Hot Wives Around The Neighborhood: Taboo Erotica - Meredith Cole - ebook

Excerpt: "Oh, God, yes, it's BIG," she gasped. "Fuck me with it, lover, fuck me fast and hard. Don't be gentle, Bob. I want it HARD."Fortunately that was just the way he wanted to give it to her. He'd been dreaming of this moment for two days and tonight she'd gotten him so damned excited, he couldn't hold back. With a happy groan he began to slam his big stiff cock in her with savage speed and force, butting her womb with each deep thrust."Yes, YES," Lisa howled, "bang me, rape me, I LOVE IT."Bob grinned with lusty pleasure as he steadily slammed his prick in Lisa Gordon's red-hot little box. At last he'd found the wild uninhibited love-making he needed, the novelty, the hot excitement. He felt a little guilty about Brenda, but he knew he'd come back to Lisa again and again. He had to. And as long as Brenda didn't know about it, she wouldn't be hurt.

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Hot Wives Around The Neighborhood

Meredith Cole

Copyright © 2017

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"A thrill a minute, isn't it?" said her best friend Judy, also yawning.

"Oh, yeah," Brenda replied, "terrific."

Brenda glanced at her friend. Judy, a petite redhead, had a gorgeous little figure, daringly displayed in a skimpy yellow bikini. Both Judy and Brenda were in their mid-twenties, both were still very attractive and both felt starved for male attention. But they couldn't even get their husbands to look at them.

"I bet we'd cause a sensation if we stripped," Brenda impishly suggested.

"I don't know," Judy sighed. "These guys just don't seem interested in females. Maybe we've all been married too long."

"Tell me about it," Brenda said wearily. Then she sat up and stared at a strange woman who was just arriving. "Who is THAT?" Brenda said.

The woman was tall, blonde and beautiful. Her figure was slender and delicate, not busty, but she made up for her lack of curves with a wiggly little walk that drew attention to her pert round little ass. She wore a skimpy one-piece red bathing suit that clung to her lithe graceful body. She might have been thirty, but her age didn't matter. She was a knockout.

"Grrrrr," said Judy. "That's Lisa Gordon. She's a divorcee and she just moved into the neighborhood. Just look at our husbands staring at her."

"Ours and everybody else's," Brenda muttered.

It was true. Every man at the party was falling over himself to get to Lisa Gordon, make her a drink, find her a chair. But Brenda's husband Bob and Judy's husband Mike, were especially attentive. They acted like they'd never seen a girl before.

"Disgusting," said Judy.

"What's she got that we haven't?" said Brenda.

"Not tits, that's for sure," said Judy. "She's built like a scarecrow. Of course she does carry it well."

"I suppose she's just a novelty to them," Brenda sighed. "As long as we've all been married, I guess we're bound to get a little bored with each other."

Judy looked at her intently. "Do you and Bob have that problem, too?" she said. "Honestly, Brenda, I don't know what to do about it. Frankly, Mike and I hardly get it on any more. Our sex life is about as exciting as potato peelings."

"Us, too," Brenda said worriedly. "And I don't know what to do about it, either. I don't think Bob and I have made love for a month. Kinda gets to you, doesn't it?"

"You better believe it," Judy said grimly. "You're my best friend, Brenda, so I can tell you-I'm HORNY."

Brenda blushed slightly. She might not have used that particular word, but that was how she felt, too. She ached for a man's body, for some exciting drawn-out love-making. Her poor starved pussy seemed to be always swollen and aching with need. She really didn't know how much longer she could stand it.

"Well, I know one thing," she said, "having that damned Lisa Gordon around isn't helping any. My God, they're practically drooling over her."

Bob and Mike were hanging over Lisa as she sat and sipped her drink, both of them grinning like mad and chatting away furiously. Lisa just smiled calmly, but you could tell she enjoyed the attention from other women's husbands. Now and then she reached out and patted one of the men's hand. This seemed to make Bob and Mike even more excited.

"I wonder what that bitch is saying to them?" said Judy. "They sure seem to like it."

"Oh, they're just trying to look down the front of her suit," said Brenda. "Not that they'd see anything if they did."

Still she was curious to know exactly what Lisa Gordon was saying to the men to make them so excited. Her curiosity grew when Lisa got up and wandered off behind a bush-and Bob followed her. Brenda leaped to her feet, blushing with anger and jealousy.

"I'm just going to check this out," she told Judy.

Brenda weaved her way inconspicuously through the crowded party and crouched on the other side of the bush. Through the leaves she could just make out her husband leaning very close to Lisa, whispering something to her. Lisa smiled, showing a mouthful of perfect white teeth and then kissed Bob lightly on the mouth.

