Heart of Fire (Book 2) - Trina Page - ebook

Shae misses Devon, a lord of the earth, more than she thought was possible. Their one night together haunts her waking hours. She tries to go back to her everyday humdrum life. But the entrance of a devastatingly handsome man, some strange goings on, and the young woman finds herself caught between fading hope of ever seeing her lover again and the attentions of a new man. When the time comes, will she know which to choose?

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Second Chance

Trina Page


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WHO KNEW ABSTINENCE COULD BE so difficult? That was the uppermost question in Shae’s mind these days. At least, ever since she lost her virginity to a creature that lived who knows how deep in the earth.

Though that didn’t mean he was some sort of monster. On the contrary, Devon, as he preferred to be called, looked very much like an ordinary man. He simply had the ability to bend rock to his will. There was the very real possibility he was able to do more. That happened to be the only power she witnessed in their short time together.

Unconsciously Shae pressed her thighs together, a familiar ache building between them. She lay in bed, the red digital clock reading that it was way too early for her to be awake. The time three thirty was burning into her retinas. She wasn’t supposed to be up until after six.

Groaning, the young woman rolled over, burrowing her head into the pillow. This was beginning to be a regular nuisance. A whole month since sleeping with the strange being, and she never imagined this to be the side effect.

Her body craved the new sensations he had awakened within her. Several times she was jolted from sleep from a wonderful dream involving him, only to find her hand between her legs, the other massaging her breast.

Cheeks flaming, she cursed him, pulling the offending appendages away. It was all because of him that her body was no longer under her control. There was a small, realistic voice that rationalized this was a natural need for her mature body. She ignored it and put all the blame on him. Devon shouldn’t have been so damn good in bed.

She could always date someone, but she found herself comparing every man to him. That one was too short, that one too fat. Shae felt completely ruined by the utter perfection of his body. Not that he wasn’t a nice guy too. At least he was gentle with her, making her first time beautiful.

So that left her with an unsatisfied body. Willing her heart rate to slow down, the young woman attempted to fall asleep once more.

She was surprised when she was actually able to. The bleeping of her alarm woke her several hours later. With a limp arm she reached over and pressed the button silencing the wicked creature. Giving a yawn that felt like it broke her jaw, she slithered her way out of bed.

After a quick shower, feeling much more like a normal person, she got dressed. A black pair of slacks with matching shirt awaited her where she’d set them the night before. Breakfast was the usual cereal, drowning in milk.

Sitting at her table, she watched the scene outside her two story apartment. People all over the small city were beginning to awaken as well. Fall was coming, and with it shorter days. Outside the sun was just peeping over the horizon.

Here and there the lights were turning on, or already on, in houses and apartments like her own. Idly she picked at her food, her mind still on the events a month ago. She lifted up one hand, examining a faint scar that encircled one finger. The white lines were fading even more, though she could have sworn that at one time that wasn’t the case.

About a week ago she thought she felt a prick of pain, as if the skin was splitting apart. Upon looking down, she saw the faintest trace of a line of pink, where her under skin was showing through. For the entire day she kept examining her finger, to the point where her boss at the office even asked about it.

Mumbling a lie about having cut herself recently, she was forced to refocus on her work. When she went to bed that night, the small opening was still there. By the next morning, though, it was back to the small scar.

Shae admitted to herself that she hoped it meant Devon had returned. At the same time the young woman remembered that he himself admitted to almost never leaving his home deep underneath the earth. And the way he spoke of time as such an immaterial thing, she didn’t doubt the days flew by differently for him. A year for her probably didn’t mean any more than a day to him.

With a sigh she refocused on getting ready to leave for work that day. Eating her food, she primped herself up, grabbed her bag, and was out of her home by seven thirty. As per the usual, traffic jammed the roads as she drove in her car.

Still, she’d given herself plenty of time and managed to clock in exactly when she should have. The brick building was two stories high, the upper part being used by the attorney’s office as storage. One windows sat on either side of the front door. A small bell announced her entrance as she unlocked the portal.

