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Hot, hot men that don't hide in the dark to do the deed.This sizzling, fun-filled book bundle has alpha males filling submissive women in theater halls, trains, pools, offices, and more! The women are coaxed into complying without thought, throwing caution to the wind as they bare it all in public.In this anthology, you can find all six of the ‘Stripped, Pumped, Milked’ series. If you like your men hot, dominant, and determined to crumble every barrier in your body in broad daylight, then step right in for a hot, hot experience.Excerpt From “Taken In Public By The Medical Students”As I approached his apartment, I was struck by how insane my question was going to sound. Maybe I should call him instead. He could give me advice over the phone.I raised my hand and considered turning around instead of knocking. Part of me still wondered if I should wait for Angie. Milk was still leaking profusely from my breasts, soaking the bathrobe. I was glad that it was already white, or else the creamy white would be even more obvious."Did you want to come in?" a husky, masculine voice asked from behind me. I turned around and he almost jumped when he saw my face. "Oh, it's you."I was startled to turn around and find myself face to face with Taylor, the sexy swimmer in the pool. "I- um. I was looking for Edward," I murmured, instinctively wrapping the robe around myself tightly despite it being already secure."Really?" he smiled slightly, staring at me with the same intensity that sent my body burning with lust. My bare skin was exceptionally sensitive, as if remembering the pleasure he had given me earlier. The nerves on my skin were on high alert, like electric sizzles that was waiting to move to a different host.He had a towel over his neck. His lightly tanned skin glistened with a small sheen of sweat and salty pool-water, giving him a sort of luminescent glow in the hall's dim lighting. He was a good head taller than me and a whole lot more muscular. I couldn't help the way my eyes drank him in, travelling from his chest to the hem of his swimming trunks that barely hung onto his hips.Desire curled in the pit of my stomach and I licked my lips when I saw that his manhood was pressing against the thin fabric. Without thinking, I reached forward and cupped his member.He hissed in reaction and grabbed my wrist. "As much as I would like to take you right here, I think my roommates are in the apartment."I gasped as my face reddened in shame. What was I thinking?I watched in silence as he pulled the towel from his neck and wrapped around his waist to hide his throbbing erection from his roommates."Come on," he urged, reaching an arm over me to grasp the door knob, opening it without a key. "It's unlocked," he said, his breath so close to my neck that I could smell the familiar scent of pine of his body.My heart rate increased tenfold and I felt my core grow moist from his proximity. I was pathetic. A thought crossed my mind as he opened the door. "Are you a medical student too, Taylor?"He cocked an eyebrow at me as we walked into the apartment, "Yeah, why?"Perhaps I should get him to take a look at me instead. He had already seen me naked. That way, I wouldn't have to expose myself to more men. A shiver to anticipation rolled down my spine and my knuckles whitened as I held tightly to the robe around me. "Could you help me with something?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.I could hear noises coming in from the other rooms in the apartment."What is it?" he asked carefully."It's umm..." I bit my lip. "It's my breasts," I said softly."What about them?"Eyes wide and nervous, I continued, "milk keeps coming out from them."

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Hot Group Action Book Bundle

(Book 1 - 6 Stripped, Pumped, Milked)

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2015 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

Taken In Public By The Billionaires

(Book 1 Stripped, Pumped, Milked)

Daisy Rose

Celia has two more days to pay her rent or she's out on the streets. Fortunately for her, the landlord has a preposition that will make all her problems go away: Entertain the billionaires at the Alpha Club and nick a fifty-thousand dollar pearl necklace that's up for auction. Sounds easy enough... But when things don't go as planned, Celia finds herself at the mercy of the billionaires.

Desperate Times

I massaged creamy soap over my breasts, moaning as my fingers brushed against my sensitive nipples. The sensation of my fingers over my pebbled nipples sent shivers down my spine and I crossed my legs, feeling a familiar throbbing between them.

I lathered up the soap in my hands and cupped my soft mounds, pushing the soft curves of my breasts together. Soapy water gathered in my cleavage and I allowed myself a satisfied smile.

The pool of bubbly water fell onto the wet tiles in a loud splash when I let go of my hands, allowing my breasts to jiggle and bounce against my chest. It always amazed me how soft my breasts felt in my hands.

