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Horary Astrology is a branch of astrology that responds to precise questions in a quick, simple, trustable manner. Horary Astrology is becoming increasingly appreciated by those who are passionate for the sector and causes curiosity in the lovers of card-reading because of the numerous questions that it can answer. The author makes the text very original, exposing his own believes and rules for reading with clarity and synthesis, mentioning only those that, in his experience, are valid, thereby making it easy the learning process for the reader, who very frequently gets confused among the various notions dictated in the manuals of more than three hundred pages. The text was written very carefully even in the aspect related to the people with very few bases of astrology. In 119 pages, the lector will learn the rules to practice with Horary Astrology and more than fifteen actual illustrative examples.Author’s biography:Giampiero in art Antares Stanislas born in Rome in 1973, he practices astrology and card-reading for more than twenty years. He has written ten publications that have been translated in several languages. In the area, he publishes videos in YouTube and articles in his Facebook profile. WebSite: astroamore2000.altervista.org

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Book title:HoraryAstrology

Author: Giampiero Tirelli in artAntares Stanislas

© 2016, Giampiero Tirelli

ALL RIGHTS RESREVED.The reproduction, even partial and by any means, is not allowed without the previousauthorizationin written by the author.


This is my tenth publication. My other books, related to the area of astrology and tarots, are known for their practical teachings through the use ofaneasy-to-understand language,accessibleto many.

Speaking with inquirers andacquaintancesI understands their necessities when they wish to approach this art. I havewrittenthis book to respond to the people that wanted to learn thehoraryastrology, a branch of astrology, that gets very close to card-reading because of the way it answers to specific questions that require the readings of details and to which the analysis of the astrological transits or of the solar revolutions can only answer in part.

The books abouthoraryastrologyin Italy are few, and those that have beenpublishedfrequentlyinclude concepts ofrenownauthors from the past like: Frawley, Lilly, Bonatti, etc. I, too, in my personal library have tests abouthoraryastrology of more than threehundredpages but a big number of pages is not a real indicator of a good book.

In fact, some authors, include correctly many notions of the ancient authors and add their own personal observations casting, however,doubts inthe way that the reader has to interpret the method by suggesting several, and sometimes, too many articulated methods to choose a meaning about a person or an object, or to calculate the timingofthe event, etc.

I will try, therefore, to give precise indications about the reading method, given by my experience. This book can be read by whoever knows the basics of astrology. I have notwrittena book of over three hundred pagesbecause my job of “trimming” wants to be thestrengthand the originality useful for the reader.

I have only included what I consider isessentialtoachievea prediction usinghoraryastrology. I, for sure, will have forgotten to specify some concepts but that may be corrected in future editions. Whoever wishes to make suggestions and constructive observations or receive explanationsabouta step that I haveincluded canreach me onSkype, nick/id: Antares.Stanislas, so that we can exchange opinions.

In theillustrativeexamples I have willingly taken the opportunity to add or specify concepts not included in the rest of the book.

It is natural that my goal is to give the reader an optimal introduction to thehoraryastrology, explaining all theessentialconcepts to practice. This book is not the end-game for the reader butastarting point.

To become an optimal astrologist inhorary, the reader will have to practice and buy other texts to research deeper abouttheconcepts that I haveomittedor not specified and that will complete your practice.

I specify that I haveomitted, and not specified, willingly, some concepts, to maintain the main goal of this book, give the reader the fundamental basic tools to enter the world of thehoraryastrology and practice it! You read it correctly, after having read this book you’ll be able to try to do your first astrological prediction with thehoraryastrology.

Always remember that you are astrologist and not magicians. Thehoraryastrology answers all the questionsbut this does not mean that we have to answer unethical or impossible questions. In theory, you can research about any and everything but bear in mindthat inastrology there are not foolproof rules! To calculate the year of your death, and I add, luckily.

Carry, therefore, your readings with a calm soul, don’t feelrushed orforced to give precise answers because there is nothing certain in this sector, starting with what the ancient authors of astrology havewritten. If you try reading them, you’ll find that among them they had several disagreeing ideas about the reading methods. Understand well that the truth does not belong to anybody.

There are certain,safe, basesupon which even the different authors agree, and it is right from here that I wanted to start. I have added my own beliefs, my subjective experience just as any legitimate author/astrologistwould do.

In the section tables I wanted to include the spreads in form of a picture because creating tables with MS Word would have caused some issues, apart from considerable amounts of time, in both the paperback and the epub adaptation.

I hope you enjoy the reading.

Preparation for the question for thehoraryastrology

HoraryAstrology is a particular branch of astrology, a subject that essentially deals with the birth of ideas: in a world where everything would be well organized and pre-sorted according to animmutablelaw because of which every individual is born because he/she had to be born and only in that precisemoment. Therefore, we start with the assumption that the same thing can happen to a request, a question that is made at the moment of its first manifestation.

This kind of Astrology, as opposed to that genetliaca, is based, in its interpretation, on little data that allows us to establish the positive or negative result of the question itself.

Attention, however, because if the interpretation of a Sky Chart calculated over this kind of Astrology could seem, at first sight, very simple. In reality, it is about a completely differentvision fromthat of Astrology,based on the individual’s birth, where we need to keep in mind the different elements and analogies. Here, on the other hand, it is about the knowledge of many notions que, usually, are studied by the beginners of the ABC of this subject and, after some time, usuallyforgottento go on to other elements that are considered more important in the practice of astrology.

Tradition mandates that we create a Birth Chart at the moment and at the exact hour in which a certain idea, a question that requires a very precise answer, a problem that is presented to us come mind for the first time, just like if it was about a Conception Chart, and not a moment later when the idea has given birth or it is on the verge of put it in practice. The birth chart MUSTbecreated for the city in which we the operator is located at the moment where he/she understands the question.Starting with the actual argument, for the solution of thequestionthat is posed to use, this kind of Astrology offers three sources of predictions with their own analogies: the twelve Signs, the twelve Houses and the seven classic planets until Saturn. Janus, sometimes, takesUranusinto consideration, whileLilly necessarilyand logically, stops on Saturn because the other planets had not been discovered yet in her time

Not all these elements concur on the solution of the problem, but only that part of them that are in analogy with the problem itself: for instance, if the question is about the current relationship between theinquirerand his/her partner, from the twelve houses we would need to use the First one, which is theinquirer’s house, and the Seventh, which represents the partner; from the twelveSignsof the Zodiac, we will only use those in which the cusps of the First and Seventh Houses fall, and at the end the planets that we will take into consideration are those who govern the Signs. Obviously this is averysimple example that is useful, above everything else, to give you your first idea about what we need to keep in mind during the study of this kind of Astrology.

There are, also, other three elements that we will need to formulate an answer but it is not the case to make this first part too exhaustive. In the course of the reading I will insert, for the reader, those other notions of rules that, I think, are among the mostimportantto provide a correct reading.

LIMITATIONS FOR THE JUDEMENTThe reading cannot be performed if:The ascendant is between 0 and 3 degreesThe ascendant is between27and30degreesThe moon is in via combusta between the 15 degrees of Virgo and the 15 degrees of Scorpio.

Note:I won’t apply these limitations and the only doubt that I have posed to myself using my concrete experience is when I have had an ascendant on 29 degrees and 50 minutes. In that case, to consider the ascendant of the next sign has brought me the confirmation of the interpretation.

Signs and Planets

The aim of this text is to be a practical guide that mentions the most important notions,omittingseveral others that are cited in tutorials. It is right in this case in which I personally disregard the meaning of the signs while that of the planets is fundamental, they are the meanings, from their positions and the formation of the aspects we will get our answers.