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DESCRIPTION: With graduation comes gifts, and a surprise gift from his father leads to a night of firsts for Tabitha and her son. Exploring her desires with an unlikely partner, Tabitha crosses yet another boundary with her son. Nothing is off limits as they are joined by a surprise visitor that leaves them both satisfied. EXCERPT: “That makes sense,” Destin said, “So what happens next?” “I don't know,” I said, “I mean, I know that someone will be joining us. From that point on, what happens is up to you.” “It doesn't bother you?” Destin asked. “No,” I said, which was mostly true, “Did it bother me when you fucked Stacy?” That didn't bother me- it was fucking hot! “I guess not,” Destin said. “Does it bother you when I let Durrell join us?” I asked, double checking. “No,” Destin said. “If we were “normal” boyfriend and girlfriend, maybe then it would be different,” I said, “Maybe then I wouldn't like the idea of you fucking another woman. But we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend- so somehow it is different.” “Because you are my mom?” Destin asked. “Yes, maybe,” I said, “Maybe that's it. Even though we do what most mothers and sons never actually do- even though we have crossed that line- or maybe because of it. Now that we have experienced incest- something that so many people secretly want, but are afraid of- and the world hasn't ended, it lets us be open to exploring all of the sexual possibilities that life has to offer.” “I couldn't do this with your father,” I continued, “Even before me and you started doing what we are doing, there is no way I would have ever been comfortable seeing him with another woman. Maybe since we have already broken the rules of the mother-son relationship, and this is completely undefined territory, then it makes it somehow different. I don't know.” “Haven't you said people need to make their own rules?” Destin asked, as he unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his muscular young chest. Yes, people should make their own rules; and looking at his fit young form, I did not regret that our choice of actions was against all the rules of society. Not in the least. I had said that, and I had meant it. I was no longer bound by any sense of duty to the dithering and decisions of long dead men as to what was right and wrong. If people wanted to do something together, as long as they are adults and they both consent, then who was anyone to tell them that they could not do so? A loud  knock on the heavy door broke my train of thought. Whomever Cynthia had arranged to  “visit” us was here, and it was time to see exactly what this night had in store. “Looks like our visitor is here,” I said.

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by Madame Gallivant

Published by Lot’s Cave

The Catcher In The Den No.6

His Graduation Gift, © 2018, Madame Gallivant

Cover by Lot’s Cave

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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His Graduation Gift


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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by Madame Gallivant

Dressed in a well-worn, yet stylish suit, his brown hair cut short, and a pair of designer Italian leather shoes, my son did not look like a boy. Instead, he looked like the full grown man he now was- a man of taste, of passion, a man whom was ready to conquer the world.

I stared at my son- he had never seemed so mature, so debonair, as he did standing in the hallway at that moment. I was filled with emotion at the sight of him, emotions that were a mix of love, lust, pride and sorrow.

This is my son, my only son, and he is about to receive his high school diploma.

He was already driving, and thanks to me, he had been inducted into the physical part of manhood. In a few hours he was about to receive a piece of paper that indicated the completion of childhood, and the undeniable commencement of manhood.

I was proud, I was saddened, and I was upset all at once. Whatever emotions he may be feeling within his chest, I cannot tell you- but I know that I was almost beside myself with the confusing sea that moved within me.

I had made him eighteen years ago, and I had raised him. I had been there through all of his growing up, and now that he was grown, I had taken his hand and brought him into manhood just a few months ago. When they handed him his diploma, he would no longer need to hold my hand or the hand of anyone else, he would be a man on his own, and this part of his life would be concluding.

All mothers go through this feeling as they watch their son about to depart from childhood into adulthood, yet the fact that we had become lovers as well as parent and child only added to my feelings. It was hard enough watching a son go, it was harder watching the same son go when he was also my lover.

“Everything ok, mom?” Destin asked, smiling at me.

“Yes,” I said, fighting tears from my eyes.

“Good,” Destin said, as he leaned down to kiss me on the lips.

His tongue brushed past my weak defenses, and he entered my mouth for a second. Finding me, I reluctantly broke our brief lip lock after a moment. His younger sister was in the house, and I had to remember caution, as much as I would have liked him to take me right then and there.

“Ok,” I said, getting hold of myself, “Destin, why don't you find Gwen, and the two of you get in the car. I am going to see if I can get a hold of your dad.”