Once upon a time, I had been a mere B cup. I took some prescription pills from the a doctor doing me a personal favor that gave me the wonderful full mounds that I had today. The only downside, if it was a downside, was the occasional droplets of milk that leaks out.

The fullness of my breasts that threatens to burst if I don't satisfy myself every so often threatened to distract me from my work as a freelance photographer.

Work had been hard to come by, nowadays though. I pushed the worry to the back of my mind and focused on the pleasurable sensation of the warm water against my skin. My shaved pussy allowed water to slip right between my legs and hit the sweet spot over my clit.

My pussy was on fire, throbbing and swollen. I threw my head back and let the water wash over my face as my hands slid down my belly and down my pussy.

"Mmm..." I moaned, using two fingers to spread my folds open. Water dripped down my chest straight to the wetness between my legs. My chest rose and fell rapidly and I shivered as my index finger found the hole hidden within the fold and slips inside.

I loved teasing my pussy and breast at the same time. My free hand grasped my breast firmly and I started massaging the soft mound, enjoying the sensation of my own fingers kneading my breasts but wishing there was a man in the showers with me.

My body shuddered when I pinched my nipple between my thumb and finger. My thumb flicked over my clit, teasing the engorged nerves there and sending a jolt of pleasure through me.

Wet juice leaked from my pussy, quickly washed away by the warm water. I stayed still and focused on sliding my finger deeper and deeper into my folds, imagining that it was a man's hard cock inside me, pumping in and out rapidly to unfurl the desire inside me.

I moaned loudly and slid a second finger inside, stretching my pussy walls. Blood hummed in my veins and my pulse quickened. My pussy clenched as I bury my fingers knuckle-deep into my folds and I pinched down on my nipple with my free hand.

"Ahh..." I moaned. My brain wouldn't focus and I am breathtakingly aware of my fingers curving inside my pussy, touching the spot inside me that made me convulse with pleasure. Charges of excitement rippled through me and I trembled as my insides convulsed and clenched my fingers.

A strangled moan left my lips, mixed together with the sound of the water splattering against the tiled floors. I pulled my fingers out and dipped inside, the pulsing in my walls amplified by my thumb strumming my clit lightly.

I used my forefinger and thumb to clenched down on my clit tightly, sending a jolt of pain mixed with intense pleasure up my spine. The tension deep inside me continued to build until I was shuddering and arching my back. I felt the wetness escape from my nipples, creamy white milk dripping down my ample mounds and down my chest to mix with the liquid wetness between my legs.

My eyes closed to a half mast, everything lost in favor of the sensation of my fingers inside me and the pinching on my nipple and clit.

I shuddered and felt my thighs quivering as I reached my orgasm. Rolls of the consuming climax coursed through me and I closed my eyes. My chest was white with milk and I washed it off hastily, berating myself for wasting perfectly good milk.

I had been reluctant to try my own milk at first. An adventurous lover had been so turned on by my breasts and the idea of drinking milk from my tits that I couldn't help but try it myself. It had a sort of sour-like taste and creamy texture that took a while to get used to.

My friend suggested that I sell the milk on the internet, but I wasn't sure of the legality of the whole thing and didn't want to get in trouble with the law.

"Celia! Celia Blake! Are you in there?" The gruff voice vibrated through my thin apartment walls and I groaned loudly, reaching to turn off the water. I recognized that voice from a million miles away. Usually, I would make an effort to get the hell away from that voice, but that wasn't an option today.

"Give me a sec," I said. I wrapped a towel around myself, careful to make sure that my breasts and pussy were well-hidden underneath the soft blue towel.

I was turning the knob door to the bedroom when I heard the unmistakable sound of him using his master key to open the front door.

"What the heck, Tom!" I fastened my pace and stomped out of the bedroom. I fixed him with the icy glare once I got to the living him. "What happened to my rights to privacy, huh?" I demanded.

"You don't have rights if you don't pay rent," he responded without batting an eye. He was wearing a tight white shirt and allowed me to appreciate all the time he spends at the gym. The white of the shirt made his already dark skin appear darker.

He brought his hand to his hair and sighed heavily, his muscles rippling with the movement. I couldn't help but appreciate how good he looked.

"So, where's the rent, bitch?" Even though he's a total jackass.

"I said I've got it," I said, though it sounded like a lie even to myself.