"You'll have to come over sometime," Lisa said in a sexy, slightly husky voice. "I get lonely in the evenings."

"I'll certainly do that," Bob said eagerly, "the first chance I get."

Brenda hurried back to Judy and whispered her news. "That bitch just came right out and propositioned him," she said angrily, "and he accepted. He said he'd come over to her place as soon as he could."

"That rat," Judy said, patting her friend's hand. "She oughta be boiled in oil."

Just then Bob returned to the party and Mike hurried off behind the bush where Lisa was still standing. Judy turned pink and crept over to spy on the meeting. Moments later she was back, blinking away tears of rage and jealousy.

"She did the same thing with Mike," Judy said, "just came right out and invited him to her house. And the bastard said he'd come. Can you believe this?"

"I'm afraid so," Brenda said grimly. "Judy, there's only one thing to do. We've got to take those men home right now and give them the fuck of their lives. We have to take their minds off that snake Lisa." Brenda blushed as she spoke. She didn't ordinarily use words like "fuck", but she was too angry to be cautious.

"You're right," said Judy. "Let's get going. Call me later and we'll compare notes."

Brenda marched up to Bob, took him by the arm and started marching him silently in the direction of their house. He gawked at her. "What's up, honey?" he said. "The party's just getting started."

Brenda remembered that very useful word Judy had used earlier. "I'm horny," she said.

Bob blushed right down to his toes. Brenda was usually so modest and respectable. He was so astounded that he allowed her to lead him home without protest. He saw that big, husky, blond Mike was also being led away by his little red-haired wife. What the hell was going on?

Brenda walked into the house and went right down the hall to the bedroom. Bob followed her, still mystified and saw her untying the skimpy bra of her bikini. Her large cone-shaped tits wobbled free, firm and jutting, capped with very light brown nipples. They were gorgeous big tits and Bob couldn't help staring appreciatively.

Then Brenda was skinning out of her tiny bikini bottom. Bob admired her long shapely legs, flat belly and the lush glossy-brown triangle of her muff. No doubt about it, his wife had a spectacular figure. Too bad he was so used to it. He couldn't help thinking of Lisa Gordon and how excited she'd made him.

Brenda stood naked, hands on hips, regarding her husband impatiently. "Well, come on, lover," she said. "I need you. Are you just gonna stand there all night?"

"Uh, sorry," Bob said, "my mind wandered."

Brenda flushed angrily. Here she was standing naked in front of him, practically begging him to ball her and his mind wandered! Brenda could imagine where it had wandered, too. Well, she wasn't beaten yet. She'd take his thoughts off Lisa Gordon if it was the last thing she ever did. She forced herself to smile enticingly as she strolled over to him.

"I'll help you, darling," she purred. "I wouldn't want my sweetie to strain himself getting out of those nasty old swimming trunks."

To Bob's amazement, his statuesque brunette wife went to her knees before him and started tugging down his trunks. Brenda had never been so aggressive, so bold, before in their love-making. Usually she was quite passive, letting him make all the moves. It was kind of a turn-on to have her take over. But it still didn't cure the boredom of six years of marriage, six years of balling the same partner.

Brenda skinned down Bob's trunks and stared at his long pale limp cock, the big red wrinkled sacs of his balls and the crisp brown curls of his bush. His body had always turned her on, even though he wasn't ideally handsome according to American standards. Tall, lanky, always wearing horn-rimmed glasses, Bob appeared meek and intellectual. But Brenda knew how hard-muscled his lean body was, how eagerly he could make love when he wanted to.

Unfortunately he wasn't so eager any more. And she wasn't, either. She still loved him, but the mere sight of his naked tanned body didn't turn her on like it used to. No matter-she'd fake it. She HAD to. She had to show him that he didn't need Lisa Gordon.

"Ummmm," she purred, "here's my old friend."

She curled her soft warm fingers around Bob's long drooping prick and began to pump it teasingly. Bob's eyes widened behind his glasses and he blushed. He wasn't used to Brenda taking the initiative when they fucked. Maybe the change of pace would turn him on. She pumped faster on his limp silky cock, hoping to get him hard.

"Gee," Bob said wonderingly, "you weren't kidding. I mean, when you said you were horny."

Brenda flashed him an impish grin. "No, I wasn't kidding," she said. "You must be horny, too, love. We haven't made it in a long time."

