His Too-Tempting Stepdaughter - Pornelope - ebook

Adam never expected his wife to run off, leaving him in charge of her sexy teenage daughter. Now everything is going from bad to worse. Brenna and he are stuck in the mountains, their camper is out of gas, and a fierce blizzard is blowing in. He's wanted her longer than he can remember. How long can he keep his hands offHis Too-Tempting Stepdaughter?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"You'd better try to get some sleep." Adam's voice was uneven, and his chest hurt. So did his surging shaft. But he'd promised to protect her, and he wouldeven from himself."What about you?" She patted the edge of the bed. "There's room for both of usand we're both gonna freeze if we don't."He was pumping off enough heat to melt an igloo!"I don't think that's a very good idea.""You don't want to be near me." The hurt look on her face undid all his fierce resolutions. Brenna blinked back tears, and miserably hunched over again. "Why did you drag me all the way out here if you hate me so much?""I don't Jesus, Brenna, I don't hate you!" He gaped at her in surprise. "I just don't think it's safe to sleep in the same bed with you!"Sudden anger sparkled in her eyes. "Well, why not? Mom doesn't care, otherwise she would have stayed. And it's the only way we're going to stay warm all night!"How could he explain it without hurting her feelings?"Brenna, you're my" The word stuck in his throat."Your what? Problem? Burden?" She glared bitterly at him."No. And you're not ugly, either, and you know it, so don't try that tact with me. It hasn't worked since you were six days old!""Well, I'm not six days old." She sounded sulky now. "I'm eighteen. And I thought you loved me.""Oh, baby." He wanted to pull his hair out. "I do love you, more than anything else in the world! Why do you think I brought you along? But you are only eighteen, and I'm thirty-seven, and""And what?" She scowled at him through the silky curtain of her hair."And it's not proper for me to sleep in the same bed with my eighteen-year old stepdaughter." There, he'd spit the hated word out."So you'd rather freeze to death. Fine." Brenna thumped down on the mattress, and turned away from him. "Whatever!"The teenager's ultimate insult. Adam nearly laughed.But damn, she looked so incredibly sexy, even snuggled up in his two shirts and a blanket! Because all he could think about was unwrapping her, one enticing layer at a time, to find the sweet tempting treasure buried deep inside!Was she still a virgin?She hadn't dated anyone inoh, it had to be months. So maybe, maybe!God, how he'd love to be the first one to spread her legs and bang her senseless!

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His Too-Tempting Stepdaughter

By Pornelope

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2017 @ Pornelope

(This book was previously published under the title “New Beginnings.”)

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

“I can’t believe we ran out of gas.” Adam scowled at the Winnebago’s gas gauge in frustration. “Didn’t you fill the tank all the way at the last gas station?”

“I told you I did.” Brenna glanced up from her battered GameBoy long enough to scowl at him, and fumbled in her pocket for the receipt. “Here, see? Twenty-six gallons.”

He glanced at it, baffled, then shook his head. “I don’t get it. We should’ve had enough to make it another two hundred miles.”

“In this white elephant?” Brenna glared around the aging camper with a sneer. “One hundred, tops!”

“Okay, fine.” She’d been irritable ever since her mom had taken off without a word to anyone. He supposed that he had been, too. He’d never expected Sheila to just up and leave…and why on earth had she left Brenna behind?

What was he supposed to do with an eighteen-year old stepdaughter who looked like a sultry sex goddess, and apparently now hated his guts?

A hundred miles either way just didn’t seem worth fighting over. “Any way you slice it, we should have been able to get through the mountains.”

Brenna stared out the window. It was getting dark, and snow flurries were already drifting down. “We’re gonna freeze to death, aren’t we?” Bitterness colored her low, seductive voice.

“Not if I can help it.”

He’d been depressed ever since he’d walked into the little apartment he and Sheila had shared, and found it stripped totally clean…she’d even taken most of his clothes, and Brenna’s, too. And where was the sense in that?

But he wasn’t suicidal. And he wasn’t going to let anything happen to Brenna, either. She might be pissed at him, and blaming him for uprooting her and traveling halfway across the country on the chance of finding work back in his old hometown. But he was responsible for her, and he was going to do his best to make sure she stayed safe.

“I think we passed a clearing…what do they call it, a switchback?…a mile or so further down the mountainside. If we can back ‘the beast’ down really carefully, and pull into it, we should be safe there overnight.

“And then tomorrow,” he said with a grim sigh, “I’ll see if I can’t figure out what happened to the gas tank.”

The poor old Winnebago was nearly as old as he was. Anything could have gone wrong. He’d gotten to be a fair hand at repairing it…but even if it was something simple, where was he going to find gas up here in the mountains?

He supposed that if they could get the old girl turned around, they could coast all the way back down to that last town they’d passed.

But first he had to get them off the road, so they didn’t get hit by an oncoming semi during the night. And there was no room to turn around right here. They’d have to do it the hard way, backing it down very slowly while one person walked alongside, watching for oncoming traffic.