He raised an eyebrow and focused his dark eyes on me, mapping my every curve and dip as his gaze went from the tips of my toes to the bottom of the towel that is barely below my pussy. I followed his gaze as he slowly moved his eyes upwards until they stopped completely at my breasts.

I rolled my eyes and bit back the insult threatening to leave my lips. Think of all the money I owe him. I wrapped my arms around my chest despite having the towel around myself.

"You owe me five months of rent, Celia," he said, closing in the space between us carefully. The tension in the air was palpable. I knew what he was expecting in lieu of payment. We had been doing the same dance for the past few months.

I wondered with a slight panic if he could smell the faint scent of sex on my body. Surely the water would've washed everything off.

"I know, I know," I responded. "Just give me some time, alright?"

"I've looked the other way for long enough, Celia," he rolled my name in his tongue like a seduction. The black man always touched me in all the right places, even before we started fucking in lieu of rent.

Brazen hands reached forward and gripped my arms tightly, prying them open with a strength that was altogether too familiar to me.

"Tom, we can't keep doing this," I murmured, my breasts straining against the towel, rosy nipples visible through the fabric.

The towel hung by the skin of its teeth on my breasts. With every inhale, it threatened to fall off more and more.

"Can't keep doing what?" he asked, daring me to put in words that he had been letting me stay not out of the kindness of his heart, but because we had been fucking. Well, I had been letting him fuck me in exchange for staying in the shitty apartment.

When I graduated with an art degree, I thought I could make it in the world without a problem. After all, I had the portfolio that guaranteed my pictures always came up perfect and a decent list of clients that provided me with a steady stream of income.

At least, that was true for a few months. My friends started going to work elsewhere and the clients that I relied on so completely suddenly decided that money was tight paying me the original deposit should've been enough for what seemed like 'just snapping a few photos'. My anger made it so that I burned too many bridges early in my career as a freelance photographer to get the word-of-mouth advertising that small freelance photographers so desperately needed.

The same thoughts and regrets plagued my mind whenever Tom appears for rent, or when I find myself looking for online transcription jobs that pays $4 per hour to get food for dinner instead of working on my photographer.

My DSLR continued to longue in the corner of the small apartment, gathering dust despite my best efforts to get more practice in. I upload new pictures on the website every other week in hopes that it would gather momentum and people would start getting my services but so far the effort has been for naught.

Tom flashed me a shit-eating grin and I feel myself relenting to his advances despite my apprehension. I only had $120 to my name but if I gave everything to him, I wouldn't have enough for dinner.

"Come one, slut," he teased, his lips inches from my ears. "You know you want this."

I used to wonder why a man as sexy as Tom would have a problem finding any girl to be with him. Unfortunately, he dispelled that thought the moment he opened his mouth and spewed his regular chauvinist sexism.

"You can't say no to me," he said, wriggling his eyebrows in what he thought was a seductive manner.

"I'm not in the mood, Tom," I said, trying to push him away with my hands on his chest. It was like trying to push away solid wall. I could fill his nipples hardening in my palms. I know the struggle turned him on. It aroused me as well, but I would never admit it to him.

"I bet you're not in the mood to live in the streets either," his voice was barely a growl against my ears and vibrated down my spine until it reached the apex of my legs.

I shuddered and renewed my efforts to push him away.

"I said no!"

His lips on my cheek was wet and disgusting, smearing saliva all over my face until I could smell the scent of alcohol in his breath. He is unrelenting, resting his palm on the small of my back to push me against him.

My breasts were tight against his hard chest and I couldn't move an inch. I turned my face away from him to get away from his insistent kisses.

"Come on, slut. Do we have to do this all the time?" he urged between sloppy kisses, his hand going lower and lower until he was gripping my buttocks.

I gasped and tried to veer away from him, but he was much stronger. The sensation of his fingers kneading my bum violently turns me on no matter how much I try to fight it.

I liked sex to be violent, even though I'd never admit it. While some girls like roses and candlelit beds, I prefer being thrown onto the bed bodily, a strong man holding my wrists down and spreading my legs wide open with his own, penetrating me with his throbbing cock while I fight back.

The idea of forced submission has always turned me on and I find myself browsing for kinky sex on my phone late into the night even when I was in university and sharing a room with multiple other people.

