HER LESSON - Jessica Guzman - ebook

Just when she thought things were going to change for the better, they changed for the worse. She continues to be faced with heart breaking battles and somehow she still survives. The downfall she is going to take this time may not be something she can come back from. 

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Jessica Guzman


I dedicate this book to my son marqus Albert sargeant junior. You never know where life will take you but remember it is what you make of it. Good or bad. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

The end of the beginning

So now I have an open domestic violence case. Not to mention I'm about to get divorced already after only three months of being married. I'm moving to my aunts house and to top it all off everyone hates me. I was the meanest and nastiest friend and person the three years I was with my ex husband. So I pretty much had no friends by the time I left him and majority of my family were pretty pissed too. There were a lot of things I had to get into place and a lot of people I owed apologies to. Thank god for the fact that the one thing everyone knew was that wasn't me. The main thing people wanted to know was how the fuck I found myself in a abusive relationship as crazy as my ass is but trust me it happens to the best of us. Eventually things were falling into place as far as feeling happy and having peace and sanity. The calls and harassment and threats had just begun though. I tried my best to move on it was easy besides the fact that he was still trying to kill me and anyone I associated with. I wasn't trying to get into a relationship at that point. I just needed some good dick and someone to talk to. I had three years of bottled up pain and anger that needed to come out. I didn't really change much honestly I was still doing things I shouldn't of been doing to get money and was still running the streets. Which led to my ex husband causing some serious issues. I stepped out. I couldn't take all the drama. I knew at that point it was time for me to find a different type of man and live a different type of life. My biggest concern from there was am I even going to able to love someone right? Will I be loose with my hands? Is anyone even going to be able to deal with all this baggage I have? There were a lot of things I was nervous about but I knew I still had to try.