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Held Down And Filled Up By The VikingsClarissa is being forced to marry a man she hates, and will do anything to escape. So when Vikings raid her small town and she is forced by her father to hide, she does something she never thought she was capable of - she not only runs out of hiding but she begs to be taken on their ship. Once on board she finds out what they meant when they said she would have to "earn her keep," and it doesn't involve scrubbing the floors. Her virginity is stolen from her right then and there as the muscular and savage vikings ravage her body, taking her to the limit of what she can handle as pleasure and pain fight for dominance.

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Held Down And Filled Up By The Vikings | Elle London

Held Down And Filled Up By The Vikings

Elle London

Clarissa sighed as she looked out her window over the courtyard. The large lawn used to be somewhere she would go out and enjoy, but there was no joy anymore. The day of impending doom was fast approaching now that she had turned twenty.

She may as well have been sentenced to a long prison sentence by her father. She had been prearranged to marry Lord of Saxberry for as long as she'd been alive. He was old, ugly, and one of the meanest men she had ever met. Her father was a duke and wanted to marry her off to someone who had money and things to offer her. She wanted to marry a man who loved her, and give herself completely to him.

Her gorgeous garden just below her window did not give her any pleasure. Walking on the beach and listening to the ocean had lost its appeal. Riding horses at the stables was no longer a thrill. All the things she had enjoyed in her life were tainted by the fact that she would have to wed someone she did not love.

She felt completely sick when she pictured her wedding night with the Lord. Her wedding was already planned. This would be her last night of peace. She didn't want to go to sleep because of what awaited her the next day. She drifted off dreaming of a tall, handsome blond prince riding up on a white horse to save her from her horrible future.

When she awoke in the morning she was consumed with a feeling of dread. Today was the day she lost her independence and would be tied to a man she didn’t love forever. Was this life even worth living anymore? She would be forced to be with this man at all times and even bear his children. Contemplating throwing herself off the building she walked out onto her balcony to look out over the horizon.

In the distance she saw ships heading towards the shore, there had to be at least twenty of them. This was unusual as the most ships she had ever witnessed at one time out in the sea were two. As the ships came closer she could make out the flags flying from the tops and saw the gold outline of the Viking hat, a sure sign that the ships approaching their town were not friendly. The townspeople were screaming and scattering, she could see people running up from the shores and the very small army of men they had walking towards the water. She felt an unusual sense of calm.