I kept things so secret that no one, not even my closest friend knew that I liked rape fantasies. I even had a favorite video that was basically a woman caught in the woods by a group of men who quickly stripped her and lifted her into the air so they could spank her pussy.

While she fought back at first, lust eventually took over and she was squirming and screaming in ecstasy as they fucked her in all her holes. I shuddered and made a mental note to check out the video.

"Ahh!" I gasped, feeling a jolt through my body as he grasped my breast in his hand and pinched my nipples roughly trough the towel. "Tom!" I scolded, trying to pry his hands away.

Instead of letting go, he pushed me onto the bed and my towel promptly fell open, exposing me in all my naked glory.

I wrapped my arms around my chest. "Tom!" my voice didn't hold the assertiveness that stimulated him enough to stop.

He stared at my naked body with a lust so intense that I could feel myself getting wet for him. His erection pressed against his pants, aching for release.

His weight pushed me down, legs on either side of me to keep me trapped beneath him. Despite my feeble protests, I was aroused beyond words. I hadn't had sex since... since the last time he came to get rent.

God, I'm desperate.

My nipples hardened and I flushed red from embarrassment as he continued to devour me with his eyes, mapping every inch of my body like a canvas.

From this angle, he looked sexy as fuck. His jaws was strong and defined and his hair cut short to give him that roguish, playboy look that was sexy enough to make a girl wet. It certainly didn't hurt that his body was 90% muscle.

"I want to fuck you like a slut," he said, ruining the moment so completely that I was reminded, once again, why I didn't have sex with him unless absolutely necessary.

"Fuck off, Tom," I said with as much venom as I could muster.

He grinned at the insult and grabbed my wrists with one hand to pin them over my head, rendering my useless. I considered kneeing his groin, but decided against it since he was the only thing standing between me and the life in the streets.

"You know you want this," he said, pressing his lips to mine, tongue tasting every inch of my lips and trying to get through my clenched teeth.

With his free hand, he massaged my breasts roughly, pinching and teasing my nipples one after the other until I gasped into his lips, allowing his tongue access past my teeth.

I could taste the alcohol on him. My mind was torn between wanting to be disgusted by how he is abusing his power to use my body and being absolutely aroused by his dominating, animal-like advances.

This was sexier than I'd ever imagined. The push and play between us made the tension palpable. I could almost taste the sex in the air.

The fact that he still had all his clothes on while I am as naked as the day I was born made things even sexier. I bit his tongue gently, fighting back a moan of pleasure when he finally lowered his hands until he was cupping my sex.

His fingers found my folds and he parted my wet lips with an appreciative groan. He slipped a finger inside me, turning me into one hot mess as I melted into the bed completely.

"You're so wet," he breathed, taking his lips off mine so he could crawl off me and take off his pants. He only lowered it to his knees, so eager was he to push his giant dick inside me.

I made an unintelligible sound at the sight of his massive cock. It never ceased to amaze me. His cock could was what dildos should be molded after. The perfect stiff manhood has veins wrapping around it, giving it the bumps that would rub the insides of my walls and send ripples of pleasures through me.

Hic cock hardened at the sight of me licking my lips and all thought of fighting back was thrown out the window.

Without another word, he thrusts completely inside me, pushing his hard cock to the hilt so that we were hip to hip.

I screamed in pleasure, hands gripping my bed sheets as my insides are stretched to fit his massive cock.

"You like that, huh?" he grinned, pumping into my hole like a jackhammer.

I could feel his cock stretching me wide, pulling and pushing to loosen my pussy. He cupped my heavy globes, squeezing so tightly that I feared creamy liquid would start leaking out again.

"S-stop," I gasped, my own breaths quick and frantic.

My protest only intensified his massages on my breasts. My sex pulsed hard, liquid heat pooling between my legs as he thrust violently into me.

Raw desire coursed through me and I feel the tightness on my nipples build and build, almost reaching my boiling point.

"Oh god! Stop, Tom! Oh! I'm going to burst!" I cried out, feeling breathless and frenzied. He grinned wickedly, renewing his efforts to milk me.

His pushed down on my areola, forcing my tight, hard nipples to get ultra sensitive. I wrapped my legs around him, feeling my blood hum in my veins almost painfully.

