Her Lewd Tongue: Taboo Erotica - Lazarus Orlando - ebook

Excerpt:Some authorities have pointed out that the incest factor can be important in promulgating certain Negro-Caucasian relationships. One such instance was the case of a young man named Elliot who had been going off and on ta see a psychiatrist about recurring attacks of? impotency and headaches. After much digging, the doctor unearthed from Elliot the fact that he had often secretly looked in on his mother and his father while they were making love. Afterward, the boy would go into the bathroom and masturbate, bringing to mind an image of his mother on the bed, her white legs spread in open invitation. While Freud and many others recognized early the naturalness of this selection of a fantasy sexual object on the part of a pubescent boy, Elliot was soon made aware of the term "mother-fucker" in all its literalness and the taboos against even considering such behavior.

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Her Lewd Tongue

Lazarus Orlando

Copyright © 2017

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I've got a small, two-seater sports car, one young man said. Did you ever try to screw in a sports car? Not only isn't there any room to stretch out, but there's the gearshift and the hand brake right between the seats-and the girl could probably get herself hung up on one or the other without any trouble at all.

But doing it orally, that's another matter. Lake one time I remember, I was out on a date with this broad, and we were at a drive-in movie. I wasn't paying too much attention to the film, because the girl had a Cinema-Scope pair of boobies, and I was busy reaching in under her blouse and her bra and feeling them up, rolling the stiff nipple between my fingers. I was shoving my tongue deep into her mouth, and she was doing the same for me. And I was getting pretty damn excited, I tell you. My wanger was standing up stiff and straight just like that gearshift, and I was anxious to have the broad check out my own personal transmission for me.

She seemed to be enjoying herself pretty much, too, the way she was kissing me and moaning and trying to catch her breath. Even through all that boobie flesh I could feel her heart pumping away like crazy, so I knew I was getting through to her, all right.

But when I reached up under her skirt, I was surprised to find that she clamped her legs tight around my hand and wouldn't let me. I kept trying, but the more I tried, the harder she pushed her legs together, until finally I asked her what the hell was the matter.

She said she hadn't expected to go that far with me-it was our first date. I said that was a lot of shit, that most girls I knew were willing to screw on the first date. Why waste time? Then she blushed and told me she was on the rag, that she was in the middle of her period, and she couldn't do it even if she wanted to.

Well, that made me pretty damned sore and frustrated, I tell you. There I was with a stiff wanger and no place to shove it. I swore and told her she was just a rotten tease, getting me all worked up for nothing. She asked me if I was really all worked up, and I took her hand and placed it over the bulge in the front of my trousers and asked her if she thought that was all worked up or not.

Her hand moved-but not away. It gently stroked the. throbbing bulge and felt its length and width. I moaned and said, "Oh Christ, you keep that up, and you'll blow my mind."

That's when she wet her lips and smiled and told me that blowing my mind wasn't exactly what she had on her mind.

Well, sir, that brought a smile to my face, I tell you. I'd had blow jobs before, of course, but I knew more girls that would rather screw than go down on a guy. Just thinking about it made me more excited than ever.

She wasn't bashful about it, I'll say that for her. She reached down, unzipped my fly, reached in through the opening in my underwear, and brought out my stiff wanger. Her hands were very soft and smooth, and for a while her fingers just played with it like it was a toy. All the while I was kissing her and my own hands were working over her boobies, squeezing them, massaging them, feeling her stiff nipples press against my palms.

Finally, I broke loose from her lips and said, "That's not a Yo-Yo you've got there; it's an all day sucker!"

She patted me and said, "I don't think you're going to last all day."

"Then you'd better get started," I told her.

Apparently she saw the wisdom of my suggestion; she bent her head over my lap and got started. I guess sucking off wangers wasn't anything new to her, because she knew just what to do, and she didn't hesitate doing it. She cradled my balls with one hand and gently squeezed them, while with the other hand she held onto the shaft of my stiff wanger to hold it in one place.

An instant later I felt her hot breath on the tip. I held my breath expectantly, then groaned loudly as her tongue flicked out and massaged the very top, moving wetly back and forth. Well, sir, I nearly shot my wad right then and there, but I managed to control myself because I was having too good a time to let loose just then and have the ball game over and done with.

