Her Filthy Urges: Taboo Erotica - Mindy Tittle - ebook

Excerpt: "You ungrateful little bitch," her mother snapped. "I've tried to bring you up to show some respect. But you are a dreadful girl. I've tried to set an example in this house that you could follow. But apparently you haven't learned a thing.""Oh, yes, I have," Laura said, patting her behind. "I know how to wiggle my ass when a cock slips up it. I even know how to eat his cock. And I love having a man go down on my pussy. I hope you can find me another lover, mom. Maybe on one of your bar ventures you can find a man who can entertain me as good as Jerry. Perhaps we could even have a three-way. Wouldn't that be exciting?"

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Her Filthy Urges

Mindy Tittle

Copyright © 2017

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"Eat my ass," the black man demanded excitedly. "That's it. Keep your tongue stiff. Ohhh, faster, faster."

Laura's mother was diligently pulling on his hard, black penis. At the same time she was eating out his ass. The sight of this got Laura so stimulated that she had to reach for her vagina. She pressed against it. She could feel her mound moistening. Then she heard the man begging.

"Yes, yes. That's it. Now, get your mouth on my pecker."

Laura's mother tore her tongue out of his ass-hole and reached for his hard black penis. Instantly she capped it with her hot mouth and began sucking him. The sight of her sucking on his joint turned her on. Laura began fingering her vagina. She stood there hypnotized.

"Eat my dirty black pecker," the man demanded as Laura's mother sucked away.

Laura could hardly stand it. She had never seen anything like it. She went on shoving her finger into her vagina. Then she watched as the black man's penis shot a thick load of cum into her mouth.

"Suck it out," the black man demanded as he held her tightly pinned over his huge shaft.

Laura quickly went back to her bedroom, trying to excite herself to the point of climax. She fell on her bed. Reaching down, she used her finger as if it was a penis. She plunged it in rhythmically. In her mind she could picture her mother taking care of the black man. How she wished she could have him next.

At last she fell asleep. But not before she had juiced.

Then she went to sleep. But the next morning, when she awakened, she went downstairs to the bedroom. She noticed that her mom had passed out. The black man was getting dressed. He looked at her with a delighted smile forming on his face.

"Who are you?" he asked her as he tiptoed out of the bedroom in only his shorts.

"I'm Laura," she smiled, "I guess you fucked mom last night." The black man nodded.

"I would have fucked you first if I'd seen you," he told her.

He looked at her and was curious about her age. "How old are you?"

"Old enough to enjoy sex," Laura replied.

"Why don't you suck me like your mom sucked me?" he demanded.

Laura looked at him evenly. At first she wanted to tell him to go to hell.

"Go ahead," he told her. "When you've blown me, I'll get out of here. But I really would enjoy having you suck my cock."

Laura looked down at his shorts. They were bulging now.

"Let's go up to my bedroom," she suggested.

She turned around and walked up the stairs back to her bedroom.

"I can't wait for you to blow me," he told her.

"They got in bed together. Laura still had her clothes on.

"Take all of your clothes off," the black man smiled at her. "What your name?" Laura asked, opening her eyes widely. "I don't even know you."

"Does it make any difference?" he asked her.

"Yes," Laura nodded, "I don't want to get that intimate with you without even knowing your name."

"I'm Jerry," he told her. "Does that help any?"

"Yes, an awful lot, Jerry," Laura said agreeably as she removed all of her clothes.

When Jerry caught sight of Laura's bountiful bosoms, he knew that he had a beautiful girl to have sex with. He loved her long blonde hair as it fell about her naked shoulders. But most of all he enjoyed the sight of her beautiful bosoms.

The black man stretched out. He figured that he would get this gorgeous blonde young girl to do everything to his body. As he stroked his cock a couple of times and got an enormous hard-on, he looked at her.

"Hey, honey, jerk it," he commanded.

At first she shook her head nervously.

"I don't know how to do it, Jerry."

"You're a big girl now, aren't you?" he asked her quietly.

"I don't know how I can service that big black prick of yours," she told him nervously. "I know it's loaded. I can tell by how big it is."

"Go on and stroke me," he begged.

She reached over and began pulling on his long, hard cock.

"That's it," Jerry told her as she pumped his ramrod, "do it nice."

She was really stimulated herself. Jerry had a lot of ideas. He could just see himself swinging his black ass cheeks over her firm young bosoms.

