes, barely talking to one another except to switch programs.

Lexi is a gorgeous woman—dark hair, olive complexion, and an overpowering sex drive. Her libido seemed to have cooled some since she discovered she couldn’t become pregnant. The news had sent her into a cycle of depression. I supported her as best I could until we found ourselves just floating through life. Her powerful sex drive was still in there, she’d just forgotten how to express it, and I wasn’t able to help her.

The problem with floating through life, especially with a woman like my wife, was she might float into something more interesting, another man maybe, and our marriage would be in trouble. I was worried and scared. The thought of my wife leaving me for another man caused me sleepless nights.

Here’s where it got weird; the mental image of my beautiful Lexi naked in the arms of another man gave me sleepless nights for another reason. I found the thought exciting, so exciting I would grow fully erect, imagining her being fucked by a stranger while I watched. I’d be made to listen to her cries of passion, sounds I hadn’t heard in a while, sounds I missed and wanted to hear again. The idea that another man may cause my exquisite Lexi to explode in ecstasy made me even more excited.

I loved the idea of seeing my wife—the woman I loved with all my heart—with another man’s cock buried in her pussy. But I was panicked by the thought I might lose her because of my strange fascination. Then it actually happened, I watched Lexi being roughly taken by a large black man with a thick cock. Not only did he fuck her, but she loved what he gave her. She even loved it when he treated her like a whore and left her naked, on her knees when he was done with her, not caring how she felt.

The idea behind the Dare Bucket was simple. We’d each write out twelve index cards, each one containing something we could do together. The rule was that half the cards had to contain something sexual, and as it turned out, some of the sex cards helped us become a hotwife couple.

I anxiously watched as Lexi became involved with Heather, a woman we’d met while buying my wife sexier outfits. Their affair had continued even after the Dare had been satisfied. In fact, Lexi admitted to being in love with Heather if only as a ‘fuck buddy’.

I fought the possessiveness which threatened to overwhelm me. If it hadn’t been for the constant hard-ons their relationship produced, I might have been overcome by jealousy, distrust, and remorse that I’d set their affair in motion. That’s one of the odd side effects of our Dares. I didn’t distrust my wife. I knew she’d do things with other people now, sometimes in front of me, sometimes only telling me about them afterward, but she’d never try to hide anything. We were completely open and honest with each other, felt safe expressing our feelings. Most importantly, if I asked her to stop, I knew she would.

But there were times when I was still afraid. Lexi was committed to me with her entire being as I was to her, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t run into somebody who could take her away. It was entirely possible I’d be the one pushing her into the arms of the person she’d leave me for.

The terror I felt as I watched my wife having sex with so much more intensity than anything we’d had together caused me excruciating pain, and greater arousal, than I could have imagined. Seeing Lexi come like she had with another person had caused me to orgasm so hard in response, I’d felt it in my entire body.

There was no question Lexi and I were deeply in love with each other. We were devoted to spending our lives together, and I believed that our Dares were making our relationship even stronger. We were talking more, having the best sex of our marriage. We were passionate about each other and about our lives again. It seemed strange that my wife having sexual adventures with other people could bring us together; it didn’t make sense, and yet that’s exactly what was happening. We were closer than ever before.

Lexi had met Willie because of our Dares. She was to expose herself to a black man and let him touch her. The touching went a lot further, and Willie ended up fucking Lexi in a semi-public place, bringing her to multiple orgasms and leaving her a quivering mess addicted to Big Black Cock.

The memory of her face as Willie fucked her, showing no concern for her pleasure, was one of the most exciting and erotic sights I’d ever seen. I’d had a hard time breathing and sweat had been running down my face and back, my cock fully erect and leaking as I’d watched and listened. I was a sick, sick boy.

Chapter 1 - The Club

“Willie’s here,” Lexi shouted to be heard over the ear-splitting noise in the club.

The club was packed, probably well over the fire marshal’s limit. My wife and I were standing at a small bar on the side of the room, the main bar was next to the door, and the D.J.’s booth was on the wall opposite the main bar. The dance floor was behind us, although people were dancing or just moving to the music everywhere we looked. The club was moderately sized with stand-up tables placed at irregular intervals around the sides.

We’d been lucky, in a way, to be pushed right up against the bar so we could be served. The strobe lights were flashing colors alternating with deep darkness as the noise level steadily increased. The club was so crowded, people were pressing against us, pushing us into the bar. It was hard to see who was behind me; it was like pictures of the Tokyo subway.

Lexi was wearing the club dress Heather had picked out for her—a yellow shift dress held up by a costume jeweled choker and a jeweled strap running down the center of her bare back. Without a back, the dress was open to her waist on the sides, giving anyone who looked a nice shot of side-boob. Other than the dress, high heeled shoes, and a small clutch bag with her smart phone, all she had on was a tiny yellow thong.

“How do you know Willie’s here,” I shouted. Willie was the black waiter my wife had fucked in the park. Willie of the thick cock and rough ways. He was a good-looking man, and when he was being a waiter, he had good manners. But when he was alone with a woman he wanted, the manners disappeared, and he took whatever he could.

“He’s… right behind… me,” Lexi grunted.

I twisted my head to see, but the crowd was too thick, I finally slightly twisted my entire body. Willie was pressed against my wife. His groin pushed against Lexi’s ass. I couldn’t see much more than that in the flashing lights and press of bodies.

“He’s… oh… fucking… me.” Lexi was moving against the front of the bar, pushed forward by the thrust of Willie’s hips. I moved as close to my wife as I could, both to feel her as she was fucked and to keep anyone from coming between us.

“His cock… is so big… oh,” she panted as he pushed her harder. For the first time, I noticed his hand was in the large gap on the side of her dress, pinching and pulling at her right nipple. Every time the muscles in his forearm flexed, I could feel it pressing against my side.