He used both hands to pinch hard on my nipples and I felt myself burst. Hot, creamy liquid squirting out of my breasts and over his chest and face.

He licked his lips and I felt his dick hardening and throbbing inside me, still sliding in and out of my pussy. He slammed into me finally, fingers still working to milk me of every last drop of my breasts until he explodes inside me.

My insides clenched tightly and he shuddered as he emptied into me. Small spurts of milk was still spurting out of me in tandem with my pulsing orgasm. His seed fills me and I was exhausted from cumming so intensely.

When he finally finished, I relax completely against the bed and he collapsed onto me. Instead of pulling his pants off and disappearing like usual, he lied down next to me.

"So... about that rent," he said, making me feel like a complete idiot for letting him fuck me.

"What the fuck?!" I exclaimed, shooting out of bed to fix him with an angry glare.

"I've got something that could end all your troubles," he said, ignoring my death-glare.

"What?" I asked, apprehension thick in my voice.

"There's a little party going on in the Alpha Club and I have an in," he said, spewing out words that meant absolutely nothing to me.

"Alpha Club?" I cocked an eyebrow.

"You know, that fancy club the rich and famous goes to?"

"Uh huh..." I had no idea where this was going, but I knew it won't be good. "Get to the point, Tom."

"Well, I know that there's going to be a pearl necklace up for auction tomorrow night and I want you to nick it. I even have a buyer set up already."

"You want me to steal for you?" I stared at him as if he had just suggested I turn into a thief, which is exactly what he was suggesting.

"You do this one thing and not only do I waive the past few month's worth of rent, I'll let you stay here for another year- no two more years, absolutely rent fee."

I continued fixing him with disbelief. He was suggesting I steal a necklace for him for rent?! This was preposterous. I may be desperate for money, but I'm not a thief!

"It's either this, or you're out, Celia," he said, his voice deep and threatening. His eyes were hard and I knew that he could do it. He could fuck me and then throw me out in the streets without a care in the world.

Never in a million years would I have thought I'd sink so low. A thief!

"I could get somebody else..."

"I'm in."

What was I thinking?!

Entertainment For The Billionaires

I needed to pay rent.

The idea itself was so ridiculous that I found myself walking through the streets and wondering if I was really going to go through with it.

I kept telling myself that this would be the perfect opportunity to get some great photos of well known celebrities and ridiculously rich people. If I played my cards right I might even get some photos that will be magazine worthy and that would be an easy $200 bucks a picture.

I had to get to a shop and get a proper outfit that is appropriate for the event. Thankfully, I managed to find something fitting in the discount corner and I grabbed a necklace that matched the dress in the same store. The whole thing tallied to $80, which gave me $40 left.

As I made my way back to the apartment to get ready, I walked past the sandwich shop and decided to reward myself with something other than canned beans for a change. By the time I was back home, I only have a little over twenty dollars and change left.

At least the dress looked good on me. The tight black dress had a bluish hue and hugged my curves at all the right angles, pushing up my breasts to make them seem even bigger and clinching on my waist to make it appear smaller. I looked stunning, if I do say so myself.

I tied my hair into an elegant French Twist and put on red lipstick. Camera in hand, I hoped that Tom did his job, as he promised, and I would be able to get past security without getting stopped.

"I can do this," I muttered under my breast as I closed the cab door. I had just given him my last twenty dollars. I was completely broke.

The walk to the mansion felt like a mile in my high heels. I knew I should've asked the driver to drop me off at the front door, but the meter was going horrifyingly close to the twenty dollar mark and I didn't want to end up in a screaming match with the driver.

The men and women were all dressed to the nines as they sat in expensive looking cars past me. I felt like a fish out of water as I stumbled in the heels that I was unfamiliar to and walked on the gravel road towards the brightly lit, beautiful looking mansion.

Holy shit.

The man at the door was taking invitations and checking their names on a list. My heart thumped rapidly against my chest as I worried about Tom's ability to tell the truth. What if my name wasn't on the list and this was all a sick joke?

I had my camera slung over my shoulders, looking painfully out of place with the semi-elegant dress that I was wearing.

"Name please?" the butler muttered, eyeing me and my camera with a crinkle under his nose that me feel like something that stank.

