Hot, White, And Gay - Michael Johnson - ebook

Hot, White, And GayWhen Tyrone is assaulted by his violent boyfriend at work, he feels helpless. The only man willing to stand up for him is Martin, his white co-worker who he's had a crush on for a long time. When things get real, real fast, Tyrone finds himself giving in completely to Martin... and Martin has no problem enjoying everything Tyrone has to offer.Tyrone finds himself being dominated emotionally and sexually as he devotes himself completely to Martin. The only question is... with things moving faster than he thought possible, can he hang on and enjoy the ride or is he going to fall off and go back to his old ways?

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Hot, White, And Gay


Michael Johnson

Table of Contents

Title Page

Hot, White, And Gay

Tyrone daydreamed as he stocked the shelves. It was his favorite escape. There was something that was disturbing his mind and he didn’t quite know how to handle it. His relationship with his boyfriend was on the rocks, and he had asked him to give him some time out so that he could know what he really felt first. He was a handsome African-American man, and he deserved better than to be with an abusive thug who treated his like he did not trust his at all. He could not even stand it when he went to lunch with his male colleagues, and he would get all violent when he got home and he found out. That was the main reason that the young man had decided that he needed a break. He was fed up of the violent nature and mistrust that Chris had. In the morning he had waited until he was gone from his house, before he changed the locks so that he would not have access. He intended to stay away from him, and bring his life back on the road. Who knows, maybe he would find the right person, a man who would treat his like a king and satisfy all of his needs as a man. He walked out of the store, going back to the main supermarket to see if everything was in order, when someone grabbed his hand from behind.

“What the hell did you think you were doing when you changed the locks to your house? Do you think that it is going to be so easy to get rid of me?” Chris shouted at his as he spun Tyrone around to face him roughly.

“Chris, what the hell are you doing at my work place?”

“You answer my questions first, you bastard,” he shouted back.

“Will you lower your voice, you are causing a scene,” Tyrone was embarrassed to notice that everyone within vicinity was looking at them.

“I can talk the fuck how I want,” he slapped him on the cheek, the pain stinging him.

“Hey, leave Tyrone alone, will you,” Martin, one of his gay co-workers, dashed in to intervene.

“Look here, white boy, stay out of this or you might get hurt,” Chris shouted, his face burning with fury.

“I won't stand here and watch you abusing your boyfriend, how shameful are you?” Martin replied.