"That's enough," he told her. "You don't want it to go off. It's loaded."

At this point he eased her off him. Then he told her what he wanted her to do.

"Laura, baby," he suggested slyly, "you lie on your back. Then I will straddle you."

Laura lay on her back. Now the sight of her huge breasts with their red nipples really had him aroused. Immediately he straddled her. He brushed his big black buttocks over her breasts. Laura turned her head both ways. She knew what was going to come next. She figured that he would make her eat his cock. But she got a surprise. For immediately the black man moved forward. He lowered his buttocks right over her face.

"Laura," he smiled, "now you can see my ass-hole. How about sucking it?"

As Laura looked up, she could indeed see Jerry's black behind. But she was afraid. She didn't know what to do. If she didn't reach up and grab his ass cheeks, he would smother her with his behind.

"Go ahead," Jerry insisted.

Laura's hands reached up and gripped his black buttocks. Then she let her hot tongue lick all around his tight ass-hole.

"Hmmm, that's wild," he groaned in delight as he felt her tongue licking and sucking.

"Suck my ass," he begged, "suck it out."

When Laura saw how turned on Jerry became with her hot tongue lashing around his ass-hole, she became more than willing to help.

"Suck," he begged, "suck it. Suck my ass-hole, baby."

Her tongue stiffened. She jabbed it in and out. He thought he would go out of his gourd. He was so excited now he bent over and watched.

"Eat my ass out. Ohhh, keep that up!"

Jerry could feel his dick getting harder by the moment. He knew he would have to have her eat it soon.

"Now, baby." he urged her, "get your mouth around my pecker. I'll shoot my gun. You'd better eat it fast."

Laura's hot hands released Jerry's buttocks. She grabbed his throbbing male member. Now she was turned on, too. He didn't have to beg any more.

Her mouth slid over the head of Jerry's penis. Her tongue washed the head of it and then she was gulping his huge cock down. Jerry gripped Laura's head an thrust his penis down her throat.

"Eat it. Eat my prick. Eat it. Ohhh, Laura, eat my cock."

Jerry gasped in delight as he pumped his penis to her. The sensations were nothing like what he expected. His fingers eased up her ass-hole and he drove it into her.

"Suck-suck-suck my cock," he blurted.

Laura was gobbling his prick. It wouldn't be much longer until his hot sperm would jet down her throat.

"Ohhh, I'm cuming, I'm cuming," Jerry groaned as the beautiful young girl gobbled his juices. "Eat it up, baby! Eat it. Ohhh, suck me-"

Jerry unloaded his rocks like he'd never done it before. Slowly he slid his penis out of her hot mouth. Now he knew very well why men loved to get their cocks sucked. And she did, too. It seemed funny to him to have had Laura's mother suck him the night before and now his pleasure was to get her beautiful big-nippled daughter to do it.

"You're beautiful," he told her. "You really are, honey. Now I'm gonna swing around and eat your pussy. While I'm sucking your snatch, baby, I want you to go on licking my ass-hole."

The big black stud swung around. Now he was straddling her. He lowered his black buttocks over the blonde girl's face. At the same time he crouched over her vagina. His hot tongue licked quickly. She massaged Jerry's behind. But that wasn't enough.

"Use your tongue. Lick my butt."

Laura reached for another pillow and placed it under her head so she would be at a perfect angle to lick his ass-hole.

Now her hot tongue licked all around his behind. At the same time she could feel the delightful sensation of the black man's tongue sweeping along her slit. Not only did he lick her pussy slit, but he moved down to her ass crack. Laura loved it when Jerry's tongue invaded her tight anal channel. It was obvious he was totally uninhibited. Jerry's hot hands groped her buttocks as he gently eased them apart. He was really turned on now.

While Laura sucked on Jerry's black behind, she reached around to grip his cock. She wanted to pull on it in a milking motion while he was eating her pussy.

At the same time she could catch glimpses of him down around her crotch. She loved the strange, compulsive way he sucked on her. It was obvious he was going out of his mind licking her ass-hole. She thrilled to the way his fingers coordinated with his tongue invading her tight anus. She leaned back, resting on the pillows. But Jerry was not content. He pulled his tongue from her behind.

"Suck all around my ass. Don't just caress it. Lick it."

