Hot for Two Alphas: A Paranormal Shifter Menage - Elexis Avant - ebook

Just a week from the most important decision of her life, Nicki Francis must choose between following her werewolf lineage or joining a tribe. Or perhaps she'll sacrifice it all to be a normal human?The thing is, when you’re about to turn 21 and you’ve got no experience with’s all about the sexy, hunky, fit men, not tribal tradition or culture that factors into these decisions.Two rival werewolf alphas want her, bad. And Richard and Ferdinand will do whatever it takes to seduce Nicki into siding with them.Which hunk will she choose? Perhaps Nicki will test both...

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Hot for Two Alphas

A Paranormal Shifter Menage

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Also by Elexis Avant



Hot for Two Alphas

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Hot for Two Alphas

I’m dreaming. I must be.

If I focus carefully, I can make out two shapes; two masculine, dominant forms that send a wave of heat crashing through me. I’ve dreamt of them before, these two alpha males. There’s something incredibly sexy about being caught up in this tug-of-war of desire; to be the lustful object of two exceptionally powerful, potent men.

Every girl has these dreams, I guess.

I tangle with both of them as they paw at me. Even when I concentrate, even when their names form on my lips, I can’t quite remember them--just their rough, dark looks, of which they share many similarities. Long hair. Hard jaws. The kind of face that says “lover” and “killer.” Ooh...and that buff body, too. My fantasies revolve around being overpowered by their sheer primal strength.

Play with me. I double dare you.

Some nights my dreams get really, really naughty--so hot that I blush as I wake up. I call out, begging them to pass me between them and take me both at the same time.

And then I wake up...

* * *

“Shit!” I looked up at the clock, instantly knowing that I was late. There’s something to be said about that awful intuition that circles your consciousness saying, “Hey, Nicki. Sleep is a really bad idea, especially now.” Yet my cosy nook insisted. It was a different tug-of-war then; one that ultimately ended with me getting out of bed.

My answering machine greeted me with a blinking light, suggesting that I’d missed a ton of calls. Two jumped out at me as I scanned over the Caller ID list: Ferdinand ADS and Richard ACH. “Hmm...” I nodded, and walked in a dreamy haze where I could still feel their breath fresh on my skin.

A week from now I’ll turn 21, meaning that it’s not just about going to parties and getting drunk anymore. Responsibility lingers as well as a decision--one that I’ve been gearing up for my whole life. It’s especially important because of where I am today. Parentless. Alone. Estranged from my only sister who doesn’t want anything to do with me.

I was in panties and nothing more as I walked over to the bathroom. I usually sleep naked, and love warm, crisp sheets pressing against my bare skin. I’m also waaay too hot, and if I’m going to be completely honest, love rubbing myself against those heavenly sheets.

It’s not as if I’ve got a guy to go to bed with. Or I guess I do, actually. It’s just that I’m...still sorting it all out.

“Enough,” I told myself. I grabbed my toothbrush and started brushing away. Yes, there are more important matters rolling around in my head. I was going to make my decision, and whichever one it was, either Ferdinand or Richard was going to be disappointed.