"Celia Cook," I said, trying to keep my plastic smile on. "I'm here as part of the entertainment crew? Though it was very last minute and I was hoping I could just be part of the camera crew instead."

He ignored my blabbering, flipping through the list on his hands to search for my name.

I stopped myself from wiping cold sweat from my forehead. A sudden thought crossed my mind that with the last of my money paid to the cab driver, I no longer had enough to get a cab home. I fought back the cold shiver threatening to start a panic attack and stood impassively .

"Yes, Celia Cook," he gave me a weak smile that did not quite reach his eyes. He seemed almost disappointed that I was, in fact, meant to be here. "You will be working with Daniel Dean in the back. Would you show Ms. Cook here the way to the auction set-up room please, Rebecca?"

Instead of allowing me into the mansion, he gestured for Rebecca to take me in through the back. My feet were already screaming at me and I regretted the decision to wear such high heels.

I didn't even have the opportunity to take pictures of the rich and famous. The servant's path was dimly lit and undecorated, leaving me with nothing to focus on other than the lithe woman leading my way. She barely said a word to me after fixing me with the same mild look of disgust.

The way she sashayed in front of me reminded me of the high school sorority girls that used to walk around campus as if they owned the place.

I gasped when she showed me to my destination. The room where the auction is getting set up was brightly lit and looked like a gym room. The large space had items of all shapes and sizes around, most of them gleaming with an expensive glow.

There was a crystal chandelier in the middle that was encased in a glass container and right beside it was the goal tonight.

"Daniel, your entertainment for the night," Rebecca said, giving me one last crinkle of disgust before disappearing back out the door.

Daniel was a black man who reminded me very much of Tom, albeit, a little less muscular and a little more hair.

"Get dressed," he said without so much as a look at me, throwing me a small bunch of clothes that was barely a fistful.

"What?" I gasped, staring at the skimpy bikini in my hands.

"You're the entertainment, aren't you? Well, put that on," he said, bent and working on something in a box that I couldn't quite see.

"This is a bikini!" I said. The black underwear barely covered my modesty. I knew that triangular pieces of material only just covered my nipples and the g-string would not even begin to cover my pussy.

"Put it on if you want to get paid," he said, looking disgruntled at needing to explain anything to me.

That shut me up quickly. I do need to get paid. I walked carefully towards the necklace encased in glass and wondered if I could just lift the whole cover off to get to the necklace without getting caught.

"What're you waiting for?!" he raised his voice at me and fixed me with an angry glare.

"Alright, just point me to the changing room."

He looked amused at my response, leaning back from the box that he was so fixated at to grin openly at me. "What're you talking about? You're getting changed right here."

My mouth opened like a stunned goldfish.

"Hurry up. We don't have all day!" he laughed at my horrified expression and turned back to the contents of the box. "I won't look, I promise."

I turned two-piece bikini in my hands and gulped, knowing that I had no other choice but to put these on.

Heat pooled in my belly and I willed myself to calm down. I cursed at Tom and his lies. There was no way I could wear this and hide anything, much less the pearl necklace. I took off my camera and placed it by the pearl case.

Daniel kept true to his words, focused completely on his work as I undressed until I was in just my underwear. I carefully put on the bra over my own bra and somehow maneuvered my bra to take it off without actually exposing my breasts.

I knew I was fighting a losing battle. The triangular shaped fabric barely covered anything. My nipples were quickly perky as the soft fabric hugged snugly on it. My full globes made sure that the string between the two triangular fabrics were hanging in midair so that a quick pull made sure I was completely naked.

I took a deep breath and made sure he wasn't looking my way before taking off my panties. The cold air brushed against my clit and I quickly put on the panties he gave me. The bottom piece was a little thicker than a g-string, but not thick enough to cover my bottom at all. I tied the sides of the bikini bottom tightly, making sure that they wouldn't snag accidentally and leave me completely exposed.

On the other hand, the fabric was so thin on my bottom that my ass cheeks were fully exposed and the outline of my pussy was clear on the silky bottom.

"This is ridiculous," I lamented, trying to adjust the triangular clothing to cover as much of my breast as possible. I only succeeded in rubbing the fabric against my nipples, making it more sensitive than ever. The more I fidgeted, the more aroused I get.

"You look radiant," Daniel said, standing up to make his way towards me.