There was no one else around yet. Being the first person there gave her a small amount of time to herself, which she enjoyed before the hustle and bustle of daily business took over. Starting the community coffee maker, she sat down at her desk, making sure that everything was in order. Quickly she went over the day’s appointments, mentally ticking off each person in her mind.

Most of them were the usual clients. Her boss was well known and had been in the business for well over twenty years. That meant the same people came back again and again for legal advice. She was very familiar with most of the older clients; their temperaments and problems.

Jan, her fellow secretary, was the next to arrive. She took a deep breath. “Nothing like the smell of coffee in the morning,” she stated, heading straight toward the machine.

Shae grinned around her own cup. Jan had worked for the office for years, becoming something of a regular fixture. She’d learned everything about how to do the job from her. Also, she considered the older woman a rather close friend.

Not that she could confide in her the sexual romp she’d had with Devon. Unbelievable wasn’t even close to describing that experience. There were times Shae doubted to herself that it had happened.

Plopping down in the desk next to hers, Jan set her purse down with a sigh. “Another fun day ahead of us,” she groaned, looking down at her own list of customers for the day.

The younger woman laughed, loving the look on her colleague’s face. “At least it stems off the boredom,” she countered.

Jan rolled her eyes, though there was a smile on her face. “Yeah. We’d probably die of boredom otherwise. Not as if anything ever happens in our regular lives.”

Shae gulped, images of molten lava and absolutely wonderful sex flashing in her mind. Oh, if her coworker only knew...

Just then the bell tinkled once more. This time it was their boss. Mr. James Hancox, attorney at law, sauntered inside his office. Standing over six feet he towered over his two office staff, and most of his clients as well. A portly man of about sixty, he was showing his age. His hair was receding fast, the remaining strands turning gray and white.

Dressed in his usual business suits, which were tailored to his measurements, he did make something of an imposing figure. In one hand he held his briefcase. Both ladies stood, giving him their usual morning hello.

With an answering hello back at Jan, he nodded his head curtly at the other secretary. Shae couldn’t help but feel a bit offended. Already so long since her unexplained absence and the old man still couldn’t forgive her one indiscretion. Not like she’d had a choice in the matter, but her only excuse to use, that they would believe, was that the lava flow terrified her and she stayed home.

The man went into his own room, closing the door firmly behind him. With a sigh she slumped into her seat. Who knew the normally lax man could hold a grudge for so long? Besides, it was her first offense in almost five years of working there. Did he really have to take it so hard?

Jan gave her a sympathetic smile. “Don’t worry. He’ll get over it eventually.”

After that the two ladies didn’t have much time for chit-chat. The schedule was full to bursting and trying to keep everything running smoothly took real finesse and all of their attention. It was just that the clients might be early or late, but that their boss might run beyond his appointment schedule, dealing too long with one person.

There were times he could be quite the talker, even when the discussion wasn’t about the reason for the person’s visit. It was lunch by the time either of them were able to take any kind of break. With a quick wave their employer left them to go to a date with some constituents.

Both ladies were happy to have the time to themselves. Turning the sign on the door firmly to the ‘closed’ position, they went to the back, out of sight should anyone try and drop by for an unexpected, and unwanted, discussion.

Both of them were usually in the habit of bringing lunch from home, typically leftovers. They sat down at the small table that took up most of the space in the small break room. The area was crowded with overstuffed filing cabinets, the walls flaking paint here and there. Still, the place was clean, the atmosphere relaxed.

For some time now Jan had noticed a change in the demeanor of her colleague. Shae was more closed mouth than she used to be, as if completely absorbed in her thoughts. The older woman suspected that something had happened during the two days Shae was absent from work.

Their chit chat was the usual gossip and observations on their own jobs. Jan did most of the talking, her companion only answering when bidden. This was beginning to irritate her. Finally, she snapped, throwing caution to the wind. “Alright, what’s wrong with you lately?”

That caught Shae’s attention, her head coming up “Huh? What do you mean?”