But this broad was really getting to me, no doubt about that. What I liked best was she didn't seem to be in a hurry. She took her time about it, with that hot wet little tongue of hers moving all over the top of my wanger, licking up the few drops of juice beginning to ooze out of the tip.

Then she twisted her head and started nibbling up and down the side, like she was eating an ear of corn. I could feel her sharp teeth nipping the skin gently, biting very slightly as she went the length of the stiff wanger. But it was beginning to throb now like I was going to let go any minute, and I was afraid I was, so she changed her tactics.

She straightened her head over my lap and lowered her open mouth over me until she could enclose the bulb on top of my wanger with her lips. And she began to suck on me for all she was worth. I knew then I was going to go past the point of no return, so I grabbed her head in my hands and forced it down even more, while I raised my hips up to shove it deeper into her throat.

She didn't stop. She kept bobbing her head up and down in my lap, while I thrust up and down in rhythm with her motions, and all the while her lips were tight around me, and her tongue kept moving back and forth, and-well, between the tongue massage and the suction of her mouth and lips, I couldn't hold back any longer.

I could feel myself coming from way down deep inside. I could feel my balls tighten and my stiff wanger start to jerk. I closed my eyes and held on tightly to her head, while I raised myself up off the seat-and spurted hotly right into her throat, spasm after spasm which she swallowed without any hesitation. I was grateful for that. A lot of girls don't want to swallow the stuff, and you have to shoot all over the place, which gets pretty messy, especially in such a cramped spot.

Anyway, I had quite a few dates with her after that. Sometimes we went to her apartment, sometimes to mine-but a lot of times we just had her suck my wanger right there in the car, where we could do it anytime-even while I was driving.

As the young man pointed out, it was a fairly simple matter for the girl to commit fellatio on him, even in the cramped quarters. To a large extent this is true because of the position of the male's penis, which sticks up in open invitation to the female's mouth and is thus easily accessible. Further, it requires only a little more effort to reach the testicles, which also are readily available to the girl's inquisitive tongue and lips.

Several means to. the end were revealed by the man's testimony. The girl may use her mouth, her lips, her tongue, and her teeth during oral intercourse, applying these singly and in combination to any portion of the male's penis and testicles. A knowing female generally does not rush the act, building up to it gradually to increase the male's interest and expectation.

She may start by holding and massaging the organ in her hand, while she lowers her head to look at the erection, often eyeing it greedily and licking her lips as though she wishes to make a meal out of this delicacy displayed before her. This psychological approach will generally do much toward stimulating the man. Then she may lower her head even more, in order to blow her hot breath on the tip of the penis for a moment. This may be followed by exploring the very tip of the male organ by her curious tongue and kissing it, licking it up and down and around the sides, nipping lightly at the bulbous top and along the stem.

Whether or not she is succeeding in her endeavors is generally quite obvious by the male's reaction to all this. His breath shortens, his heart pounds harder, a glow of perspiration forms on his body-but most dramatically his penis leaves its flaccid state, rises majestically in a severe angle from between his legs, all the while growing in size.

Because of the outgoing nature of the erect male penis, it is sometimes even possible for a girl to perform fellatio on a man even if there is no other body contact present.

The first time I ever sucked on a boy's penis, one girl recalled during an interview, was when I was eighteen. I'd been dating this boy Tom for about six months, and we had a lot of heavy petting sessions, with him masturbating me and me masturbating him-but we'd never had intercourse or oral sex.

We were very much in love with each other, but we wanted to wait before going all the way-until we got married, I mean. As long as we could have orgasms and satisfy each other by masturbating, we could relieve the sexual pressures that built up inside both of us, so it really wasn't too bad.

My parents liked Tom very much, too, and a lot of times we all went out together-fishing, hunting, camping-on trips like that. Well, this one time I was telling you about, we went out to a camp my father rented, which was on the shores of a lake in upstate New York. A very nice place in the woods.

But we never could be alone, Tom and me. Oh, my parents meant well enough, I guess, but Tom was eighteen, and I guess they regarded both of us as kids yet and our romance as nothing but puppy love or teen-age infatuation or something. Anyway, Tom was always with my father, or I was with my mother, or we were all together-and it got pretty frustrating, especially for Tom. I could tell when we went swimming, and he kept staring at my breasts and thighs visible in the bikini I wore and pretty soon I could see his penis bulging against the front of his tight trunks. He had to stay in the water until it went down, and I really felt sorry for the poor guy. I wished there was some way I could relieve him.

