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Wanna break up? There's an app for that.Dexter meets Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce in this snarky black comedy that follows Eris as she toys with people's lives. When 25 year-old Eris gets fired from her minimum-wage job, she stumbles on her friend's startup which outsources bad news to people. But will she manage to keep her friendships intact when she finds out she's very good at delivering breakups, when demand is really picking up and when the recipients don't take to the news too kindly? Inspired by the Greek Goddess of discord Eris and by today's app services obsession. Categories: Series, Short Story, Dark Comedy, Black Humor, Relationships, Romance, New Adult, Divorce, Science Fiction, Romantic Comedy, Teen and Young Adult, LGBT, Greek Mythology, Greece, StartupsWhat is the god complex universe?The gods are back in town. Skyscrapers pop out of nowhere all over Athens. Corporations rename themselves as Greek gods. It all started with the Greek crisis of 2009 and will forever change the world as we know it. Some say that CEO’s have gone mad. Others, that they know damn well what they are doing. That there is something solid amongst the myth. In the day of inter-connectivity and social media admiration, can the myths come back to life? What happens when a corporation gets a god complex? Find out in our series of books on Kindle. Described as light cyberpunk, definitely sci-fi and with a fresh twist on Greek mythology. Today, you can get 3 ebooks for FREE by going to: http://www.mythographystudios.com/join-the-mythographers/

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Episode 1: Quarrels

CHAPTER ONE Sofas And Ice-cream

CHAPTER TWO Friends And Layoffs


CHAPTER FOUR Phones And Phoneys

CHAPTER FIVE Apples And Jewels

CHAPTER SIX Words And Faces

CHAPTER SEVEN Chocolate And Freckles

CHAPTER EIGHT One And Night Stands


CHAPTER TEN Stalkers And Business Plans


CHAPTER TWELVE Buns And Dichotomy

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Sofas And Ice-cream

The big nasty Cretan snorted in a disgusting way, then pointed his shotgun at me. I ducked behind his sofa. The man bellowed, “You chose the wrong guy to mess with, lady!”

I feel like I should introduce myself. I’m Eris. I’m a heartbreaker. And this is my favourite job in the world.

The Cretan fired and the edge of the sofa vanished up in the air. Yellow puffs of stuffing flew all over the place. I held my head, more in surprise that it was still there than anything else, and crawled without a shred of dignity towards a door.

I’ll tell you what happened. But first, you need to see me at my least favourite job.

It was three days ago. I was working beside my best friend Harmony, both of us in our silly neon uniforms, manning the take-away counter. The shop was practically empty and I was chewing on a gum loudly, getting angry stares from Harmony. She hated chewing sounds.

A woman strolled in the shop, a kid in tow. She had him on a tight grip and pulling him in a slide over the floor.

“I want ice-cream!” the kid said as soon as they reached the counter.

“No, you can’t have ice-cream,” his mother said in the motherly-scolding tone all mothers adopt in these situations. “We’ve talked about this.”

“But mooom...” the kid whined and fell on the floor.

I leaned down over the counter to him and said, “I think you should have some ice-cream. The chocolate sprinkles are to die for,” and winked.

His mom stepped between us and said, “Excuse me! Don’t make him agitated now young lady. Who are you to talk to my kid?”

I typed in the ice-cream order and flashed her my smile. “I’m Eris. So, one chocolate sprinkled ice-cream and...”

“Yay!” the kid said and raised up his arms.

His mother pulled him away and turned to me, shocked, “I’ll be talking to your manager for this, young lady!” Then she dragged the child all the way to the parking spot.

Harmony sighed beside me. “Why do you enjoy this so much?”

“Enjoy what,” I asked.

“This! Messing with people.”

“Oh. Well, it’s the only thing that makes this job bearable,” I said.

Harmony shook her head. “And to think that you actually like these stupid uniforms...”

“What? They are bright and merry! Yeah, I like them.”

Harmony just stared. I knew damn well what she thought of my peppiness.


Friends And Layoffs

“So, another complaint for you, Eris. How, shocking,” my boss said, not shocked at all.

I was sitting across his desk, chewing gum loudly. I didn’t know if he hated that too, but it was a safe bet he did. We were in the dungeon of his office, a closet-space with no windows and piles of papers. He had the usual amount of papers in front of him, but he seemed to be struggling with two specific ones.

“There’s a reason for that,” I began to explain.

“Stop,” he interrupted with a palm up. “You know damn well you’re fired. My problem is, I have to fire your friend Harmony too. And I overheard you two yesterday talking about her getting evicted.”

“Yes, she is,” I said, sinking down on my chair. “But don’t blame her for my behaviour!”

“I’m not,” he said and seemed to mean it. “I just need to cut down on employees. But I can’t bring myself to tell her.”