Bob didn't answer. It wasn't safe. Sure, he was horny, horny as hell, but he had a thirst for novelty and excitement which his beautiful wife could no longer satisfy. That new girl, Lisa, on the other hand, had gotten him really aroused. He'd love to get into her pants. Just thinking about it made his limp meat twitch with interest, then begin to swell.

"Now that's better," Brenda grinned.

She felt her husband's big soft cock starting to grow hard in her pumping fist. She didn't know that he'd achieved it by thinking of Lisa. She just hoped that somehow, tonight, the excitement would come back into their bed. Perhaps it would be like when they were first married, unable to keep their hands off each other, fucking two and three times a day.

Bob's pale blue-veined dick continued to swell in her pumping fist, overflowing her small hand, the big fat purple head creeping out. The stalk thickened and grew very stiff and hot. His red nut sacs ballooned into taut swollen bags. She pumped faster to encourage him. Big bright tears of cock-juice began to leak from his swollen prick-head.

"Ummmm, beautiful," Brenda murmured.

Bob's cock really was a beauty. People who thought of him as quiet and mousy and gentle would have been astonished to see that hugely thick seven-inch rod of his. Brenda had never fucked anyone but Bob, but comparing notes with friends, she knew he was really well-hung. She ought to consider herself lucky.

If only he aroused her more, dammit.

She finished her pumping and released his swollen hard meat. Bob's big cock wagged heavily, lewdly, before him. Brenda eyed it longingly. For years now she'd had this insane urge to lick his cock, even take it in her mouth and suck on it. She felt that urge now, the saliva rushing hotly to her mouth. But she was sure Bob would be shocked and disgusted if she did such a thing, so she sighed and drew away.

"Come to bed, darling," she said softly. "I'm dying for it."

That was true, she'd been achingly horny for months, but the prospect of fucking Bob didn't make her wildly excited. She felt ashamed to admit it to herself, but she desperately wanted some variety in her sex life. She could imagine making love with a perfect stranger and it would turn her on like crazy. Maybe she'd better do that now, otherwise her cunt was going to be dry.

As they climbed onto the bed, Brenda got herself going on one of her favorite erotic fantasies. She'd be walking in the park, this perfectly sexy stranger would come up to her and smile and in another second they'd be in the bushes balling like mad. She felt her pussy juices starting to flow, her slit swelling up with arousal.

Meanwhile Bob was working desperately to keep his erection by thinking of Lisa Gordon. He imagined that he was just climbing into the sack with Lisa, that she was spreading her legs wide for him, showing her wet red gash, flashing him a big lusty grin. The very thought made his cock drool heavily.

Brenda rolled onto her back and opened her legs. Bob sank into her welcoming embrace and quickly pressed the big hard head of his prick against the moist little mouth of her cunt. As he pushed into her, they both groaned with excitement. But he was thinking of Lisa and she was thinking of that sexy stranger in the park.

"Ball me," Brenda chanted, "oh, yes, go in deep, ball me, lover."

"You bet I will, baby," Bob moaned. "Christ, you're hot and tight. Ahhhhh, YEAH."

He began to work his mammoth hard prick in her snug juicy little hole, imagining that it was Lisa's hot little box, Lisa's lustily pumping hips, Lisa's hoarse cries of pleasure. The fantasy got him very excited and he began fucking her harder and harder, their bellies meeting in loud sweaty smacks. She responded, clawing his shoulders, working her flaming-hot little pussy furiously in time to his strokes.

Brenda had her eyes closed, imagining the handsome stranger balling her without restraint, working his huge stiff prick almost savagely in her starved little cunt. The fantasy worked. Her hungry twat boiled with thick cream and she loved each deep rough plunge of his long thick rod. She flung her legs around his waist, forcing him even deeper into her.

"Oh, my God, YES," she whined, "you're fucking me so good. I love it. Don't stop."

"You're gonna get all you want, baby," Bob gasped. "I'll fuck you, all right."

But hearing each other's voices brought them back to earth. Bob knew Brenda's voice all too well and his vision of Lisa faded. It was the same for Brenda. She was no longer humping that fierce stallion-like stranger. It was just good old Bob, whom she loved dearly, but who just didn't excite her any more. But that wasn't his fault. She began to fake her response.

"Oh, Bob, darling," she moaned, "so good, so GOOD."

"Brenda, baby, WILD," Bob responded.

But it was no use, the excitement was gone. Brenda had a weak little climax that did almost nothing to lessen her stored-up lust. Bob shot his load feebly, barely enjoying it. They rolled apart and looked at each other sadly. They still loved each other, but by now they knew that their marriage was in serious trouble.