Laura went to work on Jerry's behind. Diligently she let her tongue sweep all over his ass cheeks. Finally she stiffened her tongue and plunged it right up Jerry's ass-hole. He loved the sensation. At the same time he was obtaining great pleasure from entertaining her pussy. He liked to dip his tongue deeply into her vagina. He was sniffing and sucking now. He also kept his fingers vigorously working around her ass-hole. Easing a finger up her rectum, he went on sucking her vagina. She got so excited she was just about to juice.

"Oh, baby," he told her, "I want to eat you. Push back to me when my tongue drives into you."

Laura was learning. She felt embarrassed that she didn't know enough to thrust her pelvis back to meet Jerry's advancing tongue stabs. But now she was doing it for him.

"Eat me," she cried ecstatically, "eat me."

Jerry was doing his best to keep his tongue sweeping feverishly around inside of her mound. She loved the way he was eating her pussy. She enjoyed the way he slowly would let his tongue lick along her gash. Then with a sudden hard stab he would thrust his tongue deep inside her. Jerry would flip his tongue back and forth as he kept her pussy in motion.

"Oh, Jerry, suck me out. Suck me clean."

Jerry let his tongue flip all the way in there as he probed the innermost secrets of the young girl's flesh.

"Eat my pussy," she panted, "eat me."

The black man gripped the blonde girl's hips. He began working in earnest.

"Feel the erect thing?" she whispered. "Do it there. Yes, yes."

Laura knew that he was licking up and down her clit. She knew this was the most exciting point in her pussy. And she wanted him to lick it and suck it.

"Keep it up," she begged him. "Do it."

He let his tongue flick back and forth. And he spread her pussy so that he could get good vantage with his tongue. Now his tongue was going up and down in swift movements.

"Ohhh," Laura moaned, "I love it. Just like that."

Eagerly he went on tonguing her faster and faster. Sweat streaked down her face as he licked out her cunt.

"Suck me," she begged him. "Suck me."

He was really eating out her young pussy. Delicious hot juices gushed into his mouth. At last he was discovering the exciting moment of climax when a young girl gives a man her best sex.

"Jerry, baby," the young girl moaned, "keep doing that. Way xip there. I love it. I love it. You're driving me crazy."

Jerry's hands gripped her tightly. He was turned on all the way. He was determined he was going to eat her delicious juices.

"Suck me," she panted, "suck me."

Her young body was pitching back and forth in erotic emotion. She was shaking like a leaf. The excitement was shattering.

"Suck my snatch," she begged. "Suck me, Jerry."

Finally she had finished gushing. Slowly Jerry withdrew his tongue. He threw his arms around her hips. He clasped her tightly.

"Delicious, baby," he whispered. "You sure tasted delicious."

As Laura looked down at Jerry's huge joint, she knew that it was her duty to give him more sex. For after all, she had gotten him excited.

"Any way you want to do it, Jerry," she said misty-eyed, "it's all right with me."

"You're a doll," Jerry nodded. "I'd really like to stick it up your ass-hole."

That was more than Laura had bargained for.

"Did I hear you right, Jerry?" she asked him. "You mean your finger up my ass and your dick in my pussy. Am I right?"

Little Laura hoped she was right. For she didn't like the idea one bit of Jerry's huge shaft slipping up her ass-hole. After all, it would never fit.

"I was referring to your beautiful behind," he told her. "Haven't you ever had a boy at high school want to drive it up your ass-hole?"

The innocent, blonde, blue-eyed girl shook her head.

"I'll teach you," he told her. "First I'll tongue it out. Then If you've got some oil or Vaseline or any thing, I'll get my cock ready to slip up your rectum."

Laura lay there stunned.

"Didn't I give you a good time?" Jerry asked as he affectionately patted her pussy.

Laura nodded. She got off the bed. She hunted for a jar of Vaseline.

"I hope I can find some fast," she told him, "as I know how horny you are."

It didn't take her long. She came back with a container of Vaseline and handed it to her lover. He uncapped it and began applying it to his long, hard shaft. When it was slick and ready, he nodded.

"Now, baby, you bend over. I'll lick it and then I'll fuck it."

Laura knelt and bent over all the way. Her ass was upraised in the air. Jerry gripped her buttocks. He tongued her ass vigorously. At the same time he kept a finger plunging in her pussy. Laura thought he was quite a sexual master. She enjoyed performing for him.

"Do I please you, Jerry?" she asked as he pulled his tongue from her behind.

"You'll never know how much," he assured her.