Tom tried to joke about it. He said there was a knothole right next to his bunk in the bedroom, and he could shove his penis in there.

The camp had two bedrooms, a small one where Tom slept, and a larger one where my parents slept in a big double bed and I slept in a bunk against the wall. It was that night that I realized I was sleeping on the other side of the wall from Tom-and that there really was a knothole in the wall between us! Wouldn't it be funny, I thought wildly, if we could push the knot out to make an opening and Tom could really stick his penis through so I could masturbate him-and then we could put the knot back in the hole and no one would ever know!

It was a crazy, wild idea, but the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I got up, pretending I had to go to the bathroom, and whispered my idea to Tom, who grinned and thought it was worth a try. Then I went right back to my own bed so my parents wouldn't get suspicious.

We waited ten minutes until I could hear my mother and father snoring slightly, then I tapped gently against the wall. I placed my hand over the knot and felt Tom pushing against it with his fingers from the other side. It was a tight fit, but slowly it gave, and a moment later it came free in my hands. I placed it on the floor beside my bed, because I didn't want to lose it. I'd have to put it back when we were through.

The opening was about even with my head, and in the dim light I could see his familiar penis start snaking its way through the opening. He already had part of an erection, and the friction of scraping through the narrow opening was making it bigger. When he'd stuck it through, I started playing with it-at least what was there on my side of the wall, which was the big round head and about an inch and a quarter more.

I kept running my fingers all over the top of it, and I could tell he was getting very excited by it. He moved his penis in and out, using short strokes, and then he stopped, and I heard him groan. I didn't realize at first why he'd made the sound, because it wasn't a groan of pleasure. Then I realized that his penis was so thick now that he was trapped in the knothole!

I almost went into a panic, until I realized I might wake up my parents-and then there would be hell to pay when they realized what we were up to. Yet I had visions of having to do just that anyway, so we could saw a bigger hole in the wall or maybe even tear down the wall to get Tom free.

Then I remembered that when he had an orgasm, his penis softened and became smaller. Of course, that was the answer. Make him have an orgasm, so he could just withdraw his penis. I began tickling the tip of his sex organ with my fingers, and I could feel his answering movements as he automatically thrust his body forward and back against his imprisoned penis. He seemed to get even harder and thicker. I couldn't see his penis very well in the dim light filtering in through the window, but I imagined it all bruised and bleeding from the rough wood that held it prisoner. I felt so sorry for Tom's predicament, that I bent my head forward and kissed the tip of his penis with my lips.

He wasn't bruised or bleeding, but the tip of his penis was covered with a salty, sticky fluid that tasted strange to me. Also, I felt his flesh lurch suddenly under my lips. I'd never sucked on a boy's penis before, like I told you, but I knew some of the other girls in school had done it. Now, it suddenly occurred to me that this might be the answer. If my sucking on him got him very excited he might have an orgasm very quickly so he could get loose. Besides, I could catch his semen in my mouth, so there wouldn't be any telltale traces in the morning for my parents to discover.

The more I thought about it, the more the idea appealed to me. I got in a comfortable position with my head facing the opening and reached out with my tongue and touched the tip of his penis again. It tasted-well, sort of strange, but not unpleasant. I really loved the guy, like I said, and it bothered me sometimes that we weren't having sexual intercourse together. Now, what I was doing seemed even more intimate than regular sex, and I felt I was showing him how much I loved him.

As I licked the salty fluid from the tip of his penis, I found myself getting very excited. I wished I could have Tom's hands on me, but lacking that, I placed my own fingers under my nightgown and up between my legs, until I found my clit, which I began working back and forth at the same time my tongue was working on Tom's penis.

Then I opened my lips and took the rounded part in my mouth and sucked on it as hard as I could. I could tell he liked that. I almost heard his heavy breathing from the other side of the wall. I hoped he wouldn't make an outcry which would awaken my parents before we were through. When I thought of them lying asleep just a few feet away, never suspecting what was going on, it made what we were doing all the more exciting.