They both knew they should talk about it, but they couldn't face it right now. Bob quickly rolled out of bed and stepped into his bathing trunks. "I think I'll go back to the party for a while," he said. "You coming?"

"A little later, maybe," Brenda said listlessly. "I might just go to bed and read. You have a nice time, honey."

"Sure," Bob said, "you, too."

When he was gone, Brenda reached for the bedside phone and called her friend.

* * *

An hour earlier, just as Bob and Brenda were getting into bed, Judy had been doing her damnedest to get her husband Mike interested in balling. He was irritated that she'd dragged him away from the party so early. He'd slammed the door as they entered the house, then plopped sullenly onto the couch and stared at the empty TV screen. Smiling weakly, Judy sat down beside him.

"Why'd you have to drag me home so early?" Mike growled. "I was having a good time. There's nothing to do around here."

"Oh, yes, there is, dear," Judy said, snuggling close to him. "The reason I brought you home is that I need you. I-I want you to make love to me, Mike."

He gawked at her. "Huh?" he said.

"Make love to me," Judy repeated impatiently. "Take me to bed. Fuck me, dammit. Mike, we haven't made it in weeks. I'm a normal, healthy young woman. I NEED it."

Big blond Mike slowly reddened. "Jesus, honey," he said, "I'm sorry. I guess it just slipped my mind. Come on, we'll go in the bedroom and take care of it right away."

Slipped his mind? Judy fumed as they walked down the hall to their bedroom. Was she such a dog, so unexciting, that he couldn't even remember to fuck her? She glanced in the hall mirror as she passed by and saw her delectable little figure, her pert pretty face, her short curly red hair. No, there was nothing wrong with her. But there was something wrong with their marriage.

In the bedroom they undressed without a word. Judy hastily removed her bikini and had another look at herself in the big bedroom mirror. Her tits were large and round and creamy, with pretty strawberry-pink nipples. Her bush was a dainty puff of coppery curls. All over her skin was glowing and flawless. No, dammit, there was nothing to turn a man off. She looked great.

She watched her husband as he took off his trunks. Mike had been a football player in college and it still showed in his massive shoulders and heavily-muscled legs and arms. He was a huge man, a giant compared to his petite wife. That big powerful body had always turned her on-until recently. Maybe she could understand Mike's listlessness. She didn't feel terrifically excited herself.

His milky-pale cock swung limp and wrinkled from his golden pubic thatch and his rosy balls were limp and floppy, too. But Mike had a very practical plan to take care of that problem. He imagined himself furiously balling that sexy chick, Lisa Gordon and his cock abruptly stiffened into seven inches of thick hard meat. He grinned at Judy and lifted her onto the bed.

"You just lie back and relax, baby," he said. "I'll take care of you real good." That would be easy, if he just went on pretending she was Lisa.

Judy obediently lay back against the pillows and opened her legs, showing her luscious pink slit with its dainty fringe of red curls. She wished she felt more aroused. It was insane to be so horny all the time yet so bored with the one man who'd fuck her. All she could do was fake it. She smiled invitingly at Mike and began to breathe hard.

"Oh, hurry, lover, hurry," she panted.

"Ssshhh," Mike said as he climbed onto her. "No talking. Man at work."

He didn't want to hear his wife's voice because it would destroy his fantasy of fucking Lisa. He sank onto Judy's warm cuddly little body and eagerly worked his fat long prick into her small moist box. He hummed to himself as he started balling her. He imagined Lisa, her eyes rolling, her tongue nipping out to lick her lips, her tight box creaming hotly around him.

"Yeah, YEAH," he panted, "put out for me, doll. Christ, that's good.

Judy was just beginning to feel a spark of interest. It had been weeks since she'd been fucked and any cock would do at this point. Her snug little box started to cream and she dug her fingers into Mike's huge heaving shoulders. Hell, she might just be able to come. She loved him as much as ever and he still knew how to give her a good hard fuck, even if they did it in the same old dull way.

"AWWWWWWW, JESUS," Mike suddenly bellowed. He'd meant to hold out longer, but thinking about Lisa had overexcited him. He shot his thick steamy load into Judy's gripping hot twat before she could get off.

Mike rolled off her, looking very proud of himself, patted her bare butt and said, "There, that oughta hold you for a while, lady. You have a nice nap or something. I'm going back to the party."

Judy was too pissed off to speak. She trembled with anger and frustration as she watched Mike dress and leave. Then the bedside phone rang and she snatched it up. As she'd suspected, it was her best buddy Brenda. Brenda didn't sound very happy.

"Well, how did it go?" Brenda said.