“Sure, mom,” Destin said, turning and walking down the hallway, my eyes watching him as he left.

Get a hold of yourself, Tabitha.

It was almost time to make it down to the campus where they held the ceremony, and so far, no word from my husband. Reluctantly, I dialed him on his cellphone; the quickest way for me to distract myself from any sexual feeling was, unfortunately, to talk to Andrew.

“Andrew,” I said simply, as my husband answered his phone.

“I know, I am trying,” Andrew almost whined.

“Your son only graduates once,” I said, very terse in my tone, “So where are you?”

“Almost out the door,” Andrew said.

“The ceremony starts in a half hour,” I said, “How are you going to make it here on time?”

Traffic on a good day took about an hour from Nashville to Murfreesboro.

This was not a good day. This was a Friday afternoon, and I would surprised if Andrew even made it at all. Putting my mixed emotions towards Destin and his accomplishment aside, I channeled my anger at my husband.

“Look, you need to be here,” I said, hanging up the phone.

Andrew to his credit, did make it, if late.

A third of the massive graduating class had already received their diplomas, and my husband found us in the crowd of family and friends of the students just as our son was about to walk across the stage. Andrew had made it, just in time.

I was still angry. He should have taken the day off from work, not chanced missing this once in a lifetime event. Though the romance and sex between Andrew and myself was essentially as dead as the soldiers in the battlefield, he was still Destin's father, and a father should never miss the greatest life accomplishments of his only son.

With the exception, of course, of when his son was boning his wife!

“Nice of you to arrive,” I said, refusing to glance in his direction.

“I made it as fast as I could,” Andrew said, “Sorry, I just get held up sometimes.”

“Look,” I said with finality, “Now is not the time to argue.”

We watched as Destin received his diploma, and following protocol, Destin joined us in the crowd after walking across the stage and posing for photographs. He was smiling, almost beaming. Even he struggled to remain his usual nonchalant self on his special day.

“So,” Andrew said, slapping his son on the back.

“So,” Destin remarked.

“Now you are an adult,” Andrew said, “Ready to kiss high school goodbye once and for all?”

“Huh?” Destin asked, confused.

“Are you ready to leave, or-” Andrew began, but I cut him off.

“Andrew, don't rush him,” I said, “It's his day.”

“The traffic out of here is going to be terrible,” Andrew observed, “I'm just trying to get us out of here before this whole place turns into a zoo.”

“Dad, I'm waiting on Durrell,” Destin said, seemingly annoyed.

“Oh, okay,” Andrew rolled his eyes, “I thought you were ready to put high school behind.”

“Andrew,” I said, in a tone that told him to quit while he was ahead.

How can he be such an unemotional asshole right now?

“I'll wait,” Destin said, “He is my best friend, dad.”

I was proud of my son- caring for those close to him was a trait he got from me, if not from his father.

The wait took some time. Destin had made the top third in his large class, and his best friend was somewhere in the middle; not near the bottom, but much further back from the top than my son.

Durrell was smart, but had far less discipline than my son. As his best friend crossed the stage, I felt sad for him. He was dressed only in his usual type of outfit- jeans, work-boots, and a button up shirt from a discount store. I noticed that as he grabbed his piece of paper, nobody was present to congratulate him.

What kind of parents can't even make it for their son's graduation?

“Hey, over here,” Destin said, and his best friend joined us.

“Congratulations, Durrell,” I said.

“Yeah, thanks,” Durrell answered; even he seemed upset by the lack of family support.

“Where's your parents?” Andrew asked.

My husband asked not out of concern, but more in a tone that suggested that Durrell should find somewhere else to be. I didn't think he intended to sound so callous, but either way, it was a very cold thing to say.

“My dad is in Iowa right now, and my mom is at work,” Durrell said, mournfully.

“Oh,” Andrew said, “Well,-”

“You are more than welcome to celebrate with us,” I said, cutting off Andrew.

You are such a cold bastard sometimes, Andrew.

“Thanks, Tabitha,” Durrell said, smiling at me, “So what's the plan now?”

“We were planning on having a family dinner,” Andrew said, “If that is okay with you.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” Durrell said.

Just then, Andrew's phone rang, and he stepped over to the side to take the call.