I flushed red from his compliment and did my best from covering up as he stared at me.

"Are you related to Tom, by any chance?" I asked.

"He's my cousin," he said with a nonchalant shrug. "Just one more thing to complete the outfit and you're out of here."

My mind reeled from the sudden piece of information. "I'm what?"

"You're entertainment," he said as if that explained everything and stopped short at the necklace chamber. He lifted the glass box carefully from it and placed it on the ground.

Then, he did something that confused me even more. He put the pearl around my neck.

"Alright, you're all set," he said, taking a step back to drink in my outfit... or lack thereof. The necklace hung on my neck, the answer to all my woes. Yet there is no chance in hell I could just run out of here.

He grabbed my wrists and leads me to the other side of the large hall until we were faced with a single door. He opened it with his free hand and pushed me out without another word, throwing me directly into the ongoing party as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

My fight-or-flight instincts kick in and I immediately look around for any chance of escape. Instead, I am surrounded by men and women, all dressed to the nines and none as in anything even close to my level of skimpiness.

"I- I-" I opened and closed my mouth, breathtakingly aware of how little clothing I was wearing.

"You must be the entertainment for the night," a man from my right said, giving me a smile that both terrified and excited me. He smelled like cologne and I found myself drawn to the dark scent.

I whirled around when I felt a hot breath on my neck and a tongue across my collarbone.

"What're yo-"

Before I could react, hands were all over me, touching my naked skin as if I was a toy to be shared amongst dozens.

"Don't- Ah!" words failed me and I started to flail y arms and legs, hoping to get away. There were too many of them as they grabbed my limbs and kept me still.

"I love it when they struggle," a woman's voice said from the side. I saw from the corner of my eyes that she was staring straight at me, a drink in her hands as if nothing was amiss. Two hands were holding my wrists on either sides of me, while another, stronger man held my waist from behind, keeping me completely still.

She sent me a wicked smile that went straight between my legs. I knew they could see how much this was turning me on. My pussy was throbbing with lust and my nipples were so hard, pushing against the thin fabric.

"That necklace is exquisite," a voice says, bringing my attention to him. He was a big guy over six feet tall, all solid muscle. I lost myself in his dark eyes.

"Are you sure you want to give it to the slut, Monique?" he addressed the woman beside him.

She shrugged, as if the necklace meant nothing to her. "She's entertainment. Entertainment should be rewarded."

Realization dawned on me. I wasn't here to steal the necklace. I was here so that they could use my body. The necklace was payment for whatever they are going to do with me.

A part of me wanted to scream for them to let me go, to tell them that this was all a misunderstanding and I didn't want the necklace. Another part of me screamed at me to be smart for once and enjoy every fucking moment of it.

"Help yourself, birthday boy," Monique said, gesturing to me like I was a piece of meat to be passed around.

It wasn't as if I had a say. My eyes widened when the man reached to unbuckle his belt. I watched as he pulled out his massive cock. It pulsed with anticipation, precum making the head glow in the bright light. I was surrounded by so many well-dressed men and women. Men and women so rich that they had parties where they treated people like me like entertainment.

I should be mad. Outraged, even.

"Ohh..." I moaned as the man holding me from behind reached forward and gripped my breasts between his hands and kneaded roughly. It was only a matter of time before the small fabric would be pushed aside and my nipples would be exposed for all to see.

Cameras were clicking around me and I realized that there was a camera crew hired specifically for the event. I blinked the light out of my eyes and just like that, my bikini top was gone. The man had merely pulled the thin fabric between my breasts and my perky nipples were out. My soft mounds bounced up and down lewdly and I blushed bright red in embarrassment.

These were all strangers! I could see bulges on the guy's pants and the women were hiding their arousal with drinks in their hands. I knew that only the men would be involved, since most of the women stayed a few steps behind them.

The bikini dropped from my chest as if in slow motion. I renewed my efforts to get away, pulling my hands from the men holding onto them. I was like a sacrificial lamb, my hands straight on either side of me.

The only thing between them and my modesty was a tiny piece of cloth on my pussy. I knew I was in too deep. There was no turning back now.

Hands continued to grasp my breasts from behind me, kneading and massaging gently to build the tension inside me until I was moaning and writhing in pleasure.

