History of music world: 100th Sinatra. 80th Presley. 75th Lennon 70th Marley. 50th Pink Floyd. 50th Doors. 50th Who. 45th Queen - Francesco Primerano - ebook

Veder risorgere le vere leggende della Musica mondiale, anche se su poche ed essenziali righe, non capita tutti i giorni e non ha alcun prezzo. Nel favoloso 2015 si vogliono celebrare i 100 anni di Frank Sinatra e di Billie Holiday, gli 80 di Elvis, i 70 di Bob Marley e i 75 di John Lennon. Si vogliono festeggiare inoltre i 50 anni di vita dei Pink Floyd, degli Who e dei Doors e i 45 anni di carriera dei Queen, quattro band leggendarie che si sono sempre mantenute ai primi posti nelle classifiche mondiali.Si può partire da chiunque di loro, ma l'importante è arrivare allo scopo verace di questa festa: far arrivare a tutti l'amore e la passione per la musica, accompagnati da favolosi e splendidi sorrisi. Si può notare, infatti, un favoloso pantheon di Stars da seguire, un firmamento deciso di miti senza tempo, dalla classe di Frank Sinatra al Rock'n'Roll di Elvis Presley, dal mito di John Lennon a quello di Freddie Mercury, dalle note dei Beatles a quelle dei Rolling Stones, dal suono dei Queen a quello dei Pink Floyd, dalla voce di Michael Jackson a quella di George Michael, dal talento di Bob Marley alla genialità di Kurt Cobain, dal talento dei Radiohead a quello dei Muse.

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History of music world:

100thSinatra. 80thPresley. 75ThLennon. 70ThMarley

50thPink Floyd. 50ThDoors. 50thWho. 45ThQueen

The Legends of Music in their heyday

100 years of Frank Sinatra

80 years of Elvis Presley

John Lennon (75 years after its creation and 35 years after his tragic assassination)

70 years of Bob Marley

The great values and symbols that have left an important mark on our lives

The notes and the pages on the legends of music, from many different colors, shapes and content more inviting, open, they browse, read, love and then close with the hope and the desire to read them again, with the same passion that was initially presented.

Francesco Primerano


Music Legends Celebration

Artists of music we've had so many throughout history and in the middle of our beloved company, but it has never happened that were recounted all together in a single manual, where anything can be granted, even the unimaginable. The whole world revolves around myths and legends that have made a time of concerts, festivals, records, festivals, embracing all possible genres from Rock to Pop, from Country to Blues, from Soul to Rap, from Swing to Hip hop, from Jazz to Hard Rock, dall'Haevy Metal, punk, grunge to Wave, Reggae by the Black-Music, Electronic Music at the Nu-Metal. This is a good time to enjoy them all, until the last note. In 2015 we want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra (The voice), 80 Elvis, Bob Marley 70 and 75 of John Lennon. That same Lennon, 35 years after his tragic murder, wants to be, in this delicious feast, one of the pioneers of our friend Music. A very special year because it wanted to remember the 50 years of Pink Floyd, with their 250 million records sold worldwide, the 50th anniversary of The Doors & The Who and 45-year career of Queen, with their 200 million albums sold planet. E 'own with their new collection, output recently around the world, that you can see at last the return of the fabulous duet Mercury- Jackson who, in more than 30 years since that magical meeting, wants to revive the song "There must be more to life than this ", written by Freddie in 1981 and published in its solo album" Mr. Bad Guy "in 1985. In the course of 2015 will be released also the film" Thriller "in 3D version for joy Fans of Michael Jackson. Speaking of anniversaries, we can also speak of the queen of jazz-blues Billie Holiday that would compiuto100 years as The Voice. You may also remember Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, 45 years after their tragic death. Discs of Beatles and Rolling Stones concerts of Vasco Rossi and Ligabue, live historical groups such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple and talents as Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain, they find themselves together in this volume, to celebrate the true essence of the music, the same music that made us love, dream and taste the best nectars of our precious existence. It can be seen, in fact, a fabulous pantheon of Stars to follow, a firmament decided timeless myths, from the class of Frank Sinatra to Rock'n'Roll Elvis Presley, from the myth of John Lennon to that of Freddie Mercury, notes Beatles to those of the Rolling Stones, from the sound of the Queen to the Pink Floyd, from concerts to those of Vasco Rossi Ligabue, the voice of Michael Jackson with George Michael, by the talent of Bob Marley to the genius of Kurt Cobain, by the determination of the Madonna to the grace of Whitney Houston, from Radiohead's talent to that of the Muses, from Rock to Pop Pelù Jovanotti. This is the legendary world of Music Generation, the true collectors, the skillful acrobats and those who appreciate everything that is music, the music that always governs and accompanies our wonderful lives from curious eternal beauty. This is basically the biggest musical show that we have had the pleasure to know and admire in the paths of our existence, from swing to Sinatra to the masterpieces of Lennon, the Rolling Stones from Rock to Pop Michael Jackson, the legendary Queen to the young Muse, the rocker Vasco Rossi eternal boy pop / rapper Jovanotti, from reggae of Bob Marley to the grunge Kurt Cobain. You can admire a wonderful flight on the wings of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and other myths of world music. It's travel diaries, reflections of the past and of anthologies that reached the top of the charts around the globe. Basically they want to celebrate the myths and legends of music, from Frank Sinatra to Kurt Cobain, the first half of the 900 'to the present day, in all their shades and in all their glory, and you will succeed, touching the heart and the soul of the people who have always admired and followed through with it.


Legends of Music

on the border of life and success