Now he mounted her. He eased his slippery cock between her ass cheeks. With a driving, forceful plunge, he lunged up her butt.

"Fuck it," he gasped as he rode up her ass-hole.

Jerry went on plunging up her ass.

"Twist it," he told her eagerly. "That's the way I like it. Come on, baby, grind your hips around."

She swung her hips around. His thick penis went on plunging up her rectum. Bending over, Jerry reached for the young girl's breasts. He liked to have his fingers pinching her nipples. He went on ramming it up her slippery ass. He was delighted that he had gotten her permission to let his penis plunge up her rectum. For if there was one thing he enjoyed a lot, it was letting his cock slip up a tight young ass-hole. Reaching down, he fingered her pussy.

"You're Mr. Wonderful," she told him excitedly. "I never knew there could be so much fun in sex. Oh, Jerry, ram it to me. Sock it to me."

Jerry was more than delighted to give her what she asked for. He let his thick prick slide up her ass all the way. His balls bounced against her body.

"Fuck me," Laura begged, "fuck me, Jerry. Slide it up there."

The black man was pleased that the young blonde teenager was eager for him to ram it up there. He did his best to give her all of the sexual passion and excitement he knew how. His pulsating black cock went on assaulting her ass-hole. At the same time his fingers continued sliding and gliding inside of her hot juicy mound.

"I'm almost there," he panted as he pumped vigorously.

All at once his hot white juice shot up her ass-hole. She churned her hips around and squeezed with her ass muscles. More sperm spurted from the tip of Jerry's black penis.

When he had finished unloading, he slowly eased his cock out of her rectum.

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "We really had a good time."

Laura was oblivious to her mother who was now awake and hearing the sounds. She came upstairs, opened the bedroom door and caught sight of Jerry pulling his black penis from her daughter's behind.

"You dirty dude!" she complained. "What right have you to screw my daughter?"

"You're just jealous, mom," Laura snapped. "I can hold my own in the sex department. Sure, he was your lover. But you were so passed out on booze you couldn't please him this morning. Get out of her, mom."

Her mother was outraged at her boldness. She could tell that her daughter, having once tasted the pleasures of sex, wanted to keep Jerry as her personal lover. She was going to put an end to it quickly.

"I demand that you leave this house immediately," she glared at Jerry.

"Yes, ma'am," the black man smiled smugly.

"Of course, you know you molested a minor," she said breathlessly, "but I won't make an issue of it if you'll get out of here and never come back."

"I raped him, mom," Laura laughed. "I wanted to find out what it was like to be fucked. I wanted to know what you were experiencing. I see now why you liked it so much. It is fantastic, mom. I don't blame you one bit."

"You ungrateful little bitch," her mother snapped. "I've tried to bring you up to show some respect. But you are a dreadful girl. I've tried to set an example in this house that you could follow. But apparently you haven't learned a thing."

"Oh, yes, I have," Laura said, patting her behind. "I know how to wiggle my ass when a cock slips up it. I even know how to eat his cock. And I love having a man go down on my pussy. I hope you can find me another lover, mom. Maybe on one of your bar ventures you can find a man who can entertain me as good as Jerry. Perhaps we could even have a three-way. Wouldn't that be exciting?"

"You're demented," her mother quipped angrily.

How dare you talk that way to me? Anyone who knows me realizes that I'm not that type of person. I lead a very moral life. That poor fellow needed a place to stay last night. I was afraid that he would kill himself driving home half loaded. Laura laughed loudly.

"What a liar," she told her "You wanted to get balled. Go to your booze, mom. That's the thing you need. Suck on a bottle.

Her mother turned around and left.


When Laura was alone she called up her boyfriend.

"David," she began, "how would you like to come over?"

"Is your mom there?" he asked her.

"No," she told him, "you don't have to worry about her."

"I hope not," David told her. "I don't dig older women. When she put the make on me the other day I really got burned."

"I'm gonna put the make on you today, David," she whispered into the telephone.

David's balls tingled as he began thinking about the wonderful time they'd have together.

"I wish you would," he told her. "You're not fooling me now. Last time I asked you to go down on me, you wouldn't. What changed everything?"

"Don't ask questions, David," Laura told him emphatically. "Just get over here. As quick as you can."

David hung up. He told his parents that he had to go do some homework with Laura.

"Stay away from her mom," his mother warned him, "she's a fast woman."

"She's a whore," his father warned him. "Why don't you tell it like it is?"