"Oh! No! Stop! I'm goi- I'm going to- Oh!" I felt the fullness in my breasts build and build. If he kept going, I knew I was going to start leaking milk.

Birthday boy closed the distance between us and took my mouth in his. His tongue was hard and demanding, licking tasting me completely. He devoured me like a hungry beast, his chest pushing my nipples inwards, preventing the fullness from escaping even as the man behind me continued to massage them.

Liquid oozed from my folds, the tension inside me building to the point of no return. My mind was lost. There was no place for shame or humiliation. Only lust.

I let him taste every inch of me. I realized that my hands were once again my own and instead of using them to push him away, I wrapped my arms around his neck and lost myself in the sensual kiss.

When we emerged for air, a string of saliva connected our lips. "I'm going to fuck you so hard," he promised. "And once I'm done, the men are going to fuck you, one after another."

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, "And once they're done, we're going to start all over again." He moved his fingers on the necklace and said, "We're going to make you earn every single pearl on that chain."

I let my gaze drift around me, taking in the scene of the expensive chandelier hanging over our heads and the mini buffet in the middle of the gigantic hall. It was impossible to focus with the man's hands on my breasts.

My desire burned raw inside me, my pussy clenching in anticipation of the fullness to come.

I focused my eyes on the birthday boy in front of me, taking in his hard form and his lustful gaze. "What're you waiting for, birthday boy?" I said.

The desire-filled looks around me turned appreciative and I knew I've said something to make them want me even more.

Birthday boy ripped the panties with his hands on the string that I thought I had done a good job and knotting and I was completely naked.

He slid a finger between my legs and inside me without warning, eliciting a cry of pleasure from my lips. I arched my back, pushing back into the man behind me.

"Hold her still, Zach," birthday boy said, giving the mystery man a name.

"Got it, Liam," he breathed against my shoulder and licked the nape of my neck.

"Oh, god," I moaned, feeling his finger explore my folds, touching this way and that to look for the sweet spot until he finally found it. I shivered and spasmed when he found my G-spot.

"God! Oh! No! Ahh!!" I moaned, arching against Zach, my knees so weak that if it weren't for his hands on my breasts, I wouldn't be able to stand up.

"You're soaked," he said, pulling his finger out and putting it to his lips. I stared, wide-eyed as he tasted the liquid on his fingers. He kept his eyes on me and started taking off his clothes, unbuttoning his shirt to expose the smooth, chiseled chest that he was hiding underneath.

My breathing was ragged. I could feel my breasts filling up.

"Za-Zach! Stop," I begged, knowing that it was only moments before my breasts were going to release the milk within.

He paused his assault on my breasts, only to change his focus to my nipples, teasing and pinching the hard, sensitive tips until I was spasming with pleasure.

"Oh! Oh! Zach!" I pleaded.

"Just let go, darlin'," he urged, clamping his mouth over my shoulder.

Pleasure ricocheted through me as he tweaked my nipples, then pinched down hard. Creamy liquid squirted out of my breasts and hit Liam in front of me, taking him completely by surprise.

"Oh my god," he said, staring at the splatter of white on his chest. He ran his finger across the liquid and brought it to his mouth. "Is this milk?" he asked, sucking the liquid from his fingers.

"It's milk," a stranger said with an amused smile. "That explains why her breasts are so bloated."

I flushed red with embarrassment, though there was little I could do with Zach still pumping my breasts, his inexperience making only small drips leak from the tips.

"Let me try," he said, prying his friend's hands away.

Zach nipped my earlobe and took a step back. My behind was suddenly cold and I shivered.

"What're you doing?" I asked. Instead of grabbing my breasts with his hands, he lowered his head and captured my breast in his lips. Stars exploded behind my eyelids and I shuddered when he lowered his free hand between my legs.

He parted my folds and inserted two fingers into my sweet heat, the juices lubricating his way in easily. My muscles clenched around him and the tightness inside me builds until it explodes in a stream of creamy milk from my breasts.

He finger fucks me slowly as he drinks the milk from my breasts, letting the white milk leak from the sides of his mouth in his greediness. My left breast wasn't ignored either, he used his free hand to squeeze and pump it of milk.

Unable to stay away, another man quickly approached me and takes my breast in his lips. There were now two men on my breast. The sight was enough to send me into spasms of pleasure that that was exactly what I did.