I could feel his penis throbbing like crazy, and I knew he was going to come any time. I put as much of my mouth on him as I could, putting my lips on his penis right up to the wall that separated us. I wished then that there wasn't a wall there, that I could take all of him inside my mouth, that I could chew on his penis from one end to the other-but that was impossible just then, of course, so I did what I could.

That was apparently quite enough, because a brief second after I had myself an orgasm, his penis gave a lurch in my mouth and started spurting. I kept sucking on him all the time, swallowing the hot, salty fluid as it gushed from him, keeping my mouth on him until I was certain he was all through.

I was sorry to let him go, but I knew I had to. I kissed him gently on the tip before he withdrew his limp penis to the other side. Then I took the knot, and pushed it back securely into the hole. I fell asleep very relaxed, and I dreamed that the wall was not there anymore and that I was kissing and licking and sucking him all over between his legs.

The next day, during a brief moment alone together, he said that it was the loveliest thing that had ever happened to him, and that he loved me very much and just couldn't wait until we were alone together so we could do it again. We didn't try it with the knothole again, although we were tempted. But the next week when we were out on a date, we parked in a lovers' lane and I sucked on Tom's penis while he masturbated me, and it was every bit as wonderful as I'd expected it to be.

The girl reported further that she and her boyfriend continued their oral activities as a substitute for sexual activities until several years later, when they were married. At that time, of course, they engaged in regular penis/vaginal relations, but they had come to enjoy the mouth-genital contacts so much they generally preceded regular intercourse with these oral contacts.

Because of the recessed nature of the female genitalia, it is slightly more difficult for the male tongue to apply itself to that area than it is for the female to reciprocate. Nevertheless, it is still more readily available for oral lovemaking than for intercourse.

If we're in a car, one girl confided, I just lean back and spread my legs wide and the guy gets down on his knees in front of me and sticks his head up between my legs and starts in. If I know in advance we're going to a drive-in, for example, I'll be sure to wear a full skirt and forget the pantries.

Like last Saturday, for example, I went out on a date with this guy I'm sort of going steady with.-We were necking up a storm. He was feeling up my boobies and sticking his finger in and out of my pussy, and pretty soon he had his male thing out and I was working it up and down with my fist.

Well, he was pretty damn excited, and it didn't take long for his thing to start throbbing and jerking around. Fortunately I had a piece of Kleenex handy, and he shot off into that. But I was pretty high up by that time and was going to have cramps if something didn't happen to relieve me. He knew it, too, and he suggested he'd like to eat some hot pussy.

You can bet I told him to go right ahead. After all, it was pretty dark there in the drive-in, and no one would see him crouched in front of me. So he got down in front, and I spread my legs and raised my skirt up to my navel.

He began by kissing me on the knees, then slowly working his way up along the inner thighs, planting wet kisses first on one side and then on the other. My skin was tingling long before he got where he was going, and I knew my pubic hair was moist with perspiration and that sticky stuff that lubricates me down there. His lips moved through the dark curly hair, kissing and licking. When his tongue moved across my pussylips, I nearly cried out with the pleasure I felt. But that sensation was nothing compared to the one I got when he parted my lips with his fingers and stuck his tongue into the opening-right on the stubby clit that was standing up as stiff as his penis had been.

I really wilt when he does that to me. My body gets covered with perspiration, and I just slump down in the seat. Strangely enough, I'm relaxed and tense at the same time. His tongue moved in and out, stroking my clit, building up my passion higher and higher, and every once in a while he'd stop and place his lips tight against my pussylips, and draw in his breath through his mouth to cause' a suction that darn near made me fly right up through the roof.

Several times I could've come, but I held back, afraid that if I had an orgasm he'd stop. And I was enjoying his mouth on my pussy so much I wanted him to go on and on forever. We were so busy, I didn't notice that the movie was ending, and I didn't realize it until the overhead lights blazed and people around us started getting out of their cars!

He got nervous and started to get up, but I knew he'd never make it before someone saw us and knew what we were doing. Besides, I saw a couple I knew nearby coming over to the car. So I pushed his head back down and covered him with my full skirt. I was embarrassed, but I hoped it didn't show. Another thing I hoped wouldn't show was my boyfriend on the floor in front of me. I edged a little more forward on the seat so my skirt would cover him more, pretending I just wanted to lean on the window edge to talk to my friends.

One of them, the girl, was a nosy cousin of mine, and I knew if she discovered what we'd been doing, everybody, including my family, would know about it. I wanted to get rid of them fast, but I also didn't want to make them suspicious. So we talked. And talked. They asked where my boyfriend was, and I told them he'd rushed off to the refreshment stand to beat the crowds. I hinted that maybe they should hurry over there before the movie started, but the girl said they'd just gotten out of the car to stretch their legs and they'd wait to say hello to my boyfriend.

I really felt sorry for the poor guy crouched on the floor in front of me. To be less visible, he'd scrunched up, pulling his legs under him, and I knew it must be uncomfortable for him. I guess he just got bored doing nothing down there, so he started in on me again, raining wet kisses all along the insides of my thigh, shifting his position so that his lips touched my pussylips and his tongue could move into my moist region beyond. I shifted my position slightly to give him greater access and also to cover up any movement his head was making under my skirt. Meanwhile, I was talking up a storm with this other couple, trying to be very casual, although the thrusting movements his tongue was making on my clit was enough to make me leap out the window.

Finally, the lights dimmed overhead, and the movie started, and the other couple said to say hello for them to my boyfriend when he came back. Just as they moved away, I leaned back on the seat with a sigh of relief and had an orgasm that shook me from head to toe.

It was really exciting. I think more so because we did it right under the noses, so to speak, of this other guy and girl without them even suspecting what was going on. She grinned. Or coming off, I guess would be more accurate!

The entire male mouth, including the lips, the teeth and the tongue, can be used during cunnilingus. The application of any or all of these can be made on the inner and outer areas of the genital lips, the walls of the vagina, and most effectively on the clitoris-the female equivalent of the male's penis.

In a manner similar to that used by the female on the male, the man may lead up to the act gradually, building an emotional-sexual response in the female, as did the man in the previous case history. He may first kiss various parts of her legs, trailing his "lips and tongue along the inner portions of her thighs, getting closer and closer to the, genital area. When this is done, the female receives both physiological and psychological stimulation which causes her vagina membranes to congest and force fluid into her opening which lubricates the" area for greater ease of entrance by the male fingers, penis or tongue.

Just above this vagina opening, the clitoris is often a half-inch to an inch-long, penis-like protuberance whose tip is laden with sensitive nerve ends. This part of the female genitalia is generally the most sensitive and is the area that serves as target for the questing mouth of the male. As the female becomes more and more excited, the entire organ becomes swollen and rises through the rapidly opening genital lips.

Continued stimulation of this now-supersensitized area may well result in single or multiple orgasms for the female.

While many authorities, the late Dr. Kinsey among them, note that the mouth is an erogenous zone in itself, the satisfaction a male receives directly from his performing cunnilingus is purely psychological in nature. However, this satisfaction can often translate itself into a physiological reaction-as when the male's penis reacts to his sexual thoughts by becoming erect and ready for intercourse.

I get a big kick out of having Madge come that way, one husband said during an interview. Oh sure, my pecker comes up stiff when I start in on Her, but it's a challenge to see if I can make her have an orgasm or two just using my mouth on her cunt. She really seems to enjoy it that way, too, and I enjoy having her enjoy herself.

Like the other night I was all hot and bothered, and I shot my wad before she'd had a chance to even warm up. We were lying naked on the bed, and I could tell she was starting to get excited by the way her nipples were up stiff under my hand and between my lips, and a golden sheen of perspiration covered her body. Without hesitating, I slithered down alongside her, kissing her skin all the way as I went-her neck, her tits, her stomach. She's a blonde all the way, and I could see her nice juicy cunt through the moist, light-colored hairs surrounding her pubic area.

I paused and lowered my head over her, inhaling deeply. I loved the sweet perfume of her body. There's no smell better than a hot, moist cunt-and the smell of it filling my nostrils made me excited all over again. I could feel my pecker coming up for seconds, but this time I ignored it. I wanted it all for Madge this session.

I lowered my body some more, and she spread her legs for me. I reached out my tongue and tasted the damp hair, pushed through it to her outer lips. She shuddered as my tongue licked the warm flesh, and then she moaned excitedly. Funny, but a cunt always has tasted something like clam chowder to me-only better. It's a kind of meal I never get tired of.